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Need Follow and Comment Blocking Feature on WordPress.com

WordPress needs to implement a Blocking feature. There is no logical reason why inferior pieces of human garbage should be allowed to follow My blog, and post comments at will, forcing Me, as moderator, to waste time in trashing the comments. Of course a blocking feature can be circumvented quite easily, on any internet platform, but that’s not the point. The Twitter Blocking feature is very effective, it works well, it weeds out the human garbage. There is no reason why wordpress.com cannot implement the same type of structure, where accounts are easily blocked, prevented from following, and prevented from posting comments.
Also, would be easy as hell for WordPress to add an Automated Reply option to all comments. Under such a system, any human garbage attempting to post an inferior and unacceptable comment, would receive an automated reply, by email, stating: “Your attempt to comment to The Forbidden Truth Blog was rejected because_________________________________.” The blog creator can specify any customized message he wants, as part of the automated reply. I would go with something like: “Your attempt to comment to The Forbidden Truth Blog was rejected because you are an inferior piece of human garbage, unworthy of taking your next breath, much less polluting the brilliance of My blog with your toxic excreta.” Or words to that effect.
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