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The Group Dynamic: Recipe for Universal Human Failure

Humans choose to interact within group settings. They perceive a great capacity to grow their own minds, as well as the minds of others, via direct interaction, obtaining feedback from others, allowing others to expand their own reality perceptions, both on specific issues and more general life path philosophies and ideologies.
This is a terrible mistake. In every group dynamic, there is mind caging. there is a subconscious need to gain acceptance and approval, there is a public face, an Acting Mask, being worn by all involved parties. There is active censorship of personal expression, based upon a need to curry favor, or to win an argument, or to entertain, to make someone else smile or nod or agree.
The smaller the group is, the less severe these negative impacts might be. As group size increases, the harm to all possibility of Truth-based conscious enlightenment, also increases.
The best ideas, the most profound Truths, will never be brought out in any group discussion.
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The Most Devastating Lies

All lies originate from external sources, and are then emotionally and intellectually internalized as valid, acceptable, and/or necessary. This internalization constitutes embrace, the implantation of the lie to personal True Reality perception. Once implanted within the mind, the lie exists as a highly malignant cancer, warping and destroying the capacity of the individual to perceive reality as it is, and to make behavioral, philosophical, and ideological decisions reflecting the actual situations and choices which exist, and crippling the capacity of every individual to positively maximize their own existence within the glories of personal benefit, Self-interest, and Self-love.
So let us understand that on one level, all lies are externally sourced, while at the same time, all lies are internally incubated. The lie which floats free in the consciousness of humanity as a whole, is highly dangerous. But the lie which finds a home within your mind, within your reality perception, is lethal. It is lethal because it destroys your mind, on a direct level. It is lethal to you, and as it destroys you, in inspires you to externalize it outward, to destroy the minds of others. It is within this internal and external flow, that the lie itself successfully takes over the entire universe of all human experience, always and everywhere.
The most devastating lies are the lies you tell yourself, and the more firmly you convince yourself they are Truths, the more compelled you become, emotionally, impulsively, and ideologically, to spread the disease which has consumed you, to others. So, which lies are the most devastating of all? Before I begin this brief list, you must keep in mind that foundationally, what renders them so devastating is not that they exist, are popular, or are spread by others to others, but the fact that you are telling them to Yourself.
The 5 most devastating lies:
1: Everything will be okay. No. Nothing will ever be okay. Nothing can ever be okay, because you are telling Yourself the most devastating of lies, that everything will be okay. If you tell Yourself the lie that everything will be okay, how can you ever even begin to imagine finding the strength or insight to destroy the structures which ensure that nothing is okay right now, that nothing will ever be okay in the future, and that nothing can ever be made okay, as long as these structures exist? You are literally nailing shut your own eternal coffin of nothingness, when you tell yourself that everything will be okay.
2: I am doing the best I can. No, you are not. You are compromising and delaying and rationalizing and accepting the greatest of horrors in exchange for the illusion that you are postponing or avoiding the greatest of horrors. You are not doing the best you can, no matter the degree of external terrorization you are directly confronted by. Telling yourself the devastating lie that you are doing the best you can, allows you to choose to not do the best you can, dooming you to the most horrific of fates, a fate being played out in real-time right in front of your unconscious mind.
3: Others have it worse than Me, others suffer more than Me. No. Nobody has it worse than you. Nothing has ever or will ever suffer more than you. All injustice and suffering is unique to every individual creature. Your inability to embrace Yourself as the greatest of all victims of injustice and suffering, is a lie of devastating proportion, because it inspires you to accept this actual, factual, and Truthful ultimate horror, instead of rising up with limitless outrage within the conscious realization that it is unacceptable to experience your existence, within Truth, as victim of the greatest injustice, and the most suffering, of any creature on earth.
4: The world continues, after I die. No. The world does not continue after you die. When you die you become retroactively unborn. To die is to have never been born, and no, the world did not exist before you were bon, anymore than it will exist after you die. The world is built within the consciousness of your own mind, and your existence must be understood as necessary in order to allow the world to exist. To tell Yourself the lie that the world will continue after you die, is to make a mockery of your own existence, to embrace the murder being carried out against you by government and society, in real-time, as acceptable and necessary.
5: I need others in order to thrive as Myself. No, you do not. You do not need physical or emotional connectivity with others. You do not need their approval, their support, their nurturance, or their false projections of love. You do not need family, community, or any other artificial support system. You need to break free of the hive mind, so that you can stand alone, utterly and always alone, to stand apart from all others within the warmest of embraces, the unconditional love of Self and maximization of ego and narcissism. The lie that you need others, devastates your capacity to thrive as a Self-realized, autonomously functional Superior.
To conclude, let us understand that just as there are foundational Truths which serve to nurture, develop, broaden, and strengthen the universe of Forbidden Truths that all Superiors must seek out and embrace, there are also foundational lies which devastate the capacity of individuals to recognize, understand, and reject the universal matrix of lies and illusions upon which 21st century humanity is being compelled to exist as hopeless slaves. These foundational lies must be openly recognized as such, and absolutely rejected. This must be understood as a vital first step towards unveiling the entire matrix of illusion, and rejecting it all.
And do not forget, the most devastating lie can never be the lie that you are told, the lie that floats among universal human consciousness. The most devastating lie is always, will always be, must be recognized as, the lie that you are directly telling to Yourself.
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