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What If The Forbidden Truth Texts Had Been Presented As A Religion?

The Church of Forbidden Truth and The Forbidden Truth Bible?? Let us do a Mind Wide Open speculative analysis:

Just about 28 years ago, I began to publicly disseminate Forbidden Truth. And just about 18 years ago, I first began considering the creation of a seminal, historically unique text, which would bind together all of the thousands of different Forbidden Truths into a single document, The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth.

Of course I gave a great deal of thoughtful, careful consideration to exactly how to structure, organize, and present this seminal text to the universe. For at least six months of time, before I wrote a single word for the Manifesto, I weighed many different options, scenarios, and text structures. At every stage of this process, My focus was consistently the same: How to best honor, glorify, and sanctify both Myself, and the Truth.
At no time was I primarily focused on how to gain human supporters, or how to best convince any humans to accept or embrace any, much less all, of the Forbidden Truths.

It was 100% clear to Me that humanity as a whole, meaning the vast majority of all humans, was certain to reject the vast majority of all Forbidden Truths, no matter how they were presented. Therefore, any attempt to cater, pander, convince, or appeal to humanity to embrace Forbidden Truth, was both a tactical and an ideological stupidity. And The Seer does not do stupid things.

Still, one of the many options I considered, not for the purpose of trying to make Forbidden Truth more appealing to humans, but simply as one of many viable structural formats, was to present The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth as a religious text, a text of orders/commandments given to humanity by an omnipotent, supernatural force, and to pronounce Myself to be either this omnipotent, supernatural entity, or to pronounce Myself to be jesus christ returned from the dead to deliver these new orders to humanity, or to present Myself as a direct emissary and messenger of god, but not the god of christianity or any other previously known religion, but a brand new god creature never before mentioned in any existing historical human texts.
I gave all three of these options deliberate consideration, but the amount of time spent was relatively brief. And of course, as you know by now, I rejected all three options. I rejected them because they compromised and violated Truth. They would have soiled and tainted everything I wrote, every Forbidden Truth would have rested on a foundational house of cards. I could not, I would not, betray Myself, disrespect Myself and the sanctity of Truth, in such a perverse way.
But let it be clear, I understood and realized that choosing one of these three options would provide Me with unique and valuable tactical advantages. I knew then, as I know now, humanity would remain until species extinction, hopelessly addicted to the Insane God Myth.

As a student of Anton Szandor LaVey and The Satanic Bible I understood the enormous tactical advantage I could seize, in presenting Myself as a god, or as a direct emissary of a god, a god I could mold within the glorious image of Forbidden Truth, to terrorize and to reward all humans, based upon their obedience, harnessing My hypnotic, magnetic personality to embody a new god to draw in addicted god freaks from all existing religions, and manipulate their minds to become fervent devotees to all Forbidden Truth doctrine and decree.

Would it have worked? Yes, of course. But only to a limited degree. Forbidden Truth would still have terrified and repelled the vast majority. But still, many thousands would have been seduced, not by the Truth itself, but by the mythology of My mind-created god creature. Because you can believe Me, I know how to exploit and captivate the inferior human mind. I know the power of My own mind. Even 18 years ago, it was immense.

How many thousands would have been drawn into My web? Ten thousand? Fifty thousand?? More??? I can only speculate, but 10,000-25,000 genuine disciples seems like a reasonable number. Fifty thousand?? Probably not. Forbidden Truth would still have been too alien for so many to grasp onto.

As we all know, I chose the path of absolute and only Truth, the path hated by you pathetic hypocrites. And so here we are, 15+ years after I published The Manifesto, and I have approximately 20-40 genuinely sincere devotees, instead of the 10,000-25,000 I would have had had I presented Forbidden Truth as a religion. That’s a BIG difference, folks!
Speculating further on the path not taken, I want to make it perfectly clear that even if Forbidden Truth would have attained these 10,000-25,000 fervent religious disciples, they would NOT have succeeded in altering the Matrix of Universal Illusion under which all 21st century societies and governments operate. No structural systems would have been brought down.None of the Forbidden Truths would have been embraced or accepted by humanity. They would be better known, yes. But the universal rejection would be identical to now.
For Me personally, things would be very different. Right now, 15+ years after “The Forbidden Truth Bible” was presented to the universe, the odds are very high I would already have been either assassinated by the government, or jailed for life as an “infamous cult leader”. The regime could not and would not have allowed Me to amass even 10,000 devotees of the Forbidden Truth Religion. The conspiracy of silence and shunning works well for the regime with Me only having 20-40 devotees, but 10,000 would have posed an existential threat requiring them to actively and overtly take Me out of the picture, despite the risk that doing so could have led to increasing publicity and fame for Me, and therefore, in theory, an increase in the number of religious devotees to My Manifesto.

This is the power of religion, it allows anyone willing to lie, with a strong enough personality, to assemble a cult of brainwashed inferiors ready and willing to act on his commands, including to kill and to die based upon orders from the imaginary god creature. It works for christianity and islam, and it would have worked for the Forbidden Truth Religion, only on a much smaller scale, of course.

In the end, the Forbidden Truth cultists would not have changed the world in any way. They would have been demonized by society and government, massacred in an orchestrated war ritual like the Koresh followers, and/or rounded up and reprogrammed back to the mainstream cults of christianity and money worship and Sacred Family Unit slavery and all that other perverse nonsense.
Still, it would have been a hell of an interesting ride for Me.

Do I regret My decision, in hindsight? Of course not! The purity of Truth and the untouchability of Me reigns supreme at this moment, thanks to the unwavering devotion to Truth I have consistently demonstrated throughout My existence, in all life path choices I have made. I am so proud of what I stand for, so proud that nobody can ever or will ever be able to point out a lie, a deception, in any ideological or philosophical aspect of any of My Forbidden Truth texts.

Still, it is a mellow mind-meld, to consider what might have been. How much havoc could have been wreaked. Would I have made it to the national stage, live interviews on CNN, before the regime took Me out? Maybe.
Tonight, for my Conscious Dream, I think I will create an elaborate plot based upon Me going back in time and choosing to present Forbidden Truth as a religion, and playing out the scenario exactly as I would have most liked it to go… Within realistic limits, of course. I will not play it as the societal embrace of Forbidden Truth winning out in the end.

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Leslie Van Houten, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Susan Atkins. Thank you for standing up, ladies!

What Do We Do With All The Human Garbage??

The Forbidden Truth is, at every single moment in time throughout the modern era of human existence, inferior humans who possess no practical capacity to evolve to any level of functional sanity, have dominated and overrun planet earth, outnumbering the sane and the Superior by lower ratios of 100,000 to 1, ranging up to 10,000,000 to 1.
This is a fact. So, let us extrapolate from this fact: Majority rule is unacceptable. Period. Because the majority have been, are, and under the existing social structure, are guaranteed to always remain, insane and inferior. Every society and government on earth in 2017 functions under majority rule, it makes absolutely no difference if the regime calls itself a democracy, a monarchy, a dictatorship, a religion-based society, etc…
So, if majority rule is unacceptable, government is unacceptable. But to the majority, government, god, family, money, forced labor, suffering, death, all of these things are desired and demanded.
The only hope for humanity, is for the tiniest of minorities to control and dominate over the greatest of majorities. The Superiors dominating over the inferiors. We who are Superior cannot succeed in significantly increasing our numbers. We cannot and will not succeed in any such attempt, and so we must not try. It is a useless waste of time, which none of us murder victims has.
So, how do we control and dominate over the majority? The only simple solution is extermination. I’m sorry to offend any delicate minds, but it is simply the only solution. We must get rid of the human garbage, and the garbage will not go quietly. It will not dispose of itself. It demands majority rule, and we, the tiny handful of Superiors, are the minority. Majority rule ensures we are exterminated. Therefore we must resolve to exterminate the majority.
Easier said than done. But as with everything, the first and vital step to success is to accurately identify the problem, along with the viable solution(s).
garbage7All Text is Copyright ©2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Forbidden Truth: Why No Leadership Tests For Leaders?

Properly designed and implemented, tests work. My Mandatory Parental Competency Tests, revealed in breathtakingly brilliant detail in my texts, would effectively eliminate the universal parental child abuse reality of the 21st century.
You humans have devised numerous testing measures, for intelligence, truthfulness, sobriety, to name just a few. Let us be clear, these tests are NOT designed properly, none seek to expose Truth or pierce the Matrix of Universal Illusion.
Still, you humans accept and deploy these tests. You allow your leaders to impose these tests upon you, but you simultaneously refuse to impose these tests upon them, as a condition of allowing them to obtain & maintain leadership status over you.
Could anything be more insane?! The answer is No. You give your Self-chosen slavemasters, your leaders, the power and authority to control and determine your very fate, without even TRYING to determine their competency via objective tests that already exist!
And WHY do you choose this insane path? Because you are pathetic fools, because you hate Yourselves, want to suffer, wand to die, and because your ego has been destroyed.
Among humans, leadership should clearly not exist. But if it IS to exist, surely the only sane path is for EVERY follower to demand and impose relentless, ongoing, and continuous testing and monitoring upon all leaders, prior to choice and during his entire leadership stint.
The IQ test: Genius level in order to be allowed to try to become a leader at any level, then DAILY retests for all existing leaders, with any drop in score resulting in automatic termination of leadership.
The Polygraph test: Every leader, always hooked up to the machine. ALWAYS. For every single public speech, every single press conference, every public AND private meeting with every other leader, the results streamed live, in real-time, on every television and internet and radio news broadcast.
The required standard of conduct: A single lie, detected, permanently ends all leadership authority, status, and title, for present and future.
The breathalyzer/intoxication test: Administered daily, at random times, with even the slightest measurement of ANY type of substance intoxication, not just alcohol or illegal drugs of course, resulting in immediate, permanent termination of all leadership power and status.
But NO, you humans have never and would never consider implementing ANY of these obvious, necessary screenings, to protect Yourselves. And why not?? Because you are IDIOTS, and will only choose fellow idiots to lead you. A high IQ would DISQUALIFY a leadership candidate, forcing you to face the Truth of what you are & what you do.
You humans despise the Truth, and are pathologically addicted to being intoxicated, so you will only choose LIARS and addicts to lead you, knowing they will protect & maintain your Matrix of Universal Illusion.
Can you see yourselves now, idiot, liar, addict??! I see you, I see and I know everything about you. Can you look at yourselves and see what you are?? Because it is impossible for you to EXPLAIN, to JUSTIFY, in Truth, your choice as a species to not even TRY to objectively determine the competency of others to lead you, via existing tests.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Why Do Humans Choose to Breed?

Understanding the nature of universal child abuse requires a keen and absolute insight to the human condition of existence. On its most elemental level, universal child abuse perfectly reflects the Forbidden Truth that everyone who breeds, as well as everyone who is allowed to serve as a child caretaker, is already a created victim of universal child abuse, and the law of human reflection, as articulated within Forbidden Truth philosophy, applies.
But let us now dig deeper, to expose the Forbidden Truths of breeding itself. Why do humans choose to breed? The normals will always fall back upon their imposed doctrinal illusions, that breeding is natural, instinctual, normal, and universally practiced by all other animals. But these arguments, upon Forbidden Truth analysis, are void of all credibility.
The human being is an unnatural life form, and proves this fact each and every day, in millions of different ways, on an individual and a species-wide, collective level. The instincts of the human being are warped, not oriented towards either personal or group survival. The human being exists as the only species with an obvious and undeniable suicidal ideation, which is not limited to individual members, and which directly contradicts and undermines the argument that a natural instinct for survival, inherently present in all species of life, affirmatively motivates humans to breed.
The human being is an abnormal animal, the thinking patterns and reality perceptions of the human being, differ from all other animals. Therefore, when the human engages in behaviors that mimic the behaviors of other animals, it is not an acceptable explanation, to simply decree the motivational forces behind these behaviors as being “normal”. The human being thinks abnormally, behaves abnormally, and perceives reality in abnormal ways, in direct comparison to all other animals. To decree the human choice to breed as merely a “normal” and natural decision, is a cop-out which obscures Truth on this very question and issue, and by proxy, on a much wider and diverse set of profoundly important human ideological and behavioral issues.
It is very True that all other species of life choose to breed, but this fact, in and of itself, fails to explain why humans choose to breed, and it fails to reveal the profound differences, the functional pathologies, which are in direct play in how humanity approaches and utilizes this biological function.
Here are the top seven reasons that humans choose to breed, and I want to preface by making it clear that all seven reasons are flawed, illogical, directly harmful to the individual Self, and a betrayal/abandonment of Truth itself.
1: Humans breed in order to obtain a false, invalid, and intellectually absurd illusion of personal immortality. Humans delude themselves into believing that creating offspring somehow bestows upon them, a method of cheating death, a way to exist and to live on, after they die. This concept is utterly deranged and delusional, and has no basis in any sane philosophical or ideological conception. And yet it is a primary and foundational reason, on an intellectualized level of direct contemplation, as well as a subconscious emotional pathology, for why humans choose to breed.
2: Humans choose to breed because they feel compelled to relieve their own experienced childhood trauma, victimization, and abuse, by inflicting similar trauma, victimization, and abuse upon children. Breeding is the governmentally and culturally preferred and promoted way for all adults to reflect their own experienced child abuse, upon children. Legally, morally, and ideologically, all adults are instructed by society that breeding is the proper, natural, and appropriate way to obtain children for usage as reflective and cathartic Poison Containers.
3: Humans choose to breed because governments coerce and brainwash them to accept the perverse lie that it is their obligation to the slave-state to breed, to create new citizen-slaves who will replace them, and in the process keep the slave-state strong and vital. governments terrorize citizens into believing that they are personal failures, and are betraying a debt they owe to the state, if they refuse to breed.
4: Humans are convinced to breed by society and government, under the lie that breeding and raising a child provides a legitimate purpose and meaning to their existence, that it is personally important and a proper channel for them to direct their focus, attention, and peceived “free time”. Nothing could be further from the Truth. In actuality, on a personal and individual level, breeding and raising children is meaningless, a horrific waste of precious time, and serves as extremely harmful distraction and diversion from proper focus on Self and the True issues and problems inherent in all individual existences.
5: Humans choose to breed because on some level they recognize that they are being forced to exist as absolute slaves, and breeding is marketed to them by society as the perfect and best opportunity to become slaveowners themselves. This slave ownership is delusionally perceived by the individual as a way to successfully mitigate and escape from the reality of their own slavery.
6: Humans choose to breed because pretending to try to make a better life for a created offspring, is the perfect excuse to insanely rationalize acceptance of personal suffering, injustice, a horrific present and a doomed, hopeless, illusionary future, for Self.
7: Humans choose to breed because they are unable to love Self, and desperate to obtain love from other living things, and are brainwashed by society and government to accept the lie that maternal and paternal love is pure, natural, instinctual, and the easiest & bestway to obtain love from another human being. In Truth, of course, the only valid form of love is Self-love, and owned child-slaves are emotionally coerced and terrorized into expressing/demonstrating love to adults, as well as psychologically crippled to the toxic dependency of emotional enmeshment. Taught that they must not love themselves, they are doomed to a lifelong addiction of vampiric emotional enmeshment, compelled to try to extract love from other living things, instead of incubating and blossoming within the glory of limitless, unconditional love of Self.
So there you have it, the True reasons humans choose to breed. Breeding for humans, is wrong. It is a toxic, crippling crutch. Universal sterility should be a scientic, as well as a terrorist, goal. Maybe, just maybe, if humanity as a species were to become universally sterile, a sense of personal Self-value might develop, not out of genuine evolutionary progress of mind, but in response to whatever last vestiges of instinctual Self-preservation as a species, the diseased human animal might still possess.
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Bad Samaritan, and Proud Of It

I am a bad samaritan. I do not help people. Even using the term “people”, offends my sensibilities. They are humans, and should be referred to as such. The mere word, “people”, bestows a sense of familiarity that the human being does not deserve to receive from Me. In this essay I will outline some of the primary reasons that I do not help humans.
I do not help humans because nobody helped Me when I was a child, and I honor the law of reflection: Do onto others as they have done onto you. This philosophical law is honorable and just, rational and sane and respectful of Self. I do not and I will not help, because I was not helped. I am a victim of willful harm, collectively sponsored and carried out via actions, and lack of actions, respectively, both of which represent the official behavioral and ideological standards of humanity as a whole, not of isolated rogue humans.
I do not help humans because humans as a whole, and humanity as a species, has proven itself unworthy of receiving any help from Me. They do not deserve to be helped. In a very real way, helping a human would directly harm Me, it would be a betrayal of Truth, of reflection, and of the universal injustice that every Superior must recognize himself a created victim of.
I do not help humans because the human being is a vampire, the human seeks to extract what is valuable, from others. As an adult, I have selectively and on rare occasions received “help” from others, as I have chosen and upon my demand. This help has always been formally requested, such as a dentist filling a cavity, an eye doctor conducting an eye examination, etc… All help I have solicited, I have sacrificed money to receive, in order to ensure that no vampiric obligation can be perceived or claimed. All offers of help from others, that I do not directly solicit, are rejected by Me. All offers of help that I do solicit, exist as professional exchanges, void of all emotional baggage. No vampires feed upon Me.
I do not help humans because humans do not help themselves. Humans sabotage and destroy themselves, as a species. To offer or to provide help to members of such a species is an affront to all decent standards of justice and rationality. Why would I help creatures who refuse to help themselves? Creatures who loathe themselves, sacrifice and sabotage their own health, endanger and destroy themselves, and embrace their own deaths?! No, let such creatures suffer, and recognize the perverse hypocrisy inherent in any request for help  that such a creature might make.
I do not help humans because I do not like humans, and because I do not wish to help them. Helping humans does not make Me feel good. Helping humans does not improve my experience of my existence, in any manner. I do not do what I do not desire to do. I answer to Myself, I do things which please, excite, satisfy, enrich Me as a mind and exalt my place in the universe I have created and now own. Helping humans fails to meet any of these criteria.
Do I help other creatures, the non-human?? Rarely and selectively, yes. In these situations, my aid is void of emotion, rooted within instinctual identification of mind with a fellow victim, as all animals are victims of humans. I identify with creatures that are not human, because I have spent decades seeking to transcend my humanity, and now have achieved this glorious feat. I do not “care” about these creatures that I may help. My aid, rare and selective, is also selfish. The well-being of the animal is not a primary, or even a secondary, goal or motivation, and no emotional bond or connection between Me and the animal, is ever created.
Would I ever help a human?? In terms of saving or preserving the existence of a human, no. If a situation presented itself in which helping a human could reasonably expect to result in a very great and real benefit to Me, such as receiving a million dollars or gaining technological immortality, of course I would consider it, reflecting the glory of selfishness, ego, and Self-love. Likewise, if, for example, a woman with painful corns and bunions, wearing high heels and hobbling in pain, asked Me to carry her to her house, I might well leap at the opportunity, but only because I have a female foot fetish and doing so would provide Me with sexual pleasure and excitement.
“Yes dear, of course I will carry you back to your apartment, now that you have told me your high heeled boots have rubbed bleeding blisters on both your heels, and your baby toe corns have become so exquisitely painful that you just can’t bear to take another step!”—A Bad Samaritan doing a Good Deed.
Those of us who recognize humanity for what it is, have a Self-obligation to be bad samaritans. Let us never go out of our way to help the disgusting creatures guilty of victimizing us, and collectively destroying and murdering us. Let us be good to ourselves, let us give ourselves the best of everything, as we sacrifice nothing for others. Let us be mentally healthy enough to meet all of our own needs, and to both reject and condemn all societal efforts to coerce us into vampiric enmeshment with humans.
All text is Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Record-breaking Stats for The Forbidden Truth Blog

Am pleased and proud to announce that yesterday. February 4th, 2015, saw The Forbidden Truth Blog completely shatter all Visitor and Page View numerical daily records. My brilliant blog had 7,851 unique visitors, who performed 13,336 unique Page Views, far exceeding My previous record highs, on both counts.
As always, these statistics do not represent any type of interest in exploring or embracing Forbidden Truth of any kind. The only reason I attained these record statistical highs, is because I searched for, located, and posted several direct links to the 22 minute ISIS immolation video of Muath Safi Yousef al-Kasasbeh, arabic name: معاذ صافي يوسف الكساسبة‎. The search engines immediately picked up My posts, thanks to the excellent service of wordpress.com, and many thousands of humans, desperately searching for this almost universally censored imagery, located the direct links via The Forbidden Truth Blog.
To give you an idea, I made three different blog posts which contained a direct link to this 22 minute censored video, and 10,512 of the total of 13,336 unique Page Views, went to these three specific pages. An additional 1,000+ page views went to older ISIS beheading video link posts that I have made. Virtually none of these visitors explored any of My other brilliantly insightful posts on child abuser, morality, violence, religion, or other Forbidden Truth topics. In point of fact, My Mandatory Parental Competency Testing essay, the most important and brilliant of all MY blog posts, received exactly two (2) views, out of the 13,336 daily total.
In another interesting statistical detail, I had 244 unique visitors yesterday, from the tiny country of israel, far and away an all-time record high. My average is 1 visitor per day, at most, from this slave-state, and the number of 244 is completely out of proportion to the population size of this country, versus other countries. Why 244 visitors from israel? Because Muath Safi Yousef al-Kasasbeh was an arab, and the regime solicited homicidal bloodthirst of israeli citizen-slaves revels in the viewing of arabs being brutally murdered. You can be certain that My 244 visitors from israel represent only a tiny fraction of the hundreds of thousands who accessed this immolation video via other sources, and achieved cathartic pleasure and joy, as well as sexual climaxes, from directly witnessing an arab being burned alive in real-time.
So, the records broken by The Forbidden Truth Blog yesterday in no way indicate any increased interest in Forbidden Truth on the part of humans. The exact opposite is proven, the absolute hopelessness of humanity, its addiction to the diseased and deranged structure of government, and the desperation of humanity to witness and to revel in state-sponsored murder. Every one of the 7,851 visitors to My blog, even if directed to the ISIS immolation posts by a search engine, had unlimited access to every single blog post, and yet the total page views was only 12,336, an average of 1.70 page views per visitor.
Each visitor viewed the immolation video, achieved sexual or mental pleasure/climax via the immolation, then left, content, fleeing from and overtly rejecting the uniquely valuable Forbidden Truths contained in My hundreds of other blog posts, which required only one or two mouse clicks to access. No comments were posted, no Likes were given, with every visitor clearly in terror of being considered an ISIS sympathizer or aspiring terrorist, should they openly identify themselves as liking the posts which contain the link to the uncensored immolation video.
Here you see the True face of 2015 humanity, a species of cowards, a species obsessed with murder and torment, overtly seeking it out, most especially when it is sponsored by a nation-state. A species willfully blind to and rejecting of its True nature. A species which cannot even begin to imagine trying to understand why it acts as it does, why it thinks as it does, why it clings to the perverse structures which ensure its collective doom.
And so I celebrate the proof given to Me, that humanity is doomed. I thank the species for proving that every conclusion I reach within My Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, located here:
is absolutely accurate. Thank you for rejecting all Truth, thank you for proving to Me that you will achieve the species extinction you have so richly earned, very soon. Thank you for helping Me to climax, both sexually and mentally, to this Truth, on this day.
Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The Forbidden Truths of Pet Ownership

So often, I struggle in choosing an appropriate title for these blog posts. The struggle is rooted in My devotion to Truth, and the pervasive use of language by your diseased and deranged societies, for the purpose of definitional brainwashing. The fact is, “pet ownership” is an utterly invalid term which betrays the reality of what is occurring, and why it is being done. “Pet Slavery” is the accurate description, but I will retain the invalid title, just because it allows Me to open by exposing the universal nature of how humanity uses language to engage in collective Self-delusion and denial of its functional pathologies.
Every “pet” exists as a piece of owned property, a slave whose terrorization and brutalization helps the human to cope with and to cloak the nature of his own slavery, terrorization, and brutalization at the hands of fellow humans and of human society and government. The pet is an animal the human uses, without any moral or logical justification, not to improve his own existence, but to establish excuses not to try to improve his own existence.
Let us begin this dissection with the Forbidden Truth understanding that every species of life is superior to the human being, on every level: Functional intelligence, genetic health, instinctual behaviors, moral judgments, etc… Every animal, from the maggot to the cockroach to the cat to the elephant to the dog, is a creature of nobility and grandeur, a creature who has earned the right to not merely look down upon the human, but to actively plot and achieve his destruction, on an individual and species-wide level.
Humanity is guilty of crimes of genocide against every other species of life, and these crimes are never greater than in regard to the issue of pet slavery. Every animal is a Superior creature, enslaved by an inferior creature in order to establish a delusional pretense of superiority, rooted in the mental illness and derangement of the human species. Humans enslave and brutalize animals for the same reasons they enslave and brutalize every child, as emotional catharsis, to gain a victim for use as a Poison Container, and to try to extract from others, the things they need but are too broken and destroyed to create and nurture within themselves.
Society and government maliciously promotes pet slavery all across the world. Every society and government overtly approves of and encourages pet slavery, just as it encourages parenthood, marriage, consumption of brain chemistry altering substances, interactive sexual contact, etc…, because owning pets directly contributes to the universal matrix of toxic illusion which props up every human society.
Classic illustrations of this pathology would include the labor slave, forced to humiliate Himself and beg others for money, deriving cathartic relief in coming home to witness an enslaved animal pet frantically begging him for food. It makes him feel good to witness this humiliation, it helps him to ignore and reject the Truth of his own horrific slave status. Or the “empty nester”, having already wasted 20+ years of her imaginary existence in destroying her child(ren), moving on to keep animal pets after the broken slaves leave, so that she can maintain the Self-illusion and delusion of being needed and loved by others.
It is impossible to rationally or morally justify the human possession of animals as slaves. Let us understand that the harm this toxic ritual causes is just as great to humans, as it is to their animal slaves. We must understand the absolute orgy of eugenics which exists as the very heart of pet slavery. Humans, the most genetically diseased of all species of life, have undertaken an orgy of deliberate genetic mutation and mutilation of other life forms, in order to create “pets” which help it to deny this Forbidden Truth about itself. This is one of the greatest of all crimes against nature carried out by the human, and must be consciously understood as such.
The dog, cat, and horse are only the three most obvious examples of humanity using eugenics to destroy the genetic health of noble and Superior species of life. In Truth, for thousands of years, humanity has engaged in this perverse genocide, against many other animals, never admitting to or consciously acknowledging this Forbidden Truth.  Look at this wikipedia article, which describes a genetically modified fish, the “GloFish:
as being “one of the first genetically modified animals to become publicly available”, absolute bullsh*t, and a perverse whitewashing of human history, which has been overtly and intentionally genetically destroying animals for at least the past 13,000 years.
Let us clearly understand that all genetic interference in the natural development of animals, from selective breeding to interspecies breeding, to behavioral manipulation of animals via “training”, reward, and punishment, has always been and remains today, impossible to justify on any level, and constitutes a holocaust and genocide in the most accurate definitional parameters of these two terms. Nothing done by humans on this level has had any positive benefit for any animal species.
All animals kept as pets have been stolen from themselves and from nature itself, enslaved to an artificial state of existence within which they can never realize their potential , in the same way that no human child is allowed to realize his potential at genetic conception or at birth. The issue is not whether a pet can enjoy a “good life”. Nothing that dies can be said to experience a good life. The issue is that overt malice and harming of animals runs concurrent with the very concept of pet ownership, and is rooted in deliberate genetic and eugenic deformation of naturally healthy species of life.
So many of you deranged creatures claim to love your pets, and to be loved by your pets. There is no greater example of functional derangement, than this absurd illusion and delusion. You do not love your pets, idiots! You use your pets in order to extract an illusion of being loved, so that you can continue hating yourselves, the exact same construct behind parenthood. Your pet does not love you, your pet is your slave, your hostage, and your victim of terrorism. Your pet has been rendered dependent upon you. Your pet might act “happy” to see you, but this is because he has been experiencing terror and trauma at your absence, you are literally terrorizing your pet in order to delude yourself that you are loved and valued and important to an animal, when in Truth you are so genetically destroyed that you cannot even be loved and valued and important, to Yourself, within your own conscious experience of your existence.
Pet slavery is a perfect example of a human mistake, begun thousands of years ago, ruthlessly exploited by your slavemaster leaders, and impossible to rationally justify. Your genetic devolution is proven by the consistent human failure to recognize pet slavery as a horrible injustice, both for humans and animals, and your inability to even conceive of abandoning and outlawing this horrific practice which should have never begun.
You need to own animals as slaves, because this helps you to deny and reject the Forbidden Truth that you exist as slaves. How pathetic and perverse and supremely ironic it is, that imposing the same injustices and torments you endure, upon other forms of life, helps you to accept and embrace these very torments. As always, it is your utter blindness to these Truths, which outrages Me most of all. To destroy without any awareness that you are destroying, much less a Truth-based understanding of why you choose to destroy, is really what marks humanity as a species unfit to exist in the universe.
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My Site Stats Are Soaring, Wanna Know Why?

The site stats for The Forbidden Truth Blog are soaring today, almost 400 page views already, looks like My daily record of 823 might fall. And why? Is Forbidden Truth popular all of a sudden?? No, of course not! My site stats are soaring because tortured child-slaves all across the world are desperate to view other human beings suffering and dying, in as gory a manner as possible. These torture victims are watching TV, or surfing the web, and they are sexually and mentally climaxing to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and they feel very frustrated that the media is withholding the best part of the footage from them.
Well, here I come, the Lone Ranger to the rescue, promising uncensored footage of that french cop being harvested. And of course I keep My promises, always, all of them. And so the tortured ex-children flock to My site, desperate for the link. Well, enjoy. I wish it was more gory and graphic, but we take what we can get.
This is the Truth. This is why I might break My daily view record for this blog. Nobody cares about the profoundly unique and insightful Forbidden Truths I am revealing, It’s all about the gore, to orgasm and climax to the moment of physical death of another human being. Emotional catharsis, a lifetime of suppressed and misdirected rage and hate, being released and relieved. And who am I to deny fellow victims their catharsis, even as I judge them complicit in their own ongoing victimization and destruction? No, I am not a hypocrite, I am simply stronger and deeper than the others. emotional catharsis is not enough for Me, as it is to the humans. It must be draped upon the mantle of Truth.
And so I continue to be The Lone Ranger:

Please, My fellow victims, continue to feed. Its not much, but it is all I offer in the way of visual stimulation. If any of you seek enlightenment to the Forbidden Truth, it is right here, at this blog, only in words, not images:
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My 2014 Forbidden Truth Blog Statistics

WordPress.com prepared a pretty cool webpage, just for Me, in which it outlined the key statistics of The Forbidden Truth Blog for 2014, or at least for 2014 up to the date of December 30th, since the year is not officially over, and I have decided to share these statistics with you humans. I am including a direct link to the full page below, but here is a summary, along with My comments. Keep in mind that I only started this blog on September 26, 2014, so these statistics only apply to a little over 3 months of the year:

  • I received approximately 8,500 individual page views.
  • November 17th was the most popular day for page views, with 823. As I later stated via a blog post, this day was so popular due to My posting direct links to uncensored ISIS beheading videos, and the vast majority of the 823 views were to these specific pages.
  • My three most popular blog posts of 2014 all featured direct links to ISIS uncensored beheading videos. A majority of My page views continue to go to the pages featuring links to uncensored ISIS beheading videos. Today, December 30th, so far, I have 74 page views, and 24 out of the 74 are to My 3 ISIS beheading video links, even though all three posts are more than a month old. Were it not for these three posted links to uncensored ISIS beheading videos, My total page views for the year would be…about 3,000, instead of 8,500.
  • My blog was viewed by humans from 92 different slave-states, what you humans call “countries”. The web page below has a nifty graph which shows exactly how many views came from each country. usa was number 1, britain number 2, australia number 3, canada number 4. germany is number 5, and finland comes in at number 6. I appreciate the one page view that I received from mongolia.

There are a few other interesting stats, but the overall takeaway for the seeker of Truth should be this: Blogging offers an effective way to reach a small minority of the human population of the world, but the population of the world has no interest in Forbidden Truth, and most viewers are simply seeking personal catharsis for their own pathologies, not any type of genuine enlightenment. This affirms what I already knew, of course, and it pleases Me, as I blog to commune with Myself and My own brilliance, and have no interest in having others derive anything positive from My revelations of Forbidden Truth.
The full statistical report is here, so check it out:
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Humanity Proves Me Right

It delights Me when humanity proves, by its actions, in direct response to My actions, just how hopelessly broken and doomed it is, as a species. And that is exactly what has happened today. As we all know, the ISIS beheading of amerikkkan citizen-slave Peter Kassig, has been the biggest news event of the past 48 hours. With pride and courage, I have posted, via this blog, direct links to both the 2 minute and 15 minute totally uncensored videos, as released to the world by ISIS.
Over the past 24 hours, My brilliant blog has received 810 total, unique page views. Of these 810 unique page views, 281 were to this blog post, which directly links to the uncensored Peter Kassig beheading videos:
Another 230 unique page views were to this old post which contains direct links to the previous uncensored ISIS beheading video of Alan Henning:
Another 136 unique page views went to this old blog post, which also has a direct link to the Alan Henning beheading:
And another 110 unique page views went to this post of today, which discusses CNN censorship but features direct links to the two uncensored Peter Kassig beheading videos:
Meanwhile, my blog post dissecting why ISIS censors beheading videos, received a total of 4 views. And My uniquely brilliant blog posts on how to end universal child abuse, which is the direct cause of all wars, has received zero views. And this is despite the fact that each of the 375 unique visitors to My blog over the past 24 hours, had full access to explore My entire blog and read any and every post they chose.
Here you see the Truth: The vast majority of visitors to My blog over the past 24 hours were tortured ex-children desperately trying to satiate their rage by viewing a beheading of a human being. They had no interest in Truth, no desire to understand why ISIS beheaded Peter Kassig, no capacity to analyze why they were choosing to seek out this video via internet search, no interest in any aspect of Forbidden Truth. They were simply homicidal torture victims, on the hunt for a new and legal way to satisfy their homicidal rage in a socially sanctioned way.
And I wish to openly thank each and every one of them, for proving Me right, for demonstrating to Me, in real-time, how completely accurate all of My brilliant conclusions regarding the hopelessness of the human species, actually are. It has been My pleasure, both intellectually and emotionally.
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