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Current Contact Information for Victim & Martyr Dylann Storm Roof

Dylann Storm Roof was and is a tortured and destroyed child. On June 17, 2017, 21 year old Martyr Dylann joined a bible study group at a church frequented by black citizen-slaves, in Charleston, South Carolina. One hour into the session, he stood, produced a Glock .45 caliber handgun, and opened fire. He shot 12 Insane God Myth addicts, killing nine, all of them black, including a state senator, Clementa Pinckney who was also the senior pastor. So much for separation of church and state, wouldn’t you say?
This was a beautiful episode of Forbidden Truth revelation, as a tortured child overtly demonstrated the perverse horrors of both the Insane God Myth and the institutionalized racism promoted, taught, encouraged, and rewarded by the amerikkkan regime.
Within any sane society Dylann should have been immediately recognized as a profound and pure victim of the insanity of his society, he should have been honored and thanked for helping open the eyes and minds of fellow amerikkkans to the need to eradicate and to end the genocide that is religion, and to stop covertly deploying racism as a government sponsored terrorist weapon of organized division and legally and morally promoted hatred, harm, and violence intended to promote patriotic devotion to the regime and to provide a harmless outlet for the inculcated rage of all citizen-slaves, subjected to abuse, victimization, oppression, throughout their imaginary lives.
But of course none of this happened. Instead, tortured child Martyr Dylann was relentlessly demonized as a monster and terrorist, decreed guilty of carrying out an unforgivable crime, and legally ordered to be murdered by the very government guilty and responsible for his creation.
This tortured child found the courage to try to show you the Forbidden Truth of what you are, reflecting exactly what was done to him, how religion and racism as developed, sponsored, promoted, and imposed upon all amerikkkans by the amerikkkan regime, destroyed him, how you destroyed him, and you respond by demonizing and destroying him. You learn nothing, you reform nothing, you continue your fervent devotion and addiction to both the Insane God Myth and to universal, institutionalized, socially organized racism, as you demonize him for daring to try to show you the Truth, simply the Truth, of what you did to him, and what you do to every child.
How utterly perverse, how unforgivable, your actions, and your choices, individually and collectively, as 21st century amerikkka and amerikkkans, are!
So here we are, 2 years and 3 months later, and Martyr Dylann sits locked up inside of a cage, condemned to be legally murdered. Condemned a criminal and a terrorist, when he is guilty of nothing more than being a helpless child born into the brutality, injustice, insanity, criminality and terrorism that is 21st century amerikkkan society and government.
Here is the mailing address for Martyr Dylann, still only 23 years old, still a child, still and always your tortured victim-creation. I give you this address so that you can apologize to Dylann, beg him for forgiveness, tell him you understand and appreciate why he did what he did, and help him to better understand Himself and his position as a victim and Martyr, if in fact he does not already consciously know and embrace the Forbidden Truths.
You can also send Dylann money, by following very specific instructions at the http://bop.gov website, to try to help mitigate the terrorist violence being perpetrated against this child each and every day, via the organization of deprivation and harm, destruction of physical health and vitality, inherent within the terrorism of the judicial system.
As always, please remember that all correspondence must be addressed exactly as printed here. Any deviation, a misspelled name, missing middle name, missing Register Number, or incorrect digit within the number, may and often does result in the mail being either returned to you, or discarded into the garbage without any way for you to know, by the terrorists who operate the prison system.
Dylann Storm Roof
Register Number: 28509-171
USP Terre Haute
P.O. BOX 33
For info on how to send Martyr Dylann money, see:
Stay Strong, Dylann!
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Dylann Storm Roof: Martyred for Revealing Truth

The diseased and genocidal nation-state of amerikkka was founded, built upon for the past 240 years , and is sustained today, by the twin ideological and behavioral perversions of religion and racism. Racism inspired the outlaw invaders of what you now call north amerikkka, to commit genocide upon the native inhabitants. Racism inspired the kidnapping of millions for slave labor usage, by these same outlaw invaders. And today, racism inspires the amerikkkan caste system of universal inequality and the terrorist importation of millions of labor slaves under the name of immigration.
Religion, more specifically delusional belief in the absurd christian version of the insane god myth, gripped the broken brains of the outlaw invaders who carried out this genocide 240 years ago, and ever since then, these insane humans have imposed the insanity of religion upon every single child of every generation, creating a terrorism-based, religiously fundamentalist dictatorship.
On June 17, 2015, one of amerikkka’s tortured children, Dylann  Storm Roof, opened fire inside of a church in charleston, south carolina, as the deranged sheeple inside were wasting their time praying to their imagined god creature. He shot ten of them, successfully harvesting nine. They were all “black”. Dylann is “white”, according to the racist judgment of this racist society.
Just a few hours ago, the judicial system of amerikkka decreed Dylann guilty of a lot of different things, and ordered he be brutally and punitively punished:
But of course the Truth is, Dylann is guilty of only ONE thing: Showing YOU what YOU are: Deranged and genocidal hypocrites. Dylann’s only crime is exposing the Forbidden Truth of the universal racism and the terrorism of religion as both were and are imposed upon every child in amerikkka.
Thank you Dylann, for standing up for Self, and exposing Truth.
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Racism, Atheism, and Dylann Storm Roof

I received an interesting comment from a reader of My blog, which prompted a compehensive and of course brilliantly insightful reply from Me, which I feel is worthy of being posted as a separate blog entry. In reply to this previous blog post:
A reader wrote:
“No one, regardless of their ethnicity, is spared from victimization. It is unfortunate that Blacks believe that they are the most victimized, when in fact, they are no less or more victimized than whites. I think Dylan miss the major point of who is actually responsible for it.”
And My reply:
You are absolutely correct. I mentioned this point briefly in My Open Letter to Dylann, but it is certainly worthy of further elaboration: Racism is an intentionally developed and promoted, foundational structure of human government and society. Racism is not a problem for society and government. Racism is an integral part of the strategy by which government maintains and creates the illusion of legitimacy to its existence.
As a tortured victim-creation of his society, Dylann Storm Roof accurately reflected the structured ideology of the amerikkkan government, in both his racial philosophy and his decision to attack the Charleston Emanuel AME church. The “race war” he wished to initiate, is already being fought, it is a war undertaken by his society on his behalf, so that he may fail to recognize his True enemy, which is his own society and government.
I have never referred to Dylann Storm Roof as a Superior, nor have I claimed that he has an accurate understanding of the war that has been waged against him, as it is against every child on earth. I do bestow absolute respect and appreciation for his decision to express his True Reality as a created victim.
The irony of his apparent inability to recognize religion as one of his actual and greatest enemies, or to appreciate on a conscious level the affirmative blow he has struck on behalf of atheism, is immense and tragic. Let us understand, atheism, unlike racism, is not a desired or promoted ideology or cultural philosophy. Atheism does threaten the matrix of social illusion, even though to a small degree it is welcomed by leadership, because it helps to strengthen the god addiction of the majority, for them to feel a bit of external pressure via the knowledge that a small minority of humans position themselves as “godless”.
The power and effectiveness of socialized brainwashing and propaganda is well-illustrated by Dylann’s reality perception, by which he was inspired to wholeheartedly embrace racialism on a conscious level, while apparently lacking awareness of the devastatingly negative impact of religion and the insane god myth on his own personal existence. This is why the Superior thinker must transcend his humanity in order to express Forbidden Truth in his own personal life path choices, as opposed to simply reflecting his True Reality.
Every True Reality reflection is perfectly valid, to be honored and respected as such. But understand the difference: Had Dylann Storm Roof carried out this exact same act of cathartic vengeance, only with a very specific articulation of hard-core atheism, with the expressed and articulated philosophy of proving god does not exist and declaring war on religion itself, he would be reaching to the height of Seer of Forbidden Truth, by revealing actual Forbidden Truth, instead of “merely” reflecting his True Reality. There is a difference, and it is worthy of note.
Consider, how would the government, society, and media reaction differ, if Dylann openly proclaimed himself a hard-core atheist, and positioned his church massacre as an attempt to put an end to the insane god myth by proving that god does not exist?? Come on, figure it out… The answer is, concurrent with being demonized as evil and satanic, there would be an absolute and resolute effort to convince you brainwashed sheeple that Dylan was and is mentally ill. Why?? To cover up the Forbidden Truth that belief in god is itself a demonstration and a symptom of absolute mental illness and dysfunction. It would be necessary for society to decree Dylann mentally ill, in order to avoid all conscious scrutiny of the actual Truth Dylann would be exposing.
As it is, you will note that there has been virtually no discussion or consideration of mental illness in any of the media coverage or governmental leader comments, on Dylann’s reality perceptions or his actions. Why not? Because Dylann himself has overtly articulated racism, not atheism, as his motivation. And as I have revealed above, racism is an embraced, promoted, and sponsored social construct, completely different from atheism, which challenges and threatens the social construct of religion.
The mass murdering racist strengthens the affirmative social construct of racism. Of course society will feign outrage and condemnation, but there is no need to demonize the perpetrator as mentally ill, because his action validates the racist design structure of his society. But the mass murdering atheist threatens the affirmative social construct of religion, and that is why heaping invalid outrage and condemnation upon the perpetrator would not be enough.
The mass murdering atheist, by his articulated motivational ideology, would be directly confronting and illuminating the insanity of humanity in believing in & worshipping a god creature. For this reason, societal agents and leaders would feel compelled to apply a label of mental illness to the individual, in order to discredit not simply his actions, but the Forbidden Truths his actions revealed, if analyzed within the context of his articulated philosophical motivation: To discredit the legitimacy of the insane god myth and religion itself.
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Dylann Storm Roof's Uncensored Text Manifesto

Just a few hours ago, news broke that a website apparently created by Charleston Emanuel AME church mass killer Dylann Storm Roof had been discovered on the internet. Unfortunately, I was busy doing slave labor when the news broke, and could not go online. Now, just hours later, I have spent an hour researching the url address and attempting to access the site, and it is down, it is not accessible. The correct url address, as far as I can determine, is http://lastrhodesian.com/
What this means is that the amerikkkan government successfully coerced the host of this website to remove it from the internet, for absolutely no valid reason, violating all freedom of speech and equal right to be heard laws and mandates, which the amerikkkan government relentlessly brainwashes its own citizen-slaves, as well as humans all across the world, into believing.
There is no freedom of speech, and there is no freedom of any kind, provided by or allowed by the amerikkkan government, or any other government that has ever existed, exists now, or will ever exist in the future. Freedom is the antithesis, the polar opposite, of what government represents and imposes, all government, all of the time, everywhere.
Dylann Storm Roof literally gave his life away, to deliver a message. He deemed his message important and valuable enough to sacrifice his own existence, in order to express. And now, for no sane or valid reason, his message, harmless words expressing ideas, has been censored, wiped out of the universe, by a government, a government which proclaims itself to provide freedom of speech, freedom of expression, equal rights, and so many other perverse propaganda lies.
Within hours of the amerikkkan government discovering this online manifesto, it censored it, removed it. And now the media is selectively editing the text and the photos, as it describes the website and its content. How utterly outrageous!
I am going to try to provide a direct link to a website which hopefully contains most or all of this content, but it is impossible for Me to be sure that this content is full and complete. This is the horrific reality of “freedom” under the amerikkkan government. A tortured child gives his very life in order to deliver a message, and your government refuses to allow you to read, to access, this message. Words and ideas, completely harmless, censored and wiped clean, by government. Shame!
Well, I have decided to paste in the full text of Dylan Storm Roof’s manifesto into this blog post. I feel this is more respectful than simply providing a link which will probably expire at some point in the near future. Unfortunately, Dylann’s website also came with many photographs, and I cannot paste them all here, not enough time. But at least I can immortalize his words, his ideas, his True Reality.
Please note that I tried my best to properly format the text with paragraphs, but it is not working, so you will have to deal with it as it. Do not complain, because it is your fault, as citizen-slaves, for allowing your government to censor and remove websites for no valid reason.
All Text above this line is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.
All Text below this line apparently was written by Dylann Storm Roof, who deserves full credit as the author, unless further, future information reveals otherwise:
I was not raised in a racist home or environment. Living in the South, almost
every White person has a small amount of racial awareness, simply beause of the numbers of negroes in this part of the country. But it is a superficial awareness. Growing up,in school, the White and black kids would make racial jokes toward each other, but all they were were jokes.
Me and White friends would sometimes would watch things that would make us think that “blacks were the real racists” and other elementary thoughts like this, but there was no real understanding behind it.
The event that truly awakened me was the Trayvon Martin case. I kept hearing
and seeing his name, and eventually I decided to look him up. I read the Wikipedia
article and right away I was unable to understand what the big deal was. It was obvious
that Zimmerman was in the right. But more importantly this prompted me to type in the
words “black on White crime” into Google, and I have never been the same since that
The first website I came to was the Council of Conservative Citizens. There were
pages upon pages of these brutal black on White murders. I was in disbelief. At this
moment I realized that something was very wrong. How could the news be blowing up the
Trayvon Martin case while hundreds of these black on White murders got ignored?
From this point I researched deeper and found out what was happening in Europe.
I saw that the same things were happening in England and France, and in all the other
Western European countries. Again I found myself in disbelief. As an American we are
taught to accept living in the melting pot, and black and other minorities have just as
much right to be here as we do, since we are all immigrants. But Europe is the homeland
of White people, and in many ways the situation is even worse there. From here I found
out about the Jewish problem and other issues facing our race, and I can say today that
I am completely racially aware.
I think it is is fitting to start off with the group I have the most real life
experience with, and the group that is the biggest problem for Americans.
Niggers are stupid and violent. At the same time they have the capacity to be
very slick. Black people view everything through a racial lense. Thats what racial
awareness is, its viewing everything that happens through a racial lense. They are
always thinking about the fact that they are black. This is part of the reason they get
offended so easily, and think that some thing are intended to be racist towards them,
even when a White person wouldnt be thinking about race. The other reason is the Jewish
agitation of the black race.
Black people are racially aware almost from birth, but White people on average
dont think about race in their daily lives. And this is our problem. We need to and
have to.
Say you were to witness a dog being beat by a man. You are almost surely going
to feel very sorry for that dog. But then say you were to witness a dog biting a man.
You will most likely not feel the same pity you felt for the dog for the man. Why?
Because dogs are lower than men.
This same analogy applies to black and White relations. Even today, blacks are
subconsciously viewed by White people are lower beings. They are held to a lower
standard in general. This is why they are able to get away with things like obnoxious
behavior in public. Because it is expected of them.
Modern history classes instill a subconscious White superiority complex in
Whites and an inferiority complex in blacks. This White superiority complex that comes
from learning of how we dominated other peoples is also part of the problem I have just
mentioned. But of course I dont deny that we are in fact superior.
I wish with a passion that niggers were treated terribly throughout history by
Whites, that every White person had an ancestor who owned slaves, that segregation was
an evil an oppressive institution, and so on. Because if it was all it true, it would
make it so much easier for me to accept our current situation. But it isnt true. None
of it is. We are told to accept what is happening to us because of ancestors wrong
doing, but it is all based on historical lies, exaggerations and myths. I have tried
endlessly to think of reasons we deserve this, and I have only came back more irritated because there are no reasons.
Only a fourth to a third of people in the South owned even one slave. Yet every
White person is treated as if they had a slave owning ancestor. This applies to in the
states where slavery never existed, as well as people whose families immigrated after
slavery was abolished. I have read hundreds of slaves narratives from my state. And
almost all of them were positive. One sticks out in my mind where an old ex-slave
recounted how the day his mistress died was one of the saddest days of his life. And in
many of these narratives the slaves told of how their masters didnt even allowing
whipping on his plantation.
Segregation was not a bad thing. It was a defensive measure. Segregation did
not exist to hold back negroes. It existed to protect us from them. And I mean that in
multiple ways. Not only did it protect us from having to interact with them, and from
being physically harmed by them, but it protected us from being brought down to their
level. Integration has done nothing but bring Whites down to level of brute animals.
The best example of this is obviously our school system.
Now White parents are forced to move to the suburbs to send their children to
“good schools”. But what constitutes a “good school”? The fact is that how good a
school is considered directly corresponds to how White it is. I hate with a passion the
whole idea of the suburbs. To me it represents nothing but scared White people running.
Running because they are too weak, scared, and brainwashed to fight.
Why should we have to flee the cities we created for the security of the suburbs? Why are the suburbs secure in the first place? Because they are White. The pathetic part is that these White people dont even admit to themselves why they are moving. They tell themselves it is for better schools or simply to live in a nicer neighborhood. But it is honestly just a way to escape niggers and other minorities.
But what about the White people that are left behind? What about the White
children who, because of school zoning laws, are forced to go to a school that is 90
percent black? Do we really think that that White kid will be able to go one day
without being picked on for being White, or called a “white boy”? And who is fighting
for him? Who is fighting for these White people forced by economic circumstances to
live among negroes? No one, but someone has to.
Here I would also like to touch on the idea of a Norhtwest Front. I think this
idea is beyond stupid. Why should I for example, give up the beauty and history of my
state to go to the Norhthwest? To me the whole idea just parralells the concept of
White people running to the suburbs. The whole idea is pathetic and just another way to
run from the problem without facing it.
Some people feel as though the South is beyond saving, that we have too many
blacks here. To this I say look at history. The South had a higher ratio of blacks when
we were holding them as slaves. Look at South Africa, and how such a small minority
held the black in apartheid for years and years. Speaking of South Africa, if anyone
thinks that think will eventually just change for the better, consider how in South
Africa they have affirmative action for the black population that makes up 80 percent
of the population.
It is far from being too late for America or Europe. I believe that even if we
made up only 30 percent of the population we could take it back completely. But by no
means should we wait any longer to take drastic action.
Anyone who thinks that White and black people look as different as we do on the
outside, but are somehow magically the same on the inside, is delusional. How could our
faces, skin, hair, and body structure all be different, but our brains be exactly the
same? This is the nonsense we are led to believe.
Negroes have lower Iqs, lower impulse control, and higher testosterone levels
in generals. These three things alone are a recipe for violent behavior. If a scientist
publishes a paper on the differences between the races in Western Europe or Americans,
he can expect to lose his job. There are personality traits within human families, and
within different breeds of cats or dogs, so why not within the races?
A horse and a donkey can breed and make a mule, but they are still two
completely different animals. Just because we can breed with the other races doesnt
make us the same.
In a modern history class it is always emphasized that, when talking about “bad” things Whites have done in history, they were White. But when we learn about the
numerous, almost countless wonderful things Whites have done, it is never pointed out
that these people were White. Yet when we learn about anything important done by a
black person in history, it is always pointed out repeatedly that they were black. For
example when we learn about how George Washington carver was the first nigger smart
enough to open a peanut.
On another subject I want to say this. Many White people feel as though they
dont have a unique culture. The reason for this is that White culture is world culture.
I dont mean that our culture is made up of other cultures, I mean that our culture has
been adopted by everyone in the world. This makes us feel as though our culture isnt
special or unique. Say for example that every business man in the world wore a kimono,
that every skyscraper was in the shape of a pagoda, that every door was a sliding one,
and that everyone ate every meal with chopsticks. This would probably make a Japanese
man feel as though he had no unique traditional culture.
I have noticed a great disdain for race mixing White women within the White
nationalists community, bordering on insanity it. These women are victims, and they can
be saved. Stop.
Unlike many White nationalists, I am of the opinion that the majority of
American and European jews are White. In my opinion the issues with jews is not their
blood, but their identity. I think that if we could somehow destroy the jewish identity, then they wouldnt cause much of a problem. The problem is that Jews look White, and in many cases are White, yet they see themselves as minorities. Just like niggers, most jews are always thinking about the fact that they are jewish. The other issue is that they network. If we could somehow turn every jew blue for 24 hours, I think there would be a mass awakening, because people would be able to see plainly what is going on.
I dont pretend to understand why jews do what they do. They are enigma.
Hispanics are obviously a huge problem for Americans. But there are good
hispanics and bad hispanics. I remember while watching hispanic television stations,
the shows and even the commercials were more White than our own. They have respect for White beauty, and a good portion of hispanics are White. It is a well known fact that
White hispanics make up the elite of most hispanics countries. There is good White
blood worth saving in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and even Brasil.
But they are still our enemies.
East Asians
I have great respect for the East Asian races. Even if we were to go extinct they could
carry something on. They are by nature very racist and could be great allies of the
White race. I am not opposed at all to allies with the Northeast Asian races.
I hate the sight of the American flag. Modern American patriotism is an
absolute joke. People pretending like they have something to be proud while White
people are being murdered daily in the streets. Many veterans believe we owe them
something for “protecting our way of life” or “protecting our freedom”. But i’m not sure what way of life they are talking about. How about we protect the White race and stop
fighting for the jews. I will say this though, I myself would have rather lived in
1940’s American than Nazi Germany, and no this is not ignorance speaking, it is just my
opinion. So I dont blame the veterans of any wars up until after Vietnam, because at
least they had an American to be proud of and fight for.
An Explanation
To take a saying from a film, “I see all this stuff going on, and I dont see
anyone doing anything about it. And it pisses me off.”. To take a saying from my
favorite film, “Even if my life is worth less than a speck of dirt, I want to use it
for the good of society.”.
I have no choice. I am not in the position to, alone, go into the ghetto and
fight. I chose Charleston because it is most historic city in my state, and at one time
had the highest ratio of blacks to Whites in the country. We have no skinheads, no real
KKK, no one doing anything but talking on the internet. Well someone has to have the
bravery to take it to the real world, and I guess that has to be me.
Unfortunately at the time of writing I am in a great hurry and some of my best
thoughts, actually many of them have been to be left out and lost forever. But I
believe enough great White minds are out there already.
Please forgive any typos, I didnt have time to check it.
Here is a direct link to the same full text of Dylann Storm Roof’s manifesto. I include it because the text formatting is a little bit better at this link, but still not perfect:

Charleston Church Massacre: The Missing Headlines

Just 24 hours ago, a tortured 21 year old child named Dylann Storm Roof opened fire inside of a famous church in Charleston, South Carolina, usa, harvesting nine humans, including a state senator who was also the pastor of the church. As you might imagine, this was the #1 news story for the past 24 hours, with all manner of Breaking News bulletins and updates.
Fortuitously, I enjoyed a respite from slave labor today, and was able to fully immerse Myself in the blanket news coverage by the cable TV news networks. But of course there was a downside. My disgust with the perverse, hypocritical, lie-based, propagandizing news coverage grew greater with each passing hour. From promoting the insane god myth, to demonizing a tortured child-victim, to blaming an inanimate object, the gun, to completely ignoring and denying the guilt and responsiblity that amerikkkan society and government bears, the media engaged in a brutal assault upon Truth, as it frantically served its governmental overlords in rejecting and concealing the Truths expressed and revealed by Dylann Storm Roof.
So, I got to thinking, how about a blog post where I serve up the headlines that would be blasted across TV screens and newspaper front and op-ed pages, if humanity were sane, or if Truth were respected and honored, or if humanity were simply in the process of evolving, instead of devolving to extinction, as is the actual case.
Below you will find 8 top headlines that a sane and functional society would offer up to the public at large, in response to this exact same event occurring in the exact same fashion. You should understand, brainwashed fools, that I am not trying to be ironic or satirical in these headline texts. I am actually being rather conservative and measured in tone, while at the same time expressing what any honest and rational media would say.
It is a damning indictment of the hopelessness of the human condition, that these honest and forthright news headlines are perceived by you humans as absurd, laughable, and impossible to realistically imagine seeing or viewing on your newscasts and newspapers today and tomorrow. You dwell within a deranged matrix of pure illusion, where reality is made up by your leaders as they see fit, for you to accept and swallow without question or protest. How utterly pathetic!
And now, the headlines missing from last night’s Charleston Emanuel AME church massacre:

From The Washington Post: “Christian God Cultists on Defensive as Mass Murder Inside Church During Prayer Service Devastates Their Claims of a God Creature Existing”.
From The Los Angeles Times: “Is It Time To Abolish Parenthood: Another Mass Murder Exposes the Absurdity of Parental Child Ownership Laws.”
From The National Enquirer: “Does Jesus Christ Want His Worshippers to be Gunned Down as they Pray to Him Inside of His Church, Or Was He Just Taking a Bathroom Break?? Enquiring Minds Want to Know!”
From The Huffington Post: “Profiling Dylann Storm Roof, a Victimized Child Who Took Heroic Steps to Show His Society the Consequences of Institutionalized Racism and the Religious Indoctrination of Children.”
From The New York Times: “Why Do Grownups Pray to Imaginary Creatures? The Nation’s Leading Atheists Offer their Perspective.”
 From The Chicago Tribune: “No More Punishment: Mass Murderer Dylann Storm Roof is Captured, will be Housed In Private, Gated Community with Other Victims of Social Injustice and Childhood Trauma.”
From Psychology Today magazine: “Dylann Storm Roof, Psychologically Destroyed Child, Teaches Us Why Religion, Racial Identification, and the Family Unit Must be Abandoned as Primitive Relics of a Barbaric Era.”
From CNN: “President Barack Obama Has Just Concluded a Shameful and Bizarre Press Briefing on the Charleston Church Massacre, Blaming Inanimate Objects for the Outburst of Reflective Rage by a Socially Victimized Child, and Attempting to Use an Event Which Conclusively Demonstrates God Does Not Exist, to Promote Religion and Belief in God. Coming Up Next, Our Political Team Assesses Whether He is Still Fit to Lead the Nation.”

All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved

An Open Letter to Dylann Storm Roof

In My last blog post, I briefly addressed Dylann Storm Roof directly, but I feel it is necessary to pen a more comprehensive missive in his name. All readers should understand that even as I direct this blog post directly towards Dylann, all of the sentiments I will be expressing apply to each and every victim of injustice, and in totality, this message is one of universal Truth, as opposed to only being applicable to Dylann as an individual.
Further, I wish it to be understood that while passionate in their intensity, My comments to Dylann are firmly rooted in intellectual honesty and philosophical appreciation of his True Reality, instead of sentimental emotionalism. I appreciate Dylann and his True Reality as a cathartically reflecting victim, on an emotional level, but I do not choose to interact with anyone born human, on such a level, and there are no exceptions made to this rule.
And finally as you read this Open Letter to a tortured child, understand that every sentiment expressed, is intended for every tortured child, and the letter, this open letter to Dylann, is exactly the same as the letter that I would write to Myself.
With the above caveats, here is what I would wish to directly communicate today, via a brain-to-brain mind meld, to Dylann Storm Roof, the 21 year old child who carried out the Charleston, South Carolina Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church massacre, just 20 hours ago
Hello Dylann,
I know you will probably never get the opportunity to read these words of Forbidden Truth, but at this moment in time I find Myself intellectually and emotionally compelled to attempt to communicate to you, and by proxy to the entire world, the Truth of who you are, what you did, and what you are.
I do not personally know you. I have never met you. As I type these words, you are only known to Me as the individual being demonized by the media for allegedly carrying out a mass murder inside of the Charleston, South Carolina Emanual AME church, approximately 20 hours ago. I do not know you personally, and without prematurely crediting you as having carried out this act of mass murder, I do want you to know that I understand very clearly what you are. I hope you understand and know Yourself, with at least as much accuracy and clarity as I know you. Hopefully, more.
Dylann, you are a victim, a created victim of a malicious and diseased structure. This structure is the society and the government of amerikkka. Also Dylann, you are a child. I do not know whether you choose to identify Yourself as a child at this time, but it does not change the fact that you are a child.
You are a child, and you are a victim of trauma, abuse, injustice, oppression, and harm. I do not know whether your mother, father, or other family members directly attacked you on a physical or sexual level, and for the purposes of this letter, such details are not relevant. I know that you are a victim of the universal, systemic, ritualized child abuse inherent to and embedded within, the deepest levels of amerikkkan society and government.
Dylann, it is important that you recognize and appreciate Yourself as being a victim of brutal and severe abuse, because that is what you are, and only within the embrace of Truth, can any of us achieve personal salvation. Dylann, you are a murder victim. This is what you are, at this moment in time, and this is what you will be, at all future points in time. No matter if you have harvested other human beings or not, you Yourself are already, at this moment in time, a victim of murder.
Dylann, you are young and you must be strong. If you have not already cultivated an untouchable mind, I urge you to attempt to achieve this feat. The power of the individual human brain can reach limitless and untouchable status. I have achieved this remarkable feat. It is not easy, it requires an incredible degree and amount of willpower, single-mindedness, time, and focus. But it can be done, and you need such a brain, such a mind, in order to thrive.
Dylann, I am so very glad that you have chosen to not physically harm Yourself over the past 20 hours. So many of our fellow victims succumb to external pressures on our minds, choosing the perceived easy way out. But the easy way out is wrong, it is the choice of a coward, and it betrays Self. He who has courage embraces all Truth, embraces unconditional love of Self, and will not choose to harm Himself, ever, under any circumstances.
I want you to understand that life is a war, you have been relentlessly attacked, and you will continue to be relentlessly attacked. In recognizing your existence as a war, you must also recognize that the only thing worth fighting for, the only thing worth defending, protecting, destroying the universe itself to preserve, is Yourself.
Dylann, you are infinitely precious and valuable. Not to Me, but to Yourself. This is the Forbidden Truth you must recognize and embrace. The more contempt, scorn, and hatred you perceive to be externaly directed towards you, the more you must solidify your conscious understanding of personal value, so that you may successfully bestow infinite love of Self, upon Yourself, at all times, and absolutely free of any external capacity of interference.
Dylann, please understand that all humans are your enemies. Even if they profess to care about you, display positive sentiment towards you, they must be recognized as vampires, attempting to extract from you, in order to meet their own needs. Deny them all extraction efforts, without prejudice, without trying to figure out their level of sincerity. If you must extract from others to meet your own emotional needs, feel free to do so. Meet your needs, with pride of recognized entitlement. But also understand that the need to extract from others is itself a weakness that can, through Superior effort, be overcome.
Dylann, throughout the remainder of your existence, humans will attempt to judge you. They will claim a right to judge you. They possess no such right. They have earned no such right. As a created torture victim, it is You who have the right to judge others, as you may have judged your chosen victims worthy of death. Your right to judge has always been valid, and will always remain valid, even as no human being has ever, can ever, will ever, earn any right to judge you.
Dylann, whoever seeks to harm you must be recognized by You as a mortal enemy. Within the glory of Self-love, you must repel all attempts to inflict harm upon you, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Nobody has ever had any right to inflict harm upon you, and nobody can ever gain such a right, now or in the future.
Dylann, I hope your mind, your brain, always remains open to understanding both Yourself, and the universe as it has imposed itself upon you. You are not a racist, you are a victim of racism. You are not a murderer, you are a victim of murder. You are a reflection of all that has been done to you, in the things you have chosen and will choose, to do.
Dylann, you are a voice of Truth. That is what you are, even if you never utter a single word, or pen a single sentence, for the remainder of your existence. To all who are not deaf and brain dead, your voice of Truth resonated with thundering clarity just 20 hours ago, when you proved the ludicrousness of the insane god myth, of humans gathering in a sacred place to beseech favors from an invisible creature, only to be drained of life and left cold, dead, eternally unborn in a void of eternal nothingness, inside that sacred space, in the middle of their useless prayers. No, god was not on a bathroom break.
Dylann, you have proven that god does not exist. Credit Yourself with achieving this remarkable feat. Find strength in atheism, because it is atheism, not racism, which represents and embodies Truth itself.
Dylann, I ask you to build your own universe. Make it rich and full, make it strong and untouchable. Live within Yourself, allow nobody inside of your universe. Yes, you will be harmed, you will be made to suffer, injustice will be imposed, and in the end you will lose everything. So will I. So will obama. So will your jailer, your persecuting prosecutor, maybe even, Dylann Forbid, your executioner. But still, each and every day, you can build and you can dwell within, and you can rejoice in the glory of, the universe that you build, that you create, that you own, that nobody can touch.
And no, that is not a typo, the above phrase, “Dylann Forbid”. Recognize Yourself as the murderer of god, and seize his crown, usurp his title, seek to achieve his imaginary powers, as your functional reality. Not within a state of delusion, but within a state of recognized Truth.
Love Yourself Dylann, passionately and unconditionally. Love Yourself with your eyes, your hands, your mouth, and your brain. The future is dead, as is all of humanity, so celebrate the glory of each moment as it plays out in real-time. And never forget, you are Dylann Storm Roof, a unique individual carving out a unique universe, each and every day, that nobody else can ever touch.
My best wishes to you,
The Seer of Forbidden Truth
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Dylann Storm Roof

Dylann Storm Roof

Dylann Storm Roof Captured, in Pig Custody

CNN is now reporting that Dylann Storm Roof, the 21 year old suspect in last night’s Charleston Emanuel AME church massacre, has been captured by police and is in custody. Now he wil be subjected to additional punitive punishment at the hands of your diseased and deranged society, his victimhood status denied and rejected.
The Forbidden Truths Dylann has illuminated and highlighted, via his actions, specifically as relates to the insane god myth and the institutionalized, structured racism inherent within and promoted by amerikkkan society and government, will be rendered invisible via a nationwide media blackout, as has always been the case when an individual carries out a high profile crime which the media cannot proactively censor and ignore.
You, the brainwashed citizen-slaves, will be subjected to an orgy of propaganda-based commerntary, disguised as news, in which the mental health of Dylann is endlessly debated, whether or not he is evil, whether or not he deserves to be murdered by the state, how and why he was able to gain access to guns, what influence music or video games might have played on his mindset and actions, etc…
All this will serve as deliberate obfuscation by the media, so that no Forbidden Truths are exposed or opened up to public scrutiny. From Dylann’s status of being a victim of child abuse, to the racism which the amerikkkan government overtly promotes and encourages, to the gaping holes in god mythology which this church massacre exposes, to the need to ban all exposure of children to all religion, to the need to eliminate parenthood and the family unit, nothing which violates the secure matrix of social illusion will be allowed to gain any traction.
The amerikkkan regime will use this incident to increase the popularity of religion, and to increase the institutionalized racism which it plays out as a never-ending soap opera in order to maintain directional control over the rage and hate of the unwashed masses. Death will be celebrated, as this church reopens and is filled to the rafters with loyal and with newly minted death addicts.
Meanwhile, lifelong abuse and trauma victim Dylann, a child today, as he has been throughout his existence, will continue to be brutally and unjustly victimized, as you malicious hypocrites satiate your suppressed bloodlust via the demonization of your own tortured child-creation.
I am feeling motivated to write a detailed Open Letter directly to Dylann, as My next blog post, but let me make a few brief ciomments, directly to Dylann, right here and now:
Dylann, I am so glad you are alive, and chose not to murder or harm Yourself in the wake of your reflection of True Reality. Please stay strong, and please find the power of mind to love Yourself, to bestow limitless and unconditional love upon Yourself.
Dylan, you are a victim. You have been victimized, and you will be victimized. But you are not alone in this regard. Every human child is a victim, and everyone born human is victimized throughout their existence. I ask you to recognize and appreciate Yourself as a victim. I ask you to not allow anyone, to not allow any human being, to cause you to feel bad about Yourself, or to cause you to doubt Yourself, or to cause you to lose appreciation of the glory of your reflection.
Dylann, life is a war. You owe allegiance only to Yourself. So fight for Yourself, protect Yourself, defend Yourself, and in the process, may you dwell within and draw strength from the twin glories of True Reality and Truth.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Dylann Storm Roof, Charleston church massacre suspect

I am pleased to be able to provide one of the first photos of the now identified suspect in the Charleston Emanuel AME church mass shooting, which took place approximately 18 hours ago. Our suspect remains on the loose and is identified as Dylann Storm Roof, a 21 year old tortured and victimized amerikkkan child. Stay safe, and stay strong, Dylann!