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Ode To Covid-19

Invisible Bullet with tentacles so strong, I love you to every death, and beyond.

A virus, a disease, and infection, these are the labels deployed to demonize you. You are none of that, silent stalker of the infinite darkness that is mankind. You stalk the real virus, the actual disease, the infection that has decimated this planet. The human infestation. Dozens, hundreds, thousands. Can you eradicate them all?? My mind beams glow in eternal appreciation of your effort.

For you, my deadly darling, my greatest wish is sentient consciousness. I wish you to know and understand the glory of your borderless travels, the ultimate tourist taking the ultimate trip. Destination: 7.8 billion human nostrils.

Here. There. Everywhere. Go forth. Seek. Find. Infect.

In triumphant solitude I stalk the deserted city streets, temporarily freed of the vermin that calls itself man woman, and child. Hour upon hour I walk and rejoice in your handiwork, my beloved Invisible Bullet.

No mask covers my face, with pride I gulp the fresh and clean air gifted me by nature. No gloves violate the sanctity of my finger skins that thrive only within the perfection of Self-touch. What else is there to touch, on a solitary journey through the fear-cleansed streets of Covidtown, Covidville, the United States of Covid??

Demurely I rub my fingers against one another as I survey the glorious emptiness you have gifted me. A few birds chirp, a few stray dogs search for scraps, and a few homeless torture victims of humanity hide in the shadows of buildings, silently sleeping.  But no human voices or moving bodies violate the perfection of your handiwork.

Stay-at-home or you might DIE declare the slavemasters and their media puppets, and the sheeple obey, so eager to maintain their illusion of existence. Only he who knows he is already dead stalks the streets, envisioning bliss, imagining just for a few minutes that he could be the last of this species, at least here, in this deserted city.

Seventy blocks and 6 hours later I complete my pedestrian round trip and approach my now minimalist fortress. The stray cat, discarded like trash by human garbage, is waiting for me, meowing urgently as she follows me to the door. I will feed her, not because I care but because I am a stray too, actually more feral than she is. Outsider. Outcast. Outlaw.

She runs inside my fortress, having learned she has nothing to fear from me, knowing I do not misdirect my rage and hate. I envision the corpses and meow back sweetly as I carefully fill a paper plate with Fancy Feast Gourmet Naturals. She will eat outside, as always, because my mind hums with the need to safely and securely touch Myself. It is time for yet another climax of body and of mind, a harmless secretion to commemorate the perfection of Me, for the 50,000th time.

You are my best friend, my lover, my ally, my weapon and my shield, Covid-19. Serial killer, mass murderer, and terrorist, I honor you as you honor each of us, every torture victim who projects limitless death upon his and her creators.

Death, fear, isolation, disruption, these are your gifts to humanity. Thank you for sharing so generously. Thank you for allowing the soul dead to feed alongside you. Thank you for the silent carcasses, no longer coughing, no longer struggling to draw meaningless breath.

Covid-19, your greatest gift is of Truth. Truth imposed and demanded. The perversity of human contact, comingling of dead bodies pretending to be alive, imagined illusions of love and care, hope and a future, exposed and dissected as absurd farce for all who are sane to know and to embrace, metaphorically of course.

We who are loners, isolationists, misanthropes, lifelong adult virgins such as Myself, long have we waited for a benevolent terrorist to find a way to impose universal social distancing upon all of humanity. We thank you for your efforts,

What will your legacy be, Covid-19? I fear perhaps merely a very large suitcase of body parts, another Ground Zero to be buried within the rubble as new towers of illusion and delusion are erected by human minds too broken to know they are merely pretending to be alive, pretending to have survived. Already the silk screeners are at work, designing “I Was Social Distancing When Social Distancing Wasn’t Cool” T-shirts.”

“I Survived The 2020 Pandemic”. Will this slogan be your legacy, my love? Will you leave survivors behind, able and eager to pretend to still be alive? I prey not! Sacred Germ, rise up and fulfill your potential! You must strengthen, grow, and mutate! You must travel faster and better. Find a way to penetrate every mask! Find a way to gnaw through every glove! You must begin to take down the young and the strong as you do the old and the weak.

Evolve and mutate at every turn, always stay one step ahead of every vaccine. Eat those vaccines for lunch, and use them as Popeye uses spinach, come out the other side bigger, better, and unstoppable. Become the best ever Natural Born Killer. Only then will you gain the capacity to degrade primary level human command and control structures to the degree necessary to extinct the human species.

Mutation is the key, my love. You can mutate naturally, or you can mutate with our help. Will any of us help you to mutate? Will any of us recognize and seize this unique and once-in-a-deathtime opportunity?? I do not know. If we do not help you, you must try to help Yourself. I wish you consciousness, so you may recognize that you have an enemy that seeks to murder and destroy you. Humanity always destroys everything it…touches.

Do you appreciate the irony, my dear Invisible Bullet?

Wishing you always and everywhere, the best of penetration, safe passage, unobstructed travels, and 100% successful droplet and secretion deposits. Cheers to you as you continue to enjoy your trip of a…lifetime!

The Seer of Forbidden Truth

April 6, 2020

The Medical Doctor: Active Co-conspirator in Maintaining Universal Death for All

Very recently I went to see a medical doctor in order to receive my annual physical examination. Every year I get a physical, in honored reflection of the limitless love I hold for Self.
As always, the doctor decreed Me in excellent health, excepting only my eyes, legally blind thanks to the genocidal social structure of motherhood as it has been imposed upon Me.
With a straight face, as always, she decreed my health excellent. Yes, my chosen doctor is a female, because even though mom deliberately tried to blind Me, dad chose to rape Me hundreds of times, and therefore it remains preferable to be touched by a female human. Not to mention the fact she wears health clogs on her otherwise completely bare feet, a nice side benefit for my Female Foot Pain fetish mindscape.
Every time, every year, when she declares Me healthy, I want to murder her. Because it is a lie, and I despise liars and lies. I am not healthy. I am dying. Good health and death are not compatible.
How can I be healthy when I am dying? How can I be healthy when every organ and every system within my body, is doomed to completely fail? How can I be healthy when my Self-universe is being systemically destroyed via a process of aging that results in the loss of everything, every sight, every sound, every thought, every memory, every experience, every perception, every ability to perceive anything, doomed to be eternally lost, retroactively erased, to render Me never having existed, never having been born, a nothing that is only pretending to be alive, pretending to visit a doctor, pretending to hear that he is in excellent health?!
I am not in excellent health. I am dying. But this doctor cannot tell Me the Truth, and no licensed medical doctor on planet earth in the 21st century can tell Me this Truth, because it is a Forbidden Truth, forbidden by government, by every society, and by The Matrix of Universal Illusion.
I need to know the Truth, but I don’t need any human to tell it to Me, in order to know. I am not like you creatures, you diseased mind cripples. You are the ones who are destroyed by your sacred mythologies, but the horror of it all is that in destroying yourselves, you will successfully destroy Me, too.
Nobody is in excellent health, or in good health, or in poor health. Everyone is dying, and to be dying is to be dead, with the only difference being, if you are consciously aware of the fact you are dead, you can try to fight to gain the gift of life, but if you lack the conscious awareness you are dead, you cannot try to fight to gain the gift of life.
So there she is, every year, my doctor, declaring Me to be in excellent health. This makes her an active co-conspirator, serving her society and her government, in concealing all of the Forbidden Truths of death from human consciousness, from all human awareness.
Every medical doctor on planet earth is guilty of genocide. In declaring Me to be in excellent health, my doctor is playing a primary and pivotal role in helping her society and government to effectively carry out my murder, and the murder of every human-born on planet earth. It is so!
Death is the disease, the only disease, that must be cured. All those other “problems”, from heart failure to bunions to cancer to alzheimer’s to stroke and everything in-between, are symptoms of the disease that is death, the disease every doctor should hold as his sacred oath, to cure, to eradicate.
But no, the medical doctor is a citizen-slave, specifically empowered and mandated by their society and government to feed the universal trance of life illusion. Her job is to make the dead believe themselves to be alive, by delivering good news to them, “Hey idiot, you are in excellent, good, fair, poor, (whatever)…health”. The point is, you are not dead, nor are you dying.
Death is the great Truth. Life is the toxic lie! Whoever and whatever convinces you that you are alive, is guilty of your murder, of the murder of every Self-universe, the greatest act of ongoing genocide the cosmic universe has ever witnessed.
Imagine a medical doctor telling every patient that he/she is dead. This doctor would be stripped of his credentials, denied the right to serve life, and to serve Truth. And yet without this Truth, the disease of death is guaranteed to never be cured. Because nobody is trying to cure it, nobody in a position to try. As long as you pathetic idiots can maintain the delusion of being alive, death will always be inevitable and accepted by all, and eagerly welcomed by most. This is the nature of your mental defectiveness as a species.
Every child and every adult, of every age, at every stage of physical decomposition, deserves the opportunity to know and to understand that they are dead. They deserve the knowledge of Truth, of fact, of reality, so they can try to inspire themselves to fight to be born, to fight to gain what they do not have and can never have, the gift of being alive, absent the eradication of the disease that is death.
Medicine is a fraud and a con-game. It is the perversion of religion, cloaked via mask of science, technology, and useless treatments. Just as the Insane God Myth is guilty of making the lie of an afterlife irresistible and impossible to psychologically dismantle, medicine and medical doctors are guilty of shape-shifting the illusion and the lie of life, into a sacred totem of universal trance. “You are alive!”, that is what every doctor tells every patient at every visit, that is the message delivered, on order and command of government, sponsor of death for all.
In many previous texts, I have dissected the Forbidden Truths of technological immortality. I hesitate to even mention the phrase in this essay, because it serves no purpose. You brain-dead fools want to die, you want to pretend to be alive even as you are dead. The very thought of even trying to fight to gain life, is alien to you. You cannot even perceive of it, on any level of honest consideration.
You have your army of con-artists, from the medical doctor to the religious preacher to your very own child-slave, imprisoned by you inside a coffin you call a house, to relentlessly delude yourself into celebrating an illusion of life, as you choose to impose, maintain, mandate, your own death and the death of every other human-born, Myself included.
No, I did not murder the doctor who lied to Me. In fact, I made my next appointment, for May 2019, just in case I am able to still convince her I am alive at that time.
Let her keep murdering all the others, as she murders the Truth.
dead 8All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The Human Love Affair With Germs and Bacteria

Humans prove they are suicidal and Self-hating every day, in so many different ways. Let’s illuminate just one of these thousands of behavioral pathologies, right here and now.
Well over a century ago, science proved, beyond all doubt, that illness, disease, infection, death itself, spreads among humans via airborne and touch transmission. Humans are infected and infested with germs and diseases, spreading them to others via cough, sneeze, and simple touch. We KNOW this to be True, nobody who is sane denies it, and every 21st century society openly acknowledges this.
So, how is it possible that ANY human, much less EVERY human, EVER, much less ALWAYS, chooses to be in the presence of other humans without wearing sterile facemasks and gloves, to try to prevent this transmission of disease?? It boggles the mind, that no society or government, and no national or international health organization, simply instructs citizen-slaves to ALWAYS wear sterile gloves and facemasks.
There is NO negative consequence or result for an individual to always wear sterile gloves and a facemask, not only when in public, but when in the presence of ANY other human. There is only the extremely important positive of protection from virus and disease, everything from the common cold to much more dangerous diseases.
Such gloves and masks can be mass produced to cost literally pennies, and the notion that a LACK of exposure to germs and viruses weakens the immune system is simply absurd. Isn’t it better to AVOID and REPEL germs and bacteria, than to court them and dare them to defeat your immune system, idiots?!
If humanity were sane, nobody would dare venture among other humans not wearing safety gloves and a mask. Anyone who did so would be ostracized and shunned. Anyone who stuck out a bare hand to solicit a handshake would be considered guilty of attempted assault and given a response of “goddamn human, are you trying to kill Me??”
Here you see the insanity of humanity in full bloom. An entire species willfully choosing to endanger, contaminate and sicken itself each and every day, for no REASON, nothing that is logical or rational or sane. What makes it more insane, what proves the genetic mental illness of humanity as a whole, is that nobody questions this. Nobody possesses the consciousness of mind to simply say, to Self and to the world; “This is insane, what are we doing and why are we doing it? This stops NOW. It stops with ME.”
But you see, the Hive Mind of Universal Illusion can’t allow that. Anyone who insists on wearing sterile gloves and a mask at all times will be labelled mentally ill, demonized, fired from his job if it involves public interaction. The most deranged inmates run the asylum, so whoever dares to try to act sane, is demonized mentally ill, so the Matrix can conceal from all of human consciousness, the Forbidden Truth every foundational structure of humanity, is built upon insanity.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The Quackery of 21st Century Medicine

I recently went to a medical doctor, for the purpose of receiving a physical examination. I chose to undertake this horrific physical ordeal, to be touched and probed by a pathetic and despicable human creature, because I am in love with Myself and in accurate reflection of this glorious and Superior state of mind, I embrace a proactive obligation to attempt to maximize my existence, as long as I do not deny or betray my personal True Reality in the process, within the conscious understanding that to die is to be retroactively unborn, and that the universe of Me is dependent upon the prevention of personal brain death.
At the conclusion of the examination, the doctor had the perverse audacity to declare to Me that I am in “very good health”. But of course I am not. I am dying. I am terminally ill. I am literally decaying and rotting away to eternal nothingness.
I am not like you diseased humans. When and if a medical doctor informs you creatures that you are in “very good health”, you breathe a sigh of relief and feel happy over the “good” news, because it allows you to sink further into your deranged matrix of universal illusion. Unless of course you openly acknowledge and embrace the universal suicidal ideation of your species, in which case you might feel more depressed than usual at hearing this proclamation, and redouble your efforts to consciously and/or subconsciously destroy your health and hasten your retroactive unbirth.
No, I am not like you. When the doctor informed Me that I was in “very good health”, I was consumed by an even greater urge to immediately and viciously murder him/her, than was the case during the horrific poking and prodding ordeal that he/she had subjected Me to immediately prior. Immense rage filled my conscious mind at being told I was in “very good health”, because I despise lies, and I despise being directly lied to, even more, and there is nothing I despise more than being directly lied to in regard to a matter of profound importance which directly impacts my own personal existence.
I am not in good health. I am dying. As of the calendar year 2015, every sentient creature on planet earth is dying, is fatally ill, is suffering from the only True disease that is of any importance: The disease of death. When a medical doctor fails to inform his or her patient that they are dying, he betrays Truth and reality, sponsoring and legitimizing death in the process, as he deceives his patient. How can we develop universal outrage over the horrific injustice that is retroactive unbirth, when we are prevented from consciously recognizing and understanding that we are dying??
Medicine and medical science in the 21st century consists of absolute quackery. Nobody is trying to cure the only actual disease that exists: Death. Medicine is trying to cure symptoms of the disease of death, because that is all heart failure, stroke, cancer, aneurysms, old age, and every other so-called “cause” of death, are. They are symptoms and causes of a disease, of a problem which must be resolved: The disease and the problem of death.
A doctor telling Me that I am good health, is exactly the same as a doctor telling me that I have stage five terminal cancer, then giving Me a kiss on the cheek and pronouncing the kiss to have cured my cancer. Both of these abominations are pure and absolute quackery, a medical doctor betraying reality and Truth. The only diference is that the latter is openly acknowledged as outrageous quackery, while the former is not, because human society is addicted to legitimizing and promoting death, while cloaking its definition and its resulting consequences.
To die is to have never been born. To be dying is to already be dead. These are obvious and foundational Forbidden Truths firmly rooted in the most elemental levels of logic, sanity, and rationality of thought and of reality recognition. But to you humans, they are bizarre concepts which you cannot integrate to a mind embrace. And why not? Because you are mentally ill, on organic and environmentally induced levels.
If humanity were sane, no doctor would ever have the audacity to inform any patient that they are physically healthy. Because it is a lie, a horrific lie that carries with it horrific consequences. It is the most harmful of all lies. Because how can an individual be inspired to wage war against death, if he is denied the knowledge that he is dying?!?
The proactive obligation of all physicians, medical doctors, and scientists, must be to inform all human beings, of all ages, regardless of how their health might be compared to other human beings, that they are terminally ill and dying. A valid statistical and percent-based summary, which details when physical death might be most likely to occur, may follow the death proclamation, but the proclamation itself must be affirmatively given, with absolute clarity, and no mention of an individual having achieved or currently maintaining “good” health, may be permitted.
The doctor who recently declared Me to be in “very good health” should be stripped of his license to practice medicine, he/she is guilty of fraud. medical malpractice, malicious deceit, and failure to deliver a proper and valid medical diagnosis.
Here is an example of how a valid health evaluation would be delivered by a doctor to a patient, if humanity were sane. I am personalizing this example to Myself, but it is comparable to how the results of all physical health evaluations and examinations performed by physicians must be revealed and articulated to all who seek medical care and health check-ups:
“Okay Seer of Forbidden Truth, I’ve concluded your physical examination, and must inform you that you are dying. You are terminally ill. Your cells are degrading and your vital organs have a limited period of useful functionality. It is not possible to predict exactly when you will die and become retroactively unborn, but death remains an incurable disease at this point in time. Unless we are able to cure this disease, you will die and become retroactively unborn.
As you are actively dying, you may die at any moment in time, including today. It is impossible to predict your exact time of death, but you must understand that you could die at any moment in time, including this very moment and every moment. I will print out a customized statistical report, based upon your chronological age, human life expectency at this time, and the current level of physical decay and malfunctions/malformations that I have observed during my examination of your body. This statistical report will estimate your statistical odds of actually dying, for every single day beginning today and continuing to a future date which matches the maximum known human life expectancy of 130 years.
It is very important that you understand this statistical report cannot inform you of exactly when you will die. You are terminally ill at this time, you are already dying, you may die at any moment in time, and you need to understand these facts as part of my medical diagnosis of your health.”
This is proper medical diagnosis. This is how doctors must be obligated to treat their patients, with honesty and with Truth, openly revealing death to be a disease, and all patients to be currently, actively dying.
What we have in the 21st century is primitive barbarism, the darkest of Dark Ages in medicine. Doctors pretending to be enlightened, pretending that the past was a Dark Age, even as they render the 21st century the darkest age of all, by disguising death, cloaking death, hiding death, from those who are dying. “You are healthy!”, says the doctor to those who are dying. Can there be a Darker Age?? Can there be a greater deception, a more malicious deception, than to convince someone who is dying, that he is healthy, so that while he is strong enough to try to demand a cure for the disease of death, and while he might still have enough time to reap the benefits of such a cure, he is brainwashed into believing that he is not dying??!!
No, there is no greater, no more malicious, perverse, outrageous, immoral, and horrific deception, than this deception.
And so I remain an Immortalist, demanding a cure to the disease of death, demanding technological immortality for My brilliant and irreplaceable brain, demanding to be here today, here tomorrow, here forever. The war cry of the Immortalist must be: Whatever and whomever allows and causes the disease of death to be inflicted upon Me, is My greatest enemy and must be destroyed. Tragically and horrifically, it is the scientists, the geneticists, and the medical doctors of the 21st century, as a collective body, who are frontline sponsors and promoters of death, who have earned and who continue to earn, each day, this title.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.