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Killing and Dying, Mind Twists

Today’s Charlie Hebdo massacre inspires Me to deep contemplation of the subtle yet vital difference in the mind perceptions of those willing to kill but not die, those willing to kill and to risk dying, those willing to kill and eager to die, and those unwilling to kill, but willing/eager to die. Suicidal versus homicidal ideation is a most interesting psychological puzzle to dissect. I am not in the mood for a lengthy dissection via essay, instead I am choosing to do so via isolated personal contemplation.
But as bare-bones overview, you have four different and distinct states of mind, which will directly impact chosen behavioral paths. A great many factors, such as capacity to love Self, addiction to afterlife mythology, degree of intellectual and emotional rage and hate, and capacity to derive personal catharsis and pleasure while under the behavioral control of others, come into direct play, in shaping the degree of homicidal versus suicidal ideation of every individual.
The need to kill, as perceived by the individual, must be understood as emotionally and psychologically healthy, directly contrasting to any degree of overt desire to die, which must be understood as emotionally and psychologically unhealthy. Risking death must be understood as different from wanting to die. In Truth, we are at direct risk of dying each and every moment of our existence.
These are profoundly important issues relating to personal frame of mind and reality perception, subject to change over time and with alteration of personal circumstance. The Superior who seeks to understand Self and to always embrace and reflect both Truth and True Reality, is well-served via an ongoing dialogue with Self, concerning this specific issue.
I would recommend a song like this, for those needing a bit of inspiration to probe their own deepest mind recesses on killing and dying:

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Five Old Skool Songs Celebrating Mass Murder

Inferiors think that those gripped by the passion of homicidal rage are always dark and brooding, depressed and despairing. No! Those of us who have mastered our minds, find euphoric joy in the expression of homicidal rage. Our hatred is simultaneously the darkest of darks, and the lightest of lights, a celebration of the glory of reflection, the transformation of Self-destruction, to the purity of destroying the world.
Integral to maximizing the creation of a Self-universe, is the euphoric celebration of the destruction of all universes which have externally imposed upon you. Mass murder, any way you define or express it, within autonomy of mind, is a lyrically beautiful and transformative expression of emotion and of thought, to be celebrated as a joyful achievement within the perceptive, conscious mind. And so I proudly present five of My favorite old skool lyrical tributes to the act of mass murder, songs which have found and formed a deep and abiding root to My consciousness, songs I have listened to over and over and over, for decades, not merely with My ears, but with My mind and My consciousness.
Allow yourselves to be swept into the majestic grandeur of rage that these songs express, and if you are strong enough, find joy in the hatred of lyrical beauty.

We begin with Another One Bites The Dust, by Queen, absolutely perfect for those family massacre situations:

Kicking it up a notch for the urbanized torture victims seeking immersion of mind via mass murder, we have Go’n Breakdown, by Suicidal Tendencies, feel the joy!

Keeping it real, both literally and figuratively, you can rock out to I Don’t Like Mondays, by The Boomtown Rats, directly inspired by one of the original school shooters, grandma of the genre, torture victim and Martyr Brenda Spencer, who opened fire on an elementary school in San Diego, California on January 29, 1979:

The Forbidden Truth universe of Seer Charles Manson has inspired many thousands to pursue unique paths of enlightened consciousness, including Ozzy Osbourne and this passionate description of rage unleashed, Bloodbath In Paradise:

And to top off our bloody journey, we have Red Rain, by Peter Gabriel. Is it really about mass murder, or just some raindrops mysteriously turned red? Well, just picture Yourself in the middle of a mass murder rampage, emptying magazine after magazine, blood spurting and erupting and oozing and running in every direction, and listen to this haunting song of personal suffering and the catharsis of the Red Rain:

The mass murderer sings and shouts and expresses himself so beautifully, but you fools are too blind and deaf and dumb to listen, and to hear. Open your minds and extinguish your hypocrisy! Just let the Red Rain splash you, let the rain fall on your skin!
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Five Favorite Child Abuse Songs

As you can tell if you have been reading this blog, I choose to obsessively focus My mind upon many different things, and child abuse is near the top of this list. I do so because I am a created torture victim of child abuse, and because unlike you humans, I choose to always dwell within the openly conscious acknowledgment and embrace of the Truth of exactly what I am, and exactly why I am what I am.
I focus obsessively on My own status as a created victim of child abuse, not due to any masochistic tendencies or desire to suffer, but because doing so reflects Truth and empowers Self. The Superior neither wallows in his own past, nor rejects his own past. He fully embraces a personal obligation to hold his experienced past within him, so that he may never forget the lessons of Truth it has taught him. The reason why I will never identify as a survivor of child abuse, is because doing so dismisses the reality of what occurred, and betrays the Truth of what I am: A victim, not a survivor.
I have achieved the remarkable feat of transcending My humanity, by force of will and conscious choice. This has nothing to do with transcending either the past, or My experiences of the past. Quite the contrary, this transcendation, rooted within embrace of factual reality, requires full embrace of the past. My experienced past is what motivated Me to seek to transcend My humanity, a topic I will be addressing in future blog posts. I honor Myself, and My unique achievements of mind, only by focusing upon My experienced past on a daily basis, with courageous and Self-loving insight of consciousness.
No matter how busy I may be, even if forced to perform 16 hours straight of slave labor, as sometimes occurs, I choose to find time, every single day, to consciously do three different things: To focus on and validate My justified rage and hate, to proactively nurture My love of Self, and to reflect upon the Truth that I am a created victim of child abuse.
And so, over the years, I have sought and located songs which speak to the heart of the abused child, songs which help Me to fully open My mind, on a daily basis, even after a long and exhausting session of traumatic human interaction, to the cleansing horror of Truth. To be clear, these are five of My more favored songs which specifically focus on child abuse, I have many other songs which are favorited for different reasons, because they focus more on rage, hate, personal vengeance. In the future I may provide blog posts listing those songs.
Also, be aware that these are not necessarily My most favorite, and are not listed in a specific order of favoritism. But they are songs that I have each listened to thousands of times, and they are songs I seek out and replay over and over, finding them to harmonize with My personal True Reality of Superior mind focus.
We begin with Down With The Sickness, by Disturbed. A stirring declaration of personal outrage by a child abuse victim:

Next we have an epic rant of childhood torment, which speaks directly to Me because I was locked up in a psychiatric prison as a child, for stabbing My father after he forced Me to perform oral sex on him hundreds of times, Institutionalized, by Suicidal Tendencies:

Proving that My musical tastes extend far beyond the lyrical assault of heavy and thrash metal, we transition to Luka, by Suzanne Vega. This song also resonates directly with Me on a personal level, because as a child-slave, I was imprisoned within a large apartment building, humans above and below Me, humans on both sides of Me, and I was even locked outside in the hallway, wearing only My underwear. as a child, and nobody, no human, ever tried to help Me:

Next we have Hell Is For Children, by Pat Benatar, a rather simple but still passionately deliverated message of the Truth that every child grows up in the only real hell. I am posting this version specifically because it includes Pat Benatar’s completely clueless and Truth-blind introduction to the song, as it proves just how disconnected from the Forbidden Truth reality of child abuse, all humans are:

And finally, The Mirror Black, by Sanctuary, another child abuse song that speaks very directly to My childhood journey to recognize and embrace all Truth, to create limitless Self-love within Myself, to make Myself untouchable, to create a personal universe of pure and absolute isolation, and to transcend My humanity, all of which I am proud to have successfully achieved:

Most humans use music to escape from reality and Truth. The Superior does the exact opposite. He uses music to commune with Himself, to make love to Himself, to always hold close and reawaken the past as it has been carved into him, so that Truth may always flourish and be reflected.
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Two Songs of Truth

Once upon a time there was a tortured child, his mother enjoyed destroying his eyesight by deliberately pouring shampoo into his eyes while bathing him, 100’s of times. His father enjoyed forcing him to perform oral sex on him, 100’s of times. The child was strong enough to learn to hate humanity with limitless passion, and to love Himself unconditionally.
And the child knew what he was, and what he would always be. He was and would always be the king of pain. But he was not able to articulate this Self-knowledge. Pain…king….these words floated within his mind, but never to conscious awareness, and never interlinked. Then one day he heard a song, the song was titled King of Pain, and his mind articulated what he already knew.
He listened to the song over and over and over, 20 times in a single day, 200 times in a month. Because it spoke Truth. He knew he would always be the fossil, and the dead salmon, and the blue whale beached, and the butterfly trapped, and the king on a throne with his eyes torn out, and the blind man looking for a shadow of doubt, and the skeleton choking, and the red fox torn, and the black-winged gull with a broken back. Yes, he knew all this, because the song spoke Truth:
The song empowered the child to new heights of love and hate, appropriately directed, and the child’s mind grew powerful, he murdered god and he gave birth to a new version of Himself, and he knew he would successfully transcend his humanity.
Time passed, yes, time passed, and the child aged, and within his heavily fortified mind fortress the child knew that time would never heal him. The child knew he would always be a victimized creation. He even was able to consciously articulate the philosophical concept, “time does not heal”. And yet the concept was not solidified to concrete. It was consciously acknowledged as factual reality, yet it remained fuzzy insofar as fully integrating to his mind universe.
Then, one day, approximately three years after he first heard the King of Pain song, three years during which he listened to that song thousands of times, he heard another song. The song was titled, yes it was: “Time Does Not Heal.” And the child knew, the first time he heard this song, that it expressed the Truth of his entire life path. He knew time would never heal, and that the externalized rage and hate of both the instrumentals and vocalized lyrics of this song deserved an honored place within his universe.
And so The King of Pain listened to this song thousands of times, and The King of Pain integrated to core consciousness the Truth that Time Does Not Heal. Listen to this song, a universal anthem of rage and hate inspired by the universal childabuse that humanity as a whole chooses to commit against each and every one of its children:
And time has passed, many years of time, as measured by you humans, and many things have happened, but nothing has changed. The Truth that I embraced all those years ago, is the Truth that I embrace today. Truth does not change, and time does not heal. And that is why you are reading this blog post, as I listened to these two songs once again, today.
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