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god Freaks: Your Opportunity to See and Know Yourselves as you Are

It is impossible for any human to perceive and to know the external universe with any degree of accuracy, factual reality, or Truth, unless and until they are able to perceive their own internal universe with accuracy, factual reality, and Truth.
And so here I am, trying to show the billions of you pathetic idiots who choose to be addicted to the Insane God Myth, exactly what you are. It is you who control and dictate the fate of humanity. It is you who destroy all human potential, day after day, as you have for thousands of years. It is you who choose to collectively commit suicide, and to murder everyone else, everyone who is better than you, everyone who has managed to break free of the Insane God Myth.
Take advantage of this rare opportunity, god addicts, to learn about yourselves, to learn the Forbidden Truth of what you are.
1: You are cowards. You choose false comfort over factual reality.
2: You are delusional. You choose to embrace as concrete fact, a fantastical fairy tale for which not a single shred of legitimate evidence has ever been uncovered or established.
3: You are suicidal. To believe in the Insane God Myth and the preposterous illusion of an existence after death, is to directly and overtly choose to covet death, and to betray the sacred and instinctual obligation towards Self-preservation present within all sane and biologically normal species of life.
4: You are mentally ill. To hear voices that do not exist, to see things that do not exist, to believe in things that do not exist, this facts out you as suffering from organic, systemic mental illness.
5: You are a murderer. Your choice to believe in god makes it impossible for your species to desire, seek, demand, and achieve technological immortality, easily attainable as of today, 2017. Therefore you are guilty of directly murdering all who have rejected and transcended god mythology.
6: You are a primitive barbarian. You spit upon science, even as you use scientific creations and inventions within your daily lives. You dwell within the darkest of mind caves, exactly as your barbarian ancestors dwelled within body caves, many thousands of years ago.
7: You are a hypocrite. You proclaim yourselves emissaries of love and of light and of hope, even as you impose universal hate, darkness, and hopelessness upon all of humanity.
8: You are prejudiced. Not only against other god freaks who are addicted to different versions of the Insane God Myth, but against those of us who are better than you, those of us who have broken free of the toxic death-grip of religion.
9: You are a poisoner. You poison the helpless minds of children, you infect them with the paralyzing pathogen of mind paralysis that is the belief in god. Individually and collectively you do this, even if you never directly speak to any child. Even as a silent believer, you inject poison.
10: You are a terrorist. Your weapon is the mythical god creature, rewarding you while punishing others. The terror you inflict is the threat and punishment of death for others, absent your mythological afterlife.
11: You are a child abuser. You destroy the capacity of all children to develop Self-perceptions and reality perceptions within the sacred blueprints of fact, science, reality, and Truth.
12: You are stupid. Unable and unwilling to see through the charade of organized religion, the paper-thin, blatantly obvious deception imposed upon your conscious minds since you were a child, and maintained as mind control against and upon you, throughout your imaginary lives, by your puppetmaster: government.
13: You are gullible. How can you allow an absurd invention of others, others who are stupid and evil, power-crazed and enslaving, to take root and to implant itself within your brain, and to turn you into a mindless zombie?!
14: You are wrong. No god creature exists. You came to exist via a natural process, proven as scientific fact. You are a mutant, mentally defective biological descendant of monkeys.
15: You are pathetic. Because despite being graced with the capacity for rational thought, complex and deductive reasoning, a brain capable of doubt and deliberation and performing analysis of perceptions and possibilities, and reaching accurate conclusions, you choose to desperately cling to the absurd delusion that an imaginary god creature, actually exists.
16: You are weak. You choose the easy path, the path that requires no struggle, no danger, the path where you risk nothing, to gain the ultimate reward, as a pure lie you tell to yourself, and live out within yourself.
17: You are a sheeple and a lemming. Blindly following a herd of billions, incapable of breaking free of their collective mind trance, blind to the reality of your own blindness.
18: You are a weapon. Yes, you stand mute and paralyzed, as you allow yourself, as an individual, to be deployed as a offensive weapon by government and by society, to inflict immense, incalculable harm against and upon other human beings.
19: You are a slave. A slave to the universal slavery of humanity as it has been developed and maintained by every modern era society and government. You are a slave to the creators and to the promoters of religion and the Insane God Myth.
20: You are doomed. Doomed to the eternal nothingness, the retroactive unbirth, that is the factual reality and the Truth, of dying. You are doomed by your own hand, by your own choice. You are doomed because you choose to believe in god. The imaginary salvation you cling to, directly causes and ensures your eternal, past, present, and future, nonexistence. Ain’t that a kick in the head?? Well, only if you are capable of recognizing and embracing Truth, and you are not, since you believe in god.
So, there you go, pathetic creatures. Each and every one of you is not 1 or 2 or 3 or 10 of the above listed things. You are all of them, all 20, and much more. As a god addict, as a prisoner of mind chained to the Insane God Myth, you embody, you manifest, you reflect, you are:
Cowards. Delusional. Suicidal. Mentally ill. Murderers. Primitive Barbarians. Hypocrites. Prejudiced. Poisoners. Terrorists. Child Abusers. Stupid. Gullible. Wrong. Pathetic. Weak. Sheeple. Lemmings. Weapons. Slaves. Doomed.
All of you have earned all of these titles, in full. It does not matter if you are a christian, jew, muslim, hindu, catholic, or any of the smaller religious groups. Or even if you believe in thor or worship your pet cockroach as being an omnipotent god. It is belief in god, in and of itself, that individually and collectively destroys all of humanity.
None of these illusions of distinction make any difference, in terms of the Truth of what all god freaks are, and do to the universe.
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What Is Religious Fundamentalism In The 21st Century?

It is a society, a culture, a nation-state of Self-haters and drone-slaves, serving the matrix of universal illusion as commanded. Humans who are god-dependent, god-subservient, god-fearing, god obeying. Religious fundamentalism is the beast of government wearing the mask of god, finding a way to get you idiots to waste your entire imaginary existence in terror of the mask.
Religious fundamentalism is a nation-state successfully deploying the insane god myth as a weapon of terror against its own citizens. It is a nation-state where no man, woman, or child is able to enjoy freedom from religion, especially if they believe they do.
Religious fundamentalism is a nation-state founded, sustained, grown, and strengthened by the ideological doctrine that god is on its side.
Religious fundamentalism is blooming within a society that promotes religion, uses religion to undermine, sabotage, cripple, and prevent the True progress potential of science, medicine, and technology.
Does all this sound familiar to you, amerikkkan, canadian, brit, aussie?? Do you see yourself clearly?? Or are you still too brainwashed to see religious fundamentalism outside of afghanistan, israel, saudi arabia, iran?
In the 21st century, the most religiously fundamentalism regimes are western, cloaking this Forbidden Truth, propagandizing you citizen-slaves, by demonizing primitive islamic regimes for their religious fundamentalism, which is very real, but far less sophisticated, less polished, and yes, less brutal in scope and magnitude, than the fundamentalism of the west.
It is amerikkka & the west that has elevated religion to serve as a direct inspirational and practical source for universal genocide. The guiding light of amerikkkan foreign policy: “Let me win your hearts and minds, or I’ll burn your damn huts down!“, rests on the wings of the Insane God Myth. As for domestic policy: Worship and obey our “way of life”, or else you will eternally burn in hell.
So, don’t you dare tell Me religious fundamentalism is bad and evil, when you choose to serve as obedient citizen-slaves to regimes more brutal, more sadistic, more terrorizing, in their own unacknowledged religious fundamentalism, than the regimes you judge and condemn.
See yourself as you are, so you may see your society and government for what it is, so you may be able to detonate the mind bomb illuminating who and what is your greatest and only True enemy!
Yes, islam has its version of eternal hell. But it is your own western regimes who threaten you, all of you, even and most especially the sane, Full Force Atheists, with eternal damnation in the christian version of hell, if you dare defy its political and ideological doctrines and decrees. So who is your greatest enemy??
There is no separation of church and state in amerikkka, no freedom from religion, no limits of any kind on how religion and the Insane God Myth is used by the regime to terrorize amerikkkans, and the world.

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There Is No Such Thing As A Peaceful Religious Person

Don’t you recognize an oxymoron when you are confronted with one, you morons?!
Religion is the organization of violence by the state, directly against its own citizen-slaves, and via the propagandized demonization of “outsiders”.
Every human who professes or demonstrates a belief in god, by words or actions, earns the label of religious person, and every religious person is collectively guilty of sponsoring and carrying out genocidal violence on many different levels.
Because religion is deployed by society and government as a weapon of universal oppression and terrorism, every religious person directly collaborates and causes the daily, ongoing harm and victimization of all human beings.
Even more primarily, religion as a structure, violently attacks and destroys Truth, along with all human potential to positively evolve. Therefore, every religious person is guilty of this act of violent destruction, as it occurs daily, everywhere in the world, upon everyone.
It is wrong to apply levels of religiosity to humans. You either believe in god, or you do not. All belief in god is equally destructive, and all believers in god commit genocidal violence on an equal scale, simply by virtue of holding the belief, thereby legitimizing the Insane God Myth construct as developed and maintained by 21st century society & government.
Religion does not cause violence. Religion IS violence. Religion is the worship of death itself, the sanctification of death. Religion is how 21st century society and government successfully builds monuments to death, and compels all of humanity to worship and welcome their own deaths, as it conceals from all human consciousness the Forbidden Truths of what death entails.
Do you think human sacrifice in the name of religion ended hundreds or thousands of years ago? No! god-inspired human sacrifice occurs today on an unprecedented scale, as the human potential to attain technological immortality is snuffed out.
As long as god and religion haunt the human mind, there will never be peace for anyone. The war between religion and Truth must always rage, until Truth wins out. And if you humans cannot allow Truth to win out, you must perish in the war you wage, against yourself, as you sabotage and cannibalize yourselves.
Peace can be attained by declaring war on god and religion, and then murdering god. god must be murdered on a completely personal level, as well as the level of universal human consciousness.
Whoever believes in god must be ostracized, marginalized, overtly labelled and understood as being severely mentally ill and possessing a defective brain. There must be a zero tolerance level for religion, rooted within the understanding that belief in god is FAR more than merely wrong and a mistake. Belief in god is a personal act of extreme violence against Truth, against progress, against mankind, against all living things, and against LIFE itself.

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Lone Gunman Mosque Massacre in quebec city, canada: 23 Shot, 6 Fatally

Less than 24 hours ago, a torture victim and Martyr of western society named Alexandre Bissonnette walked into a mosque in canada and opened fire on humans as they were engaging in the deranged ritual of praying to an imaginary god creature. Alexandre shot 23 of them, not a shabby victim count, with 6 dead and 5 more critically wounded.
I am pleased to be able to report that Alexandre, aged 27, did not perish in the incident, as is the unfortunate fate of far too many lone mass murderers.
Every act of outlaw mass murder deserves our respect and appreciation. All occur as honorable, external reflections of immense personal trauma and victimization. Society and government bears 100% of all the guilt and responsibility for every such event.
If you study the history of lone gunman mass murder, as I enthusiastically do, you find relatively few house of worship massacres. School, workplace, even restaurant massacres, have been more common and frequent.
I have no interest in nitpicking the chosen ground zero Mind Bomb hunting grounds of outlaw mass murderers. But the simple fact is that the house of worship is a logical prime target. Horrific things happen, to children and to adults, within EVERY house of worship, from the church to the temple to the mosque.
Every house of worship is a house of horrors, and a house of genocide. It is where Truth and Self are murdered, each and every day, ritualistically, over and over. Genocide of human minds occurs every day within every house of worship, and this crime in NOT limited to adults. Helpless, supremely vulnerable children, their brains at the mercy of society and government, are forced inside of houses of worship, where they are terrorized, maliciously and overtly, via the Insane God Myth. Their genetic sanity is literally ripped from their helpless brains, as a public policy mandate, and the house of worship is deployed to specifically achieve this abomination.
So, let none of you humans DARE adopt a stance of morality, judgment, criticism, or condemnation against Martyr Alexandre. He deserves nothing but the highest respect, for finding the courage to shine a light of Truth upon the eternal darkness that is religion and the Insane God Myth.
Like all outlaw mass murders, society and government responds with proclamations of shock, outrage, and condemnation. Perverse hypocrites! You MADE Alexandre what he is, with your foundational structures of racism, nationalism, promotion and imposition of religion, and the use of religion to terrorize all citizen-slaves and create the illusion of a “war between the gods”, to cloak the actual war every society wages against its own citizen-slaves.
I wish Alexandre all the best on his life path journey, and to you insane god addicts, here is your PROOF that Allah is a lie. How could he let his own worshippers die, as they were praying to him?? Was he busy taking a bathroom break? Wake up to Truth, idiots!
You can read more details on Alexandre’s massacre, and view more interesting photos of him, at these two url addresses:
Alexandre Bissonnette Photos: Pictures of Quebec City Mosque Shooting Suspect
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The Lie of Religious Extremism

Every society and government overtly promotes the concept that belief in the existence of god is completely different from religious extremism and radicalism. How utterly absurd, and what a beautiful illustration this is of the universe of perverse illusion imposed upon all humans as Truth, and so accepted and embraced.
The christian god freak who shoots dead an abortion doctor, is not a radical or an extremist. He is a mainstream, regular, ordinary believer in god, reflecting the toxicity of religion.
The jewish god freak who shoots 154 muslims, killing 29, see this excellent account, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baruch_Goldstein, is not a radical or an extremist, he is a mainstream, regular, ordinary believer in god, reflecting the toxicity of religion.
The muslim god freak who beheads christians is not a radical or an extremist, but a mainstream, regular, ordinary believer in god, reflecting the toxicity of religion.
The buddhist god freak who commits mass murder of muslims, see this excellent article which lays waste to the insane myth of buddhism being a peaceful religion, https://news.vice.com/article/meet-the-violent-buddhists-starting-riots-in-sri-lanka, is not a radical or extremist, but a mainstream, regular, ordinary believer in god, reflecting the toxicity of religion.
Let us understand the reasons why every society and government promotes and legitimizes the lie that religion has radical extremists among its devotees. The number one reason is this: Religion, the belief that a god creature exists, is the most radical and extreme form of mass delusion which exists within human consciousness as of today. Religion exists as the worship of universal death, of Self and of all other living things. Religion mandates the embrace of suffering, and the infliction of harm. Every believer in god is a direct sponsor of universal death and harm for all, so how can the motivations or actions of a specific, individual god addict who causes death or harm, be deemed radical or extreme??
Very simply, society and government relentlessly imposes the absurd myth that some religious beliefs and actions are radical and extreme, in order to position religion itself, belief in the existence of god, as normal and natural and appropriate and mainstream, and to conceal the Forbidden Truth that such belief, religion in and of itself, represents the most supreme form of radical extremism of mind and brain function, and that religion itself, the insane belief that a god creature exists, is directly responsible for causing every atrocity for which the ideology of god existing, or any form of religious belief, is invoked.
Every action, by every human being, performed because the human either genuinely believes that god exists, or is using the mythology of religion as excuse or justification for the expression of True Reality rage and hate, only occurs, can only occur, because the insanity that is religion exists within human consciousness as a whole. Therefore, everyone who supports the very ongoing existence of religion itself, regardless of whether they personally believe in god, is directly guilty of sponsoring every atrocity, every harm, every action carried out by anyone and everyone who wears the mantle of believer in god, god worshipper, or “religious person”.
So, what is the only form and expression of religious extremism and radicalism?? Supporting the right of religion to exist. Allowing society and government to promote and legitimize belief in god. It is you, the “moderate democrats and republicans” and secularists across the world who might not even personally believe in the existence of god, but who defend the existence of religion as a right and/or a necessity, who are the True radicals and extremists. It is you who allow the mind virus of religion to remain viable and to infect vulnerable minds. It is you who directly cause every atrocity that has been and that will be carried out in the name of religion, to occur.
It is you who are sponsoring the greatest atrocity of all: The embrace of universal death for all, the proactive murder by the state of every human being, no longer necessary, preventable via scientific research and the development of technological immortality. You are the extreme radicals, clinging to religion for useless false comfort, sacrificing all in the name of pure illusion, an absolute lie, and a deranged myth.
Religion is terrorism, and belief in god must be understood as the definition of radical extremism.
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Uncensored ISIS Video: 21 christians Beheaded

Better late than never, and proud to continue my crusade (Sorry christians, for this unfortunate but very clever play on words) against the universal censorship of 21st century society and government against Truth, I am pleased to provide this direct link to the ISIS mass beheading video released yesterday, which shows 21 egyptian coptic christians meekly embracing the loss of their heads. Most appropriate, since those who believe in god have already lost their minds and brains.
Not wanting to hold the attention of you humans hostage, and understanding that the vast majority of you have come to this web page not seeking Truth, but simply looking to revel in the god-sponsored death and murder of others, I am providing the direct link to this uncensored mass beheading right now:
But, before you satiate the homicidal bloodlust that you refuse to consciously acknowledge, I invite you to continue reading this blog post, so that you may try to regain control of your own mind and brain within the embraced glory of Truth. After all, to lose your own mind and brain is only a tiny bit less horrific, than to lose your physical head.
Consider these words of Forbidden Truth: To worship god is to worship death. god is the ambassador of death, the public relations agent of death. god stands before you and orders you to die, promising you that death is a gateway to eternal life. But god does not exist. So, who wears the disguise of god? Who is cloaked within the illusion of this mythical creature?? Your human leaders, political, cultural, and social. Your human leaders who worship at the alter of universal slavery, to whom life and reality can never be perceived and understood as it is.
Watch this video, observe the 21 christian god freaks as they meekly kneel, waiting to die. The Truth is, all who believe in god are already dead, all who believe in god are waiting to die. Observe one of the christians furtively gazing at another christian, as if seeking reassurance that everything will be okay. And he gets this reassurance, because Truth has always been dead to humanity, and so it makes no difference to the god freak that nothing has ever been okay, and nothing can ever be okay, and nothing will ever be okay, for any of us, not even those of us who know that to die is to be retroactively unborn, to literally abort yourself, in hindsight and knowing exactly what will be eternally lost.
All who believe in god are murderers, because there can be no purer form of murder than the murder of Self, achieved via the personal embrace of death. The honesty of the isis militant is in holding up a mirror to all who believe in god, showing them their True face. The humorous irony of the isis militant is that he cannot see his own face, nor can he understand that he is holding up a mirror of Truth. To expose Truth, while lacking all conscious awareness of what he is doing, such is the nature of the broken human, destroying others only in reflection of the destruction he himself pathologically seeks and demands.
Religion is a war against Truth, carried out by governments and societies. Christianity makes islam stronger, and islam makes christianity stronger. amerikkka and isis are allies, blood brothers united in the war against Truth. You are free to die, and you are free to choose to be murdered, but you are not free to challenge the legitimacy of death. You are not. You must die, and it is government which decrees you must die, utilizing the terrorist of a god creature, and the terrorism of religion.
Whose side are you on? Do you root for ISIS, or do you root for amerikkka? Is christianity your team? Or islam? Or maybe you are an atheist, but the savages need god to confort them, no? Listen, all who have ears not attached to a severed head: All roads lead to death. Every path takes you head-on, to a dead end, literally. As long as you support the existence of any god, any religion, any government, you are guilty of both soliciting and worshipping your own death.
So go ahead now, watch the video, and embrace your blindness. You cannot see the Truth: There is nothing wrong with killing others, for Yourself. This reflection is pure and noble. But to kill for god?? No. Those who kill for god are siding with their own executioner, sponsoring their own death, as solicited by their human captors, the government and society which holds hostage their minds, via the destruction of Truth.
All who are sane must declare war against god, war against religion, war against government, and war against death. We who are Superior openly decree ourselves Atheists, Anarchists, and Immortalists, within the Forbidden Truth understanding that all three of these foundational positions must be unequivocally cemented to our core consciousness, as a requirement to manifest the glory inherent in love of Self and the embrace of freedom as it is Truthfully defined.
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The Truth of Free Speech in France

Western media would have you believe that france is a society which respects freedom and free expression. French citizen-slaves have spent the past week vehemently proclaiming their support for free speech, freedom of the press, and free expression of controversial and unpopular ideas. Absolute bullsh*t! Just yesterday, the government of france seized and locked up inside cages, citizens and residents who have done nothing more than attempt to exercise their free speech and free expression rights. Here is a profile of Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, just one of the victims of this perverse display of nationalistic hypocrisy:
Now, you brainwashed hypocrites, this is the video you need to watch, in order to understand the horror of freedom illusion under government. Here you will see a french journalist stridently defending the right of muslims and islam to be mocked and ridiculed, followed by the same journalist interviewing Dieudonné M’bala M’bala and viciously condemning him for daring to mock and ridicule jews and judaism. Why? Because the French government is under the control of jews:
There is no freedom of speech or freedom of the press or freedom of expression anywhere in the world, there never can be and there never will be, as long as government exists. The human being you see interviewed above, has been placed inside a cage by the french government yesterday, and this article tells you exactly why:
It is because of his attempt to exercise his free speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, rights and freedoms. Rights and freedoms which do not exist, which have never existed, for any citizen-slave anywhere on earth.
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Religion: The Worship of Death

Religion serves many perverse and deranged societal and governmental constructs, and right at the very top of the list is the need of government to render as many citizen-slaves as possible, collectively suicidal. It is absolutely vital for every government on earth, to convince the vast majority of its citizens that death is not merely inevitable, not merely acceptable, but absolutely desirable. Death must be rendered alluring, enticing, paradisical, only then will the slaves agree to endure a lifetime of suffering, trauma, and injustice.
Every societally sponsored religion overtly promotes the insane delusion of not merely an afterlife, but an afterlife that will be better than your actual life. Every religion glorifies death, and it does so because your slavemasters understand that the implantation of the insane idea that you can enjoy an existence after you die, is a foundationally vital component of slavery, necessary to successfully terrorize you to accept a horrific and pointless existence in which you are relentlessly exploited and then disgarded as useless trash.
Nobody worships god. All who believe that god exists, are worshippers of death.  Belief in god is expressed via suicidal ideation, the belief that your experience of your own existence will be overtly improved, by the personal experience of dying. No matter how stridently the god addict may claim to value and love life, he is in Truth worshipping death, and all who worship death are actively suicidal.
Go to a thousand mental health professionals, and not one of them will agree that humans who worship god are worshipping death, and are actively suicidal, but that is exactly what they are doing, and exactly what they are. The deranged concept that religious belief and expression constitutes some form of “freedom”, is one of the premier methods by which leaders of government terrorize all of their empowered agents, such as licensed psychiatrists and psychologists, to legitimize and validate belief in god as being perfectly acceptable and a desirable state of mind, when the simple, but Forbidden Truth is that all of humanity has been rendered collectively suicidal, by the mind virus of religion.
There can be no greater form of terrorism than telling anyone, child or adult, of any age, that god exists. It is the most supreme irony, that you diseased hypocrites selectively demonize those who kill others in the name of religion, even as you demand the right to worship death via your own belief in god, be it on a personal or on a societal level, and as you overtly give yourselves and your fellow citizen-slaves permission and encouragement to terrorize every helpless and vulnerable child to become addicted to an insane delusion which will render him suicidal and a worshipper of his own death.
Those who murder others in the name of god, deserve our thanks and our gratitude, for pointing out and illustrating the universal promotion of death inherent in all religions, and should serve as inspirational figures to motivate all of humanity to abandon and reject all religions, and decree all religious belief to be the most horrific and damaging of all known mental illnesses.
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Je Suis Grand! Je Suis Magnifique!

Right now, as I type these words, 90,000 terrorist agents of the terrorist regime of France, have successfully trapped two victims of terrorism, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, and are plotting to achieve their murder. The mighty State will win again, extinguishing the light of Truth via the True face, the only valid face, of terrorism: government. Saïd and Chérif Kouachi are creations and victims of the terrorist enterprise that is government. All of their actions reflect the Truth of their victimhood status, and prove them to be creations of the terrorism that they have been subjected to, at the hands of government and society.
The terrorist regime of France mobilized 90,000 terrorists to capture and murder two victims of terrorism, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, and this has been done by the state, in order to continue to successfully maintain the universal cloak of illusion that government protects citizen-slaves from terrorism, and to conceal the Forbidden Truth that every government terrorizes its own citizen-slaves, and that every act of reflective violence which the state labels as terrorism, is nothing more than the response of individuals to the terrorism of the state, which they have been subjected to and victimized by since their birth.
To all sane thinkers, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi must be recognized as having achieved a great, but tragically useless triumph. Their triumph is not in harvesting twelve human beings, this is a mere by-product of their triumph. Their True triumph is in exposing the absolute lie of freedom of the press and of free speech, within all western societies.
Of course those of us who are Superior thinkers have always known that there is no freedom of the press, no free speech, no Truth-based freedom of any kind, provided or allowed by any government. But the massacre at Charlie Hebdo provides a beautifully unique illustration of how western societies successfully brainwash their citizen-slaves to believe that they enjoy freedom of speech and freedom of the press, even as they maliciously and fully deny both of these freedoms to all of their citizen-slaves.
Freedom of the press? The press is free?? Than why has not one single mainstream western media organization even suggested for discussion, much less openly revealed as absolute fact, the Forbidden Truth that religion, a belief in the existence of god, directly caused the Charlie Hebdo massacre to occur, and that god does not exist, and that god is a terrorist weapon of government which must be eradicated from all human consciousnes? I will tell you why: Because there is no freedom of the press, because the press exist as propaganda agents for the terrorist structure that is government, and the press itself function as terrorist agents of the state, utlizing words and images and imposing deceitful doctrine for the specific purpose of terrorizing citizen-slaves.
Free speech? Citizen-slaves of western regimes enjoy free speech?? Absolute bulls*it! The western citizen-slave is free to say what he wants, as long as he censors himself, and as long as the terrorist state deems his words and writings to pose no functional danger to the terrorist state being able to continue to successfully terrorize its citizen-slaves. Freedom of speech?? I Myself, in this very blog post, am being forced to censor My own words, because I know, as does any sane thinker, that freedom of speech is a pure lie and illusion.
The conduct of all western regimes and western media, in direct response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, proves the utter contempt that western regimes have for free speech and for freedom of the press. The conduct of the western press in response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, proves the press and media to have absolutely no interest in either Truth-based freedom, or in exposing Truth via free and open expression and dialogue. The media chooses to align itself with state-sponsored terrorism, against the victims of terrorism, and against Truth itself.
And so Saïd and Chérif Kouachi are not martyrs of islam, or martys of allah. They are martyrs of government and of society, martyrs of western society just as much as martyrs of islamic society. They were born into western society, they were brainwashed and indoctrinated to believe in god, by western society. god is the terrorist weapon which was deployed against them. But this Truth is Forbidden, and so they are now demonized as individuals, “radical” islam is demonized, a group of tortured and destroyed children who are attempting to form a nation-state, al-Qaeda in Yemen, are being demonized to cloak the genocidal crimes of the west, in imposing religion upon the world, and positioning christianity as being at war with islam, in order to successfully terrorize their own citizen-slaves.
To Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, tortured and victimized creations of the terrorism of government, at this crucial hour, with your fate still to be determined, I wish you all the best, and only the best. I wish you life, eternal life in this world, the only world, the only existence you have ever and will ever know. I wish you enlightenment of mind, I wish you to find the strength of mind to recognize that god is a lie, while at the same time, the strength of mind to understand that what you did at Charlie Hebdo constitutes a noble attempt to lay some Truth upon the world, upon all of western consciousness.
Saïd and Chérif, you have not proven that god is great, because god does not exist. But I wish you could and would know, that you have proven Truth, you have proven the Truth that free speech and freedom of the press has never existed in the west, and is as dead today, as I type these words, as it has ever been.
Saïd and Chérif, I wish you the strength of mind, at this crucial moment in time, to choose life for Yourselves. Recognize Yourselves as the True god, to replace the false illusion of god which terrorists have implanted and imposed upon you. You are not terrorists, and you are not freedom fighters, but you can be agents of Truth. I know it is beyond your capabilities, you are broken humans, but still, I ask you to try to recognize and embrace Truth.
And, Saïd and Chérif, if you do recognize and embrace Truth, if this True miracle happens, you would do this: Strip naked, glory in your achievement and your True Reality, realize orgasms of body and mind, and walk out to the pigs, naked, hands up, and sexual organ at full arousal, so that if the pigs shoot you dead, you will be the greatest of Martyrs, in the eyes and minds of all who embrace Truth.
And, Said and Chérif, as the pigs close in on you, shouting and bloodthirsty and thanking god for your capture, smile at them and say only this: “Je Suis Grand! Je Suis Magnifique!” This would be so perfect, My fellow victims. Please, open your minds! Picture it, yourselves repeating to the pigs, over and over, “Je Suis Grand! Je Suis Magnifique!” With only six little words, you will successfully mock all of western society, with its deranged “Je Suis Charlie” bleeting of allegiance, and you will successfully mock god and religion, with its deranged Allāhu Akbar الله أكبر  propaganda message, and you will successfully demonstrate a love of Self to the world, but most importantly to Yourselves, that will keep you strong and render you untouchable, as you embrace both life and Truth. My best to you both.
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Hate Religion, Hypocrites!

All who blame or hate three torture victims being demonized as terrorists, islam, or “radical” islam for the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, are perverse hypocrites and cowards who cannot face the Forbidden Truths of religion and the insane god myth. islam is the sparring partner of christianity, because every muslim regime is at war against its own citizen-slaves, and christianity is the sparring partner of islam, because every western regime is at war against its own citizen-slaves. Every human who criticizes any specific version of the insane god myth, or any specific individual brainwashed to believe in god, without overtly condemning, rejecting, and outing religion itself as the greatest cause of human harm, next to the existence of government itself, spits in the face of Truth.
Western media has established an absolute censorship blackout on the outing of religion as diseased and deranged human pathology. Where are the atheists, appropriately blaming the existence of organized religion for the Charlie Hebdo massacre? Where are the psychologists and psychiatrists, openly acknowledging religion itself to be the most harmful mental illness of the 21st century? Where are the scientists, banding together with the psychologists and psychiatrists to demand the open condemnation and worldwide eradication of religion?
The cowardice of humanity as a species is pathetic and perverse beyond all measure. Humans with education, humans with knowledge, humans in a position to stand up for Truth, and nobody will stand, nobody is allowed to stand. The universal terrorism of government remains invisible to all, impossible for anyone to publicly and openly decree. Victims of the terrorism that is religion, such as the three Charlie Hebdo gunmen, are demonized as being terrorists, while the Truth that they are nothing more than created victims of the terrorism of the state, the terrorism that is religion itself, is blacked out via censorship, from all public consciousness.
I hate religion because I love Truth, and because the relationship between government, society, and religion, is incestuous. No plot, no conspiracy by any group of individuals, can ever begin to try to match the worldwide conspiracy of leaders of government and society to deploy the insane god myth as terrorist weapon to achieve control and domination of all human beings, everywhere in the world.
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