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The Undetectable Outlaw Mass Murderer

Zaharie 1

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, Undetectable Outlaw Mass Murderer for four years??

Many years ago, 21+ in fact, I wrote and published a brilliant essay titled, “The Undetectable Serial Killer Theory”, you can still find it online, if you search hard enough.
I recently re-read my own brilliant insight from those many years ago, and it got me thinking: What about Undetectable Outlaw Mass Murderers?? Are they a “thing”, too? Are there Undetectable Outlaw Mass Murderers walking the streets among you humans, all of you legal mass murderers, whose brains are too deformed and crippled to acknowledge your own mass murder status?
The answer, I am quite certain, is absolutely: Yes. Now, there may not be very many  undetectable Outlaw Mass Murderers alive and free at any particular moment in time, but there are some, and what a delightful realization this is, to those of us who study the human condition with a cold and detached eye of alien superiority.
Let’s begin by defining exactly who would quality as an Undetectable Outlaw Mass Murderer. The individual will need to have successfully harvested 3 or more humans in a single, dynamic, illegal rampage of proactive violence, he will need to have made a successful escape from the scene, he will need to have never been arrested or formally charged by any governmental law enforcement agency in connection with the act, and, most importantly: The act itself must never be identified as an act of outlaw, criminal violence.
You see, my use of the term “undetectable”, in this context, does not refer to the perpetrator making a successful escape from the scene, and remaining forever unidentified. No! What I am saying here, is that the Undetectable Outlaw Mass Murderer must completely cloak from all public awareness the fact that the event in question occurred as a result of deliberate and intentional homicidal ideation.
Tactically, this is of course much harder than merely remaining completely unidentified as being the specific perpetrator. It requires a highly advanced level of sophistication and pre-planning, as well as the absence of all need for external validation and public attention.
On a general level, it is more difficult to get away with mass murder, than with serial killing, and therefore it is safe to assume there are more undetectable serial killers, than there are undetectable mass murderers.
What inspired Me to choose this specific essay topic at this point in time, were the news reports, now about one week old, which suggest that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which vanished without a trace way back in 2014, was brought down by a deliberate and premeditated murder-suicide carried out by the captain of the commercial flight, 53 year old Zaharie Ahmad Shah, successfully harvesting 238 humans. For more information, read:

Aviation experts’ theory: MH370 crash was a murder-suicide

Now, the very fact that this theory is now raised, compromises Zaharie’s status of potentially being an Undetectable Outlaw Mass Murderer. But still, it took four years for this theory to even become well-established, a great tribute to Martyr Zaharie’s tactics. So now let’s open our minds and explore the issue of how other acts of deliberate, outlaw mass murder may in fact never be identified as such, resulting in the triumph that is an Undetectable Outlaw Mass Murder.
Mass murders can be carried out in many different ways: Shootings, bombings, fires, poisonings, stabbings, plane crashes, train derailments, automobile crashes, etc… Within a fair tactical analysis, it is quite clear that some of these methodologies are more conducive to achieving an Undetectable Outlaw Mass Murder, than others.
For example, gun massacres are the most popular method of carrying out an outlaw mass murder, but at the same time, they are one of the more difficult types of mass murders to keep undetectable. Meaning simply that even if the gunman makes a successful escape from the scene and is not later identified as a result of surveillance cameras or eyewitness descriptions, the act itself is difficult to completely cloak and render invisible as being the result of outlaw violence. Can it be done, in theory? Yes, but theoretical success and practical success, are two different things. The mass murdering gunman will have to develop a very elaborate scheme in order for the massacre itself to be rendered completely undetectable as a criminal act.
On the other hand, some types of mass murder are much easier to completely cloak, and successfully conceal them under the guise of an accident, an act of mother nature, an innocent malfunction of a critical system, etc… Can a firebombing that kills all occupants of a dwelling be successfully cloaked as a gas explosion? Yes. Can the mass poisoning of a food or water supply be cloaked as being the result of natural contaminants? Yes. And the same rule applies for train derailments, airplane crashes, and the like.
All it takes is a creative mind, some tactical skill, and a complete lack of all desire for external recognition, to allow a tortured victim-creation of your society to successfully become not merely a successful mass murderer, but a completely undetectable, successful mass murderer.
The jury is still out on whether Martyr Zaharie successfully transformed the commercial airplane he was piloting as a slave labor job, from a weapon of social delusion and illusion, providing you pathetic slaves with useless transitions of location, the false bliss of freedom of movement, into a weapon of mass destruction, exposing the beauty of Forbidden Truth in the process.
We may never know for sure, but we can know this: In every nook and cranny of planet earth today, tortured children and ex-children dream of and plot out mass murder, and some even carry it out successfully, and the best of the best, can do so while completely concealing the fact that a mass murder has been carried out. They can continue to walk among you, days, weeks, months, years, decades later, unknown and undetectable, the perfection of their handiwork celebrated nowhere else except within the perfection of their own Self-universe. And that is a beautiful fact to know.
MindGasm, anyone?? ūüôā
zaharie 2

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Charles Whitman: Ushering In Modern Era Mass Murder

charles whitman 9

Charles Whitman, amerikkkan pioneer of lone wolf outlaw mass murder.

To all scholars of the evolution of modern era outlaw mass murder in amerikkka, the names and the deeds of Andrew Kehoe, Howard Unruh, and Charles Whitman, should be firmly committed to deepest awareness and consciousness.
These three Martyrs each established new benchmark standards to personal vengeance via modern era mass murder, influencing later generations and showing us all what is possible, by their example.
Exactly 50 years ago today, Charles Whitman, aged 25, tortured child-slave, creation of the ultra-diseased amerikkkan educational, familial, and military structures, stabbed to death his wife and mother, then climbed to the top of the university of texas at austin clock tower, opening fire and expertly sniper shooting 47 more humans, killing 14 more.
Occurring august 1, 1966, this rampage helped to ignite the imaginations of a new generation of torture victims, revealing to all a new scope of potential for seeking and claiming personal catharsis via mass murder.
The rampage:
Read an entire book on Charles here:
Nice documentary right here:
“To maintain sensibility is the greatest effort required. To slip would be so easy. It would be accomplished with little effort. Yet to maintain is necessary in order to benefit from the future. Of what benefit? Will benefit be derived from the future? To burden others with your problems—are they problems—is not right. However, to carry them is akin to carrying a fused bomb. I wonder if the fuse can be doused. If it is doused, what will be gained? Will the gain be worth the effort put forth? But should one who considers himself so strong surrender to enemies so trivial and despicable?”–Charles Whitman
Charles did not murder Himself. He went down fighting, waging a personal war against his society. Let us always show honor and respect for the eternally lost victims of the past, who tried, each in their own way, to express their True Reality, and in the process, to show us a pathway to Forbidden Truth.
charles whitman 8

Victim and Martyr Charles Whitman, and the university of texas clock tower he made famous.

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How Many Shooters at San Bernardino Mass Murder Site?

As most of you should know by now, there is a dynamic, breaking news story out of San Bernardino, California, usa. Gunmen, yes gunmen, according to most news media and law enforcement reports, stormed the Inland Regional Center, a large building that houses local government offices and provides local government services, and opened fire with long guns, killing at least 14 humans, and wounding at least 14 more.
The gunmen successfully fled the scene and remain at large, unlike the vast majority of mass murder incidents which occur in amerikkka. The getaway appears to have been “clean”, especially given that 6-7 hours have passed since the rampage occurred.
One of the more intriguing and unresolved details concerning this massacre, is the number of gunmen who carried it out. The news we are being given is that there appears to be more than one gunman, and very possibly three gunmen. We must be cautious in jumping to conclusions, because the media and the pigs always seem to get a lot of details wrong, in the hours and days immediately following a high profile crime event like this.
But, for the sake of argument, let us assume that there were three gunmen. If so, this provides a significant tactical advantage to the three gunmen, especially for as long as they remain anonymous and unidentified. In terms of further tactical actions, and confronting law enforcement if and when they are located, there is an operational advantage in their favor.
If they split up, they have an advantage in terms of spreading the pigs thin, and prolonging their reign of terror. If they stay together, they are at greater risk of being located, but they retain a better capacity to fight back and take out law enforcement agents if and when they are located and confronted. Further, if they stay together, their capacity to successfully plan and execute another mass murder rampage, before they are located or identified by law enforcement, increases.
I don’t want to delve into this detail much further, especially since there is no official confirmation of the number of attackers, but it is very interesting to contemplate the tactical advantages that a trio of unidentified at-large gunmen might enjoy.
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It's a Brand Spanking New Massacre!

Hey folks, breaking news out of San Bernardino, California. Just a few hours ago at least two, possibly three enraged torture victims of human society went on a shooting rampage inside of the Inland Regional Center, a very large building that has 670 employees, and serves humans suffering from “developmental disabilities.”
CNN is confirming at least fourteen are dead, and at least fourteen more were shot and injured. The gunmen appear to have successfully fled the scene, and remain at large. This rampage occurred just about 5 hours ago, so details are still very sketchy.
I would urge all who are interested in following this breaking news as it develops, to tune to CNN or other news sources, or go to a website that provides real-time updates, such as:
Unfortunately I have slave labor to perform in the near future, so my ability to provide real-time updates will be limited. This is a fascinating incident, I am particularly intrigued by the fact that law enforcement pigs appear convinced there were at least two and very possibly three gunmen, quite unusual for a domestically-based mass murder rampage.
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Shameful CNN Coverage of AME church Massacre

It has now been about 16 hours since a lone gunman opened fire inside the Charleston Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church in South Carolina, successfully harvesting nine god worshipping addicts, before making a successful escape. Our newly minted mass murderer remains at large, and his specific identity is not yet being released by the media, even though Reuters news wire ¬†is now specifically describing him as a “21 year old white male”. How can reuters know his exact age, if he has not been specifically identified? We see here yet another example of the news media, journalists who should have an absolute mandate to uncover and reveal Truth and facts, intentionally and deliberately concealing information from the public.
I am lucky enough to not have to perform slave labor today, and am therefore glued to CNN, which has established itself as the most influential and powerful news organization on earth, as of the early 21st century. In this blog post, one of several I will be making today on this specific event and the Forbidden Truths it reveals and expresses, I wish to emphatically condemn the utterly perverse and deranged nature of CNN’s news coverage of this church massacre.
Obviously, this is the #1 news story across all of amerikkka today. This church massacre provides a unique opportunity to the media and to all who consider themselves journalists, to tackle the issues of god addiction, the toxicity of religion, child abuse, victimization, and the like.
Instead, we have outrageous, perverse, impossible to justify, mentally deranged pandering by the media, to god addiction. CNN, supposedly an objective news reporting entity, is using this church massacre to both promote and legitimize religion. News anchors and reporters are literally decreeing, “All of us are praying for the victims of this terrible tragedy”. The unidentified harvester is being relentlessly demonized as an “evil monster”, instead of the clear and obvious victim of horrific abuse and injustice, that he is.
CNN is positioning this church massacre as an attack against “faith” and “religion”, and is proactively siding with faith and religion, betraying all Truth in the process. The Truth that no god creature exists, the Truth that religion is a toxic addiction of the mentally ill, mentally crippled, and the cowards who refuse to face up to the Forbidden Truths of physical death.
Religion and faith are being positioned as the actual victims, by CNN. This is done for the purpose of strengthening the insane god myth among all citizen-slaves throughout amerikkka. As always, the media puppetmasters are turning Truth upside down, as they serve their governmental overlords.
If humanity were sane, the immediate takeaway from last night’s Charleston South Carolina AME church massacre would be to openly and stridently question the existence of god, the impotence of god if he does exist, the uselessness of believing in or praying to god, and the universal harmfulness of religion as a social ritual, to be followed up by debate over whether religion itself should be decreed a mental illness, a form of child abuse, and new laws immediately proposed and instituted to protect all children from being subjected to this highly addictive and mental health destroying pathology of mind.
To those who wish to continue to follow this dynamic and breaking news event in real-time, but lack access to a television news station, I suggest this updating link:
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The Charleston, South Carolina Church Massacre

Less than 14 hours ago, a young, tortured victim-creation of human society and government entered a church in Charleston, South Carolina and opened fire on a group of brainwashed sheeple who were spending their time praying to an imaginary and nonexistent god creature. He fatally shot nine sheeple, including the leader/pastor of the church, who just so happens to also have been a state senator, Clementa Pinckney. So here you see how the separation of church and state actually works within the fascist, religiously fundamentalist dictatorship that is amerikkka.
This is a breaking and developing news event, and our newly minted mass murderer, unlike most, managed to flee the scene and remains at large at this moment in time. I plan to make several additional posts as this news event unfolds. dissecting different aspects of the massacre, as well as properly crediting this young man if and when his societally imposed identity is established.
For now, let me just say that as all who read my writings know, I respect and appreciate all mass and serial murderers as being tortured victim-creations of their society, reflecting back at others the injustice, victimization, and trauma that was and is maliciously inflicted upon them, as it was and is upon each and every one of us.
A mass murder perpetrated inside of a church is especially worthy of open respect and appreciation, as it directly confronts the insanity and the evil that is organized religion, an integral part of the social matrix of universal oppression and enslavement of the 21st century. My posts are not intended to celebrate the deaths of god-addicted fools, but to honor the True Reality of a young victim of 21st century society, who proved, by his very actions just 14 hours ago, the absurdity of the insane god myth, and the impotency of all religious belief, ideology, and doctrine.
To all who wish to follow this breaking and developing news event, I recommend you tune into CNN, or go to this updating link:
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Andreas Lubitz, Victim of Terrorism

Let us give a warm, posthumous welcome to Andreas Lubitz, newest member of the rather exclusive 100+ mass murderer harvestee count club.
Today’s date is March 26, 2015, and while this captivating news event continues to unfold, with many additional details still to come out in coming days, it now appears quite certain that 28 year old Andreas Lubitz successfully terrorized and killed 149 human beings, not including himself, by turning Germanwings flight 9525 into a weapon of mass destruction. The following article gives very preliminary details, and should not be considered fully accurate due to the developing nature of the investigation, but it does offer up an excellent initial account:
To begin My commentary, let us attempt to visualize the incident as best we can: A commercial airline pilot locks his co-pilot out of the cockpit and initiates a suicidal, eight+ minute dive into jagged mountains, propelling his aircraft into the side of a mountain at a speed of 400+ miles per hour, as his co-pilot desperately tries to break down the cockpit door, and passengers scream in terror. He says nothing once he initiates this act of mass murder, we know this because there was an audio recorder inside the cockpit.
What a powerful statement of personal victimization! I title this blog post, “Andreas Lubitz, Victim of Terrorism”. Why this title? If there are any sane thinkers among the creatures whose eyes are lucky enough to read My words, no explanation is necessary. But for the rest of you: Only a victim of terrorism, could or would choose to terrorize others as Andreas chose to do. He is a victim of the terrorism of human society and government, carried out against every child and every adult.
For at least eight minutes, victim and martyr Andreas was able to savor the terror of others, he could hear their terror, he was the sponsor of their terror. He knew they were doomed, destined to die by his hand, as he guided his weapon of modest mass destruction to its fatal impact. He knew the impact would be fatal, he knew there would be no survivors. For those eight minutes, he was a mass murderer in retrospect.
Of course things could have gone “wrong”, in theory. His co-pilot could have found a way to force open the cockpit door, overpower Andreas, and regain control of the aircraft. But the odds of that happening were very slim. After all, the aircraft was specifically designed so that under no circumstances, could anyone locked out of the cockpit, gain entry into the cockpit. For “safety” reasons. Is this not deliciously ironic?!?
From a tactical point of view, this incident beautifully illuminates the value of being the “inside man”, the sleeper. We will likely never know for certain, but it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Andreas decided to become an airline pilot specifically and solely because he had fantasized about and desired to carry out a mass murder in this exact manner. It is even possible that as a child-slave, aged 16, 12, or even 8, he specifically developed this revenge fantasy and desire, in reflection of the terror he was being subjected to.
In many ways, the operational details of this specific act of mass murder provide an opportunity for emotional catharsis which exceeds that of¬†a gun massacre. Consider: As soon as Andreas locked the cockpit door with only Himself inside, he could be confident that his capacity to mass murder every human being on board this aircraft, was very high. He was, in essence, a “dead man flying“, and if his True Reality so dictated, he had time, 8 minutes or more, to genuinely embrace and immerse his consciousness within the terror of others, terror which was audibly obvious to him, thanks to the cockpit not being soundproof.
The problem of course, is that Andreas is dead. He murdered Himself as well, so his experience of personal vengeance is now eternally lost to him. But still, from the outsider perspective, speculatively contemplating the exact, second-by-second countdown of his 8+ minute journey of catharsis, from victim of terrorism to omnipotent terrorizer, is electrifyingly stimulating.
Let us understand from this incident, the value of long-term planning, and the untouchable nature of the tactically brilliant “sleeper”. The inside position is always advantaged, over the outside position. This is why governments promote and encourage organized political terrorism. The organized political terrorist is known, he is the outsider knocking on the door of the cockpit, trying to get in, not the insider, already in, which is of course a huge tactical advantage.
To be clear, it is quite possible that Andreas did not specifically plan out this mass murder years in advance. Unless he left a written, audio, or video manifesto, we will probably never know. But the point is, he successfully placed himself in the insider position, and took tactical advantage of this position, to seek and claim personal vengeance.
Humanity as a species is collectively suicidal. Heads of state, scientists, military leaders, secret service agents…every human being on earth has the potential to be, or to become, a long-term sleeper, intent on using his advantaged, insider position to claim a maximum degree of personal vengeance, as Andreas Lubitz did. This is why I am 100%, absolutely positive that humanity is doomed to near-term extinction, and will extinct itself by the specific actions of one or more individual humans, most likely advantaged insiders as Andreas was. Unless an asteroid or some enlightened extraterrestrials beat humanity to the punch.
One other interesting detail: The voice recorder inside of this cockpit was recording. If Andreas had been saying things, they would have been recorded and would now be known. But according to media reports, Andras said nothing. He was silent, even as his breath could be heard inhaling and exhaling. Why did he say nothing?? He knew he was being recorded via audio? Why not take this opportunity to leave humanity with a final message, perhaps a message of Forbidden Truth even??
I do not wish to try to speak for Martyr Andreas, but from My perspective, the answer is this: Nobody hears. Nobody cares. Truth is dead. Words of Truth are a waste on humanity, and not deserved by humanity. What Andreas was doing for these 8+ minutes, his actions, reveal all the Truth that is needed, all the Truth that you now choose to reject and ignore, just as you would do to any verbal expressions of Truth, had Andreas chosen to make them. Nobody hears, and so words would have been a waste of focus and of time. It is so much more reflectively appropriate that Andreas was silent for those eight+ minutes. Listen to this, embrace the Truth of universal child abuse, and you may understand:

Let us take a few moments today, to reflect upon the sacrifice of victim and Martyr Andreas Lubitz. Andreas gave his life away in an effort to lay a little Truth upon the world. We honor ourselves, by honoring Andreas, and by condemning at every turn, all societal efforts to demonize Andreas, or to dismiss his actions as evil, wrong, or insane. I will tell you what is evil, wrong, and insane: The choice you humans make, each and every day, as a collective body, to terrorize and to destroy your children.
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My Site Stats Are Soaring, Wanna Know Why?

The site stats for The Forbidden Truth Blog are soaring today, almost 400 page views already, looks like My daily record of 823 might fall. And why? Is Forbidden Truth popular all of a sudden?? No, of course not! My site stats are soaring because tortured child-slaves all across the world are desperate to view other human beings suffering and dying, in as gory a manner as possible. These torture victims are watching TV, or surfing the web, and they are sexually and mentally climaxing to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and they feel very frustrated that the media is withholding the best part of the footage from them.
Well, here I come, the Lone Ranger to the rescue, promising uncensored footage of that french cop being harvested. And of course I keep My promises, always, all of them. And so the tortured ex-children flock to My site, desperate for the link. Well, enjoy. I wish it was more gory and graphic, but we take what we can get.
This is the Truth. This is why I might break My daily view record for this blog. Nobody cares about the profoundly unique and insightful Forbidden Truths I am revealing, It’s all about the gore, to orgasm and climax to the moment of physical death of another human being. Emotional catharsis, a lifetime of suppressed and misdirected rage and hate, being released and relieved. And who am I to deny fellow victims their catharsis, even as I judge them complicit¬†in their own ongoing victimization and destruction? No, I am not a hypocrite, I am simply stronger and deeper than the others. emotional catharsis is not enough for Me, as it is to the humans. It must be draped upon the mantle of Truth.
And so I continue to be The Lone Ranger:

Please, My fellow victims, continue to feed. Its not much, but it is all I offer in the way of visual stimulation. If any of you seek enlightenment to the Forbidden Truth, it is right here, at this blog, only in words, not images:
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Direct Link:Uncensored Charlie Hebdo Police Execution

Here is a direct link to the specific video footage that CNN and all other mainstream western media has chosen to censor, of one of the Charlie Hebdo gunmen shooting and then executing a french police officer just before making their escape from the scene.
Note that there is NOTHING graphic about this footage, you see no blood even, because the distance of the video camera is so far. And yet every western news media organization has chosen and is continuing to choose to censor the imagery. This is what happened, this is the factual reality of what happened, and yet billions of human beings are being prevented from seeing it, by the media, the western media!
So, this is the freedom of the press you value so greatly??! This is the freedom of the press that amerikkkan citizen-slaves are willing to fight and to die for??! This is freedom?? You are free to be protected by your own media from seeing the factual reality of an act of violence that the west has inspired?? Shame on you, hypocrites!
Be advised, this is a Youtube video, and because Youtube is controlled by western governments, you may expect this video to be deleted by Youtube, censored, very soon! For now, here it is, I will try to post a more permanent link, even though it is hardly worth the effort, since nothing graphic is shown. But still, I will post a more permanent link, in the name of Truth, and to defy the perverse censorship of the west. Please note, the uncensored portion of the footage begins at the .54 second mark:

Update: Just located a better source for this video, same footage, but in slo-mo and without any advertising. LiveLeak used to proudly stand up against all censorship, but lately they have given in to government pressure, not sure if this will stay up permanently, but should last longer than the Youtube clip:
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Forbidden Truths Uncloaked by Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Today’s massacre at the Charlie Hebdo news magazine in Paris, France, provides¬†yet another good¬†opportunity for¬†any and all sane thinkers to analyze reality and come to a conscious understanding that¬†their own government is their greatest enemy. Listen, watch, and read the western news media right now, and understand that you are being terrorized by “your” media, which is controlled by “your” government, which is demonizing three individual human beings who were terrorized by “their” media and by “their” government. The lie of the external terrorist, cloaks the Truth of the universal terrorism of the citizen-slave by his own government.
There are no “muslims”, there are human brains terrorized and brainwashed by the governments and societies which own them as slaves, to seek protection and comfort via a deranged ideology which is being used by these governments to terrorize them. And exactly the same, there are no “christians”, but only different and other human brains, terrorized and brainwashed by the governments and societies which own them as slaves, to seek protection and comfort via a deranged ideology which is being used by these governments to terrorize them.
amerikkka is a religiously fundamentalist christian dictatorship. christianity is used to terrorize the amerikkkan public, from the moment of individual birth, throughout existence until death, and to demand their allegiance. It is exactly the same as what muslim regimes and nation-states do to their citizen-slaves, and this is the only valid definition of terrorism.
What the three individuals who carried out the mass shooting at Charlie Hebdo did, was a response to the terrorism carried out against them by the governments and nation-states which deployed islam as a terrorist weapon against them. This is the same terrorism, carried out against the amerikkkan child and adult who becomes the amerikkkan soldier who joins the military and agrees to murder complete strangers thousands of miles away, brainwashed by the amerikkkan regime that they are protecting and defending freedom and the amerikkkan way of life. And so the amerikkkan child and adult is terrorized, radicalized, and brainwashed by his own malicious and enslaving society and government, and is as blind to this Truth, as the three who harvested humans today at Charlie Hebdo.
And so what is the Forbidden Truth takeaway?

  • Each and every citizen-slave must recognize first that god does not exist.
  • All organized religion is deployed against¬†citizen-slaves as a terrorist weapon by their own government.
  • Your own government is¬†your greatest enemy.
  • ¬†The worldwide eradication of religion and of government must be embraced as personal obligation of every lover of Self and Truth.
  • Every individual must demand the destruction and¬†annihilation¬†of his “own” government and religion, meaning the society and government which claims him as citizen-slave. This is a vital key, because it is the demonization of the “other” which exists as the very heart of the institutionalized propaganda, brainwashing, and indoctrination system which is deployed by every government to successfully maintain the worldwide structure of universal, cloaked¬†terrorization by government of its own citizen-slaves.

To conclude: Humanity is hopelessly doomed for the simple and clear reason that Truth is dead. Nobody can see the matrix they are trapped by and within, as it actually is. Every reality perception is hopelessly distorted by the broken, brainwashed, and indoctrinated human brain. The result is that the absolutely justified rage and hate and seeking and claiming of personal vengeance by individuals, is consistently, pathologically misdirected, with the end result that the diseased and deranged institutions of government and religion are actually strengthened and legitimized.
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