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Election Day 2016 in amerikkka

Today, november 8, 2016, is the darkest of dark days, illuminating the darkest of Dark Ages, the final Dark Age, as humanity devolves to species extinction.
It is election day in amerikkka, a ritual of Self-annihilation in which hundreds of millions of mentally deranged and destroyed humans forfeit and behead their own capacity and freedom to be born, to exist, to live, to thrive, to attain freedom and autonomy.
Election day is the culmination of individual human failure to thrive, on a universal scale. Election day is the worship of personal slavery: The individual officially and formally giving up all conceptual and practical capacity to ever attain freedom, to ever obtain love of Self, to ever attain the autonomy of a Self-realized universe of mind.
If humanity were sane, no election could ever occur. Every individual would vote only for Himself, to be the leader of the universe. And every effort to entice a vote for another, would organically inspire the destruction of all government.
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Donald and Hillary: Mr. and Mrs 2016 Human Being

hillarydonaldOne of the foundational Forbidden Truths of human leadership, brilliantly revealed by Me well over 15 years ago, is that the pathetic human species of sheeple will never choose anyone to lead them, who meets or exceeds their own level of personal functionality.
Always and forever, the human will choose humans inferior to them, as their primary leaders. This is the Law of Reflection: Humans reflect their perverse, diseased, and devolving natures upon others, and demand external validation of the house of cards universe of illusion and delusion upon which they have built and base their imaginary existence.
This Forbidden Truth is proven beyond all doubt today, in 2016, by the choice of 320+ million humans in the genocidal slave-state of amerikkka, to enslave themselves to either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.
Both of these humans represent and manifest the worst human features of barbarity, deceit, Self-hate, and Truth-hate. Both are slavemasters on a genocidal scale.
Both have already caused millions of human beings to suffer and die. Both are actively immoral and mentally ill, as mental illness is Truthfully defined.
These are the reasons why YOU humans have chosen to cage and continue destroying yourselves, by validating their right to shackle, harm, and murder you.
Donald represents the religion of monetary addiction: The glorification and sanctification of what is directly USED to enslave you. His seething, subconscious hatred, his insatiable appetite to destroy others, in the name of helping you, validates your own homicidal and suicidal ideations.
Hillary represents the religion of nationalistic state and family unit addiction: The maternal figure devouring her young, as all humans seek to do, and to have done in their names. She sold herself, fornicated and copulated her way to the top, just as every amerikkkan woman is encouraged and instructed to do.
Your leaders destroy you, as you wish to be destroyed.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Promoting the Vote, Betraying Humanity

google, facebook, and wordpress, among many other companies which serve as shills for the amerikkkan government, are all overtly promoting and encouraging their users to vote today.
Wordpress has had this perverse message at the bottom of its pages for weeks:

2014 Midterm ElectionsElection Day: November 4, 2014 We’re offering tools to give you access to the customized voter information you need to cast a ballot on or before Election Day and then tell the world that you voted by embedding the custom WordPress.com I Voted badge. Learn More.
The google search engine “doodle” for today is this:
U.S. Elections 2014
And just look at what facebook is choosing to do today, to eternally darken and destroy My future, your future, every future:
Let us clearly understand that no rebellion via technology which is controlled by a company, is possible. All companies are owned by the state, all companies are used by the state to impose a universe of illusion, to create a false reality, to shape the future in the same darkness of the past and present. The internet and social media has never been, can never be, and will never be, a path to revolutionary change, because the internet is controlled by companies, and all companies are controlled by government
Did television or radio or newspapers or xerox zines or the telephone or any other communicative technology lead to any betterment of the human condition? No. And neither will the internet or any current or future version of social media. Every new technology is hijacked by the terrorist structure that is government, and then used by this terrorist structure to coerce, compel, and brainwash obedience for and embrace of, the existing structures of universal oppression, victimization, and slavery.
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I Vote

Welcome to the Forbidden Truth voting booth. Here there are no human candidates, no terrorists who pretend to vie for leadership positions as they lie to and bribe citizen-slaves from a pre-vetted position of state sponsorship. Here you will find no majority rule, as the majority are recognized to be inferior and broken creatures unfit to impose their pathologies upon others. Here your vote will really count because you are understood to exist as an independent universe of one, entitled to Truth-based freedom, autonomy of mind and of will, and to attain every Superior environment you seek. Are you ready to begin voting?? I am, and with each vote cast, I explode and shatter the mythological domains you remain hopelessly beholden to and shackled by.
I vote to end all governmental rule, I vote to identify government as a structure based solely on terrorism and enslavement of mankind, therefore a structure which must be rejected and eliminated from every aspect of authority.
I vote to end all ideological leadership, to terminate all social positions which are given the power to influence human thought and belief systems. No more presidents, popes, teachers, news anchors. No more illegitimate pilots to steer a vulnerable species into abysses of delusion and illusion.
I vote to end all social promotion of insane god mythology. I vote to have religion declared a severe and contagious form of mental illness which must be both proactively prevented by eliminating religion from all public discourse, and aggressively treated by openly decreeing all religious beliefs to be harmful and false fables.
I vote to immediately begin devoting every technological, social science, robotics, medicine, and engineering resource to be combined and to work together to unlock all of the keys to immortality of the brain, so that each of us may enjoy an eternity of existence as a brain, via the effective elimination of death as it is properly defined: The cessation of individual brain functionality.
I vote to eliminate parenthood and the family unit, to have both declared as failed social experiments, as well as malicious forms of personal enslavement which violate all parameters of human and individual rights.
I vote to institute Universal, Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, designed and structured to allow every child in the world to develop brain functionality which is rooted and built upon the embrace of all Truth and unqualified development of Self-love and narcissism.
I vote to declare the past a failure, to declare the present a continuation of the failed past, and to declare the future an uncharted course of limitless potential which must, by its very nature, openly defy and reject every existing human-based ideological and behavioral system of the past and of the present.
I vote to end all cultural traditions, to terminate all race and nationality-based rituals of the past. I vote to immediately end all official holidays, as celebrated by all societies and governments. I vote to establish a new universal holiday, the only holiday of the year to single out for celebration: The day of Your birth.
I vote to end all punishment, of all living things, at every level. I vote to have punishment itself declared a violation of the most basic rights of every living thing.
I vote to have children decreed morally and psychologically healthier than adults, entitled to chart a new course into the future, absent all education as indoctrination, absent all attempts by all adults to control, direct, or influence their intellectual development.
I vote to end all voting, recognizing that at the present time, adult humans exist as broken and destroyed, functionally deranged ex-children, hence unfit to shape and manipulate their own futures via majority decision.
There are many other votes I could and would cast, but these are a fitting set, to begin the process of putting an end to the horrors that each of you is guilty of sponsoring and ensuring the continuation of, by participating in the toxic freedom illusion that is election day in amerikkka.
Here is a brochure from 1911, when women were not allowed to vote in amerikkka, explaining why they should not be allowed to vote. Read this with the Alien Eye of Truth, and you will understand how voting and elections have always been nothing more than ways to provide human slaves with an illusion of freedom:

The Voter: Betrayer of Self,Freedom,and Truth

Today is November 4. 2014, according to the time lords who rule over every aspect of your imaginary existence, and the terrorist regime that is amerikkka has decreed this specific day to be an “election day”. Yes, it is an election day, the day every media outlet in the country, as directed by its governing overlords, has conspired to propagandize as a glorious day of freedom and opportunity, a precious gift from your government, a chance for you to change the future, direct the future, control the future, make the future better than the past. Change things!
But it is all a lie, the darkest and the deepest of all deceptions. It is the lie that destroys each and every moment in time, the lie which stretches back thousands of years, and forward thousands of years, the lie which guasrantees universal slavery and death for all who are born human, past, present, and future. The lie that will only be broken by the total extinction of a species that should never have come to exist.
Are you a voter? Did you vote today? Have you ever voted? Even if you have never voted, do you recognize the electoral process as valid? Do you support the right to vote? If you answer Yes to any of these questions, you are guilty of conspiring to destroy the very foundational fabrics of what constitutes freedom, autonomy, and the most basic of human rights. To vote is to chain Yourself to a ticking time bomb, and swallow the key that can diffuse this bomb. To vote is to conspire with the entity that has already destroyed you in so many different ways, to empower it to continue destroying you, and every other sentiently existing creature, to destroy you each day until you become nothing, forever.
Elections and the right to vote are the single greatest overtly dynamic illusion of freedom that modern era humanity has created. Elections and the right to vote do not alter any aspect of the universal experience of slavery which has defined human existence for thousands of years, and yet you insane fools are blind to this Truth, and eagerly agree to vote and participate in elections. This is because you were born slaves, you grew up as slaves, you are slaves. Slavery is all you have ever known, slavery is all that you can conceive of in your broken minds. You have created and embraced definitions of freedom, that have nothing whatsoever to do with actually experiencing Truth-based freedom. In Truth, you are terrified of freedom, you shun and reject it. You demand the right to pretend to be free, as you demand that actual slavery remain at all times imposed as shackle upon you.
To any sane thinker, an election is the most blatantly transparent of frauds. An illusion so absurd, that anyone who falls prey to it is proven mentally deranged, by this single failure of mind to perceive reality as it is. You are not ruled by a man, or by men. You are ruled by a government. The individual figureheads that a government positions as candidates in an election, are interchangeable. It makes no difference if they are male or female, light or dark skinned, old or young. It makes no differencer what words they say, or how they say them. Their accent and their clothing and their public face make no difference. They are politicians, owned and controlled and beholden to a government, the government which allows them to play the game of attaining power through an election.
Every election is sponsored by a government. Therefore the outcome of every election is 100% certain the moment you slaves agree to accept the end result. The outcome is always the same: You remain brutally enslaved to an utterly malicious and illegitimate structure of genocidal, universal harm, exactly the same after the election, as was the case before the election.
Elections were invented by government in order to suffocate all internal dissent and domestic unrest. Elections give you a piece of paper to use to pretend to fight for freedom, instead of a gun or bomb or knife, or words of Forbidden Truth, such as the text of this essay. The invention of the election is the most successful method of neutering and sterilizing the minds of human beings, ever conceived by government.
What a stroke of genius the right to vote and to participate in free elections is! Now, the slaves have stopped even trying to figure out what freedom is, they have stopped fighting for freedom, because they have been successfully brainwashed to believe they are free, or they can become free, or they can fight for freedom, simply by replacing the individual terrorist figureheads who carry the title of leader, with new and different terrorist figureheads, every 2 or 4 years.
Imagine the 1800 kidnapped african slave in amerikkka. Imagine him being enslaved to a single master. And then imagine him being told, “Great news, from now on you will get to personally choose a new slavemaster every 2 or 4 years, from 2 pre-selected individuals, who will continue keeping you in the exact same state of slavery you are enjoying now. Isn’t this wonderful?? Now you will be free, free to choose one slavemaster, or another slavemaster. Two different individual slavemasters, and you get to choose. Maybe you want a younger slavemaster? Maybe you want a slavemaster who is female? Maybe a slavemaster with big lips?? Every few years you can choose someone different. Nothing will change in terms of your slavery, but you are now free to choose!. It is election day, freedom has come to amerikkka!”
So tell Me, how can you be so blind, and such a coward? How can you read the above paragraph and not understand and fully accept the Forbidden Truth that it is just as insane for you to participate in, or simply accept as valid, the results of the election of November 4, 2014, as it would have been for the 1800 african slave to accept this absurd illusion of freedom I have outlined above.
Every election is the terrorism of the state being imposed upon every citizen-slave, a perverse ritual which neuters any capacity to seek freedom. The frustrations of daily slavery are dissipated every two years, all impetus to violent uprising against the government is abandoned in favor of marking a box on a piece of paper. All who vote are guilty, every bad thing that will happen tomorrow and the next day and every day until human extinction, is the fault of every human being who chooses to vote.
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