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Is Human Memory a Symptom of Genetic Brain Defectiveness?

In recent weeks I have spent much time brilliantly dissecting the issue of the genetic/biological defectiveness of the human brain. Not merely in My writings of course, but much more comprehensively and obsessively, in the many hours I spend each day expanding and improving My mind universe of Truth realization.
A primary question directly relating to this issue, is simply the identification of the symptoms of the genetically defective human brain: How does this birth defect manifest? What specifically is wrong with the human brain, different from all other species, to mark and to reveal this genetic defectiveness?
In My ongoing analysis, I made a somewhat surprising discovery. One of the most important and direct genetic failures of the human brain appears to be that of memory.
Universally among humans, a “good” memory is highly prized, it is decreed to be a clear and definitive indicator of good mental health, of a properly functioning brain. But this is not so!
Lets illuminate the factual reality of the situation: The human being is addicted to creating good and “desirable” memories, and to replaying them over and over within his mindscape. This replay is a method of escape from reality, a way to ignore and dismiss undesired present and future states of reality. Positive memories are used by the human to create perceptions of false comfort.
At the same time, the human is held hostage and prisoner by his “bad”, traumatic memories, as externally imposed upon him via negative experiences. These memories directly impact his capacity to love Himself, to value his existence, to desire Truth-based immortality, to attain pleasure. Additionally, these memories specifically compel him to try to destroy his own brain functionality, by consuming alcohol, using psychoactive substances which literally kill his brain cells, and conceal/distort/eliminate traumatic memories.
“Bad” memories are not the problem, memory itself is the problem.
The compulsive need of the human to replay and wallow in his “good” memories, is just as harmful to Self and to Truth, as is his desperate need to dull, erase, and escape from his “bad” memories.
Now, most mammalian animals possess some memory capacity. They can remember certain things, for certain lengths of time. Usually not for years, or even weeks. My own personal experience as a human scarecrow dealing with a traumatized bird, is an excellent example of this:
The long-term memory capacity of humans is overtly harmful to them, and it is “built-into” the human brain. As such, it deserves to be recognized and understood as an unnatural, unviable, harmful genetic defect of the human brain. Inferiors will argue that long-term memory helps humans to live better, but this is factually false, upon rational and valid Forbidden Truth analysis.
Memory is used by humans as a substitute for experience.
Memories are used by humans to avoid progressing forward, the memory holds the individual mind hostage to the past, directly impacting his capacity to alter the future, both personally and on a species-wide level.
Personally, I thrive within long-term memory, but only because I have successfully transcended My humanity. And even as I thrive, I recognize the negative impacts of My memories of experienced trauma.
How would the human experience of existence be altered, if no memories could be retained for more than….4 days? Every 4 days a new beginning, a fresh start, a newly minted mindscape?? I speak here of experienced memories, not of factual knowledge such as how to do math or how to drive a car. Or, what if no memories could be retained for more than 1 day, or more than 5 minutes?? Would the psychological experience of existence, as perceived by the individual, be improved? No more impetus to either create, or escape from, memories.
The future would be more open, the possibilities wider and less restricted. The crutch of good memories and the cage of bad memories would both disappear.
On the other side, you can say that memories inform us of important Truths, memories reveal Truths to the conscious mind, that would be very difficult to fully realize and integrate to Self, were they only known as intellectual facts. So, memories simultaneously aid, and hinder, Truth quests.
It would be relatively easy to create a drug, or a surgical procedure, that destroys human memory capacity on a full and indiscriminating level. Selective memory erasure would be much harder, and really would defeat the purpose.
If humanity were sane, adult volunteers would be solicited to undergo destruction of their longer-term memories and memory capacity, and these adults would be given a closed society in which to live, with the goal of analyzing whether they are able to both embrace Truth and personally thrive.
If objective research and analysis of the life path choices and Self-perceptions of these volunteers demonstrates humans function better absent longer-term memory of personal experience, or even absent all memory of such experience, this would serve as evidentiary proof that longer-term memory of personal experience is a genetic and biological defect of the human brain, and should be treated as a mental defect to be corrected on a species-wide level.
Whatever mind perceptions actively and directly harm the capacity of individuals to thrive within Self and Truth, should be understood as abnormal dysfunctions of the brain. This does not prove, in and of itself, that destroying human memory capacity will help individuals to thrive within Self and Truth. But it does mean we need to test it out and objectively reach a valid conclusion. There is nothing to lose, as memories are now causing great harm. A sane species would find out if destroying memory capacity, aids or solves this problem.
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An Open Letter to a Brain Named Angelina Jolie

This blog post is late, as Angelina made headlines more than a week ago, for her sane, logical, and Superior choice to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. But the issues she raises by her chosen life path activities are important and enigmatic enough to warrant a detailed dissection, regardless of the lack of direct timeliness, for which I can only use the Superior excuse of placing My own chosen activity interests and desires ahead of literary pursuit. You must understand, I commune with all Truth, 24/7/365. Therefore, writing out Forbidden Truths can and does often rate low on My activity list. In many ways it is primarily a repetition of what I have already achieved, within My mind and consciousness.
That said, let us begin by examining the issue of time. Time is much more than valuable and precious. Time is in Truth, irreplaceable. Perversely and concurrently, at the same time, given the Forbidden Truths of death, time is also utterly worthless and useless. Philosophically analyzing the value of time brings us to this paradox: Time could in fact be limitlessly valuable and infinitely precious, if only the human refused to allow death to make a mockery of it, and to sabotage his own relationship with time. But this is exactly what humanity does, rendering time worthless and useless by his own chosen, collective embrace of death.
So, let us move on to Angelina Jolie, and her chosen life path activities. Her chosen life path activities are worthy of dissection, because she has attained what you humans call “fame”. Fame is a form of power, only because it can be used to influence others. But fame is also controlled and manipulated by social, cultural, and political leaders, so that no individually famous human who challenges the status quo, is ever allowed to exert too much influence over the directional path of the hive mind.
For example, if Angelina Jolie were to hijack a commercial aircraft and propel it at 430 miles per hour into a French Alp mountain, her socially granted fame would be immediately stripped from her by human leaders and their media centered propaganda mouthpieces. All fame, and the influence that such fame provides, is externally and conditionally granted by a malicious and deceitful society, and that is why all fame is inherently useless.
Why is Angelina Jolie a primary focus of this essay. Because, approximately one week ago, she publicly revealed that she had recently chosen to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed from her body. This comes two years after Angelina chose to remove both breasts from her body. The media has given both of these revelations a fair amount of attention, although of course the coverage is biased and fails to address any of the Forbidden Truth issues, which Angelina herself also, of course, refuses to address, be it due to complete lack of personal enlightenment, or absolute fear of public condemnation, ridicule, and the stripping of her fame by social leaders.
In case you are unfamiliar with Angelina’s elective surgical procedures, this news article provides a nice overview:
The issue at hand, of course, to any sane thinker, is death, and technological immortality. The direct intersection of death, efforts by the human to avoid death, and the elephant in the room, which none of you are willing to address: Technological immortality.
Angelina explains her decision to have these body parts removed, as a desire to avoid getting cancer. Why does she wish to avoid cancer? Because cancer is a disease which can cause death. But Angelina is already dying, she is in fact already dead, as each of us is. Therefore, her preventative actions constitute nothing more than an effort to avoid consciously facing up to the Forbidden Truth that she is already dead. In all of her public comments, Angelina makes it clear that her goal is simply to postpone death, meaning to buy herself the opportunity to maintain the delusion that she is alive, for a few additional years. This is the extent of her motivation for having her breasts, ovaries, and fallopian tubes surgically removed, and this is the greatest of all tragedies, a tragedy far greater than dying of cancer at a “young” age, is.
Am I criticizing and condemning Angelina for getting her breasts, fallopian tubes, and ovaries surgically removed?? Of course not! These decisions, in and of themselves, are highly praiseworthy, indicative of a respect for Self and for personal existence. What must be condemned, in the strongest possible terms, is the failure of Angelina to stand up for Truth, to decree her unwillingness to die, to make a public stand for technological immortality. Angelina betrays Herself, and sacrifices her unique position of social empowerment, in publicly positioning her surgeries as an effort to delay and postpone death. How pathetic! Of what use is the postponement of death, when the experienced consequences of death do and will remain exactly the same?!
Angelina Jolie is not stupid. Shame on her for squandering an opportunity to force the issue of technological immortality into the light of public discourse and debate! Is it really okay with you, Angelina, to die aged 90, instead of to die aged 70? Is this your academy award winning performance, to act as though you are choosing to have these surgeries merely to postpone your experience of death? For shame!
And so now I begin My open letter to Angelina. Please note that even though I am addressing Angelina directly here, these exact same comments are equally applicable to every individual, already famous or not, who loves Himself and does not wish to suffer the horrific fate of personal death.
My dear Angelina, open your mind and face the Truth: You are having these surgeries because you do not want to die, not now, not at age 70, and not ever. But you will die, you will die because you do not have the courage to face up and to stand up for Truth, openly and publicly.
Angelina, you are using technology to try to extend your existence, but your existence is pure illusion. In reality, and I must ask you to step off the stage and shed your acting mask, stop hiding behind your web of social illusion and understand that you are ensuring your own death, by refusing to openly demand that medical, scientific, and robotic technology be deployed to grant you technological immortality, to which you are entitled, as am I, as is every sane thinker and lover of Self.
Wake up, Angelina! If you wake up, and find the courage to take a stand, you are in a unique position to propel public debate forward on the single most important issue of our time: The achievement of technological immortality. No doctor or scientist is in a better position than you are, to force this issue into public consciousness. Your fame gives you this unique power. And yes, if you do this, stand up for and demand to be granted technological immortality, you will be demonized, ridiculed, and condemned by society and by the media. But your voice will still be heard, and you will give Yourself the chance, the opportunity, to genuinely save your own life.
How old are you, Angelina? The media says you are 39 years old, but the media is used to deceive others. So maybe you are 39, or maybe older. But even if you lied to the media and they agree to perpetuate this lie, even if you are 49 instead of 39, you can still save your own life, enjoy the glory of technological immortality. You should know, as of 2015, technological immortality is fully feasible from a scientic perspective. It is being denied to you, and to all of us, all creatures born human, by leaders of society and government. If compelled to do so under threat of anarchistic destruction, leaders of human society could easily render technological immortality a functional reality, within 5-10 years of beginning a sustained effort to achieve this feat.
Even if you are 49 years old, you are still in a unique position to save your own existence, and to become famous for a reason that actually matters, for being the instigator of a social revolution, and the ambassador of technological immortality. Stand up and fight for your life! Stop fighting for the illusion of being alive, stop fighting for the lie of 10 or 20 or 30 additional years of being allowed to pretend to be alive, as you remain dead, as you are dead today, pretending to be alive, ignoring the Forbidden Truth of nothingness for all of cosmic eternity, the horrific fate which dooms each of us, upon physical death.
Be brave, Angelina! Recognize Yourself as what you are: A Brain! You are not Angelina Jolie, actress, filmmaker, or humanitarian. You are a brain which has recognized itself as Angelina Jolie. You are a brain, that is all you can ever be. You already understand that you do not need breasts or ovaries or fallopian tubes, to recognize Yourself as Angelina Jolie, to be Angelina Jolie. Now you must make the next Great Leap Forward. You must consciously understand that you also do not need arms, legs, eyes, ears, a face, or any other body part, to be Angelina Jolie. You only need one thing, one thing only: A sentient, functional brain, the brain you already possess, the brain you have spent 49, errr, maybe only 39 years, My vain one, blossoming into the universe of You.
It is possible that to achieve technological immortality, you might need to lose other parts of your body, beyond your breasts, ovaries, fallopian tubes.  Perhaps yes, perhaps no. This is not the ideal, but you have already demonstrated some courage in your choices to stand up for existence, albeit on a temporary basis. Now you must leap forward, now you must recognize Yourself for what you are: A brain, only a brain. Is it not better to be a sentient, functional brain, floating in a vat of chemicals, absent your entire body, than it is to have never existed, to be retroactively unborn, which is the True consequence of death, a cosmic eternity of never having existed?!
It is impossible to know, at this moment, the exact shape of the first wave of technological immortality. But no loss, no sacrifice, is too great for the opportunity to exist forever, to be immortal. Step out of your actress skin, stop allowing others to direct you. Become the director of your own script, your own fate, your own future! Become a revolutionary agent for change, declare death your mortal enemy, do so openly and publicly, demand that humanity immediately engage and marshall all of its scientific and medical resources to make technological immortality a reality. Become an Immortalist, Angelina! Do it for Yourself, in honor of what you are: A brain named Angelina Jolie.
Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Mental Health, Definitions and Manifestations

How do you define mental health, when you exist as a mentally deranged species and are compelled and mandated to cover up this Forbidden Truth? Let us dissect the official definition given by The World Health Organization, which has positioned itself as: Begin quote: The directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends. In the 21st century, health is a shared responsibility, involving equitable access to essential care and collective defence against transnational threats. End quote.
Yes, The World Health Organization, empowered by the leaders of all slave-states, errr nations, is claiming authority to set the standard for every form of appropriate health care, including how mental health should be defined and “improved”, all across the world. Let us understand that this authority represents the carefully deliberated and considered demands of human societies and governments as a collective whole. The WHO is a shell organization, a mouthpiece created to grant legitimacy to the demands of nation-states and the social structures they seek to legitimize and develop.
And so here is the official, worldwide definition of what constitutes mental health, according to the World Health Organization:
Begin quote: “Updated August 2014. Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.” End quote.
Hows that for a kick in the head, folks?? Now, let us dissect this deranged definition, from the Forbidden Truth perspective. According to the WHO, you are mentally healthy if you “realize your own potential”. What does that mean?? It means nothing. The personal potential of every individual is determined by the limitations of his conscious mind, and as such it is inherently subjective. I can realize My personal potential to die, to murder others, to hate Myself, to love Myself, etc… It is a fully abstract concept which allows for any state of mind, from the healthiest to the most diseased, to be arbitrarily judged and defined as representing mental health.
The reason why this language is used, is specifically because it allows every nation-state to arbitrarily judge and determine what it deems to constitute mentally healthy behavior and ideology, absent any legitimate standard. Thus the priest realizes his full potential and is mentally healthy. The police officer, the soldier, the billionaire who hoards money as millions die of starvation, the president who punishes and murders and sponsors universal child abuse, all these humans are decreed mentally healthy under the propaganda decree that they are “realizing their own potential”, and this is the single greatest definer of what constitutes mental health.
So, let us continue. The WHO says you are mentally healthy if you “can cope with the normal stresses of life”. Seriously! Yes, cope with them! Accept that you deserve to be subjected to stress, accept that your experience of existence should be stressful, and find a way to “cope”. In Truth, what the World Health Organization is decreeing is that you are supposed to suffer. Life will be stressful, so find a way to cope, and you will be decreed mentally healthy. Understand: If you fight against the right of others, of society, to impose stress upon you, you will be judged mentally ill. You must accept stress, you must cope with stress, you must subordinate your sacred right to not be harmed and traumatized, to the right of government and society to inflict harm and trauma upon you.
Again, you see how the leaders of society and government define mental health in a specific way, to justify the mental derangements which society and government has created, promotes, sponsors, and imposes upon every human being. How do you cope with stress? Do you worship god? Do you spank your child-slaves? Do you bully and humiliate others? Do you hoard money? Do you cut yourself, are you a cutter? Do you alter your brain chemistry via alcohol, drugs? Do you pretend there is an afterlife?? Do you serially kill others? By its definition, the World Health Organization leaves it up to every government to decree whether or not your specific coping mechanism meets a standard of mental health.
And so every government and society is officially empowered to promote and impose mental illness and dysfunction, in whatever ways it chooses: Hey slave, are you feeling stressed? Go to church on sunday, they will brainwash you to feel better! Hey slave, feeling stressed? Hunting season is right around the corner. Soon you will be able to stalk and murder animals for emotional catharsis. You’ll feel better, enjoy your mental health! Hey slave, feeling stressed out? Go home, right there you have your very own Poison Container, soothe your rage and hate by terrorizing the child-slave, and enjoy better mental health! Do you understand how society and government promotes the deepest and most profound forms of mental illness, via definitional brainwashing as to what constitutes mental health??
Continuing with the official, worldwide definition of mental health, as given by the most powerful ruling medical organization in the world, the World Health Organization. You are mentally healthy if you “can work productively and fruitfully.” I’m not joking, slaves! This is the official and exact terminology, the exact words that are used to define mental health. The concept that being able to perform slave labor is an indicator of mental health, is insane, absurd, bizarre. It makes no logical sense. In Truth, refusal to work, refusal to be exploited and enslaved and forced to do what others tell you to do, is a far greater indicator of mental health. But here we are, with this specfic decree, from the WHO.
Why is the performance of slave labor specifically positioned as an indicator of mental health?? Because every human being on this planet is officially decreed to exist as owned slave, belonging as property, to a government. As owned slave, every individual is decreed to be in debt to the slave state. The slave state collects the debt it claims is owed by the slave, by forcing the slave to produce, to create, to perform slave labor, as a slave. Therefore, the individual who refuses to work is decreed mentally ill, so that society and government may try to terrorize, threaten, medicate, brainwash him, to agree to work. And here you see the WHO, mandating the embrace of personal slavery by the individual, as indicative of his mental health.
And finally, as if all these deranged and invalid definitions of mental health are not enough, the WHO concludes with the astonishing claim that you are mentally healthy if you “are able to make a contribution to your community”. Yes, there it is, in black and white. You must contribute to the community. You must serve the existing hive mind. You must give yourself away. “Hi community, its me, the seer of forbidden truth, please, i want to contribute something, please show me, please tell me how i can contribute. I exist to serve the community, make it stronger and better, so that it may harm me more easily, how can I help you to better destroy me, my dear community??”
F*****CK that! You’re okay, as long as you contribute to the community???? That is a mental health standard, to agree to integrate to the deranged society as it currently exists? How utterly insane. And of course here again, we see the terrorist force of government being used to compel obedience and allegiance among the citizen-slaves, under threat of being judged mentally ill. “Look at that guy, he just sits inside his house all day, he’s a real loner, he is not contributing to his community at all, he must be mentally ill…”
So there you have it, the definition of mental health, by a deranged society which manifests absolute mental insanity in all of its public policy mandates and ideological/behavioral structures, seeking to promote mental illness among all humans, by deliberately misdefining what constitutes mentally healthy states of mind and behaviors.
It is now time to stand up for Truth! Here are just a few of the valid definitions and descriptions and functional manifestations of genuine, valid, and Truth-based mental health. As you integrate the below definitions to your consciousness, I ask you to compare and contrast them to how society and government defines and describes mental health. The conclusion you will reach, if you are sane, is that society and government exists and functions within absolute and profound mental derangement, and overtly sets out to absolutely destroy the mental health of every single child and adult on the planet.

  • Mental health: To love and value Yourself limitlessly and unconditionally.
  • Mental health: To never deliberately or intentionally harm yourself in any way. To never smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or wear high-heeled shoes or compromise your physical health in any manner.
  • Mental health: To never deliberately or intentionally endanger Yourself in any way, absent absolute and immense reward. To never go skydiving or engage in unprotected sexual contact or join a military or become a firefighter, etc…
  • Mental health: To always place your own best interests and needs ahead of the interests or needs of all other individuals and social structures. To never agree to sacrifice your own best interests.
  • Mental health: To refuse to suffer ongoing harm and injustice, to refuse to accept any and all external efforts to compromise your experience of your own existence.
  • Mental health: To seek out and demand factual reality and Truth, at all costs, including the cost of peace of mind, with the conscious understanding that peace of mind obtained via the rejection of Truth and reality, is both functionally useless and overtly harmful to Self.
  • Mental health: The rejection of all mythology, lies, and deceit, no matter how popular they may be, and no matter how alluring the rewards of embracing the deception, are positioned by others to be.
  • Mental health: A state of mind achievable only via the overt prevention of all abuse, victimization, trauma, and terrorization of the individual. A state of mind which exists within most children at birth, and must be actively protected and nurtured via the prevention of all child abuse.
  • Mental health: A state of mind which instinctually craves and demands personal freedom and autonomy, and rejects all external efforts to dictate and control behaviors and life path choices.
  • Mental health: A lack of all emotional dependency upon others. The complete and absolute capacity of the individual to meet his own emotional needs, under all circumstances.
  • Mental health: The conscious understanding that preservation of Self as an individual is a sacred obligation, manifested via the conscious direction of rage and hate against any external entity, individual or structural, which in any way attempts to harm, endanger, or destroy you, as an individual.
  • Mental health: The maximization of personal ego, narcissism, and Self-confidence, so that the inherent value and irreplaceability of Self is always directly and naturally manifested in all life path decisions and behaviors.
  • Mental health: The capacity to unconditionally recognize, appreciate, and value the personal perfection of Self, absent any and all need or motivation to compare or contrast Self to any other human beings, living things, or external mandates/structures.
  • Mental health: The capacity to thrive within absolute isolation of body and mind, rooted within the understanding that the greatest and only legitimately valid form of companionship is that of your own brain.
  • Mental health: The functional capacity to subordinate all emotional responses to all external stimuli, to intellectual and brain-reasoned responses, rooted within the understanding that emotions within humans function on a genetically compromised level.

So here you have, let me count….15 different definitions of what constitutes mental health. Each of these definitions is absolutely valid and accurate, and of course if I had the time or inclination could be described and fleshed out in much greater detail. But the point is this: Here you have 15 different True, accurate, and absolutely valid definitions of what constitutes mental health, all of which completely and absolutely defy the definition of the WHO which I have dissected above,  as well as all mainstream psychological and psychiatric structures of 21st century humanity.
So, what have I proven here? I have proven not only that all of humanity is currently functioning within absolute mental derangement, and not only that society and government is the deliberate sponsor and promoter of mental illness, dysfunction, and derangement, two profoundly important Truths in and of themselves, but also that every claim by the mental health community to be engaged in an effort to reduce mental illness, and to treat mental illness, meaning to restore mental health, is an absolute lie and a pure deception.
By embracing absolutely invalid definitions of what constitutes mental health, and overtly rejecting absolutely valid definitions, such as I have outlined above, society and every one of its empowered mental health treatment agents, is directly sponsoring the dynamic and daily destruction of the mental health of all children, helping to further destroy the mental health of all individuals, and refusing to help restore the mental health of any individuals. Got it?
Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Santa and god: The Child Mind Destroyed

I read an interesting article yesterday, it is written by a guy with a Ph.D, in other words, a guy who has been officially accredited by his society to serve as a mouthpiece, validating existing social structures and doctrines. Sure enough, he lived up to his title. The name of the article is: What Makes Children Stop Believing in Santa Claus? And you can read the article right here:
Even though this article is highly inferior and avoids even the most rudimentary explorations of Forbidden Truth, you should still read it, as I will be dissecting several of its details, as well as extracting brilliantly insightful Forbidden Truths from its main premise and the obvious next question it raises, which is why do children stop believing in santa claus, but continue believing in god.
Lets begin with this gem of insanity: An actual scientist “recruited” 47 children, aged 3 to 9, for a “research study”. All 47 child-slaves claimed to believe that santa claus was real. The scientist questioned them, attempting to probe why they would believe in such a fantastical myth, but his questioning was biased in favor of santa claus existing. Whenever a child-slave expressed skepticism or doubt about santa claus existing, the scientist, and this is a direct quote: “Could not directly assess the kids’ skepticism, because provoking young kids to question the plausibility of Santa might draw the ire of their parents.” End quote.
How’s that for a kick in the head?? A scientist, mandated to seek and honor Truth, is terrorized by the sacred family unit mythology of his society, to refrain from helping brainwashed children to realize that santa claus does not exist. He can’t do it! The slaveowners might complain: “Hey scientist, you messed with the head of my child-slave! You interfered with my sacred right as a parent to addict the brain of my child-slave to an insane myth. Oh boy, you’re in big trouble now, I’m going to get the university which employs you, to fire you! And maybe I can even get my government to strip you of your scientific credentials. How DARE you pollute the brain of MY slave!” How can such things be, how can you face yourselves in the mirror, the eternal shame of your inferiority never ceases to boggle My mind! The scientist, who should serve as unwavering advocate for Truth, shakes in his shoes, is literally too terrorized to even suggest to these children that santa claus does not exist, even though he knows, of course, that santa claus does not exist. And he further knows that the only reason these children believe santa claus exists, is because they have been lied to. Doesn’t matter, he can’t help the children. He can’t free their minds. He can’t and he won’t. Because he is a human being living in the 21st century, the century of barbaric contempt for both the lives of all children, and for all Truth.
Later in the article, our pandering Ph.D oh so gingerly suggests a link between belief in santa claus and belief in god, never daring to condemn either derangement, never daring to call out parents and society for infecting the minds of helpless children with deranged delusions. He concludes: Begin quote: “…an adult who admitted to believing in airborne reindeer would be openly mocked. An adult who admitted to believing in God is more likely to be respected.” End quote. Thats it! He even capitalizes the g, as his malevolent and deranged societal masters demand. Of course the Truth cannot be uttered aloud, that belief in god is more functionally deranged than belief in santa claus. Or the Truth that infecting the brains of children with the santa claus myth, directly infects them with the insane god myth.
So, let us dissect this issue and expose the Forbidden Truths the none of the normals will accept, the Forbidden Truths that would have turned this superficial, feel-good, christmas day fluff piece, into Truth-based, hard-hitting investigative journalism that would have resulted in Slate losing many of their god addicted subscribers.
First, understanding why children believe in santa claus is a foundational step to understanding why each and every child and human adult on earth is hopelessly addicted to insane lies, myths, brainwashings, and hypocrisy of every stripe. Belief in santa claus is externally coerced and terroristically imposed upon children, by slaveowners, and by society. The link between belief in santa claus and belief in god, is primary. It is an incestuous link, and not merely because santa claus plays an integral role in the christmas holiday, which is the foremost toxic lure of the worst religion on this planet; christianity.
No, the link between belief in santa claus and belief in god, is foundationally direct, because the exact same malicious forces and structures are deployed, to infect the vulnerable minds of children. Addicting a child to the santa claus myth destroys the capacity of the child to value, respect, seek out, Truth itself. Making a child believe in santa claus, or the tooth fairy or the baby-delivering stork for that matter, destroys the mind of the child, destroys his mind forever.
And the dim bulbs, that would be you humans, will say I am being hyperbolic, After all, almost every child overcomes their santa addiction, they come to accept that santa claus is just a myth, and seem none the worse for wear. But you are so very wrong! You are blind to the horror of possessing a brain that has pure contempt for Truth. Why? Because your brain has this contempt, and you refuse to consciously face up to the horrors you are responsible for creating, for yourselves and for every other living thing.
So why is it that you humans come to reject the santa claus myth, but not the god myth? It is because your puppetmasters, your terrorizers, instruct6 you to let santa fade away to mythology, even as they tighten the noose of religion around your neck and broken mind. You never get over your addictions to santa and the tooth fairy, you merely trade them in, for far more toxic addictions, deranged delusions that are created by your puppetmasters to terrorize and enslave you for every day of your imagined existence.
Let us dig deeper. Let us summon forth logic: If children manage to realize that santa claus does not exist, should this not spur them on to question and to reject everything they have been and will be, told? Should this malicious deception, upon their conscious realization, not inspire them to lifelong mistrust and rejection of all externally imposed concepts? Should they not be personally inspired to demand rational proof before they fall prey to additional deceptions? The answer to all of these questions is No, and this answer cuts directly to the heart of a Forbidden Truth humanity has never and will never face up to:
Humanity exists as a genetic birth defect species. The entire species is genetically crippled and retarded and deformed. This Truth goes far beyond the impacts of child abuse, it speaks to how every human being, immediately upon biological conception, is predisposed to the worst and most horrific pathologies of brain function, which have devastating impact upon each and every individual throughout their personal existence.
If the human brain were genetically healthy and viable, of course the recognition by a child that he has been externally deceived via the santa claus myth, would inspire him to immediately and forever question every external command, instruction, and ideology. The child would vow to only trust his own mind, to always be skeptical of external presentations, to demand Truth-based proof and evidence rooted within his own logic and deduction. But no, the exact opposite occurs. The child sheds the santa claus and easter bunny and tooth fairy myths, but no enlightenment of mind occurs, none at all. His vulnerability to every toxic mythology that his society seeks to impose upon him, remains as great as ever before. Not even the insane god myth, directly linked to the santa claus myth which he has just shed, is exposed as absurd farce to him. Truth remains dead to him, even as he sheds specific, isolated brainwashings that his puppetmasters deem no longer useful.
Those who ask how I can be so certain that humanity is a birth defect species, need only to consider, with an open and rational mind, how Truth, fact, and reality, things which every other species instinctually embraces and craves, recognizes and integrates to its own existence, do not exist within the consciousness of the human. To the human, Truth, fact, and reality mean nothing, they are interchangeable with lie, illusion, and deception. The human brain goes out of its way to reject, ignore, condemn Truth. This is one of the greatest of all proofs, that humanity is genetically defective on a species-wide level.
So let us return full circle, to the child, and to the definition of child abuse. So many of you diseased hypocrites will scoff when I declare that infecting a child’s mind with the fairy tale of santa claus existing, constitutes the most brutal and harmful of child abuse, fully on par with sexually raping a child 100 separate times. But it does! The mind, the brain of every child, is so very vulnerable. The brain of every child is already crippled, on a genetic level, upon biological conception, and upon womb emancipation. Perhaps some children can develop the capacity to value, respect, honor, and seek Truth, overcoming their genetic defectiveness, but only if their brains are absolutely protected from exposure to lies and deception.
But no, you choose to bombard the brain of every child with a never-ending assault of deliberate lies and deception. You attack every child mind, ruthlessly exploiting its genetic weakness, exactly as your mind was ruthlessly exploited when you were a child. You destroy as you have been destroyed. And all the while you laugh and you smirk, refusing to acknowledge the destruction, the literal genocide, you are causing. “It’s santa, every kid deserves to believe in santa claus, it’s harmless fun!” No, you pathetic fools. It is genocide of the mind, inflicted by you, oblivious to the Truth that you are a victim of the same genocide you are now perpetrating.
Every child deserves to have his brain treated as a shrine, a place of purity, a protected place where only Truth, fact, and reality is allowed to enter. No child needs stories, myths, fables. No child needs magic or illusion, or fiction. Every exposure to what is not real, cripples the capacity of an already genetically compromised brain, to gauge Truth, to value Truth, to embrace Truth. And the result is exactly what you have today: A functional universe rooted within absolute insanity, the rejection of all that is real, all that is fact, all that is logic, all that is Truth:
Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Emotionally Autonomous Isolationist Misanthrope

If I ever become famous, the media, in a deliberate effort to demonize Me and far more importantly, to discredit the Forbidden Truths which I articulate and embody, will decree Me to be a loner. Or perhaps an extreme loner, or maybe a lifelong loner. But you can be certain, the word “loner” will be prominently featured in every news media article.
Loner is a demonizing label applied by society and government to discredit all who reject the toxicity of emotional dependency and socialized enmeshment, which cripples humanity on an individual level, thereby dooming the entire species. It is My pleasure to proactively suffocate this specific form of definitional brainwashing as it may be appled to Me by My sworn enemy.
I am more than a loner, more than a lifelong adult virgin, more than an angry individual obsessed with revenge. I reject all outside labels. I define Myself within the glory of Truth, in everything I may do and say and represent. To any creature, human or otherwise, who may read or hear external descriptions of what I was or am, you are obligated, if you seek Truth, to reject all such external descriptions, and recognize Me via the portraits I paint of Myself, using the millions of words I have written, analyzed within the absolutely clarity of a life lived as outsider, outcast, and outlaw, a life lived to honor Self, Truth, and the glory of reflection, perfected.
I exist as emotionally autonomous, isolationist misanthrope. My emotional autonomy is a bedrock foundation behind all I choose to say and do. Emotional autonomy does not refer to any lack of emotion, or any inhibition of emotion. Emotional autonomy refers to freedom and to ownership. Emotional autonomy is what allows Me to own My mind, and to make every decision free of the prejudice of external imposition and manipulation of My True Reality. Within the slave state, I have maximized My experience of personal freedom, by breaking all shackles of emotional dependency and connectivity with all living things, most directly and primarily, with all human beings.
Emotional autonomy does not limit either the embrace or the expression of any emotion. Emotional autonomy allows Me, as a Superior creature, to successfully subordinate all emotions, on a specific and ongoing case-by-case basis, to rational and intellectualized judgment rooted within absolute fact, reality, and Truth. Emotional autonomy is a unique achievement of mind by the Superior individual, an achievement which the inferiors cannot even contemplate attempting to strive for, as they remain hopelessly trapped within their mind cages.
I am an isolationist. If you examine dictionary definitions of the term “isolationist” and isolationism, you will see that they consistently reference only a country, the foreign policy of a government. I fully reject and renounce this definitional limitation and prejudice, as I decree Myself an isolationist. Isolationism perfectly describes the individual choice to detach from all human contact, as a philosophical and ideological aid to maximizing positive experience of personal existence. The isolationist isolates for the very specific, foundational reason of understanding beyond all doubt, that rejecting all dependency-based human interactivity, is extremely important in achieving all that is positive and beneficial to Self.
The isolationist is not motivated by fear or bias, not motivated by a desire for comfort or a continuation of long-standing ritual or habit. The isolationist simply knows and embraces the fact that there is no other living thing worthy of experiencing a communion of mind with Him. He communes only with Himself. The isolationist embraces the Truth, rooted with the achievement of absolute emotional autonomy, that there is nothing to be gained via any form or aspect of human interaction that has a basis in personal or emotional bonding.
And finally, I am a misanthrope. There is no neutrality within My understanding of the True nature of humanity. I hate and despise humanity as a species, free of all bias, simply reflecting the factual reality of what humanity is, of what humanity is guilty of, of what humanity has done to Me personally, and does to every child, and to every adult, and to every living thing it is allowed to have contact with. I am a full-fledged misanthrope, incorporating absolute emotional autonomy and the Self-governance of mind as Truthfully defined via personal isolationism.
My misanthropy is proud and unwavering, a badge of honor I wear as created victim of the most inferior species of life to have ever infested planet earth. I am a misanthrope because I know exactly what humanity is, with the same clarity of mind as I know exactly what I am, and why I am what I am. You can define Me as a hater, but if you do so absent the context of My personal achievement of emotional autonomy, and ideological embrace of isolationism is a positive way of life, and the concrete fact that every last bit of My rage and hate is not merely justified, but necessary in order to accurately reflect both Truth and My True Reality, your definition is both inaccurate and exists as overt attack upon Me and upon Truth itself.
So, to all who seek Truth, if you should ever read an article or hear a report or access any type of information in which others attempt to describe Me, you should reject that description, and seek out the texts that I have personally written or otherwise created via audio or videotape, such as this essay, in which I define Myself within the Forbidden Truth of what I am, absent the biased attempts of others who serve as agents of society, of government, and of humanity, to demonize and discredit Truth, and to maintain the structures of universal human genocide which bear full guilt for My victimization.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

I Do Not Want

I do not want to be happy. I want the infinite reasons why no sane and sentient creature alive today can ever achieve happiness, to be eliminated.
I do not want to be healthy. I want to be immortal.
I do not want to make you smile. I want the suffering of all creatures etched onto your face.
I do not want to see you. I want to see Myself.
I do not want your prayers. I want all hopelessness to be openly acknowledged.
I do not want to have a lot of money. I want the illusion that money has value, to be torn asunder.
I do not want to be loved. I want the love I hold for Myself right now, to be eternally maintained and protected.
I do not want to kill you. I want my mind to always remain strong enough so that I can kill you again and again and again, over and over and over.
I do not want a body. I want a million brain hosts, with my primary and back-up brains free to pick and choose a new host each day.
I do not want a watch. I want to eliminate the illusion and the artificial construct of time.
I do not want to forget. I want to remember every horror, in intimate detail, so that humanity can never imagine being forgiven.
I do not want to feel free. I want each of the 1000’s of different cages humanity has built to try to imprison Me, to be shattered and stomped into oblivion.
I do not want comfort. I want every external source of trauma and stress to be destroyed.
I do not want peace. I want to win the war being waged against Me each minute of every day by society and government.
I do not want a kiss. I want My lips to be able to reach every part of My body, so that I can kiss Myself everywhere.
I do not want to own a house. I want to own the universe that I have created and inhabit.
I do not want to wear your masks. I want to tear off your masks and force you to see what you are.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The Forbidden Truths of Judgment

Seekers of Truth must understand how and why the external and internal judgments they integrate to personal consciousness, impact their quest for Truth, and their capacity to accurately perceive the external universe. The purpose of this blog post is to dissect the issue of judgment, referring specifically to an individual, mind and intellect-based examination and determination of external and internal structures, individuals, and Self.
Let us begin with the judgment of others, as individuals. The Superior understands that all judgment of individuals reflects a bias on the part of the judger, because all personal reflections are valid, and every personal reflection exists as a unique reality interpretation which cannot be externally experienced, therefore cannot be externally judged. We must judge the actions of individuals, based upon True consequences to them, to others, and to the universe itself, without passing judgment upon the individuals. This has nothing to do with condoning inferiority or stupidity or insanity, but rather consciously recognizing the individual right of the inferior to be inferior/stupid/insane, as a result of the victimization imposed upon him.
Superiors judge the beliefs, behaviors, and ideologies of others, and even as we decree them hopelessly broken, inferior pieces of human garbage, this judgment is not personal, but an accurate assessment of what they have done, what they choose to do, the harm they cause to themselves and to others in clinging to the diseased structures which are guilty of their personal destruction of mind potential, on an individual basis.
We judge inferiors to be victims of external structures. We judge these structures guilty of and responsible for destroying the capacity of the inferior to dwell within the light of Truth. In refusing to negatively demonize any individual inferiors, we properly place guilt and blame where it belongs: Upon society, government, and humanity as a collective species.
Our mandate must be to judge ourselves, to dissect every perception of reality so that we may come to recognize every Truth, and our judgment of Self must cut to the heart of only one question: Am I accurately embracing and reflecting every external Truth that I have realized, within absolute accuracy, absent all brainwashing, indoctrination, deceit, and all external influence, as well as personal desire, which may be capable of distorting the external Truth??
Self-judgment must be rooted in personal entitlement. I am entitled to do this, because doing this expresses the Truth, because doing this reflects what was done to Me, because doing this harmoniously meshes with the reflective mirror, allowing Me to more accurately reflect My True Reality.
I possess a sacred obligation to judge Myself, and this judgment cannot be legitimately made absent a continuous, sustained, and obsessive focus upon judging each and every external structure that has ever imposed itself upon Me, or that is currently attempting to impose itself upon Me. My judgment of Self must always be based upon accurate and Truth-based judgment of everything which attempts to impose itself upon Me, because all such imposition attempts exist as attempts to influence Self-perception, hence to impact Self-judgment. Every Self-judgment is based upon Self-perception.
No outside force, be it an individual or a structure, can ever possess any legitimate right to judge Me. All such judgments are invalid, and every negative judgment constitutes a direct attack upon Me, an attempt to harm, and must be consciously understood and treated as such. Key to the development of personal untouchability is the absolute and complete rejection of all external judgment upon Self. It must be understood that highly positive judgment, in the form of flattery and admiration and agreement, can also be supremely harmful insofar as it can compromise independence of mind and thought. No reliance upon the positive judgment of others, may be permitted to influence a personal Truth quest or any aspect of Self-perception.
Within the social structure of humanity, the right to judge exists concurrent with the right to punish, which bestows an entitlement to harm, as all punishment seeks to harm, and imposes harm. Society instructs individuals to judge themselves negatively, knowing this will inspire them to harm themselves. Self-harm, inspired by negative judgment of Self, cripples all capacity to develop egoism, egotism, narcissism, and Self-love. All who seek Truth and to transcend their humanity must understand the daily war being waged against each of us, to inspire negative judgment of Self.
I judge Myself entitled to harm others and to destroy social structures, free of all externally imposed limitations or attempts to impede the embrace of this right. I do so in conscious acknowledgment of the war being waged against Me, using judgment, punishment, and harm, actual and threatened. I did not start this war, I fight it in defense of Self, as lover and worshipper of both Self and Truth. Entitlement is not obligation, it is a sacred right, a right nobody and nothing can take away from Me, and at the same time a right that no external force can manipulate My reality perception of, for the purpose of distorting My conscious understanding of a sacred right, to any type of perception of obligation.
The Superior embraces judgment as absolutely vital in charting his own life path within the glory of Self-love and the seizure of all Truth via conscious analysis and understanding of factual reality. At the same time, the Superior understands that judgment is being actively deployed against him as an offensive weapon intending to harm, by society and government. It is this duality of realization which must be present, in order to avoid being harmed by the structure of judgment itself, as you use it to create an untouchable, Self-nurturing universe of mind.
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The Solution Problem

As of the 21st century, meaning right now, every single problem being experienced by humanity as a whole, can be easily solved. There are solutions readily available for every problem. This is a fact. Concurrent with that fact, is this fact: Throughout the entire modern era of human existence, humanity has never, I repeat never, solved even one genuine problem. Not one, not a single one. How is it possible that solutions for every human problem exist, and yet the species has never managed to solve even one problem, much less all of its problems?? This essay will dissect and lay bare the Forbidden Truths of this issue.
To begin, we must understand the profoundly important difference between an actual problem, and a symptom or by-product of, an actual problem. Cancer is not a problem, it is a symptom of the problem that is death. Poverty is not a problem, it is a symptom of the problem that is the institutionalized caste system of economic injustice for all sponsored by government. Crime is not a problem, it is a symptom of the problem of universal child abuse as sponsored by all societies and governments.
There are no solutions for the symptoms and/or by-products of actual problems. And all efforts to find solutions for the symptoms and/or byproducts of problems, are doomed to failure, because the problem itself is being ignored and dismissed. Therefore, one of the most primary reasons no problem of humanity, has ever been solved by humanity, is because no effort has been made to solve the actual problem. But this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of our dissection. Let us cut deeper, let us dig to the very core.
The sane thinker might assume that of course human beings desire to solve their problems. But this is utterly false. The human is not sane, the human is a genetic birth defect and a creature fuly crushed by the environmental terrorism undertaken against him from the moment of his birth. Humanity has never wanted to solve its problems. Humanity has chosen to create problems and then to wallow in them, bemoaning their plight even as they subconsciously crave pain, suffering, injustice, and death.
The human exists as a Self-hating masochist. Suffering and problems make him feel better about himself and his plight. The only thing he relishes more than his own suffering, is the belief that others are and/or will suffer more than he is suffering. No torment is too great for the human to bear, as long as he can convince himself others are, or will in the future, suffer equally or to a greater degree. Therefore, an even more primary reason humanity has never solved a single one of its problems, is that as a collective species, it does not want to solve any of its problems.
Let us understand the integral role that government and all social structures play, in ensuring no problem ever gets solved. Solving a problem actively harms and endangers the stranglehold of control which governments exert over their citizen-slaves. The problem itself is vital, in providing a rallying point for leaders of government and society. We must unite behind our leaders to solve our great problems, crime and poverty and disease… This is the insane, terrorist threat deployed by leaders of government and society. And of course there is no genuine intent or desire to solve any problems, and these “great problems” are not even problems, but merely the symptoms and by-products of the problems which government and society is itself directly guilty of and responsible for creating, sponsoring, and ensuring the continuation of.
But digging even deeper, above and beyond these foundational reasons humanity has never solved a single problem, we have the limitless hatred and contempt humanity has always held, for Truth. The one thing humanity should be worshipping, the only possible source of salvation that exists for this warped species, is the unconditional embrace of all facts, all factual reality, and all Truth. My Manifesto, the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, could literally be subtitled: “How to Save Yourselves from Certain Extinction, For Human Dummies”.
Every solution for every problem is right there, it is dangling in front of you, all you have to do is grab it and refuse to let go. But without the embrace of all Forbidden Truth, the solutions are just as invisible to you, as are the actual problems, and the reasons these problems exist.
And now I will present the solutions to the eight greatest problems which plague modern era humanity, problems which directly doom this species to near-term extinction. Right here, in just a few paragraphs, every single problem is solved, the species is saved from extinction. And yet, of course, it is not. Because it is impossible for you creatures to implement the solutions, utterly impossible. And that is the only reason I am providing you with the solutions, the absolutely certain knowledge that you cannot and will not implement them. I do not want to save you. I will not participate in any exercise that has any conceivable chance of helping to save you. No. What I am doing here is mocking you, mocking your pathetic inability to save yourselves.
And you inferiors will say that these solutions are only words, that saying something can be done, is not the same as actually doing it. But you are wrong. Anything that you as a species collectively demand as an envisioned reality, would be rendered an experienced reality. What you create within your mind as an idea, you can create as concrete and factual reality. The Truth is: You do not want to solve any problems, because to do so would require you to face yourselves, to look at the horror you have created and sponsored, to acknowledge your own status as torturers of the universe reflecting your own experienced tortures.
And you inferiors will say that My brilliant solutions cannot be implemented, it is impossible, and even if it was not impossible, My brilliant solutions would create more and greater problems in and of themselves. But you are dead wrong, and if you possessed even the rudimentary fragments of sanity, you would instantly realize how utterly deranged it is to reject the solutions to the problems which absolutely doom you to eternal nonexistence on a personal level, and near-term extinction on a species level, because you think that maybe these solutions could, theoretically, lead to some other problems.
So, here is the gift that can never be received, to the delight of the gift giver: Me.
The solution to the problem of death is to cease all efforts to cure all diseases, and devote every scientific, medical, robotic, genetic, and engineering manpower resource and technology, to unlocking every key to personal brain immortality, a worldwide effort to stop at nothing to immediately cure the only True disease: Biological death.
The solution to the problem of universal child abuse is to declare the family unit a failed social experiment, to declare parenthood a criminal form of child slavery, to implement Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, utilizing a universal standard across the entire world, and to decree all children emancipated from the shackles of family, religion, tradition, culture, and all obligation to all rituals of the past.
The solution to the problem of economic and caste system injustice, is to abandon all monetary systems and implement a universal, worldwide Barter and Trade economy free of all cash and precious metal, and free of all governmental regulation and control.
The solution to the problem of universal human slavery to government, is to declare the structure of government itself a criminal and terrorist enterprise, impossible to reform or render benign, which must be destroyed and eliminated via the collective force of the masses, to be replaced by a stateless social structure void of all countries, leaders, and national borders.
The solution to the problem of Self-hatred, is to eliminate all harm and injustice, and to instruct every child and adult that the only Truth-based love is Self-love, and that to love Self is the greatest and only obligation of every human being.
The solution to the problem of violence, is to eliminate all punishment and discipline, to protect every individual, from the moment of biological conception, from the organized, universal, violent assault of mind, body, and soul, sponsored by society.
The solution to the problem of religion is to declare belief in all external gods a highly contagious and communicable mind virus and mental illness, and to protect, preserve, and enhance the egoism, egotism, narcissism, and Self-love of every individual, so that he may recognize Himself as entitled to every power and privilege currently claimed by the imaginary external god creature within all fictional holy texts.
The solution to the problem of lies, deceit, propaganda, and false perceptions of reality, is to recognize factual Truth as the only ideological and intellectual concept worthy of lifelong personal devotion and reverence, to be honored and embraced always, at all costs, regardless of any and all fears it may inspire or comforts it may properly desecrate.
Now, go for it, humans. Reject and ignore and ridicule the solutions. Prove to yourselves what I already know: That you are hopelessly doomed.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Is the Human Being By Nature a Social Animal?

Is the human being a social animal based upon natural instinct and biological structure of brain and body? Is the human intended by nature to engage in regular and repetitive interaction with other humans? Or is he by nature a loner, an isolationist, who can best thrive by spending most of his time alone? This is a very interesting and thought-provoking issue to dissect from all angles, and it opens a gateway to many wide-ranging Truth realizations.
To begin, it is clear that society and government has an immense and directly vested interest in convincing all humans that they are highly sociable creatures, and therefore go to great lengths to coerce and indoctrinate all humans to agree to compulsively interact, and form personal relationships with, other humans. This fact, in and of itself, does not prove the human is by nature an anti-social loner, but it must be carefully and fully factored into the equation when analyzing this question.
The second point that must be emphasized is that the human being is a defect of nature. This is undeniably True, and as a genetic birth defect species, determining exactly what nature “intended” for the human to ideologically and behaviorally manifest, is rendered much more difficult than is the case with genetically normal, healthy animals.
With this preface, let us begin a totally unbiased, Forbidden Truth analysis of this key question. We will begin by listing the evidence which could reasonably be used to suggest that the human is naturally inclined to socialize with other humans:

  • The vast majority of all humans, adult and child, do socialize on an ongoing basis with other humans. This fact cannot be ignored or dismissed, but it must be viewed within the contextual understanding that socialization is relentless promoted and indoctrinated to all citizen-slaves, of all ages, by society and government as the only appropriate, acceptable, and normal way of life.
  • The vast majority of older children and adults would find it traumatic to be suddenly isolated and cut off from all human interactions. Again, an absolute fact. But why is this so? Remember, the human is both a sheeple and a pathological addict. Humans blindly follow and emulate the behaviors of other humans, especially when such behaviors are relentlessly imposed via brainwashing and indoctrination. Just as importantly, the human becomes heavily addicted to behaviors at the drop of a hat, his entire psychological makeup being geared towards an addictive state of mind, just one of many genetic weaknesses and failures of their brain.
  • A majority of animals with higher level complexity of brain function, do socialize heavily with other members of their own species. The monkey, elephant, dolphin, and others, seem to be good examples of this. On the flipside, you do have plenty of higher-functioning animals who are essentially isolationist: The jaguar, koala, panda. Clearly, ongoing socialization is not a universal character trait of mammals with high levels of brain development.
  • Social scientists, psychologists, and other empowered agents of society insist that human interaction is necessary for proper mental health and functionality. Another fact, but a fact essentially voided by the Forbidden Truth that human society is itself profoundly diseased on a psychological level, and that all empowered agents of society are mandated to promote the legitimacy of existing social structures, one of which is universally indoctrinated social contact between citizen-slaves.

So there you have the top four reasons to accept the notion that humans are designed by nature to socialize with each other. But all four carry caveats, very real and undeniable facts which directly mitigate this specific indicator.
Now, let us objectively analyze all of the evidence suggesting the human is meant to live as a lifelong loner and isolationist:

  • Newborn babies are not sociable towards other human beings, children or adults. This is a fact. Newborn babies must be externally socialized, which is exactly what society and government orders all parents, nurses, and all adults who have access to newborns, to do to them. The newborn baby craves attention and stimulation, but this has nothing to do with craving actual contact/interaction with other humans. A colorful toy or interactive robot fascinates the newborn more than an actual human being, although of course an active human does grab attention of the newborn, too.

Babies are Self-obsessed by nature. They play with and focus upon themselves. They do not cry because they want or need human attention, they cry because they have needs, such as hunger and physical discomfort, that they are unable to resolve on their own. This is a huge and vital distinction. Babies do not seek out contact with humans, beyond focusing on them as an available distraction. Given a colorful and highly interactive robot to engage with, newborn babies would choose interacting with the robot, over a human. It is important to understand that a desire to interact is itself not a primary focus or need of newborns. The newborn seeks an understanding of his universe as he discovers it, and interaction aids him in this quest. Such interaction is not primarily emotion-based, but rather, intellect-based.
Of course it does not take very long for a newborn to become addicted to human socialization. This is why My comments specifically relate to the newborn, as even the 1 or 2 month old infant, having been subjected to relentless human imposition, usually has already fallen prey to this undesired addiction.

  • Children do not function well in highly interactive, group environments, or within one-on-one personal relationships. This is a fact. Prejudice, bullying, violence, sadism, emotional trauma, pathological feelings of Self-doubt, and many more emotional dysfunctions in children, directly occur in response to socializing with other children and adults.
  • Adults do not function well in highly interactive, group environments, or within one-on-one personal relationships. Another fact. Every pathology of the child within a group environment, only becomes more severe and disturbed for adults. Genocide, war, the violence of the mob, the sadistic rage behind support for judicial punishment, the orgy of rage underlying participation in and viewing of organized sports, universa abuse of children within families, the violence, physical, sexual, and emotional, underlying every sexual relationship, etc…, all speak to the Truth that adults are unable to positively function as social creatures.
  • Sexual organ design and placement: Both male and female humans are biologically designed, physically and mentally, to be able to achieve sexual climax without need for any contact with other humans. Each human is designed by nature to masturbate easily and successfully. Only terrorist threat and brutal indoctrination, compel most humans to “prefer” and to choose ongoing sexual contact with other humans.

The evidence overwhelmingly favors the theory that humans were intended to spend their lives in solitude, as loners and isolationists, focusing upon themselves and meeting their own needs. Only external imposition by society and government, deploying coercion, terrorization, bribery, brainwashing, and indoctrination, causes the human pathology of socialization. Social scientists even admit that all babies and children need to be externally socialized. Why??? Why do they need this? Is it to their benefit, or is it for the malicious societal and governmental purpose of creating a relationship addict, someone unable to function on his own, someone emotionally crippled and shackled to others, and therefore to the social matrix itself??
Those of us, like Myself, who choose to exist as absolute loners and isolationists, to the point of spending our entire lives as adult virgins, as I have and will, are relentlessly ridiculed and condemned, because we represent and manifest the Forbidden Truth that external socialization is itself a horrific and crippling shackle which defies and destroys Truth-based mental health and the natural instincts of the human being.
Look at those who are prejudicially labeled as “autistic”, as an example. There is strong evidence to suggest that they function perfectly well, and emotionally thrive, within their chosen state of isolation. And yet society insists that they are mentally crippled, relentlessly attempts to force them to interact with others, causing needless trauma. No, it is you who are mentally ill and crippled, unable to meet your own needs, desperately clinging to relationships and to pathological human contact which only serves to worsen all of your existing mind-based pathologies.
Let us celebrate the glory of the loner, let us revere the isolationists, those who shun and reject all contact with humans. Let us understand and rejoice in their triumph over the external attack of forced socialization.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The Cages

The human has chosen to build and imprison himself within a vast matrix of overlapping and interlocking cages. The purpose of this blog post is to dissect just a few of these thousands of cages, and reveal the underlying pathologies of brain function which inspire them.
government exists as a foundational cage, structuring an environment of universal slavery which allows all other cages to be erected and embraced, absent all conscious acknowledgment and rational understanding on the part of individuals as to what they are doing, and why they are doing it. government provides and creates the plausible deniability which allows you humans to choose to erect and dwell within all other cages, never independently analyzing the horrific consequences suffered both individually and collectively, by this choice.
Religion exists as a cage, imprisoning the human mind to the embraced conditions of inferiority, subservience, and death worship. The cage of religion prevents any human from recognizing Himself as a god, from maximizing his personal potential to seek and attain omnipotence. Religion is the cage the human crawls into and deadbolts as many locks as he can find, so he may never consciously perceive the True consequences of death, and the Truth that he is merely pretending and imagining himself to be alive at this and at every other moment in time.
The family unit is a cage, imprisoning the body and mind of individuals to toxic dependency and pathological enmeshment to and with specific other humans, for no logical, rational, or beneficial reasons. The family unit is a terrorist and terrorizing structure, it blinds you to the atrocities being committed upon you from the outside, as it inspires you to reflect these atrocities with sadistic rage within your closed circle of fellow victims. The family unit is a circle of hate, masquerading as a circle of love. The family unit decrees “You are nothing without them“, in the process destroying your ego to the point you are only able to perceive Yourself as: “I am nothing”
The educational system is a cage, mandated to seize each and every child mind and systematically destroy its capacity to perceive reality and human potential within a sane and wide spectrum free of distortion and limitation inspired by indoctrination and propaganda. The educational system cage is designed and deployed so that every child is blinded to the True nature of the cages that he will willingly lock himself inside of, for his entire adult existence. The educational system is what renders existence within cages unavoidable, desirable, and impossible to dissect within Truthful analysis, for the Unwashed Masses.
Motherhood and fatherhood are cages, intended to provide victims of brutal, lifelong trauma with 1 or 2 or 5 specific individuals to relentlessly harm and victimize throughout their lives, to use as Poison Containers in cathartic reflection of their own trauma. “This is my child, I will mold it into my diseased and destroyed image, creating a new slave for the society which has destroyed me”, this is the cage of parenthood, as terror victims are brainwashed to align with their terrorizer, destroying children one by one, just as they themselves have already been destroyed.
Employment is a cage, forcing individuals to destroy their own mind potential by wasting their existences performing specific actions for which they are given worthless pieces of paper which allow them to fit into the matrix of universal slavery that is consumer culture. All employment exists as terrorist attack by a government, in which you are threatened with harm and suffering unless you subjugate your own freedom to do as your natural instinct inspires. Freedom to choose a specific form of employment, is the freedom to lock yourself inside of functionally identical cages, an absurd perversion of the concept of freedom itself.
Law is a cage, claiming to protect you from harm, as it imposes universal harm upon you. Pretending to protect you from bad people, so that the worst of the worst of bad people can and do decide exactly how you should be genocidally harmed and destroyed. Law is the cage which allows you to celebrate the conscious awareness that others are physically locked up inside cages, as you deny the Truth that your matrix of cages imprison you to a far greater degree.
Punishment is a cage, inspiring you to collude with your greatest enemy, guilty of inflicting relectless injustice upon you, to ritualistically inflict injustice upon others, to harm them for your unacknowledged sadistic pleasure, in the process embracing punishment itself as a form of external terrorization. I will be punished if I do something bad, therefore I must allow bad things to be done to me, and accept socially promoted outlets such as punishing children and lawbreakers, as personal catharsis of my suffering.  <The cage.
Death is a cage. Its reality infuses every human existence with the detachment of oblivious farce. He who possesses Forbidden Truth insight as to the nature and consequences of death, is astounded by how you humans maintain conscious obliviousness to this premier cage, even as it directly inspires you to embrace all other cages.  Death is the most hidden of all cages, hidden from all conscious focus, because to focus upon this cage would threaten to unveil all the other cages that you creatures have created to help you hide from this premier cage.
And so the illusion of life rages on, each of you hopelessly trapped within the cages that you have chosen to dwell, after crawling inside on your knees, and throwing away any and all mind keys which could open the cells. The cosmic tragedy of your existences is exceeded by My tragedy. My conscious awareness of your cages, and the fact that they doom Me to your horrific fate, a fate which your cowardice has earned, render My tragedy far greater than yours. Because I cannot destroy your cages, and your cages will inflict upon Me, the same horrific fate you blindly accept.
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