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"Patriots Day", New Movie Viciously Exploits Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

A brand new theatrical movie debuts all across amerikkka on January 13th. The title is Patriots Day, and it perversely exploits tortured victim-creation and Martyr Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who currently, right now, is on DEATH ROW, condemned by the most evil and diseased society on this planet, to be legally murdered!
This movie exists as a piece of entertainment and amusement, as well as a political propaganda hit job for the amerikkkan regime. It was created and intended to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in monetary profit, for the producers and actors. But this movie would NOT EXIST were it not for the real-life actions of Martyr Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Very simply, this entire movie revolves around the Boston Marathon Bombing attack carried out by Dzhokhar and his brother Tamerlin, now tragically deceased, on April 15, 2013. If that event, orchestrated by the Tsarnaev brothers, had not occurred, this movie could not have been created, and would not exist today.
So, did the creators of this movie go to Dzhokhar and ask him for permission to make a movie based upon his creation, the boston marathon bombing? Of course not. Was he offered ANY monetary compensation for allowing his own creation to be used as the basis for a movie designed and intended to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in profit? Of course not. Is he being GIVEN any monetary compensation, even as his actions are fictionalized and viciously exploited by uninvolved partes for monetary profit? Of course not.
This is the height of perverse hypocrisy and injustice! A tortured child-victim, being subjected to the most outrageous form of punishment, terrorized via the threat of legal murder on a daily basis, being used as a theatrical prop for the patriotic propaganda of a terrorist regime, thousands of people conspiring to exploit him via the generation of hundreds of millions of dollars, even as he faces legal murder.
Stay strong, Dzhokhar, and thank you for standing.


Torture Victim and Martyr Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

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The Death Penalty: Legitimizing All Murder

The specific form of murder that you humans have named the “death penalty”, is the most immoral, the most hypocritical, and the most impossible to justify from any sane perspective. Even the form of murder that you refer to as “abortion”, cannot be compared to the foundational injustice that is the death penalty.
The existence of the death penalty inherently and intrinsically renders all individual acts of criminalized murder, justified, appropriate, logical, and reflectively beautiful. Criminal acts of murder by individuals need no justification, ever, for many reasons, but the foundational reason for this, which stands above all others. is simply that it is a response to the universal injustice and immorality of the nation-state, in choosing to carry out the murder of its own tortured victim-creations, with malice aforethought, as acts of terrorization, and as the perpetration and perpetuation of the cycle of universal injustice that it initiates and carries out against every individual.
Always, as long as my Superior brain retains functionality, I will overtly and openly identify with and bestow unconditional respect upon, the greatest of all victims, those who carry out acts of illegal, criminal murder, and who are then subjected to the terrorism, brutality, hypocrisy, and injustice of the legal and judicial system of government.
As you impose death upon Martyr Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, I decree within the responsiveness of Forbidden Truth: Death To The World!
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Compassion, Empathy, and Respect

I am filled with compassion, empathy, and respect…for Myself. For you creatures, not so much. I choose to selectively bestow compassion, empathy, and respect, towards specific individuals that I recognize as being the greatest victims of the highest degrees of injustice and victimization. I reserve my compassion, empathy, and respect, for individuals such as James Eagan Holmes and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I honor them for trying to show humanity what it is, more so than for trying to show humanity what they are. I honor them because you refuse to honor them. I honor them because you choose to deny them compassion, empathy, and respect, in the process increasing their victimization, increasing the injustice they have always been subjected to.
I do not deny you inferiors, your victimhood status. But I only have so much positive sentiment available, and I will always hoard most of it for Myself. The small amount I choose to distribute upon others, will go to those that you demonize, those that you choose to demonize. Your created victims, people like Dzhokhar and James, that you continue to persecute. I align with them, because you deny them their victimhood status. I align with them, because you choose to continue to harm them, instead of thanking them for showing you what you are, and being inspired to beg them for the forgiveness that you do not deserve.
Inside the cages you build for your torture victims, Truth flourishes. Individuals are destroyed, but Truth remains triumphant. You murder your children and you murder your adults. You murder physically, and you murder ideologically. You murder in order to conceal the Truth that you have always been murderers, that you murder everything you touch.
Your grand theatrical odes to justice and revenge, punishment and redemption, are pathetic and perverse charades. Your theaters are shrines to violence, yet you demonize a tortured child for showing you what you are. Your marathon races are testaments to the cowardice of a species devoted to fleeing from itself at every turn, yet you demonize a tortured child for showing you what you are. You fight for the freedom to lie to yourselves, and for the freedom to destroy yourselves, and in the process you destroy anyone who dares to show you what you are, as James and Dzhokhar and Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacy and Timothy McVeigh and Ted Bundy and Howard Unruh, and so many thousands of others, have tried to do.
We are only your reflection, we are only what you made us, we are only your created victims. And so when you blame and judge and demonize us, you prove that our actions were not merely just, but insufficient. Insufficient to right the universal scale of injustice that you have built, that you deploy against us.
So no, I will decline all compassion, empathy, and respect for the secondary victims that you ruthlessly exploit in order to feet better about yourselves. I will reserve all compassion, empathy, and respect for my fellow front-level victims, the individuals you dare to condemn to be murdered, locked inside cages, subjected to brain chemistry alteration, denied their victimhood status, denied the honor and gratitute that is owed to them.
You are going to destroy each of us, I cannot prevent this horrific tragedy and injustice. My only solace is in knowing, with absolute certainty, that in choosing to destroy us, you are ensuring your own destruction, individually and as a collective species.
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Universal Criminality of the State

All crimes are conceived by, committed by, and carried out by, government. The concept of individual human criminality as an existing functional “issue” or problem, is a false flag creation of government, intended to fully conceal the Forbidden Truth that all crimes and all criminality occur exclusively within the operational and ideological constructs of government.
To eliminate criminality, all governments must first be eliminated and eradicated. government is the foundational cause and the operational inspiration for all criminality. Let us briefly dissect the internal elements of this Forbidden Truth:
Death and murder are both sponsored by the state. It is government which decrees that all human beings must die, and it is government which overtly carries out the murder of all individuals. Within this understanding, we must go further than to merely declare individual acts of murder to be “copycats” of official government policy. No, the very inspirational concept of murder, blooms wirhin the individual human mind only as a response to the fact that the individual himself exists as a real-time murder victim of government, merely pretending to be alive as he waits to be murdered. Every human life is utterly worthless. This is not an individual conclusion or insight, but the official decree of the state, which demands and imposes murder upon each of us.
Theft and robbery are both sponsored and carried out as core operational and ideological mandates of the state. It is the state which robs us of our very existences. It is government which commits the theft of our most foundationally basic and precious instinctual capacity to experience freeedom and personal autonomy. It is government which robs us of our most precious possessions and commodities: Time and free will. It is the universal crimes of theft and robbery carried out by the state, which directly inspire the traumatic reflection of individual victims of this criminality, to steal money and to forco=ibly take from other individuals.
Rape and every other form of intimate violation of others as carried out by the individual, only occurs as traumatic response to the universally intimate assault by government of all individuals, maliciously stripped of their instinctual identity, molded as clay from birth, to lose all ego, all narcissism, all Self-love, all capacity to thrive within the glory of Self-isolation and to meet all emotional needs via the strength of a healthy, individual mind. We rape because we are victims of systemic and ritualistic rape. not merely of body, but of mind, brain, soul, and the greatest of all possible intimacies, the communion of a free and autonomous mind, with itself, held aloft within the unpolluted glory of Forbidden Truth.
Why do humans in cars run red lights? Why do they park their cars illegally? Why do they jaywalk in the middle of the block and walk against red lights at crosswalks? Why do they play con games upon each other? Because they exist as crime victims of the universal criminality of government, and this trauma, as all personally suffered trauma, must be reflected.
Why do humans take hostages and kidnap others?? Because they exist as imprisoned hostages of the state, hostages of body and of mind, hostages held since their biological conception. And all humans exist as kidnap victims, stolen from themselves, deprived of all capacity to develop and to exist within personal autonomy. Every child a kidnap victim of his parents, every wife a kidnap victim of her husband, every husband a kidnap victim of his wife. Every human being held for ransom by the state, via the very existence of money and forced labor.
So let us understand, there are no criminals. No individual human being ever does anything “wrong”, and every attempt by government to criminalize any act, or label any individual a criminal, is a malicious deception intentionally made by government, to conceal, deny, and cloak its universal criminality and the direct guilt and responsibility it bears for every action it falsely labels as a crime.
No individual is a criminal, and nothing an individual does is a crime. I bestow greatest honor and sympathy, along with positive personal identification, towards all individuals demonized via this unjust label, and subjected to further injustice via its application. It is with unwavering courage and pride that I name individuals such as Charles Manson, Timothy McVeigh, Theodore Bundy, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Mohammed Emwazi, and all others who are demonized by government as criminals, as blood-brothers and respected peers.
Everyone who is outed as a criminal by any government or society deserves to be openly decreed an absolute victim of the universal criminality of government and of the state, guilty of nothing, deserving of no punishment, harm, or negative judgment. All such individuals should be overtly honored and thanked, for exposing the criminality of the state, and for rising up from the herd, to identify themselves as created victims of government.
Anyone who seeks to put an end to crime, to end human criminality, must recognize government as the sponsor of all criminality, and in response, must embrace a personal obligation to reject the legitimacy of government and to become an anarchist, personally devoted to ending the existence of all governments. Those who reject this option, who choose to spend their imaginary lives as citizens and as subjects, bowing down to leaders, obeying laws, and respecting the legitimacy of any government structure, exist as direct sponsors of all criminality, guilty of causing all harm to occur, and as such, earning every harm that they suffer, at the hands of both the state, and the reflective rage justifiably expressed by their fellow victims of the state.
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The Murder of All Justice, By the State

Very busy for the next few days, but wanted to post this news item, along with a brief comment on the supreme derangement of all human judicial systems. The article deals with the fact that in amerikkka, in order to qualify to participate as a juror in certain criminal cases, you must be found willing to directly commit the murder of fellow human beings. Here is the article:

‘Death-Qualified’ Juror Search Slows Marathon, Theater Cases

One prospective juror was brutally frank when asked whether he could consider a sentence of life in prison for the man accused of bombing the Boston Marathon.
“I would sentence him to death,” he said, then added: “I can’t imagine any evidence that would change how I feel about what happened.”
Another prospective juror said he couldn’t even consider the death penalty, telling the court, “I just can’t kill another person.”
The two men are on opposite sides of the capital punishment debate, but both unlikely to make it on the jury for the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: to be seated for a death penalty case a juror must be willing — but not eager — to hand down a sentence of either life or death.
The process of finding “death qualified” jurors has slowed down jury selection in federal case against Tsarnaev, who is charged with setting off two bombs that killed three people and injured more than 260 during the 2013 marathon. It is expected to do the same in the state trial of James Holmes, the man accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 others in a suburban Denver movie theater in 2012.
The process is designed to weed out jurors who have strong feelings for or against the death penalty. A 1985 ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court said a juror can lawfully be excused if his or her views on the death penalty are so strong that they would prevent or substantially impair their ability to follow the law.
But death penalty opponents have long said the process is fundamentally unfair. They argue that death-qualified juries do not represent a true cross-section of the community because they end up being made up of either death penalty supporters or people willing to impose it under some circumstances.
“You end up with a jury with less women, less blacks, less Democrats … you end up with a jury that is skewed in ways that make it probably more conservative, more accepting of prosecution arguments, of state authority,” said Richard Dieter, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center, a nonprofit organization that opposes executions.
The Capital Jury Project, a consortium of university researchers, interviewed about 1,200 jurors in 353 capital trials in 14 states beginning in the early 1990s. The group’s research has shown that death penalty juries are more likely to convict and that jurors often make up their minds about what punishment to hand down long before they’re supposed to, said William Bowers, director of the project.
After reaching a verdict, a trial enters the penalty phase, when prosecutors present evidence of aggravating factors, such as the brutality of the crime, to argue in favor of the death penalty while defense attorneys present mitigating factors, such as abuse as a child, to argue against it. Juries are then supposed to weigh those factors when deciding whether a defendant should get life or death.
“The principal finding is that half of the jurors said they knew what the punishment should be before the penalty stage of the trial and another one-quarter of them said they were pretty sure,” Bowers said. “The thing they don’t recognize or seem to have overlooked is that they are not supposed to decide what the punishment is until they hear the evidence in the second phase.”
Death penalty opponents have argued that to get around this kind of pre-judgment, separate juries should be chosen to hear evidence in the guilt phase and the punishment phase. But that idea has not gained traction.
So, justice in amerikkk consists of the government selectively screening out all citizen-slaves who are not homicidal, and barring them from saving from being murdered, tortured victim-creations that the government wants to murder. How’s that for a kick in the head, brainwashed idiots?!
Make no mistake, these perspective jurors are being asked to directly commit murder, because this is what recommending a death penalty sentence does. The government has decided that it is justice to commit murder, on an official level, against its own created victims, and in order to establish an illusion of legitimacy for this perversion, it bars any individual who is moral, ethical, sane, and fair enough to refuse to carry out the homicidal injustice of the state, from serving as a juror. And of course, by the same token, no judge who refuses to commit judicial murder via death penalty sentencing, is allowed to remain a criminal court judge.
Let us understand, all “law” and all judicial systems are specifically designed and structured to carry out whatever injustices the nation-state seeks to impose, as part of its criminal enterprise of universal terrorization and enslavement of all human beings.
It is with pride that I decree My unwavering support for all acts of murder, and for all murderers, in open defiance of the perverse hypocrisy of a judicial system which is founded and fully functions as a homicidal, malicious, and unjust structure which demands its participants be willing to commit direct murder.
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