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A Measurement of Today's Human Barbarism: amerikkka vs. yemen

Universal injustice for all. Universal victimization for all. Punishment and terrorization and destruction of and for everyone, this is the human experience of existence in 2017. It is the same everywhere, within every society, every culture, every government. But every society, every culture, every government, does things just a little bit differently. And why?? Just so they can point to each other and declare, “Look, over there, look at them. Look at the savage barbarians, look what they are doing. We don’t do that! Those humans are crazy!
Here’s a perfect illustration: Just a few days ago, amerikkka legally murdered 43 year old torture victim and Martyr Ronald Phillips, for reflecting the reality of his child abuse, by raping and murdering a 3 year old girl.
Then, just a few days later, Yemen legally murdered 41 year old torture victim and Martyr Muhammad al-Maghrabi for doing exactly the same thing, raping and murdering a 3 year old girl.
Read about Ronald’s murder here:
And Muhammad’s murder here:
The exact same perversely unjust and bloodthirsty act of murder carried out by two different governments to satiate the homicidal bloodlust of their tormented and terrorized citizen-slaves. Mirror images, both Martyrs are virtually the same age and did exactly the same thing, raped and killed 3 year old girls.
But look closer, read both news articles carefully, and for good measure, look at this uncensored video recording of Muhammad’s legal murder as it happened:
What do you see?? The illusion of difference, polar opposites, concealing the Truth of identical perversity.
amerikkka murdered Martyr Ronald Phillips in secret.The so-called freest and most open society secretly led this torture victim to an isolated room, tied him to a bed, and injected him with poisonous drugs. It boggles the mind, but nobody was allowed to take a photograph or record the murder on videotape, and no member of the media was allowed to talk to Ronald. He was just murdered, in complete secrecy, by the most open, free, and technologically advanced society on earth.
Now look at what Yemen did. They murdered Martyr Muhammad al-Maghrabi in the very center of their capital city’s main public gathering space. They publicized the murder, letting everyone know exactly when and where it would occur. They invited the public to witness it, and to bring their cameras, and video recorders. Right here in amerikkka, you can watch the legal murder as it happened, on video, right on http://liveleak.com, even as you can never and will never even see even a photo of Ronald’s murder.
The exact same thing was done, with the exact same end result, for the exact same reasons, by two different governments. But it was done differently. In amerikkka, the social trance of justice is validated via this antiseptic, secret and hidden, ritualistic murder, done in typical high-tech, just a “painless” injection.
In Yemen, the social trance of justice is validated via open celebration of bloodlust and rage, everyone is invited to watch and to rejoice, to record with their high-tech cameras and video camcorders, as the murder is carried out via low-tech assault rifle.
You would be right to conclude the amerikkkan way is more perverse, proves amerikkka to be a more barbaric society. But that’s not My main point. The point is to understand how societies and governments demonize each other for doing exactly the same thing, only in a cosmetically different way. And you pathetic idiots buy it, on both sides: “Look at what those evil savages over there just did!
Those of us who seek and know Truth mourn Ronald and Muhammad equally. We recognize them both to be tortured children, creations, martyrs, and murder victims of government, not of different governments, but of government itself, a perverse and genocidal structure of universal human oppression, slavery, and victimization, that should not exist.
And yet government thrives, because Truth is dead, and every government gives you citizen-slaves what you want: torture, injustice, victimization, barbarism, and legal murder, disguised as peace and protection, benevolence and justice.
amerikkka murdered Ronald for you, just the way you like it. Murder custom designed to appeal to your deranged sensibilities. And Yemen murdered Muhammad just the way the Yemen citizen-slaves like it, custom designed to appeal to their deranged sensibilities.
And the universal trance goes on…

Muhammad al-Maghrabi 2.png

Martyr Muhammad al-Maghrabi seconds before he is shot 5 times in the head with an assault rifle by his government.

Ronald Phillips 1.png

To accompany the news reports of his legal murder by the amerikkkan government, amerikkkan media published this photo, taken in 2005, of the room where Martyr Ronald Phillips was legally murdered by lethal injection on July 26, 2017. A photo of an EMPTY ROOM, taken 12 YEARS earlier. Freedom of the press in amerikkka in the 21st century.

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Forbidden Truths Uncloaked by Charlie Gard Slave Ownership Fight in UK

I received a set of interesting questions from a seeker of Forbidden Truth, in reply to a recent post here at My WordPress blog. Because the questions are off-topic from the actual post, and allow Me to expand upon some very important primary-level Forbidden Truths, I have decided to address them in a brand new essay.
If you are unfamiliar with the british case of Charlie Gard, a helpless child-slave that the regime wants to proactively murder, you should read up on it in order to gain proper perspective on My analysis. Here is a very good overview:
My reader says:
Begin quote: “I was very curious about what you thought about the Charlie Gard “controversy”??
This seems so unique from a FT perspective since it is god freak parents wanting to keep Charlie alive versus a government that wants to limit “parental rights” and let Charlie die.
I hate to side with god freaks but it’s better to fight for Charlie’s right to life no matter what right? This proves that governmental slave owner’s are supreme in my opinion.
Does this show that a so called “secular” government is more malevolent than brutal god freak parents? Even if Charlie is forced to live under deranged christian doctrines it’s better to be alive than dead. I think you agree?
I like the idea of limiting parental rights via the state but in actuality think it would create even worse child abuse like this case kind of proves. Child abuse stems from humanity as a whole disregarding the well being of children on the individual level. It doesn’t matter state vs parental debate in my opinion.
But I want to get your take because this case has thrown a new element to me.
If you want to comment on this topic, I’d be very curious and excited to read your analysis.” End quote.
Okay, to begin, this case proves, beyond all doubt, the contempt for all individual human life that exists within every 21st century First World society, on an institutionalized level. Social institutions are structural foundations created and maintained by a society and government. Medicine is a social institution. The judicial system is a social institution. Parenthood and marriage are social institutions.
Individual human life and personal existence, the most sacred, irreplaceable, and valuable thing any individual can possess, is officially decreed worthless and disposable, as existing functional mandate of every society and government.
Religion is a social institution created, promoted, and maintained by government. Is religion pro-death?? Of course it is! Every organized religion granted legitimacy by government, overtly promotes death, under the deranged doctrine that an omnipotent creature is responsible for your creation, and wants you to die, and will reward you for agreeing to die by providing you with an existence after you die.
Even as every religion promotes and legitimizes death, governments also use religion to try to limit and control who dies, and how they die. A constant and steady supply of slaves is always needed. If too many young humans who could be terrorized and brainwashed into serving as productive slaves, die at young ages, the slave pool is unnecessarily depleted. And so religion tries to convince a majority of tortured and tormented younger slaves who have the potential to be used up for many years as productive slaves, not to commit Self-murder.
Let us understand, there are no “secular” societies in the 21st century. None! England, the nation-state holding Charlie Gard and his parents hostage as citizen-slaves, promotes and imposes religion upon its citizen-slaves. Different governments use religion in different ways, creating an illusion of variability within the separation of church and state. But religion is always a directly embedded social structure, overtly legitimized and promoted by every government. The exact methods of legitimization and promotion do vary, but this variability is essentially meaningless, since religion is universally deployed as weapon of social control and terrorization.
In this case the government, as always, is pro-death. We have a helpless child-slave, physically and mentally compromised, who is very unlikely to become a productive labor slave in adulthood. Therefore, his existence is functionally worthless to his society and government. The only value his existence could carry, would be as a false flag symbol of morality, positive social progress, and respect for all individual life, for his regime. But the regime has decided there is no need for any such effort, as the brainwashed citizen-slaves are already sufficiently deluded to imagine their genocidal society to be moral, socially progressive, and valuing human life.
Charlie’s two slaveowners are trying to prevent him from being legally murdered. Why? Do they possess genuine altruistic motivation, respecting the sacred value of Charlie’s life, to Charlie, respecting the Truths of life and death, or do they simply want to not lose a slave, want to extract free money from their regime, want to perceive themselves more moral and progressive than their society is?? I cannot read their minds, but the odds are high that their reasons do not reflect genuine altruism or respect for the sacredness of life and of Truth.
But lets assume I am wrong. Lets assume they genuinely consider Charlie to be individually sacred as a life form, infinitely precious as a mind and a Self-universe, of infinite value to himself.And that is why they are trying to prevent their society and government from murdering him.
That’s good. If it is so, they, as individuals, honor Truth and demonstrate Superior consciousness.
But, does that legitimize parenthood?? No, of course not. Parenthood remains a social structure deployed to enslave, terrorize, and harm all children. Does it legitimize religion, assuming these two humans are religious?? No, of course not. Religion remains a social structure promoting and legitimizing universal slavery and death for all.
You cannot point to isolated incidents of isolated individuals defying the functional mandates of social structures in “positive” ways, as being a reason or an excuse to adopt an ideological stance that the social structures themselves might be positive, or even benign. That is ideological derangement!
The british government wants to specifically limit the parental rights of Charlie’s slaveowners, because they refuse to embrace/accept the pro-death doctrine of the regime. There is no intention of limiting parental rights as a whole, in any way.
The malevolence of society and government is consistent. Of course the degree of pro-death orientation of individuals, will vary. But so long as government and society promotes death, humanity as a species is doomed to always remain a death-worshippng cult choosing universal suicide, instead of fighting to defeat death, recognizing death to be our greatest enemy, recognizing we must wage war against death, to defeat death and to attain technological immortality.
Parenthood and religion are both foundational mistakes that cause universal harm. They are mistakes created and maintained by government and society. If Charlie is given the best medical treatment and does not die for many years into the future as a result of this care, and this “victory” can be credited directly to the battle waged by his religious mother and father to prevent doctors from murdering him, he still loses, he still becomes retroactively unborn, and parenthood and religion both remain social structures that cause universal harm for all.
Humanity as a whole, represented by societies and governments, officially decrees all children to be worthless, subhuman pieces of owned property. Eliminating parenthood, and imposing Universal Mandatory Child Caretaker Testing, would only achieve the positive result of ending child abuse if, first, humanity as a whole, represented by societies and governments, officially decrees all children to be independently and individually sacred life forms, of infinite value to themselves, owned by nothing and nobody, beholden to nothing and nobody, empowered to carve out a Self-universe absent all external imposition of all past and present human ideological, structural, and institutional failures and mistakes, which include of course religion, nationalism, patriotism, and the family unit form of cultural indoctrination.
Parenthood can never become benign, it can never serve the interests of children, so long as humanity as a whole, every human society, and every government, officially decrees all children to be worthless, subhuman pieces of owned property. As it does today, as it has for thousands of years.
No individual effort can change this, and so if Charlie’s parents fail, Charlie is doomed. And if Charlie’s parents succeed, Charlie is still doomed. His murder, his retroactive unbirth, is postponed, not prevented.
This fight is not about saving Charlie’s life. It is a fight over property. Who does slave Charlie belong to? His biological creators? Or the state? Who owns, who controls, who determines the fate, of this piece of property?? The state positions this fight as being grand, noble, profoundly important, a cutting-edge moral debate to shape the progressiveness of british culture for decades to come.
NO!!! No matter who wins, Charlie loses, Truth loses, and the universal evil that is government, wins. Because Charlie, and every child, all children, remain worthless, subhuman pieces of owned property.
The only valid moral debate, would be to eliminate and eradicate the concept of child ownership. The end of children being property. An age of enlightenment where the sanctity of all individual life, to and for the individual Self, NOT for his judged value and usefulness to others, can be understood and embraced.
charlie gard

Charlie Gard and his slavewners: It is the 21st century, and pathetic humans fight over who should own children as property.

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Martyr Dylann Roof Condemned to be Legally Murdered by usa Regime

Just a few hours ago, the amerikkkan regime condemned one of its own tortured children, one of its own creations, to be murdered, in cold blood and for no sane reason:
I thank the regime for demonstrating its barbaric savagery, and for proving beyond all doubt, to all who are sane, the legitimacy of all outlaw violence, even as I condemn the ongoing victimization of child Martyr Dylann Roof.
Justice is eternally dead in the 21st century, and can never be obtained for anyone. All who are sane know the cycle of injustice was not initiated by Dylann, but by his society and government, against and upon him, from the moment of his biological conception.
In choosing to punish Dylann, in ANY manner, much less via murder, 21st century amerikkkan society and government has proven it does not deserve to exist.
As it chooses to sow, so it shall reap.
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Esteban Santiago & The Forbidden Truth of Military Service

All Military promotion, recruitment, enlistment & service, constitutes a crime of genocide.

This crime of genocide is perpetrated by EVERY government on earth in the 21st century, against its own children. Everyone who enlists in any government military, anywhere on earth, be it “voluntarily” or via mandatory force, is a tortured, victimized, brainwashed child. It makes no difference if the enlistee is 16, 21, 28, or 35 years old. He IS a CHILD, brainwashed for many years, from his earliest memories aged 3 and 4, by his malevolent government.

Enticed, goaded, shamed, taunted, bribed, brainwashed, indoctrinated, rewarded, to agree to become a mindless, zombie mass murderer, to murder complete strangers with no provocation of any kind, upon the command of a leader, representing the society and government that is guilty of his creation and victimization, and holds him hostage body, mind, and soul.
It makes no difference if the enlistee is a computer scientist who never fires a single shot in any combat zone, he is still a torture victim of government genocide.

Military service is marketed to all children as the single easiest and best way to gain the opportunity to commit MURDER. Legal, rewarded, praised, murder. And since every child on planet earth is a tortured, traumatized, enraged victim of universal child abuse, there is never any shortage of child-slaves willing and eager to take their government up on its genocidal offer.

The vast majority of all military soldiers remain brainwashed for life, satiating their homicidal bloodlust with no conscious awareness of any kind, channeling all rage and hate into patriotic loyalty, demonizing an imaginary enemy, exactly as instructed by their slavemasters.
The vast majority NEVER get to personally murder anyone, but that doesn’t matter. They exist as part of the collective, therefore can and do gain sadistic, bloodlust pleasure and emotional catharsis from EVERY legal murder committed by EVERY fellow member of “their” military.
And, as masochists, they also gain emotional catharsis from the maiming and deaths of members of their own military.
All this is cloaked from conscious awareness, of course. The Matrix of Universal Illusion in full bloom.
But scattered among these many millions of happy legal murderers, there are a few tortured children who wake up, on some level of consciousness, to the Forbidden Truth: That they have made a deal with the devil. That they are collaborating with their OWN ENEMY, their own victimizer and destroyer.
It is this tiny handful that government fears. This tiny handful, who wake up and begin to hate their True enemy. And from this tiny handful, an even tinier handful find the strength to redirect their homicidal rage, to make the 180 degree turn. Esteban Santiago, amerikkkan army veteran, sent by the regime to iraq to murder complete strangers, made that turn yesterday, inside of Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.
Do you understand why Esteban is being demonized as a mentally ill monster, yesterday and today, by the amerikkkan regime and its media? Because his actions EXPOSE the derangement of his society and government. Because his actions expose the genocidal evil of his society and govt. But this exposure is only visible to the sane and Superior thinker. The mandate of the regime is to wash away all of this icky Truth, wash it away under a fresh torrent of lies and illusion. Make Martyr Esteban into a crazy monster, so nobody else wakes up to the Forbidden Truth of what govt is, and what govt does.
And it will work. Of course it will. Timothy McVeigh tried to lay a little Truth upon the universe in a much more powerful and eloquent way, and failed. So did Howard Unruh, father of the modern era of mass murder in amerikkka, a highly decorated us army world war 2 sniper, who shot 13 dead in Camden NJ in 1949.
It will work because Truth is dead, successfully murdered by government, every day.
The below photo of Esteban was taken YESTERDAY, by his terrorist captors, the amerikkkan regime guilty of transforming him from a helpless child into a mindless mass murderer. His destroyers hold him captive today, as they demonize him to be an insane monster. Can you appreciate the perverse hypocrisy of this?!
Look at the photo, look at Esteban, as he looks at you, just hours after carrying out a modest, but still successful, act of mass murder. LOOK AT HIM. He’s not evil. He’s not crazy. He is your reflection, just a tortured child who found the courage to TRY to break free of the Matrix of Universal Illusion. At least he tried. You fools won’t even try.
As much as I abhor human contact, if I were face to face with Esteban at this moment, I would reach out to touch him, and tell him, “I understand, and thank you”. To try to make sure he knows he is not alone in the universe, in his True Reality.
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The Gifts of Murder

I know, this post would have been more appropriate just before christmas, but legal murder is the gift that is always in season, the gift that never stops giving, and, ahem…taking too.
Every society and government on planet earth, in the 21st century, gives all citizen-slaves the gift of being allowed to commit murder. Yes, it is a gift, and like all good gift-giving, it is based upon reciprocity, requiring an exchange.
Society & govt will not call their gifts murder, this term is reserved for moral propaganda purposes, deployed as a premier weapon of definitional brainwashing. They will not even allow their gifts to to called legal murder, even though that is exactly what they are, absent definitional brainwashing. So of course, in the name of Truth, I must and will refer to them all as what they are: Socially and governmentally promoted, encouraged, sponsored, and rewarded legal murders.
Here is a list of the top 7 most popular forms of legal murder, worldwide:
1: Suicide
2: Sport Hunting
3: Military service
4: Abortion
5: The killing of infants and toddlers by their mothers and fathers
6: The death penalty
7: Euthanasia
It is important for seekers of Truth to understand that legal murder is in no way limited to the specific individual carrying out the act. It is a collective celebration and catharsis: Millions gain pleasurable catharsis thinking about, envisioning, and fantasizing about the incident, for every actual soldier who commits an actual battlefield murder, and for every sport hunter who guns down an actual animal, and every executioner who carries out an actual death penalty sentence, and every woman who has an actual abortion, and every parent who actually kills an infant or toddler, and for every officially reported act of suicide.
There are, of course, many other forms of promoted and encouraged legal murder, hundreds of them. But these seven are the most popular in the 21st century, worldwide.
I state above that all forms of legal murder exist and occur as reciprocal gifts. This is a very important Forbidden Truth to consciously process and understand. Let me help you do so, pathetic humans:
Every living human on earth exists as a traumatized victim of universal child abuse. Every human on earth is filled with rage and hate, only the level and degree of conscious awareness and acceptance of this rage and hate, varies. Society and government is directly guilty of sponsoring and causing this universal child abuse. In order to maintain domination and retain the allegiance of its created victims, it must offer them a valuable gift.
This valuable gift is legal murder: Official permission and authorization by society & govt to its victims, to commit, or to revel in the commission by others, of the legal murder(s) of their personal choice, protection from all punishment and moral judgement, and in many cases, official praise and reward from society and govt. .
Enjoy your gifts!
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Human Breeding Is An Act Of Murder

When you create a human life, you condemn that life to become retroactively unborn, via your sponsorship and support for the indefinite continuation of universal death for all. You condemn the life form that you have created, to be murdered by the collective will of humanity as a species, which includes of course, YOU, on a directly personal level.
Therefore, in choosing to breed, you choose to commit an act of murder.
Of course 99.999999% of you brainwashed hypocrites lack all conscious awareness of what you are doing. But make no mistake, on a subconscious level the MAJORITY of you humans are primarily motivated to breed by rage, by hate, by a desire to inflict pain, suffering, and trauma upon another human being.
Breeding is not a celebration of new life, but an affirmation of universal death. In breeding, you assume direct guilt and responsibility for causing a newly created human being to endure suffering, pain, trauma, injustice, slavery, and death.
The choice to breed should be understood as a form of legal murder, directly promoted and encouraged by every human society & government.
Just as breeding allows the human to achieve catharsis for his own childhood abuse and lifelong enslavement, by empowering him to inflict ongoing child abuse and slavery upon his sperm creations and womb excretions, breeding also helps the human to gain catharsis for the suppressed and denied Forbidden Truth of his own impending murder, by allowing him to cause a life form that otherwise would never have existed, to become doomed to suffer the same horrific fate as he.
Consciousness exists on an infinitely layered scale. There is no clear line separating unconscious, subconscious, and conscious motivational intent. On some level, many men and women who choose to breed have homicidal intent and inspirational motive, just as many women who choose to have abortions do so directly motivated by a desire to gain homicidal catharsis.
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Getting Pregnant To Have Abortions: The Forbidden Truth

If we are pronounced dead when our heart stops, why are we not pronounced alive when our heart starts?

Hello humans. Does the idea of a woman deliberately choosing to become pregnant just so she can have an abortion, seem bizarre to you? Do you think that only a tiny handful of mentally ill women would do such a thing?? Well, you are wrong, dead wrong.
Abortion is a form of legal murder. There are not very many forms of legal murder that are directly presented, promoted, and fully legalized by the slavemasters of human society, to their slaves. We have war, sport hunting, hunting under the cloak of satisfying hunger, euthanasia, the death penalty, cathartic pleasure of 1st world and financially advantaged humans in contemplating the early, preventable deaths of third world and ghetto dwellers…
Some of these forms of legal murder are indirect, therefore not as satisfying or enticing as abortion. Others are more stridently marketed to male humans, therefore limiting the number of females who are strongly drawn to embrace them.
Abortion is a direct form of legal murder. It is not merely available to female humans, but it is exclusive to female humans, the only form of legal murder that is absolutely gender-limited. As such, abortion is a highly enticing form of legal murder for females, and is heavily, although of course covertly on a psychological level, marketed and promoted to females by all societies and governments that choose to legalize this form of murder.
So, lets examine the abortion statistics for one of the most diseased and deranged of all nation-states: amerikkka. As of the 2010-2015 time period, the fairest statistical analysis indicates that approximately 1,000,000 abortions are committed in amerikkka every year. Yes, one million!  Here is a website which provides this and many other interesting statistics regarding the legal murder of abortion:
So, a million abortions deliberately and intentionally carried out in amerikkka every year. 21% of all pregnancies in amerikkka, not including miscarriages, end up as deliberate, intentional abortions. More than one out of every five pregnancies ends with the deliberate choice by the pregnant woman, to legally murder a helpless child trapped within her body.
We all know that the pathetic human is a pathological fornicator, desperately trying to pretend to be loved by forcing other humans to violate their private parts. But even given this Truth, the abortion-to-pregnancy rate is astronomically high.
Ask pregnant female humans why they are legally murdering their newly minted child-slave and you will get absurd answers such as possessing a child would interfere with work, school, and other responsibilities, or they don’t have enough money to raise a child, or they are having relationship problems or don’t want to raise a child by themselves.
None of these answers has anything to do with giving birth. All of these answers address the issue of serving as a parent, a perverse obligation that the nation-state maliciously seeks to impose upon biological creators of children. These answers are psychological cloaks which allow female humans to reject the Forbidden Truth that they are choosing abortion because it is marketed to them as an acceptable and legal way to murder a child and to gain cathartic release of True Reality-based personal rage and hate which stems from their own childhood victimization and abuse.
Now, choosing to get an abortion after you become pregnant, is different from choosing to get pregnant for the specific purpose and intent of being able to get an abortion. Not all females who end up getting abortions, consciously or even subconsciously desire to become pregnant just so they can carry out this form of legal murder, the abortion.
But some do. Many do. I cannot provide you with an exact percentage, because the human is a psychological cripple. He cannot even fathom, much less consciously understand and analyze, the actual and real motivational forces at play, in the life path decisions he makes.
Abortion enables any fertile woman to become not merely a murderer, but a serial murderer. Not merely a serial murderer, but a prolific serial murderer. She is free to murder as many children as she desires, as long as she obeys the cut-off age
But I know you humans. I understand you creatures far better than you can ever hope to understand yourselves. I see you as you are, not as you pretend to be. On some level of absolute consciousness, more than 50% of you, more than 500,000 women in amerikkka alone each year, derive direct personal catharsis and emotional pleasure from having an abortion, rooted within the termination of a human life, the act of legal murder.
And of these 500,000+ women, many, many thousands, ten thousand to a hundred thousand, subconsciously, and in a significant minority of cases consciously, choose to become pregnant specifically because they want and need to have an abortion, to feel the rush of power and control and artificial god-Self, combined with the release of immense rage and hate, that can only come via directly murdering a fellow human being.
The Forbidden Truths of abortion that I am revealing here, expose the nature of universal child abuse and the homicidal ideation of the victims of universal child abuse. This is why the humans categorically reject, renounce, mock, and ridicule all Forbidden Truth. In amerikkka in 2015, the government positions the issue of abortion as a “political” issue. A political issue???! The intentional murder of a million children every year, 21% of all biologically created children, is a political issue, to be debated within a context of personal freedom and the rights of adults??!!
Adults exist as tortured and destroyed ex-children. Adults are collectively suicidal. Adults destroy themselves, by choice. Adults exist as terrorized slaves, using children as personal Poison Containers, destroying them as they were destroyed. This is the reality of the “political debate” over abortion, which is nothing more than a small segment of the structure of universal child abuse as it is embraced and carried out by all of humanity in the 21st century.
Your society dismisses this essay as constituting the ravings of a madman. 10,000 to 100,000 women choosing, every year, in amerikkka alone, to get pregnant just so they can have abortions and revel in murdering children??? Unthinkable! But it is True. Detach from the hive mind and you will know this Truth.  Just as surely as you will know that every child not legally murdered via abortion is being abused, victimized, harmed, stripped of his potential, each and every day, every child! Not by child molestors and “terrorists”, as some of you have the audacity to dub victims and Martyrs such as Robert Lewis Dear, for daring to try to discourage the genocide of children via legal abortion, but by you, the law-abiding and matrix-trapped citizens and voters and members of society.
We who are the outlaws, by your definition, of word and of deed, are guilty of nothing more than showing you the Forbidden Truth of what you are, as proven by what you choose to do to children, to every child.
If Robert Lewis Dear is a terrorist because he harvested three humans inside an abortion clinic, what are you, for maintaining a society that legally murders a million children every year via abortion, and ensures that every single child not so murdered, is viciously abused, victimized, and psychologically crippled for life?!
Hello monster, do you see yourself now?? Come, see yourself, I am holding the mirror up to you, can’t you see what you are, you coward, you hypocrite, you mass murderer??
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Death Sponsorship: The Triangular Pyramid

Death exists today as an organized and sponsored structure. It is not a natural process, it is not an unfortunate, natural result of being alive. Death is an idol, a goal, a great culmination. Human society has fetishized death, placed it on a totem pole for all to reverently gaze upon and honor. Death is not the enemy, but a friend to be welcomed.
The triangular pyramid of death as sponsored by human society is: 1: government. #2: Religion. #3: Family. government is the head of the beast, while religion and family are the atomic warheads, for lack of a better phrase. All three structures combine to sponsor death, to position death as the proper outcome for all, to be accepted and embraced, instead of recognized as the greatest of enemies, fought, and defeated.
government needs everyone to die, in order to continue to successfully use death as both a weapon of universal terrorism, and a reward, a way out, after extracting a lifetime of slavery from every individual. Religion casts the shining light of beauty upon death, with its insane, delusionary promise of an afterlife. And the Sacred Family Unit decrees every individual a worthless and temporary visitor, to be replaced by the bred clone. “You do not belong in the future. Die, so that the future can be born! The future lives, thanks to your eternal nothingness!”
I know you humans are pathetic, you cannot understand, you cannot see, you cannot decipher the horror you are trapped within, for what it is. And so I will provide you with a dynamic, ripped-from-the-headlines illustration of this Forbidden Truth. It comes from today’s national amerikkkan newspaper, usa today, October 28, 2015. Here it is:
The perfect illustration of the traingular pyramid of death! A helpless 5 year old child is horrifically brainwashed to believe in an afterlife, and now her upcoming murder is decreed legal by the government, under the demand of her slaveowners, her parents. Religion, government, and family, combine to sponsor the greatest of all imaginable horrors: The pre-planned, orchestrated murder of a helpless little girl.
Her life can be valued, or it can be decreed worthless. Her life can be fought for, or it can be sacrificed for nothing. Life can be celebrated, or death can be celebrated. Your choice, as a society and as a species, is to sponsor and to celebrate, to legally authorize and to morally praise, not merely the death of 5 year old Julianna Snow, but her murder.
Because of course she is being murdered. Her death is the choice of human society. The notion that she is “choosing” to die, is insane. Not even the most intelligent adult on earth can legitimately choose to die, because death has never been accurately defined by the species. Only within universal derangement can a 5 year old girl be “honored” for making the choice to die. The facts of this news article reveal the horrific Forbidden Truths of universal death worship among all 21st century human beings, far better than any individually inspired mass or serial killing spree ever could.
No individual, of any age, is capable of making a choice to die. Because every such choice is prejudiced by the universal brainwashing and death indoctrination of their species, imposed upon every individual from the moment of their birth.
The mass and serial killer is a moral saint, in comparison to the mother and father who murder their 5 year old daughter and cover up their crime under the claim that she wants to die and prefers death so that she can go to heaven. The mass and serial killer is a moral saint, compared to every amerikkkan citizen, every pledger of allegiance who stands by silently and does nothing, as the legal murder of a helpless child is sponsored and carried out by their government.
Who are the murderers? government is the murderer. All who choose to live as citizens, are the murderers. All who choose to accept the existence of religion, are murderers. Julianna’s parents are her murderers, they honor her choice to die, as they look forward to their own deaths, as the universal cult of death worship continues to define all of human existence as a species.
Julianna’s parents coached her to worship death, taught her to worship death, rewarded her for worshipping death. Julianna is choosing to die because her slaveowners choose to die, and her slaveowners choose to die because their society, 21st century human society, worships death.
There has never been god worship, there has only been, as there remains today, death worship. Religion is the worship of death, that is why it is sponsored and supported by every human government and society.
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The Legal Murder of Your Tortured Creations

Before we begin, read this:
So tell Me, dear human, do you feel better reading this news story? A legal murder has been temporarily stopped, Martyr Scott Panetti will not be legally murdered by the society guilty of his creation, today, as scheduled. So now you can feel all moral and decent, right? Maybe Scott does not deserve to be legally murdered? Aren’t you just so sweet for considering this possibility??
No, you deranged, bloodthirsty, and mentally crippled hypocrites, you do not prove you are civilized by not murdering Scott Panetti today. You prove you are barbaric savages who choose to utterly destroy each and every one of your children, and then reject all responsibility and all guilt, demonizing your own created victims.
Did Scott Panetti ask to be born human, to be born into your mentally deranged society? Did Scott Panetti ask to be subjected to universal child abuse? Did Scott ask to be indoctrinated into insane christian and afterlife mythologies? Did Scott ask to be imprisoned to a family unit, addicted to toxic emotional enmeshment?
He asked for none of these things. They were imposed upon him, and now you have the audacity to stand back and judge him?? You have the audacity to label him mentally ill, when he is a creation of your mental derangements? He is mentally ill because he hears imaginary voices, but you as a society instruct every child to worship and obey an imaginary god creature? You have the audacity to judge him guilty of a crime, when he is the victim of your criminality as a society? You have the audacity to decree him guilty of murder, when he is already a victim of your state-sponsored murder of mind and soul? You have the audacity to decree him worthy of punishment, when every punishment exists as absolute injustice? You have the audacity to tell him you are going to murder him, and then to terrorize him with this threat for 20 years, until the very day of his scheduled murder, today, and now you want to feel decent and moral by not going through with his murder at the last minute???
The existence of a “death penalty” proves 21st century humanity worthy only of immediate species extinction. Your barbaric savagery of the past, has never matched your barbaric savagery of this day, and of the 21st century. Your treatment of every child, and your treatment of Martyrs such as Scott Panetti, from the moment of his birth until this very day of December 3, 2014, proves the hopelessness of your species.
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Humanity Proves Me Right

It delights Me when humanity proves, by its actions, in direct response to My actions, just how hopelessly broken and doomed it is, as a species. And that is exactly what has happened today. As we all know, the ISIS beheading of amerikkkan citizen-slave Peter Kassig, has been the biggest news event of the past 48 hours. With pride and courage, I have posted, via this blog, direct links to both the 2 minute and 15 minute totally uncensored videos, as released to the world by ISIS.
Over the past 24 hours, My brilliant blog has received 810 total, unique page views. Of these 810 unique page views, 281 were to this blog post, which directly links to the uncensored Peter Kassig beheading videos:
Another 230 unique page views were to this old post which contains direct links to the previous uncensored ISIS beheading video of Alan Henning:
Another 136 unique page views went to this old blog post, which also has a direct link to the Alan Henning beheading:
And another 110 unique page views went to this post of today, which discusses CNN censorship but features direct links to the two uncensored Peter Kassig beheading videos:
Meanwhile, my blog post dissecting why ISIS censors beheading videos, received a total of 4 views. And My uniquely brilliant blog posts on how to end universal child abuse, which is the direct cause of all wars, has received zero views. And this is despite the fact that each of the 375 unique visitors to My blog over the past 24 hours, had full access to explore My entire blog and read any and every post they chose.
Here you see the Truth: The vast majority of visitors to My blog over the past 24 hours were tortured ex-children desperately trying to satiate their rage by viewing a beheading of a human being. They had no interest in Truth, no desire to understand why ISIS beheaded Peter Kassig, no capacity to analyze why they were choosing to seek out this video via internet search, no interest in any aspect of Forbidden Truth. They were simply homicidal torture victims, on the hunt for a new and legal way to satisfy their homicidal rage in a socially sanctioned way.
And I wish to openly thank each and every one of them, for proving Me right, for demonstrating to Me, in real-time, how completely accurate all of My brilliant conclusions regarding the hopelessness of the human species, actually are. It has been My pleasure, both intellectually and emotionally.
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