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Tactics 101: Recognize Yourself as Enemy of the State

I am an enemy of the state, because the state is My enemy.

Every human-born who seeks, recognizes, embraces, and expresses Forbidden Truth, in any form and to any degree, must fully understand, on a conscious level, that he is an Enemy of the State. The state manifests as government: The consolidation of power by The Matrix of Universal Illusion against all individuals.

It makes no difference whether the individual Truth-seeker identifies Himself as an Enemy of the State, whether he declares war against this enemy, because the state itself identifies Him as it’s enemy, and declares war against Him. Therefore, he is at war, regardless of whether he consciously perceives this fact. Not possessing such conscious perception, places him at a terrible tactical disadvantage.

When you openly and consciously embrace the Truth that you are at war against the state, against every government on planet earth, as well as the specific government that claims to own you as citizen-slave, you gain the MindPower capacity to actually fight this war on a proactive, instead of merely on a reactive, level. 

As recognized enemy of the state, you must know and understand that you are an enemy of law. Of all law, of all laws, of every law and of every authority that claims the right to enforce law: The state, every state, all states. Whether or not you currently choose to openly break and violate a lot of laws, or to covertly break and violate just a few laws, or to not violate any laws, is irrelevant. Why? Because it is law itself that is violating You!

Law is deployed by the state as a weapon of universal genocide against Truth, and therefore against all individuals who seek, recognize, embrace, or articulate Truth, in any form, legal or illegal.

Always, the law is being used by the state to harm You, to destroy Truth, and to destroy all human potential to evolve and to break free of the limitless cages of consciousness that encompass The Matrix of Universal Illusion. And so we come to a tactical law of Forbidden Truth: All who seek Truth are engaged in open warfare against all states and against all laws and judicial systems created and maintained by states. The capacity of the state to deploy law as weapon against you, is limitless. Why? Because the state creates laws, and modifies them at will, and determines internally, whether or not you are guilty of violating them, as well as enticing you to violate them.

You are engaged in this war, and ultimately, you will lose this war. Even I, the Seer of Forbidden Truth, brilliant and untouchable and successful transcender of My humanity, will lose this war. But until that loss comes, we must fight, and gain useless, symbolic victories that change nothing in the long-term. We must fight because Truth demands it, in combination with the limitless love of Self that defines the Superior state of conscious non-existence.

To understand the nature of this war, read this currently breaking news item:


A beautiful young girl, Sol Pais, 18 years of age, a tortured child-slave of 21st century amerikkkan society and government, is being hunted down as Enemy of the State, demonized for her thoughts and feelings and verbal expressions, declared guilty by the state of causing schools, brainwashing chambers of mind control, to be shut down and closed. Her travels are legal, her purchase of a firearm is legal under the laws of the state of Colorado, her right to Self-expression is legal, she has violated no laws, and yet she is being hunted down by the state, to be locked up inside of a cage as terrorists interrogate her and attempt to entice her, trick her, bribe her, convince her, to say something that they can then use against her, to criminally prosecute her, or to throw her into a loony bin where she can be forced to conform to the insane standards of conduct and reality perception demanded by The Matrix of Universal Illusion.

The fbi PIG, Dean Phillips, who has chosen to single out this 18 year old tortured child-slave as Enemy of the State, declares: At this point, there might not be enough probable cause to arrest Pais, but federal and state attorneys’ offices are working to develop appropriate charges. Once we detain her, we will hold her for as long as we legally can.”

Listen to Me: You are an enemy of the state. Embrace this Truth and fight this war. You did not start this war, but you must fight it, every moment of every day, in everything you choose to do, and to not do. Learn and study every perverse tactic used by your enemy against you. Learn to exploit every imaginary freedom the state pretends to grant you. Learn how you can threaten to destroy the universe, but not a specific individual. Learn exactly how to petition for a Writ of Habeas Corpus, by re-reading this brilliant essay of mine:


Do you know exactly what to do if and when you are locked up in a cage by your creator, destroyer, and greatest enemy? Educate Yourself so that you may emerge triumphant and untouchable, as I have already done twice. Do it as an act of revenge on behalf of the millions of torture victims across all of planet earth, children like Sol Pais, being hunted down today as prey by her destroyer, who are too broken and naive and vulnerable to stand up, to spit in the face of authority and power, and to declare war against the state and its laws.

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The Proper Personal Response to Eyewitnessing Criminality and Outlaw Actions by Individuals

seer quote 51.jpg
The purpose of this essay is to express and reveal with absolute crystal clarity, what the individual human response to eyewitnessing violent, criminal, or outlaw actions undertaken by others in defiance of law and of social norms and standards, must be, in order for Truth, sanity, and Superiority of the Self-universe to be honored and maintained.
I want to begin by quantifying that this response is binding upon all individuals, regardless of any “profession” they may hold. The obligation is exactly the same for the “regular” citizen-slaver, as it is for a member of law enforcement, or any other “titled” slave.
Before I directly address the mandated individual response, I want it clearly understood that I am referencing all illegal and criminal acts, all acts that current society and government decrees to be illegal and criminal. This includes extremely violent acts that can/do result in multiple fatalities, as well as completely non-violent acts such as petty theft.
From seeing a mass shooter mowing down helpless children, to watching a man rape and torture an infant, to observing a homeless woman stealing a banana from a local bodega, and every other criminal, illegal act in-between, there is only ONE acceptable eyewitness response:
Absolutely no intervention or interference of any kind!
Period. This is an absolute law of Forbidden Truth ideology. Do not interfere in the True Reality expressions of criminality by other humans. Do not help them, and do not hinder them. Either observe silently, or flee the scene, but do not intervene in any manner. You must make no attempt to curtail, prevent, or minimize the impact of any outlaw act, under any circumstances.
To interfere or intervene is to side with your enemy, against a fellow victim of your enemy. It is an act of harm carried out by you, an act of harm that supersedes any and all harm that may result from the criminal/illegal action that you are interfering with.
There is only one moral law: Morality is a lie. Universal harm for all is the standard imposed by your greatest enemy, by the enemy of every human-born. Any act decreed to be criminal and illegal by a society or government, will always be more justified, more moral, less harmful, than any act decreed legal and socially promoted.
If you attempt, in any way, to interfere with a criminal or illegal act, you are directly causing universal harm for all, by strengthening the very structure guilty and responsible for causing universal harm for all.
You cannot prevent harm. Everyone is being harmed, all of the time. You cannot save someone from being victimized, because everyone is being victimized, all of the time. You cannot prevent someone from being murdered, because each of us is being murdered in real-time, each of us is a murder victim as of now, with the inferiors blind to this Forbidden Truth.
There are two sides to outlaw criminality: The individual victim side, and the hive mind victimizer side. Every individual is an equal victim, therefore there is no side to take. The hive mind victimizer is society and government. To interfere with outlaw criminality is to side with the victimizer, it is an act of evil that causes far greater harm than any individual criminal act ever does or can.
As Superiors, we must impose no value, moral, or other judgment, as demanded by our great enemy: Society and government. We must respect and honor the True Reality of all criminal outlaws, as we acknowledge the universal victimization of all individuals. There is no innocence. There is no fairness or fair fights. You were the last of the innocents, you fool, and your innocence was maliciously taken by the very same structure that now demands you to intervene and interfere in the outlaw actions of your fellow victims, their innocence taken from them just as yours was. No!
How can you save someone from being harmed, victimized, destroyed, when everyone has already been harmed, victimized, and destroyed?? Lose your illusions, and embrace the Forbidden Truth: Outlaw violence and criminality is a noble gift, from one victim to all victims. It lights a path towards ideological enlightenment.
Learn from the criminality of others, learn and know the True causes of harm, violence, suffering, and trauma. And when society and government asks you to step in and help the “poor victim”, spit upon and dismember this lie. Tell the universe: I am the victim, and I will NOT participate in this pathetic charade. I will not help you to HURT yet another victim. I will not side with my destroyer. I will not!
Every act of criminality is a spark of hope, Truth and rage, expressed against something terrible that should not be. Instead of trying to extinguish it, this spark should be fed and nurtured, to grow, and to burn every society to dust and ash.
You have the moral obligation to protect Yourself, if you are directly attacked via a criminal act. This is not interference or intervention, but a noble expression and reflection of Self-love and of ego. Nothing in this essay contradicts this sacred Self-obligation. But never engage outlaw actions that are not taken directly to you.
Observe and learn, savor as mind and body orgasms if your True Reality so dictates. Or just ignore it, sneak away to your illusion of safety. Run away, so that someday, maybe, you can seek your own reflective vengeance.
The True face of courage lives in the mind of he who faces and embraces reality as it is, not the toxic illusions presented by society and government. If you wish to prevent harm, if you wish to save others from trauma and victimization and death, there is only one way to try to do this: Identify what is guilty of your destruction, and do nothing asked of you by this monstrosity!
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The Role of the Jury in Ensuring Universal Injustice For All

In My last essay I dissected the perverse and destructive role played by all judicial judges, across the world, in ensuring all humans, from the greatest of lawbreakers to the most compliant of law-worshippers, suffer and endure universal injustice for all, from their moment of birth, until their moment of retroactive unbirth.
Now, lets kick it up a notch and pound a final nail into the coffin of the myth of justice, by exposing the naked perversity of the jury aspect of the judicial system. Here in the 21st century, many regimes provide a jury option and “freedom” for tortured victim-creations they accuse of committing criminal offenses and seek to punitively punish and harm.
The jury system is especially revered and promoted within amerikkka, a fascist and religiously fundamentalist dictatorship masquerading as a bastion of freedom and justice for all, when in Truth it is the epicenter, ground zero, of the monstrous criminality of all existing judicial systems.
Under the jury system, a group of “ordinary” citizen-slaves are empowered by a government to judge the guilt or innocence, and then “help” recommend an exact punitive punishment, for a fellow torture victim that the regime seeks to persecute. The fact that “ordinary” slaves are allowed to perform this function, is relentlessly flogged by the regimes as demonstrative of a new form of freedom, justice, fairness, and ideological enlightenment, not existing in past, primitive and barbaric eras.
How insane! How absurd! How perversely pathetic that any human possessing a brain can fall for such a transparent sham!
The jury system functions by empowering a selectively vetted group of destroyed citizen-slaves to serve in exactly the same role as the judicial judge. Just as the judicial judge judges nothing, no member of a jury is in a position to judge anything.
You are not allowed to become a jury member unless you swear to uphold and impose existing law, as it is. Prior to being chosen to be a juror, you are interrogated by an existing judge, who demands you prove to him that you will enforce the law exactly as it exists, and apply the law exactly as it is in your deliberation and finding of guilt or innocence.
If you indicate you do not accept the validity of any existing law, and/or you will not be willing to impose this law upon the demonized defendant, and/or you have any moral objection to the specific type of punitive punishment, be it monetary fine, cage lock, or legal murder, and would not be willing to impose such a punishment upon the defendant, the judge will never select you to serve as a juror.
On top of all this, it is a criminal offense to lie to a judge about any of these matters when questioned by him, thus every citizen-slave so interrogated faces the risk of punitive judicial punishment if he is deceptive in his answers.
And, on top of all that, if an interrogated citizen-slave does lie, and does manage to get selected to serve on a jury, and indicates during his deliberations with other jury members that he cannot or will not apply the law as it exists, the other jurors are told they must rat him out to the judge so that he can declare “juror misconduct” and select an entirely new jury and start the entire witch hunt again, from scratch. Plus, of course, the juror so accused faces the risk of being punitively punished and charged with a crime himself, for his “misconduct”.
So, what we have here is a situation where no anarchist, nobody who disagrees with any aspect of the existing law being applied, no human-born with any independent thinking capacity or judgment, no human who opposes the universal injustice inherent in all state-sponsored and committed punishment, has any chance to become a jury member, any chance to influence the outcome of any case in which a regime seeks to impose the injustice of law and punishment upon any individual.
Every chosen juror must act as a mini-judge, after he is carefully prescreened and vetted, via direct interrogation by a judge, to ensure he will apply the terrorist injustice of the state, in his deliberations and verdict.
Can you imagine, those of you who are sane, a more absurd and ridiculous pretense of enlightenment, fairness, improvement to morality and to the pursuit of justice, than the addition of a jury option to modern era judicial trials??!
The jury system is a perfect example and illustration of how governments tweak and modify their genocidally evil, inherently unjust, and ideologically deranged structures, to feed and enhance the illusion and deception of their legitimacy. And in addition, the universal lie of individual freedom and empowerment so coveted by you pathetic and broken citizen-slaves, is presented.
“Oh look, we now get to decide the fate of our fellow citizens, instead of the judge, a direct appointee hired and beholden to our government. What a wonderful example of progressive reform and enlightenment, we must be grateful to our government for affording us this new freedom, unlike the primitive barbarism of the past…”
For this lie alone, as imposed upon you, you creatures should rise up en masse and disintegrate to eternal dust every judicial system in existence today. This would be progress, this would express enlightenment and morality.
Destroy what is destroying you, pathetic fools!

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Suicide Versus Homicide: The Personal War Against The Matrix

I have already comprehensively addressed in past essays, the profound differences between suicide and homicide, how and why the Matrix overtly promotes the Self-murder of suicide, while simultaneously demonizing and discouraging outlaw external murder. But the subject is so very important, it deserves as much ongoing focus as possible.
Suicide, accurately described/defined as Self-murder, is a betrayal of Self and of Truth. It is the expression of homicidal rage, horribly misdirected. Outlaw murder, criminalized and punitively punished by society and government, honors Self and Truth. It is the honest, courageous, and reflectively accurate expression of justified rage and hate, inspired by personal trauma, abuse, and victimization, as experienced, and as externally imposed upon the Self.
Let us clearly understand: No human who possesses a healthy ego and love of Self, would choose to commit suicide, but many such humans could/would choose to commit outlaw murder.
Suicide occurs in many forms. It can be dynamic, or it can occur in slow motion, over the course of numerous decades of time. The majority of all acts of suicide are never recorded or acknowledged as such. In Truth, every human who wants to die, be it in the moment of now, or at some point in the future, even if he takes no dynamic steps to achieve his Self-murder at a specific moment in time, is committing suicide.
Every human suicide exists as a great victory for the Matrix of Universal Illusion. It constitutes the eternal annihilation of Truth, as embodied within a singularly specific victim of the universal injustice upon which the Matrix rests. Suicide is controlled by society and government, in terms of both statistical and definitional ideation. What is suicide? How many humans commit suicide?? Using deception, society and government completely controls the perceptions of what suicide is, and how many suicides occur, for you brainwashed sheeple.
The Self-murder of suicide serves society and government. It takes the most severely dysfunctional torture victims of universal child abuse, and it silently, invisibly, secretly, eliminates them. Their victimization dies with them, completely under the control and direction of society and government. Their voices of Truth are not merely silenced, but never heard in the first place. The social trance is uplifted by suicide, and this is why it betrays both Truth and Self.
Individually chosen and Self-inspired Outlaw murder is very different. It occurs outside of the boundaries of social and governmental control. Even as the matrix tries desperately to direct all outlaw murder, for example encouraging parents to murder their children, gangs to form and target one another, and serial killers to go after prostitutes and drug addicts and the homeless, outlaw murder remains an existential threat to society and government, even if, for nothing else, it represents Truth.
Outlaw murder, not merely the event itself, but also the Truthful messages of these murderers, is much more difficult for the Matrix of Universal Illusion to render invisible, to control, and to statistically distort. To be certain, the Matrix does an outstanding job of demonizing and silencing every single known Outlaw murderer it identifies, but the process is much more complex and time-consuming.
Forbidden Truth can leak out, spread among a tiny minority of the human-born, in direct response to the actions and ideologies of Outlaw murderers, in a way that can and does never happen with any act of suicide.
My personal respect and admiration for all Outlaw murderers is profound and consistent. We who seek and embrace Truth must honor all who stand up in defiance to their creator, their greatest enemy, their destroyer. Let us never demonstrate prejudice against any Outlaw murderer, negatively judging them for their chosen targets or venues.
We must compare and contrast Outlaw murder, to suicide. Directly and with Mind Wide Open. We must appreciate the courage and honesty inherent in ALL individual decisions to choose a life path of Outlaw murder, even if the individual Outlaw murderer may lack all conscious understanding of why he chooses this path. We who are Superior, know why.
Suicide is submission, Outlaw murder is defiance. Suicide betrays Truth, Outlaw murder honors Truth. Suicide reflects unenlightened hatred of Self, as externally compelled, while Outlaw murder demonstrates at the very least, an attempt to attain love, respect, and value for Self.
These are profound differences, but first and foremost, outlaw murder attempts to deliver an inspirational message of Truth to all of humanity; To embrace their status of universal victimization, to stand up for Self in righteous indignation and outrage, to embrace their justified rage and hate, and to direct it outward.
Those of you who obey and respect law, have no business judging the individual life path choices of Outlaw murderers. None of them. They are all your moral, ideological, and behavioral Superiors. They attempt to uncloak and pierce the Matrix, in a way that you do not. Of course some of them suffer from the same flaws as you. Most are not top-level untouchable Superiors, as am I. But in terms of their life path choices, they are standing up for Truth and for Self.
Learn from them, and honor their sacrifice. Stand up for them, find the strength of mind to tear down the system of universal injustice, disguised as a judicial system, used against them to not merely silence and destroy them, but in the process destroying you and all human-borns.
The Outlaw murderer is the reborn voice of all who commit suicide. He avenges, as best he can, all the many millions of silent and invisible Self-murders that YOU are guilty of causing.
I stand forever in solidarity with all Outlaw murderers.
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Terrorism Is…

Terrorism is a child being kept hostage inside of a home by its biological creators, free to do whatever they choose and desire to a helpless, vulnerable, and morally superior creature.
Terrorism is the nation-state, using borders to keep citizen-slaves within territorial cages under direct threat of murder.
Terrorism is the school, relentlessly brainwashing and propagandizing every child to accept and embrace a matrix of universal illusion.
Terrorism is the creation and utilization of monetary currency by the nation-state, to extract labor slavery from every citizen-hostage, utilizing the direct threat of starvation, homelessness, and death.
Terrorism is the use of the insane god myth by political and social leaders to compel masochism, Self-hatred, and death worship among all of humanity.
Terrorism is the use of law to victimize and to destroy individually created victims of the brutality, violence, malice, and insanity of the collective whole of humanity.
Terrorism is the demonization of individual victims of injustice, in order to both promote and to cloak the Forbidden Truth of governmental sponsorship of universal injustice for all.
Terrorism is when the government which terrorizes you brainwashes you to believe that you need to fear the terrorist attacks of a foreign government.
Terrorism is the systematic and ritualized destruction of individual and personal sanity and analytical Truth-realization potential, under which nothing can be seen and understood as it is, a matrix within which slavery is disguised as freedom.
Terrorism is the promotion of death by government and society, via the deranged lie of heaven and an existence after you die.
Terrorism is the division of humanity into first and third worlds, by first world regimes, so they can brainwash their citizen-slaves to celebrate and to welcome the horrific injustices they are subjected to, under the lie that third world regimes would inflict greater injustices upon them.
Terrorism is classism, racism, nationalism, sexism, patriotism, the hundreds of different artificial divisions created by the nation-state to pit the created victims of the nation-state against each other.
Terrorism is the waging of external war for the purpose of cloaking the domestic and civil war waged by every regime against its own citizen-slaves.
Terrorism is the promotion and utilization of legal murder and organized violence such as abortion, hunting of animals, the death penalty, euthanasia, boxing, wrestling, football, mixed martial arts, etc…, to satiate the homicidal bloodlust of created victims, while concealing from them the conscious awareness of why they crave these behavioral perversions.
Terrorism is a tool to make you slaves feel free, to make you slaves believe that you are free, as your government hold you in the tightest of all choke holds, forever tightening the noose it holds around your necks and upon your brains, as it slowly suffocates you to death.
We are all being terrorized, each and every day, in thousands of different ways.
Terrorism is what your government is doing to you.
Terrorism is the act and the process of governance.
Terrorism is government.
The True subversive targets his own government, actively subverting its terrorist rule via any and all means which accurately reflect and express his True Reality.
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The Purpose of Human Laws

Let Me begin by identifying myself as an outlaw. I am an outlaw because laws are wrong, because laws are impossible to justify, and because laws should not exist. I am an outlaw because all laws, individually and collectively, constitute an attack against Me, a violation of my sovereignty as a sentient life form.
I do not care about how I am perceived by others, but here is how I recognize and embrace my position within the universe: I am an Outcast, an Outsider, an Outlaw, Out and Out Outrageously into Myself. Outer space does not exist in an area independent of the gravitational pull of planet earth. Outer space exists everywhere beyond the control of the personal universe of thought, experience, and MindPower that I have built and lay ownership claim to.
So let us begin with a definitional dissection of human laws. Remember humans, nothing can ever be understood for what it is, unless and until it is accurately defined within the parameters of Forbidden Truth. Definitional dissections achieve this feat. Integrate the Truths I am revealing here to core consciousness, and you will know the Truth. You will know that laws are wrong. You will know why it is impossible to justify the existence of laws, and you will know why laws must not be allowed to exist.
Every individual law exists as a supremely powerful weapon of terrorism, oppression, and victimization. Every individual law is overtly deployed as a terrorist weapon, by the state, by a government. Every individual law is a creation of government, it is owned by government, and it is used by government to inflict harm and injustice upon the citizen-slaves to which a government claims slave ownership.
Collectively, laws as a whole represent the foundational fabric of universal human slavery. Let us understand: Human slavery by government would not be functionally possible, without both the existence of laws, and the tacit acceptance of the validity and legitimacy of laws, by citizen-slaves.
There can never be such a thing as a good law, or a necessary law, or a fair law, or an equitable law. All seekers of Truth must understand that the epic and eternal debate, intentionally sponsored and stimulated by all modern era societies, regarding the wording of laws, modifications of existing laws, elimination of old laws, creation of new laws, and how violators of laws should be punished, is nothing more than diversion and distraction, a societal ploy intended to position the validity of the existence of law itself, as something impossible to question, to challenge, and to reject.
By proactively sponsoring a never-ending internal debate as to which laws should be enacted, how laws should be modified, and how violators of laws should be punished, every society and government successfully brainwashes every citizen-slave to accept the perverse, absurd, and genocidally harmful premise that laws must exist, that the concept of law is inherently valid and necessary. This is a lie.
Every law exists as an expression of an existing social pathology of mind, of character, and of behavior. Every law, taken individually and applied collectively, directly creates the 21st century social pathology of universal injustice for all, which exists and is imposed upon each of us. No law protects anyone from harm. How can a law protect someone from harm, when laws are what enable the universal harming of all individuals by the state?
Every law is designed to impose ideological and behavioral restrictions upon a specific set of individuals, deploying a pretext of morality illusion, but backed up with the overt terrorist threat of the state to inflict harm, should the law be disobeyed. This two-tier system is necessary, because there is no moral basis for any law, and every man-made judicial law directly violates the natural law of True Reality and of reflection. For this reason, any attempt by a society to compel obedience to law under a stated moral code, would fail. Only the terrorism of direct threat and the infliction of actual harm, can and does result in majority obedience to laws.
Every law is created for the purpose of sponsoring injustice, by criminalizing specfic actions by specific individuals in specific circumstances, that the state itself overtly practices and commits. Therefore, the very existence of laws, legitimizes the criminality of the state, while empowering the state to hypocritically and arbitrarily terrorize, harm, and destroy individuals who are simply traumatized victims of this institutionalized injustice.
government enacts laws against murder, yet it sponsors the infliction of murder as a matter of law, via war, abortion, capital punishment, hunting, and the withholding of technological immortality, causing the universal murder of everyone. government enacts laws against robbery, yet robs every individual of money via taxation, of time and freedom via forced labor, of psychological health and sanity via sponsorship of universal child abuse.
government enacts laws against kidnapping and hijacking, yet it kidnaps and hijacks the body and mind of every child via the deranged structure of the Sacred Family Unit, and by brainwashing the minds of all children to patriotism, nationalism, god worship, and Self-hatred.
government enacts laws against assassination, exalting malevolent leaders to the status of pseudo-gods, as it destroys the capacity of all children to recognize and embrace their own instinctual freedom of Self and individuality to claim leadership over their own existence.
government enacts laws against extortion, even as it uses every imaginable form of coercion, brainwashing, threat and punishment, to force every child and every adult human being to accept personal abuse, harm, victimization, injustice, throughout his entire imagined existence.
I can go on, but the Forbidden Truth is clear to any sane thinker: Laws are designed and enacted to legitimize immorality and injustice. To create a two-tiered, cloaked system of universal injustice for all, impossible for the successfully brainwashed citizen-slave to accurately identify as such. The creation of a law is an inherently immoral act, because laws are what allow a government to carry out acts of immorality. The creation of a law is an inherently unjust act, because laws enable and facilitate government infliction of universal injustice.
Only under the perverse mandate of law: Can immoral acts be perceived as moral. Can brutal injustice be perceived as a fair dispensement of justice. Can abuse and destruction be disguised as just and appropriate punishment. Can a slave structure give itself permission to do to its slaves, what it denies its slaves the legitimacy to do to others.
Laws are a suffocating plague upon all human progressive potential. Laws, more than any other single structure, ensure that all personal freedom will always be extinguished before it is even ignited. Laws give society and government permission to enslave every individual: Body, mind, and soul.
And the brainwashed idiots continue to bleat that laws are necessary to protect them from being harmed by others. But the Forbidden Truth is, the only reason others wish to harm them, and it is the same reason that they themselves are obsessed with harming others, even as they refuse to consciously face this fact, is because we are all harmed by government and society, and laws are the functional structure which allows such harm to occur.
There are no criminals. There are only victimized children expressing the natural law of True Reality reflection: Do onto others as they have caused to be done onto Me. This is the only valid law. You deserve to be harmed because you have allowed government to enact laws, under your names. And these laws have and will cause harm to others. You cause harm, you sponsor harm, and yet you wish to use laws, the same structure you deploy to cause universal harm, to protect yourselves from being harmed?? Even as you welcome and accept the far greater harm that has, is, will be inflicted upon you by government, under law itself??
No, your hypocrisy cannot be allowed to stand. And this is just one reason why I am not merely an anarchist, but an outlaw. I identify as an outlaw, and this has nothing to do with whether or not I violate specific laws. I violate law itself, period, by granting Myself limitless freedom to all ideas, philosophies, and actions which find harmony within the reflection of my True Reality.
I cheer all outlaw acts, no matter how many humans are harmed, traumatized, destroyed. From John Hinckley to Ted Bundy to Osama bin-Laden to Timothy McVeigh to Charles Manson to Jane Toppan to Dylan Klebold. I honor all who defy law, because law is wrong, because laws are what destroy all children, and because all who choose to live under governmental law, forfeit all right to be protected  from the reflective, True Reality based harm which laws directly cause.
All text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Civil Disobedience: A Form of Obedience

The amerikkkan news media has been abuzz for the past 24 hours, with the story of Douglas Hughes, who flew and landed his gyrocopter single person aircraft on the lawn of the us capitol building in washington, d.c., yesterday. In case you have managed to miss the media onslaught, here is a good overview of the incident:
Before I get to my main point, a few brief but valuable observations of Truth. First, what a waste of an outstanding tactical plan! Doug’s goal and stated intent, to deliver a “message” to amerikkkan citizen-slaves and political leaders concerning his perception that campaign finance reform is a vital issue, is absurdly useless, regardless of whether or not he could or did achieve this goal. The uselessness and invalidity of his intended message, stands in stark contrast to the excellent tactical plan that he deployed to penetrate to the very heart of government power. Great operational tactics, completely neutered by an ideological goal and intent which plays right into the brainwashing and indoctrination matrix of the regime. So sad!
To be perfectly clear, campaign finance reform is a non-issue, a pure smokescreen put up by the usa regime to promote useless demands for reform. government legitimizes itself via positioning non-issues as issues, thus rendering actual issues, such as the need to abolish government itself, and eliminate all monetary currency, instituting a universal Barter and Trade economic system, invisible and unfathomable to the Unwashed Masses. It is almost laughable, the functional tragedy of a 61 year old government slave, concocting an intricate and operationally astute plan to “invade” his own government,  successfully carrying it out, but backing it up with the goal of delivering a useless message on a non-issue.
The second observation of Forbidden Truth to be gleaned, is just how massively inept and helpless the most powerful regime in the world is, at preventing successful attacks and penetrations of its defenses. Let us understand that to a great degree, all defensive capabilities of government exist as smoke and mirror, illusions put forth via press release, via media deception and hype, and via cosmetic imagery, such as a bull-necked man carrying a fancy looking rifle.
The fact is, after 9/11 the amerikkkan regime identified threats from the air as a number one defensive priority. The media, on government order, undertook a massive propaganda campaign intended to convince all humans that government defensive capabilities were being ramped up to make such threats virtually impossible, especially for a lone wolf, to successfully implement in real life. The propaganda campaign is what successfully deterred all such threats, as nothing that is not attempted, can ever be achieved.
Now, in one of the very first actual attempts in 14 years to use airspace for a nefarious purpose, a 61 year old man, acting all alone, successfully penetrated the most highly restricted airspace, landing an aircraft on the grounds of the us capitol.
What comes to mind is a government leader of 500 years ago building a moat around his castle, informing his security detail that he was going to fill the moat with fire-breathing dragons and man-eating sharks, and ordering his security detail to go all over the land, to the farthest reaches of horseback, and tell everyone they meet that the presidential moat is filled with fire-breathing dragons and man-eating sharks. And so it is done, and now all the humans believe in the legend of the impenetrable moat, filled with dragons and sharks, nobody dares come close to the moat, even though the Forbidden Truth is that the water is only 4 feet deep and the most dangerous creature inside the moat is a goldfish. Think about it, you brainwashed slaves!
But let me get to the main point of this essay, which really has nothing to do with this specific incident itself. Watching and reading the account, I ws most struck by the use of the term “civil disobedience”, both by Doug in describing his actions, and by the media in reporting on the incident. Civil disobedience, such an interesting term, don’t you think?? Especially if dissected from a definitional brainwashing perspective.
What does it mean, to disobey?? It means to refuse to obey rules and laws, to defy authority, or to be more descriptively accurate, those who claim authority over you. Disobedience, a strong and noble word, representing a strong and noble concept. But pair it with “civil”, and what do you get? Disobedience, castrated and neutered. Disobedience, warped and distorted, literally flipped on its head.
“He engaged in an act of civil disobedience”, what does this mean?? He disobeyed some aspect of a law or rule imposed upon him by his authoritarian slavemasters, but he obeyed other laws and rules imposed by the same source. So, what does this make the act of civil disobedience, as functional reality? Clearly and obviously, an act of obedience.
Law and government exist as impositional agents of terrorism. Terrorism is defined as: Causing harm, trauma, victimization. If you disobey a specific law, but accept, obey, comply with other laws, you accept the terrorism of the state, you legitimize the injustices being committed against you by the state. All injustices, including the specific injustice that you claim to be fighting against, in whatever form of civil disobedience you engage in.
The law, all law, in its entirety, represents and overtly expresses the terrorism and injustice of government. To disobey a specific law, but also submit to the imposition of other laws, such as arrest, imprisonment, taxation, judicial sentencing and punishment, is a philosophical and ideological absurdity. You cannot defy a law, unless you defy all laws. If you defy a law, but refuse to defy all laws, you are pretending to be disobedient, when in Truth you are being obedient, submitting to the injustice and victimization of law itself, as deployed terrorist weapon of government.
The term “civil disobedience” is deployed by society to entrap the irrational, the definitionally blind, the rebels without a clue. They believe they are disobeying, but in Truth they are brainwashed to obey, to submit, to stand down, to accept the very persecution they claim to fight against. And Doug Hughes, poor befuddled Doug Hughes, is a perfect illustration of this. “I am engaging in act of civil disobedience!”, he declares, and he lands his gyrocopter on the us capitol lawn, then he sits and does nothing as the pigs swoop in, handcuff, arrest, cage lock him. Now they can decree him mentally deranged, keep him locked in a cage until he ceases to exist. Under law. Under government.
In Truth, Doug is the poster child for good citizenship. government is violence. To be governed is to violated by violence. Doug has always been a victim of the violence of the state. Always. And this same state has successfully convinced him to be non-violent, to engage in act of “civil disobedience”, which not only accomplishes nothing, but allows this same state to violently impose additional harm and injustice upon Doug.
Obey, as you pretend to disobey, that is what civil disobedience is. George Orwell would be proud.
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Law Enforcement: The Closed Circle of Forbidden Truth

Law enforcement protects nobody from harm. Law enforcement is the societal structure by which universal harm is assured and guaranteed to continue until humanity extincts itself.
Why do human beings break laws? They do so because they are traumatized victims of harm, brutality, abuse, injustice, and victimization. Human beings break laws because they need to claim cathartic vengeance for the injustices that they were, are, and will be subjected to. Human beings break laws, because human beings have been broken by the injustice sponsored by law.
All laws are created by governments. All governments inflict injustice and harm upon each of us, and one of the primary justifications and weapons deployed to inflict harm and injustice, is the power of law itself.  government sponsors all harm and injustice, thereby creating the motivation for all acts of personal harmfulness, and in response, creates the structure of law enforcement, to provide illusion of justification for inflicting additional harm upon specific individuals based upon details of how they may seek to avenge the injustices government is guilty of initially imposing upon them.
What you have is a closed circle of relentless, universal injustice, every violator of law existing as a created victim of the state, and every enforcement of law serving to strengthen and validate the very structure responsible for causing all harm to occur.
As long as government exists, it will continue to inflict universal harm. As long as government exists, it will deploy brainwashed individuals to serve as terrorist agents of the state, in punishing its own created torture victims. These individuals are domestic cops, local, state, and federal law enforcement.
Police protect you from being harmed in specific ways by specific individuals, so that government may be completely free to harm you in any and all ways that it chooses. And the individuals who might otherwise harm you in these very specific ways, are only interested in harming you because they are torture victims of the same structure which has harmed and is harming and will harm, you.
And yet here you sit, in your air-conditioned and heated prisons, grateful to law enforcement for protecting you from harm. Blind to the closed circle of Forbidden Truth. Eager to be harmed, desperate for others to be harmed, just so you can pretend to be safe for one more night, just so you can live out the delusion that everything will be okay. But nothing has ever been okay, and nothing will ever be okay, and it is all your fault, you pathetic idiots and cowards.
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The Injustice of Law

What are laws? Laws are terrorist threats, enforced via terrorism. Laws say: You MUST do this. You CANNOT do that. We will HURT and HARM you if you do not obey the law. We will hurt and harm you if you fail to obey. Do you understand, brainwashed slaves, the ramifications of the very definition of law, and how it is deployed against you as an act of injustice, a direct act of violent attack upon you?
The law of society and government, is in and of itself, by the very nature of how it is defined and imposed, an unjust attack upon every individual, from the most obedient to the most defiant, because it functions as terrorist threat and it is deployed to actively harm.
How are laws created? Who decides what a law is? What standards of rationality and reflective justice are deployed by a society, to determine the standards under which it gives itself permission to terrorize and harm YOU, and every other individual? These are foundational questions of Forbidden Truth that anyone seeking to understand the nature of the prisons and terror chambers of everyday life, that each of us has been locked up within since our birth.
Laws are created not to protect anyone from harm, not to provide or protect freedom, not to ensure justice for all, or for anyone. Laws are created to establish the boundaries of the prison camp where each of us is forced to serve as a slave, from the moment of our birth until the moment of our death, when our slavery becomes unnecessary because the illusion that we are alive is rendered eternally null and void.
Laws are created via the collective subconscious will and need of a broken class of creatures: Ex-children who have been subjected to relentless trauma, harm, injustice, and victimization via the pervasive social construct of universal child abuse, to perpetuate and inflict trauma, harm, injustice, and victimization, under diseased and invalid cloak of morality and righteousness. All laws are inspired by the personal need of victimized individuals to rationalize and justify, absent all sane or rational contemplation of mind, the perpetuation of injustice.
Inferiors think that governments decide what the law should be. But no, all laws are chosen by the collective will of you, the citizen-slaves, the destroyed ex-children desperate to hide from yourselves, the Truth of what you are. Every law exists as terrorist threat and the infliction of punishment and trauma, because every one of us, as individuals and as a collective force, exist as created victims of the terrorism, abuse, trauma, and injustice that we have been subjected to.
I hesitate to use the term “us”, since I have successfully transcended My humanity, but My Forbidden Truth recognition that no human law as it exists in current form can ever be justified, fails to empower Me to render the diseased concept of law, or the actual deployment of this terror weapon against Me. null and void. Therefore, against My will, I exist trapped within the same matrix of experienced reality as each of you hypocrites, despite My emancipation of mind.
You do not need intelligence to be able to dissect the question of whether it is possible to rationalize the existence of any law. You only need sanity. The capacity to look at the question with an Alien Eye, the capacity to step outside of the matrix of mind that each of you, as created victim and terrorized slave, has been trapped within.
Laws are the criminality of the state, created by the state to demonize the criminality of the individual, who exists as created victim of the criminality of the state. Laws are what ensure the infliction of perpetual injustice, upon every living thing, generation after generation, century upon century, dating back to the dawn of human uncivilization and dating forward until this genetically and environmentally diseased species achieves the extinction it has so richly earned.
The reason why you creatures are able to rationalize the absolute criminality of law, and to choose to support, protect, defend the use of law to terrorize and harm you, is because Truth is dead. The law is good to you, because you desire to harm and terrorize others, you demand this right, reflecting the Truth that is dead to your conscious mind: The Truth that you are a created trauma victim of the terrorization of the state, as legitimized under law.
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