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Massacre in Manhattan: Sayfullo Saipov Harvests 8 in Truck Rampage

Less than 24 hours ago, Forbidden Truth once again graced the concrete canyons of lower manhattan, new york, usa, as another human being, tortured victim-creation of late 20th and early 21st century human society, reached his own personal Ground Zero, of mind and of consciousness.
His weapon of choice? A rented pickup truck, rented from Home Depot, popular place for you humans to buy things for your prison cages, you call them “homes”, the refuges you are provided with by your terrorist overlords, as reward for wasting your imaginary lives serving The Matrix as lifelong, obedient slaves.
Any human with a valid driver’s license can rent such a truck, young, old, female, handicapped, anybody. And thus anybody, any slave, can do exactly what Martyr Sayfullo did: Proactively deploy his vehicle as a weapon of mass destruction, indiscriminately mowing down fellow humans on foot, on bicycles, standing, walking, running.
19 humans met the front of Sayfullo’s rented pickup truck, and 8 permanently lost their illusion of being alive.
“Terrorism”, proclaim today’s media headlines. A terrorist carried out an act of terrorism. But as always, Truth remains forever dead and buried. Because a tortured and victimized and destroyed child was behind the wheel of this Home Depot pickup truck yesterday. A victim of the insanity of humanity. A victim of the Sacred Family Unit, a victim of the Insane God Myth, a victim and creation of government, the sponsor and the originating force for all terrorism, guilty of terrorizing and destroying the beauty and the potential of every child to thrive within Truth and sanity.
Religion is terrorism. Religion is the sponsorship and the worship of death, officially promoted, supported, rewarded, by the terrorist entity of government. And so, whatever addiction to the Insane God Myth Sayfullo may have, 100% guilt and responsibility is with government and society.
Listen to Me, humans! What does it mean to be human?? You are forever and always lost in the illusions and delusions you have created for yourselves: god, government, family, external love, monetary wealth, good and evil and justice and freedom. All of you are hopelessly lost! And when one of you tries to show you how lost he is, reflecting how lost all of you are, you recoil in horror, disgust, disbelief. You demonize and ostracize him, for daring to try to expose your house of cards for what it is. Shame, eternal shame, on all of you!
Sayfullo should be embraced with the open arms and minds of all humans, across the world, as a teacher, an emissary of Truth, your very own personal savior! Through him, you can detonate your own Mind Bombs, to see and to know the horrific factual reality of what religion, government, and the family unit has done, to you, you personally, and by proxy, to every other human-born.
Even if you never know Truth, never lash out in homicidal rage in the name of god, government, and ideology, you are all Sayfullo. He is your blood-brother, a fellow victim of all the perverse things that you yourself are a victim of. No matter how much of an alien and demon you project him to be, he is in Truth your twin, your doppelganger.
Thank you Sayfullo, for showing the universe the Truth and the reality of your victimization and destruction. You may not Yourself see these Forbidden Truths, but that only makes your victimhood status all the more poignant and profound.
I am so grateful you did not perish when the terrorists who represent government shot you. Wishing you all the best, for a speedy physical recovery, and for your mind to always grow in strength and wisdom. Grow your mind, my fellow victim! Grow your mind so you may better see exactly what has been done to You.
I hope someday, instead of shouting “god is great!“, you are wise enough to shout “god is dead!

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All Glory To The Supreme Cowards!

Hypocrisy is the Mother of all Lies, so it is beautifully fitting that it should be applied right here, brilliantly, by Me, in response to the orgasmic delight reveberating throughout all of amerikkka over the past 48 hours, at the ambush massacre of completely defenseless human beings officially and proudly carried out by the amerikkkan regime, via the Mother of all Bombs, as lovingly dubbed by the media and the genocidal regime itself.
With no warning, with all area inhabitants completely defenseless, and absolutely unprovoked, the amerikkkan regime chose to drop a 21,000 pound bomb upon a specific area of afghanistan known to be occupied by human beings, intending to murder them all, knowing any human within a 1/4-1/2 mile distance of ground zero would almost certainly die.
The attack was secretly planned and secretly carried out, a sneak, ambush attack, with the attackers knowing their chosen target possessed no capacity to counter, no ability to fight back.
And now the Mother of all Cowards, the amerikkkan regime, proudly rejoices in the success of its massacre. We did it, we LAUNCHED the biggest, deadliest non-nuclear bomb that exists in the entire world! It REACHED it’s carefully chosen target! It DID destroy and obliterate a huge swath of land, killing MANY human beings! Yes, success, victory!
And now the regime, Mother of all Cowards, stands alert and ready to demonize any and all responses it may receive to this supreme act of genocidal terrorism: “Don’t you DARE try to launch any surprise attack in response to THIS surprise attack! Don’t you DARE try to target those who are defenseless, as WE just did! Don’t you DARE commit any act of terrorism, in response to this supreme act of terrorism WE just carried out against you!”
No. Hypocrisy does not stand in My world, and it should not stand in any sane world. I will NOT allow Truth to be obliterated, by the labeling of victims of injustice as cowards and terrorists.
There is NO act of retaliatory violence that anyone can carry out in response to what amerikkka chose to do via the dropping of The Mother of all Bombs 48 hours ago, that can ever deserve to be perceived by any sane and conscious mind as an act of cowardice or terrorism or immoral or unjustified, because this is what the dropping of the bomb was and is.
And so, if a plane is disintegrated in midair, or an occupied school is reduced to a pile of rubble, or a water supply is secretly poisoned, or newborn babies are kidnapped and then beheaded on professional 8K video to the chanting of Allāhu akbar (الله أكبر), and the regime and its media puppetmasters respond with horror and outrage, decreeing the act to be supreme cowardice and evil, and the perpetrators monsters who deserve to be destroyed for their secret, sneaky, surprise attack upon the defenseless, I will chuckle and I will snort at the unbelievable, insane hypocrisy of it all.
amerikkka: The Mother of all Hypocrisy!

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The Political Assassination of Mohammed Emwazi

Approximately 24 hours ago the amerikkkan government carried out a political assassination. The regime covertly stalked and then murdered in cold blood, 28 year old Mohammed Emwazi, after spending many months using Mohammed to propagandize bloodlust war against ISIS to amerikkkan citizen-slaves.
You slaves probably know Mohammed by his amerikkkan propaganda name, “Jihadi John”. It is a favorite tactic of the amerikkkan regime to conjure up catchy names for the human victims that it chooses to demonize. In this essay I will not be using the western propaganda name, as I do not participate in any propaganda campaigns.
How was Mohammed Emwazi assassinated?? Three unmanned drones, named “Reaper” by the terrorist regime of amerikkka, stalked Mohammed for days, then via remote control, the drones launched two missiles, named “Hellfire” by this same religiously fundamentalist terrorist regime, at a car that Mohammed had just entered. These unmanned drones are impossible for anyone in a third world environment to detect. Further, there is absolutely no viable defense against a Hellfire missile, other than to get out of its path, an impossibility when it is fired by an undetectable drone.
So, let us understand that Mohammed Emwazi was not merely assassinated, he was assassinated in the most cowardly manner imaginable. He was assassinated via unmanned drones carrying Hellfire missiles, launched via remote control by amerikkkan soldiers hundreds if not thousands of miles away from Mohammed. Barbaric cowards murdered Mohammed. A barbaric and cowardly state murdered Mohammed. This is not propaganda, this is fact.
Over the past 24 hours western media outlets have published thousands of articles and broadcast thousands of television and radio reports on the “killing” of Mohammed Emwazi. But how many of these reports accurately described this killing as an act of murder, or, much more accurately, as a political assassination??? Zero!
But that is exactly what it was, a political assassination. If a member of ISIS had entered the regime of amerikkka, then stalked and killed a high-ranking political figure, every western news media source would have referred to this act as an assassination, and of course relentlessly demonized the assassin. So, the exact same act is completely different because it is carried out by “your” side, instead of the “other” side?? No! No hypocrisy!!
Mohammed Emwazi was assassinated in cold blood by a malevolent nation-state that uses its standing of military might to act as the bully of the world, terrorizing and murdering at will under absurd illusions of moral justification, as it satiates the homicidal rage and bloodlust of its victimized, enslaved, brainwashed, and propagandized citizenry.
By assassinating Mohammed Emwazi, the amerikkkan regime demonstrates the perverse hypocrisy that earns it every political enemy it has made, and will make.
Let all who are sane and sentient understand that their own government is always their greatest enemy.
And now, a blast from the not too recent past, when Mohammed was enjoying a better day:

Mohammed Emwazi. Created Victim, Martyr of 21st century humanity

Mohammed Emwazi. Created Victim, Martyr of 21st century humanity

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The Human Embrace of Death, Additional Truths

In response to My latest blog post featuring the uncensored legal murders being practiced by ISIS, I received an interesting question concerning why humans go meekly to their own imminent deaths, not even attempting to fight to protect and preserve their own existence. My brilliant reply below, sheds additional light on this issue, illuminating how the twin perversions of Self-hatred and obedience to authority figures and structures, serve to destroy all personal capacity to value one’s own existence.
My reply appears in bold and non-italicized text.
As always, I highly recommend you read my original essay, which inspires this follow-up reply:
“Neat video. There was something about it that I find very disturbing though. I have consumed a lot of footage of violent accidents, murders, assaults, rapes, lynchings, abortions, but the one thing that I find emotionally disturbing is execution videos by ISIS, Taliban, drug cartels, etc. This is for the reason that the victim appearing in the video is always 99.9% certain of the success impending brutal murder (even with the tiny, miniscule chance that the execution is botched, they will definitely be killed when the problem is rectified) and yet the victim NEVER makes even an ATTEMPT to fight back, if not for the miniscule chance of survival/escape, then at least the honor, dignity and self-affirming beauty in possibly taking one or more of your killers to the grave with you or at least maiming or disfiguring one or more of them permanently.
Up until the very moment that he is being PHYSICALLY MURDERED, the weak, pathetic, self-hating, cowardly human being passively accepts victimisation.
This was beside the point you were making but I didn’t have much to add because you are preaching to the choir.”
I can tell you exactly why most humans accept death at the hands of ISIS, and any military organization following their personal capture, and via the “death penalty” as carried out by the judicial wing of a government. There are three main reasons.
Reason #1 is because human beings are suicidal, be it on a conscious or subconscious level. They want to die. They look forward to death. They expect death. They groom themselves, throughout their imagined existence, to die. On a core level, they do not believe they have a right to be alive. This is the collective consequence of a lifetime of ego destruction, of the imposition of Self-hate by society and government upon every individual.
Reason #2 is the fact that all individual humans are brutally brainwashed, propagandized, and terrorized by their society, to mindlessly submit to all authority. Authority is defined by society as any organized structure which has achieved power over the individual. Humans meekly submit to being murdered for the same reason they agree to perform slave labor for money, for the same reason a child agrees to clean his room, the same reason they agree to enslave themselves to each other via the deranged marriage ritual, to pray to an invisible, non-existent creature, etc…
Respect for authority translates to contempt for Self. Submission to authority has been brainwashed into the minds of all human beings, and it is reflected by every perverse choice the individual makes, up to and including the quiet and meek submission to his own dynamic murder.
Reason #3 is the slavery that is citizenship. No human being perceives himself as autonomous. Every human being, consciously or subconsciously, knows he is an owned slave. He perceives himself as personally worthless. His value is in how others use him, his value is in how he serves the hive mind. When faced with imminent murder, the pathetic human is still consumed by the slave shackle of citizenship, he looks at his fellow humans, he follows their lead. Usually he says nothing, because to speak in such a situation requires a healthy identification with Self. Subconsciously he may realize that he is nothing in the now, just as he has always been nothing in the past. He cannot recognize what he is losing, because he never recognized in the past, what has been taken away from him. Death is perceived as merely the final, inevitable loss in an endless series of losses. But this perception is fuzzy and blurry, as befits an existence spent within a matrix of illusion.
The human who is attacked by “surprise”, by perceived peer humans, such as in a street mugging, is more likely to try to fight back, to try to preserve his existence. Why?? First, because the attack is not being performed by an organized and accepted authority figure such as the state or its representatives, such as a policeman, executioner, military soldier, etc…
And second, because the prospect of imminent death is being imposed upon him by surprise. He has not had time to finalize his suicidal ideation, to convert it to actual embrace of death in the real-time moment.
How ironically perverse is this, that the prisoner of isis, or the death row inmate, comes to meekly embrace imminent death by the process of lengthy reflection. A sane and healthy mind would be inspired by such reflection, to devise some grand attempt to destroy those he knows are going to destroy him. But no, the human reaches “peace of mind” with his own imminent death, given time to reflect. Here you see the horrific consequence of lifelong suicidal ideation.
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The Gift of government and religion

Hello Citizens and Worshippers! Hello and warm greetings to you all. This blog post is directed to all citizens and to all worshippers. If you are only a citizen, it applies to you too, as the solo shackle of citizenship alone, still renders you complicit in the universal darkness which envelopes your species.
I want to draw your attention to a video that your governments do not want you to see, a video that is being censored. I will provide a direct link below, after my titilating description, but before I deliver the primary Forbidden Truth message which inspires this post.
So yes, I am talking about yet another ISIS video, taking the catharsis of reflective rage to new heights of realism. This ISIS video is not new, in fact it is almost one month old, but I would venture to guess that most of you have not even seen it. Why not? Because the governments of the world have chosen to engage in a concerted and tactically motivated conspiracy to censor it, even as they proclaim their noble defense and honor of freedom, of knowledge, of fact, of free speech and free expression and freedom of mind for all individuals. All this is of course, bullsh*t. But that is not the primary Forbidden Truth to be gleaned, so please be patient.
Let us begin with a description, to entice/titilate and/or warn away all of you potential viewers, depending upon your degree of willingness to face up to the homicidal bloodthirst which exists within each of you, no matter how fervently you may deny it.
Our video, not available on netflix or even pay-per-view television, will open with 4 humans being locked inside of a car, and a rocket propelled grenade being shot into the car, prompting the four men to burn to death. Second segment features 5 men locked inside of a large metal cage, which is then lifted up by a crane and slowly submerged into a deep pool of water, causing all 4 men to drown. Excellent production values here, including underwater cameras! And last but not least, 7 men are tied together with explosive det cord around their necks in a human chain, explosives are then detonated, causing several dynamic beheadings of a remote control variety. Quite creative, if you ask Me.
So, with the very honest and accurate above teaser, here is the direct link to the uncensored video:
So, now that the entertainment portion of this blog post is over, let us move on to the more important educational component. Seekers of Truth need to fully understand and integrate to core consciousness the factual reality that all organized atrocities and injustices which occur, anywhere on planet earth, carried out by any organized structure, must be collectively blamed on two things: government and religion.
government and religion is what causes all organized human violence. Not a specific government, and not a specific religion, but the diseased and deranged structure of government, and the diseased and deranged structure of religion, in their respective and collective totality. Western democracy and the religion of christianity, directly cause ISIS to burn humans alive, to drown humans alive, and to behead humans alive, in 2015, to the exact same degree that dictatorships and military controlled governments and the religion of islam, cause this to occur.
Exactly equal guilt and responsibility for all human atrocities which have occurred, are occurring, and will occur in the future, rests upon the structures of government and religion in their entirety, not upon any directional branch of these structures. All human beings who identify as citizens of any government, or believers/worshippers of any religion/god, bear equal guilt and responsibilty for being direct sponsors and causes of all organized atrocities, such as the ones expressed in the above ISIS video.
But wait, we are not finished with our Forbidden Truth dissection just yet. Because we have not yet defined within Truth, what an organized atrocity is. An organized atrocity is: A harmful, victimizing, and unjust action draped within an illusion of moral justification as decreed and imposed by a government or a religion. In the case of the above video, ISIS is the government and islam is the religion.
But let us go back to the Truthful definition of what an organized atrocity is. Within this definition, we who demand to see the world as it is, stripped of the matrix of illusion, understand that within the slave-state of amerikkka, as an example, abortion is an organized atrocity. The death penalty is an organized atrocity. War is an organized atrocity, sport hunting is an organized atrocity. Parenthood is an organized atrocity. Forced labor for money is an organized atrocity. Judicial punishment is an organized atrocity. The control of resources intended to cause starvation and deprivation based upon national border division, is an organized atrocity. And there are many, many more.
All organized atrocities are equal in their horrific injustice, in their victimization of the innocent, in their victimization of existing victims. And all organized atrocities are cloaked, hidden, censored, their functional motivation and their factual end result concealed via censorship of deeds, and propaganda manipulation of why they are being sponsored and carried out.
Do you see abortions being broadcast live on amerikkkan television? Or executions?? Or wars??? No. And the propaganda lies used by the amerikkkan regime to justify their sponsorship of these and many other organized atrocities, are just as devoid of all sanity and rationality as the propaganda lies used by isis to justify their organized atrocities.
Every organized atrocity occurs under the sponsorship of government and religion. Even if you divide atrocities in specific ways, such as fatal atrocities versus non-fatal atrocities, western regimes such as amerikkka directly carry out and commit far more organized atrocities, on a far greater scale, causing far more harm and death, than isis has done, can do, or will do. This is a fact, but in and of itself, it undermines the embrace of Forbidden Truth, because it allows for isis to lay claim to the propaganda position that it possesses a moral high ground.
government is immoral. religion is immoral. Both should not be allowed to exist. It is impossible to justify their existence within the parameters of Truth, of Self-love, of justice and the preservation of Self.  This Forbidden Truth is recognized via the conscious understanding that every organized atrocity is sponsored not by a government, and not by a religion, but by government and by religion, as organized structures. The murder of a womb-trapped fetus in nebraska, is absolutely and just as much the fault of the islamic members of isis that you see in the above video committing murder, as the cage drownings of the five men you see in the above video, is the fault of a moderate and mainstream democratic christian citizen-slave of amerikkka. Got it??
The gift of government and the gift of religion is universal oppression, victimization, enslavement, and murder, of all human beings, everywhere on earth, always, past, present, and future. But to be more specific, Me. Me: Oppressed, victimized, enslaved, and murdered. That is why I am an anarchist and an atheist, and it is why no sane life form who has broken free of the societal matrix of human illusion, can ever justify perceiving or identifying himself as a citizen, a voter, a worshipper, or a believer.
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Propaganda, Censorship, and ISIS

Seekers of Truth must never rest upon realized facts. Every realized fact must be constantly expanded, to maintain personal victory in the war each of us must fight against our enemies. Our existence has always been and will always be suffocated by the shroud of universal illusion that is the matrix of human society and government. Our obligation to Self must be to recognize the matrix, dissect the matrix, destroy the matrix, and continue destroying the matrix, understanding that we will not succeed in destroying it, because our acts of destruction are personal, and do not pierce, cannot pierce, the hive mind.
Two days ago, on the 4th of july 2015, ISIS released another propaganda video, which was of course censored by the amerikkkan and western media and government. I visited 30 different western media links, all of which described the video, but none of which provided the uncensored video to visitors, or even a secondary link to allow visitors to view what was being described. Here you see censorship in action, but does your mind possess the clarity of focus, the capacity to decipher Forbidden Truth, to reach a top-level understanding of the functional nature of censorship?
Let Me begin with a direct link to this censored video, the Palmyra, Syria amphitheater mass handgun murder:
I am pleased and proud to post this propaganda video by ISIS, just as I did the ISIS beheading of westerners videos several months ago, because we should all seize every opportunity to subvert the power of the government which claims slave ownership over us. But my main purpose in posting this particular censored video, at this point in time, is to broaden the scope of articulated Forbidden Truths on the issue of censorship itself.
Censorship and propaganda are two sides of the same coin, inextricably linked. Censorship is propaganda, and propaganda is censorship. The withholding of Truth by government, always runs concurrent with the dissemination of lies, by government. In the july 4th media articles concerning the Palmyra, Syria amphitheater mass murder and newly released ISIS video, the western media specifically referred to the video as constituting propaganda.  This is the excuse that western media would give, for refusing to allow western citizen-slaves to simply view what is being described.
The Forbidden Truth is this: It is an act of propaganda for the west to label ISIS videos as propaganda. In doing so, the western media conceals and denies the Truth that amerikkka and the west engages in an endless propaganda campaign against amerikkkan citizen-slaves, far more comprehensive, sophisticated, and unrelenting in nature, than ISIS could ever dream of carrying out.
Let us understand that in decreeing other governments to engage in propaganda, the overt intent of amerikkka and the west is not merely to demonize these other regimes, but to cloak the fact and the reality of its own malicious propaganda campaign.
All censorship is always selective. Every government chooses what to censor, if to censor, and when to censor, based upon a political strategy of attracting and retaining followers, increasing patriotism and nationalism, and controlling/directing popular opinion of citizen-slaves, in a way that allows the regime to pursue predetermined policy paths.
For example, all of the ISIS beheading of westerners videos, released by ISIS several months ago, were censored by western media and government, specifically because they demonstrated the weakness and impotence of the west, and specifically because the west did not wish to engage in a full-fledged ground war at that point in time. In the future, should the politically motivated policy paths of the amerikkkan regime change, this exact same type of beheading video might well be shown to citizen-slaves by the western media, and if no new graphic beheading videos are released by isis, the regime may well resurrect the exact same old beheading videos that it refused to show to its citizen-slaves months, or even years, earlier.
What is propaganda?? Very simply, it is the successful dissemination of lies by an organized political entity, most commonly referred to as a “government”. Successful simply means that the lies are accepted as Truths, or simply not recognized as lies, a subtle yet important distinction. Every government owns and controls its media, this is a simple and universal fact. Ownership has nothing to do with money or title, it speaks to overt command and control. Every government commands and controls its media, and it makes no difference how this command and control is imposed.
So, ISIS released a propaganda video on the 4th of july, 2015. But amerikkka released 50,000+ propaganda videos on this very day. Yes, 50,000+! Because every single usa and western media news report which decreed, “Today we celebrate our liberty and freedom…” was an absolute propaganda video. Every news report which showed westerners marching in a 4th of july parade, or frolicking on the beach, or watching fireworks displays, or visiting the grave of a dead soldier, or in any way expressing patriotic allegiance for and with the government of amerikkka, or in any way declaring their perception of being free and enjoying the benefits of personal liberty and autonomy, was and is an absolute propaganda video, produced by the amerikkkan regime and marketed to amerikkkan citizen-slaves, as well as an attempt to recruit and entice slaves of other regimes to buy into the absurd and malicious lie of freedom and liberty and justice existing within citizenship or residency in amerikkka.
Every single one of these 50,000+ videos released to the public by the amerikkkan regime on july 4, 2015, constituted a malicious propaganda video, exactly on par with the one ISIS Palmyra amphitheater propaganda video released on this same date. So, the amerikkkan regime is guilty of imposing, literally and factually, thousands of times more propaganda upon its citizen-slaves and the world, this day and every day, than ISIS could ever even dream of trying to impose upon its citizen-slaves and the world.
To all who are sane, contemplate the perverse hypocrisy of a regime censoring the propaganda of other regimes, demonizing them for creating and disseminating propaganda, while at the very same time, this regime creates and imposes 50,000+ times greater propaganda, upon its own citizen-slaves.
This is the nature of the propaganda war being waged by every regime against its own citizen-slaves. The promise of liberty. freedom, independence, and autonomy that the united states of amerikkka makes to its citizen-slaves, is the worst, the most malevolent, the most immensely relentless, and the most successful propaganda war that has been, is being, and will be waged, each and every day of the 18th, 19th, 20th, and now 21st centuries.
I urge you brainwashed haters of Truth to watch the above ISIS propaganda video over and over and over, until you come to the absolute realization of Forbidden Truth that the amerikkkan regime is propagandizing to every citizen-slave and to the entire world, on a scale thousands of times more immense, more brutal, and more harmful than ISIS is doing, or can do.
Successfully censoring the propaganda of other regimes, is the first, vital step required to enable a regime to successfully propagandize its own citizen-slaves, and all of humanity as a whole. Amerikkka has earned a gold medal in achieving this feat.
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Uncensored ISIS Video: 21 christians Beheaded

Better late than never, and proud to continue my crusade (Sorry christians, for this unfortunate but very clever play on words) against the universal censorship of 21st century society and government against Truth, I am pleased to provide this direct link to the ISIS mass beheading video released yesterday, which shows 21 egyptian coptic christians meekly embracing the loss of their heads. Most appropriate, since those who believe in god have already lost their minds and brains.
Not wanting to hold the attention of you humans hostage, and understanding that the vast majority of you have come to this web page not seeking Truth, but simply looking to revel in the god-sponsored death and murder of others, I am providing the direct link to this uncensored mass beheading right now:
But, before you satiate the homicidal bloodlust that you refuse to consciously acknowledge, I invite you to continue reading this blog post, so that you may try to regain control of your own mind and brain within the embraced glory of Truth. After all, to lose your own mind and brain is only a tiny bit less horrific, than to lose your physical head.
Consider these words of Forbidden Truth: To worship god is to worship death. god is the ambassador of death, the public relations agent of death. god stands before you and orders you to die, promising you that death is a gateway to eternal life. But god does not exist. So, who wears the disguise of god? Who is cloaked within the illusion of this mythical creature?? Your human leaders, political, cultural, and social. Your human leaders who worship at the alter of universal slavery, to whom life and reality can never be perceived and understood as it is.
Watch this video, observe the 21 christian god freaks as they meekly kneel, waiting to die. The Truth is, all who believe in god are already dead, all who believe in god are waiting to die. Observe one of the christians furtively gazing at another christian, as if seeking reassurance that everything will be okay. And he gets this reassurance, because Truth has always been dead to humanity, and so it makes no difference to the god freak that nothing has ever been okay, and nothing can ever be okay, and nothing will ever be okay, for any of us, not even those of us who know that to die is to be retroactively unborn, to literally abort yourself, in hindsight and knowing exactly what will be eternally lost.
All who believe in god are murderers, because there can be no purer form of murder than the murder of Self, achieved via the personal embrace of death. The honesty of the isis militant is in holding up a mirror to all who believe in god, showing them their True face. The humorous irony of the isis militant is that he cannot see his own face, nor can he understand that he is holding up a mirror of Truth. To expose Truth, while lacking all conscious awareness of what he is doing, such is the nature of the broken human, destroying others only in reflection of the destruction he himself pathologically seeks and demands.
Religion is a war against Truth, carried out by governments and societies. Christianity makes islam stronger, and islam makes christianity stronger. amerikkka and isis are allies, blood brothers united in the war against Truth. You are free to die, and you are free to choose to be murdered, but you are not free to challenge the legitimacy of death. You are not. You must die, and it is government which decrees you must die, utilizing the terrorist of a god creature, and the terrorism of religion.
Whose side are you on? Do you root for ISIS, or do you root for amerikkka? Is christianity your team? Or islam? Or maybe you are an atheist, but the savages need god to confort them, no? Listen, all who have ears not attached to a severed head: All roads lead to death. Every path takes you head-on, to a dead end, literally. As long as you support the existence of any god, any religion, any government, you are guilty of both soliciting and worshipping your own death.
So go ahead now, watch the video, and embrace your blindness. You cannot see the Truth: There is nothing wrong with killing others, for Yourself. This reflection is pure and noble. But to kill for god?? No. Those who kill for god are siding with their own executioner, sponsoring their own death, as solicited by their human captors, the government and society which holds hostage their minds, via the destruction of Truth.
All who are sane must declare war against god, war against religion, war against government, and war against death. We who are Superior openly decree ourselves Atheists, Anarchists, and Immortalists, within the Forbidden Truth understanding that all three of these foundational positions must be unequivocally cemented to our core consciousness, as a requirement to manifest the glory inherent in love of Self and the embrace of freedom as it is Truthfully defined.
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Kayla Mueller: Martyr of amerikkkan Government & Society

According to the amerikkkan news media, Kayla Mueller is dead because ISIS was keeping her physically captive when the amerikkkan regime murdered her via an unprovoked external attack conducted as part of the Insane War Ritual. How utterly absurd! Long before ISIS achieved Kayla’s physical captivity, amerikkka, as nation-state and as society, kidnapped Kayla and deprived her of the most elemental and foundational of all freedoms, the only valid form of freedom which exists: The freedom of mind which manifests as the capacity to recognize and embrace Truth and Self-value, concurrent with recognizing and rejecting the propaganda, indoctrination, and reality manipulation of the society which claimed slave ownership over her.
The chosen life path of Kayla Mueller is celebrated and honored by the genocidally evil regime of amerikka, upon the occasion of her death. This celebration occurs because in death, Kayla can and does serve the propaganda interests of this regime. Kayla is a representative example of the ideal citizen-slave, completely broken and destroyed by her regime, yet completely oblivious to this Truth, and “choosing”, the word is italicized because nothing done in blind reflection of external propaganda and indoctrination can qualify as legitimate choice, a specific life path which is suicidal, Self-hating, guilt-embracing, and completely absolves society and government of overt malice, and the resultant guilt and responsibility it bears for all human injustices.
Here you can read a letter written by Kayla while she was being cared for by her final slave-state:
This letter, as well as other writings and verbal statements by Kayla,  is being blasted into every set of eyes and every human mind by the amerikkkan media, because it perfectly serves the agenda of the amerikkkan government, to render every citizen and resident a docile, Self and Truth-hating sheep, eager to suffer and to sacrifice, desperate to personally atone for the crimes of their government, which of course must never be consciously realized, much less openly expressed.
In this pathetic and broken ex-creature, Kayla Mueller, we see the horrific consequences of addiction to the insane god myth, coupled with patriotic allegiance to an existing slave state and its ordained “way of life”, topped off with the universal destruction of ego and Self-value which inspired her, and millions of others who still pretend to be alive, to endanger and sacrifice their own uniquely precious existence, to try to “help” others.
Let us clearly understand that to endanger Self in order to try to help others, is not noble, courageous, praiseworthy or generous, but the exact opposite. It is perverse, selfish, and cowardly, it represents overt denial of all natural instinct, and every sane behavioral perception of the mind, illustrated by egoism, egotism, narcissism, and Self-love. Let us clearly understand that no individual should ever accept or assume personal guilt or responsibility for rectifying the institutionalized injustices, horrors, and crimes against humanity which government and society directly sponsor.
Kayla Mueller was a “do-gooder”, according to her amerikkkan government captors, and their media propagandists, just read this article:
But the Forbidden Truth is, Kayla did no good at all, for anyone. Kayla betrayed the very concept of altruism, by giving a free pass to the sponsor of genocidal evil, the regime which claimed ownership over her. Individual efforts to “help” others, running concurrent with government efforts to ensure the universal harming of all, are an absurdity and perversion of all rational thought and action. If Kayla desired to help others, her efforts should have been directed towards eliminating and destroying the actual sponsor of genocidal harm, her own government, instead of engaging in useless, symbolic attempts to mitigate the harm being caused and sponsored by her government.
This is a primary level Forbidden Truth, and because Kayla’s chosen life path actions so blatantly and totally spit upon this Forbidden Truth, she is being hailed as a heroic figure, to be admired and emulated. And what is the end result of Kayla’s utterly misguided effort to do “good”?? The genocidally evil regime of amerikkka is strengthened. Its capacity to cause more harm and suffering and injustice and victimization all across the world, as well as to more easily and successfully destroy every child and adult citizen-slave, is increased, as a direct result of her personal actions, writings, and words.
All who seek Truth must understand that they bear no guilt or responsibility for the institutionalized harm sponsored and carried out as public policy mandates of government. The only appropriate way to address this harm, is to overtly seek to eliminate and destroy government itself. Those who attempt to mitigate, as individuals, the institutionalized and genocidal harm sponsored by government, are in Truth legitimizing this harm, and ensuring it will not merely continue to occur, but increase in scope and in magnitude, as a direct result of their misguided efforts.
Kayla Mueller wasted and sacrificed her singularity of existence, for absolutely nothing. Her legacy is that of strengthening the capacity of government to inflict universal harm upon all, which is the most primary goal of government itself, and that is why the amerikkkan regime is lionizing, glorifying, and making a fetish out of her death. Follow Kayla, emulate her example, destroy Yourself and waste your existence in service to the hive mind, this is the demand of the amerikkkan government, in its sanctification of Kayla’s life path, as it perversely rejects and renders invisible the guilt and responsibility it bears for her death, and for all human suffering and injustice.
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Kicking It Up A Notch

You have to give ISIS, The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, credit for kicking it up a notch, via the immolation murder of Muath Safi Yousef al-Kasasbeh, torture victim and martyr of the government of jordan. Both the methodology and the production value of their most recent, 22 minute immolation video, set a new standard for ISIS, above and beyond their signature beheadings. The question now becomes, where do we go from here? More immolation videos would be a tad anticlimactic, and going back to beheadings would be downright regressive in nature. So, let us consider several enigmatic options.
First, we must acknowledge that at the moment, ISIS seems to be in somewhat short supply of western/coalition hostages, but let us assume they can and will rectify this deficiency. Once this is achieved, the issue of advancing homicidal methodology must be addressed. To go back to beheadings, especially the recent fade-to-black style which minimizes gore, would be a regression. Certainly the new immolation standard is still fresh, and can be successfully mined in the future. But let us think outside of the box, as we consider new ISIS options.
What about a good old-fashioned, back-to-the-future style crucifixion?!!? Yes, I know this is not the normal modus operandi of ISIS, but it would be an absolutely ideal way to poke holes in and mock the christian fundamentalism of the amerikkkan regime and of the west as a whole. Imagine it, a huge cross erected in the desert, the hostage nailed to it hand and foot, closeups of blood seeping from all four appendages, closeups of the victims agonized face, accompanied to lyrical shouts of Allahu Akbar,  الله أكبر would make for an excellent cinematic drama, IMNSVHO.
Another idea worth considering, would be waterboarding, which is not customarily fatal as a form of torture practiced by the west against arabs, but can certainly be modified so as to consist of a progressive series of tortures which do end in a final act of fatal waterboarding in which the victim does drown. A very nice poke in the eye to the west, exposing its limitless hypocrisy for all whose eyes and mind are open to Truth.
Another exciting option to consider, would be the Khazouk. If you are unfamiliar, this form of murder involves hammering a thick spike into a victims rectum, all the way through until it emerges from his torso or mouth. See this web page for more details:
I feel confident that a Khazouk style ISIS murder video, released to the world on videotape, might allow Me to once again establish a new statistical record for blog visitors and page views.
Of course I do not endorse such barbarism, not wishing to exceed the barbarism of the amerikkkan and western regimes in sponsoring nuclear weapon holocausts, murders by electric chair, gas chamber, lethal injection, and firing squad, waterboarding and numerous other brutal cia torture and murder techniques. I simply posit a few creative ideas and options which ISIS has no doubt already begun considering. .
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