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Possibility, Mind Murder, and the Supreme Irony of it All

Everything is possible, if only the individual and collective brains of humanity are capable of perceiving the thing, anything, to be possible.
Nothing is possible, if the individual and collective brains of humanity are incapable of perceiving a thing, anything, to be possible.
Controlling and limiting human perception of what is possible, absolutely, completely, and effectively controls and determines what is actually possible.
No human being is allowed to attain mental maturity absent the proactive destruction of his capacity to accurately perceive what is actually possible.
Therefore, as factual reality, humanity as a species is both individually and collectively guilty, by choice, of destroying it’s own capacity to perceive, to know, and to realize it’s own possibility and potentiality, as well as it’s own capacity to consciously recognize and understand what it has done.
Not only can possibility never be realized, not even the reality of its destruction, can be realized.
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Irony, Lost On the Brainwashed Human

Is it not supremely ironic that the editor of Charlie Hebdo, Stéphane Charbonnier, and the other artists who were harvested today, chose to risk and endanger their very lives in order to defy censorship, and yet the response of the media to their deaths, is to impose censorship upon their audience?!? The irony is immense, and it speaks directly to the matrix of illusion which defines 21st century human existence. When nothing is Truthfully and accurately defined, and when nobody cares to stand up for Truth, nothing anyone says or does has any grounding in factual reality.
“They died because they opposed censorship, and we honor their lives by censoring both the physical imagery and the ideological Truths which illuminate at every level, why they were harvested”. This makes no logical sense, but it is the Forbidden Truth explanation for what has occurred, for the practice of censorship.
And consider, it is certain that inside the offices of Charlie Hebro there were video cameras and security cameras running, which recorded this massacre in great detail. And yet the media is not even trying to obtain this video footage, much less allow us to view it. In fact, if anyone at Charlie Hebro provides this content to the media, they face likely arrest and prosecution, for the “crime” of trying to show others exactly what happened, for fighting against censorship itself. Supreme irony!
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