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Notre Dame Burns, The Beauty of Fire as Natural Truth is Dispensed

Hello, do you derive orgasmic pleasure from watching the perverse and pathetic Sacred Cow creations of the diseased and deranged human species, disintegrate and dissolve to dust, ash, and rubble?? I sure do, and it happens far too infrequently. So, when it does, we should all take a few minutes and celebrate, celebrate Truth as it wins out finally, even if nobody else sees or understands or appreciates it.

Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France, embodies all that is wrong with humanity, the mind chains of religion, government, obedience, tradition, history, sanctified on grand and gothic scale. 

Today, Notre Dame cathedral burns and burns. Natural forces destroy and obliterate stupid, supernatural human delusions and obsessions. I love fire. It is pure and honest. It destroys and it kills everything in it’s path. Fire has no prejudice, it has no agenda. It simply consumes, engulfs, destroys. How beautiful and reflectively orgasmic, when it finds a direct path to something that should never have come into existence.

I personally have greatly enjoyed today, watching video footage of the cathedral burning, with audio muted, replaced by the song “Fire Water Burn”, by Bloodhound Gang. So, join Me if you dare. Watch the first video, sound off, as you play the second video, below.

It works for Me, your mileage may vary…

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Comparison Between the Mind Bomb and the Conventional IED Bomb

In My last post I expanded the forbidden truth dictionary by brilliantly defining what a Mind Bomb is. Now, lets kick it up a notch by doing a direct comparison between the Mind Bomb and the much more well-known and conventional homicide/suicide Improvised Explosive Device Backpack/Vest/Belt bomb. There are more similarities than the inferior might think.
a) Both the Mind Bomb and the conventional IED bomb are offensive attacks.
b) The Mind Bomb has the potential to cause great psychological distress to those exposed and impacted by it, and so does the conventional IED bomb.
c) While the conventional IED bomb is much more likely to cause physical deaths, the Mind Bomb also has the potential, albeit far less frequently on a percentage level, to inspire others to carry out actions that may result in the physical deaths of others.
d) The conventional IED bomb is not easy for most humans to successfully craft and detonate, and neither is the Mind Bomb.
e) Society and government will try to punitively punish you if you construct and/or detonate an IED bomb without its legal authorization and target approval. Society and government may try to punitively punish you if you construct and detonate a Mind Bomb that targets a specific audience, such as children.
f) The IED bomb has the potential to positively enlighten the consciousness of a tiny minority of humans, to the True nature and inspirational forces of terrorism, The Mind Bomb has the same potential, although in both cases it is very rarely realized, and only by a tiny minority of humans.
g) The IED bomb is condemned by the vast majority of humans, and so is the Mind Bomb.
h) Detonating the IED bomb causes a loud noise and releases explosive forces that alter the physical landscape. Detonating the Mind Bomb causes no loud noises, but may alter the psychological landscape of those exposed to it.
i) The IED bomb exists as an accurate reflection of the True Reality of its physical creator, as does the Mind Bomb.
j) The creation of an IED bomb is inspired by the personal trauma, victimization, and abuse experienced by its creator, and so is the Mind Bomb.
k) Detonating an IED bomb often results in the direct physical death of the detonator. Detonating a Mind Bomb rarely if ever results in the direct physical death of the detonator.
l) Detonating an IED bomb often provides great psychological pleasure and satisfaction to the detonator, and so does detonating a Mind Bomb.
As you can see, there are some very important differences between these two types of bombs, but also a great many similarities. We who seek and honor Truth, should honor both types of bombings, and the Martyrs who choose to carry them out. We should thank them for exposing Forbidden Truth to the universe, as we recognize the sacrifice they make, and the price they pay, as victims of society and government.
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"Are You Carrying Any Weapons, Sir?"

Within the fascist dictatorship of 21st century amerikkka, there is a good chance you will be asked this question by hired terrorists of the regime, deployed to terrorize all citizen-slaves at numerous public locations, and, ironically, carrying deadly weapons themselves. The irony may escape you slaves, but it resonates with crystal clarity to Me.
A good answer to give, assuming you are not in fact carrying an illegal weapon, is:
“Yes motherfu*ker, I am carrying one very powerful weapon. It is My brain. It is what I use to destroy anything and everything I want and choose to destroy. It is the weapon you can never take away from Me. It is the weapon you can never know the power of, no matter how thoroughly you search Me. Your weapon has a caliber, motherfu*ker. My weapon is exactly as big and powerful and lethal as I want it to be. Go ahead, search Me, find My weapon. Try to take it away from Me. I dare you. And while you’re at it, tell Me, how many worlds have you destroyed today?”
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The Forbidden Truths of Art & Artistic Expression

I recently received an interesting comment and several good questions concerning how art and artistic expression fits into and relates to Forbidden Truth. I will address this issue in comprehensive detail in this essay, but first, in order for the backstory to be clear, here is My original blog post which prompted the comment:
And here is the full comment itself, in italics and quotation marks, so as not to be confused with My brilliant reply, which immediately follows the comment:
“I have always wondered what your view of art, and creative expression in general is. The only thing that comes to mind is in the manifesto, where you pointed out that many of society’s superiors, especially cathartic avengers, tend to be talented at some form of art. Examples I can think of are Charles Manson’s music and visual arts and crafts, or the articulate, expressive writing ability of Charles Starkweather, and John Wayne Gacy’s paintings.
I can see how a desire to express oneself artistically is evidence of several superior traits, such as sensitivity, depth and even reflectivity.
Over the last few years, and ESPECIALLY after reading forbiddentruth, I have lost a lot of my ability to recognise much value in active creation or creativity, and in its place developed a much greater appreciation for the poignant beauty of destruction.
I can’t put my finger on why. I can’t draw but am talented at music and creative writing and stopped doing both because I lost passion for it. As I become more hateful and disconnected from humanity, I see creating as impotent. Why create? Why add something to this pathetic world when you could be destroying it?
I think in my mind I have been confused by humanity’s inferior view of art, and how much “art” is used synonymously with “entertainment”. By that I mean, it is seen ad something that is created to be appreciated or rejected or judged by others, rather than something the artist does for himself.
I suppose I am asking your view because I enjoy your creative activities. Your poem about the germanwings flight is awesome, and I have watched the Full Force Frank video countless times, wide-eyed, grinning ear to ear. It inspires me to want to reawaken my passion for it, and create art in a Superior way, like you have, but my understanding of art has been too confused and scrambled by humanity’s inferior use of it that I no longer understand how to appreciate it.
If one creates art for oneself, then how is he expressing himself? I can only understand expression as being in relation to OTHERS, something that is below me.”
Let us begin by defining art and artistry within the proper parameters of Forbidden Truth. Art must be understood and undertaken by the Superior thinker, as the creative expression of factual Truth, absent distortion, embellishment, or any overt attempt to deceive Self or others. All that an individual Superior chooses to create, is an expression of personal creativity, which is inherently artistic. All acts of external destruction alter existing landscapes, or to be more precisely accurate, existing mindscapes, be it on a small-scale or a larger scale lavel. Destruction is creation, because whatever alters an existing universe as perceived by others, creates a new and different universe.
Therefore, the creation of all art, and every act of artistic expression, is fully compatible with expression, revelation, and personal communion with Forbidden Truth. But at the same time, all art and artistic expression can be directly use to deny, distort, and escape from Forbidden Truth. Which of the two paths is achieved, and to what degree, on a personal level, depends entirely on the motivational intent of the individual, and his capacity to recognize and appreciate Forbidden Truth.
All communication must always be Self-directed, this is a primate mandate for the seeker of Truth. Art and artistic expression is both a personal creation, and a form of communication. As long as it is properly motivated by personal determination to exalt Self and Truth, it need not betray or compromise either.
Now, let us clearly understand that the creation of all art, and all artistic expression, is decreed by society and government to be a delivered message to others, something to be done in order to try to enlighten or entertain or inspire or impact others. This entire concept is utterly invalid and must be proactively rejected as constituting yet another effort by society to enslave minds and to control reality perception, as well as to impose censorship of personal expression and creation.
Everything that is done in an attempt to influence or impact others, is a compromise of Self-expression. It constitutes Self-censorship because anytime you are tailoring a message to others, you are inhibiting and distorting the valid dialogue you must undertake with Self. It is this dialogue which unveils and expresses and deepens all Truth perception. It is this dialogue which expands the universe of Self.
Let all creation be appreciated for its capacity to destroy, and let all destruction be understood within core consciousness, as a proactive form of creation. The Superior mind is inherently creative, because it is free of social, governmental, cultural, familial, mystical, and all other forms of bondage. The foundational act of becoming a Superior, requires boundless degrees of artistic freedom and talent, merely to fully envision the alternate universe of cloaked and Forbidden Truth which the individual must discover, uncover, dissect to every nuance, and integrate to core consciousness.
Every pre-planned and Self-chosen murder is a premier work of art, an artistic creation which puts almost all other types of artistic expression to shame. Every Self-chosen act of murder is mindful, the opposite of mindless. All pre-planned and Self-chosen acts of murder must be understood as bold, dynamic, enigmatic, real-time and enduring artistic statements of Truth. Creation via destruction, at its best. It is very important to note, however, the clear distinction I am drawing between pre-planned and Self-chosen acts of murder, as opposed to an unplanned murder which may occur during the commission of an armed robbery, for example, or a socially promoted murder such as hunting, abortion, or the death penalty. Carrying out such murders may still qualify as personal artistic expression, but the Forbidden Truth element of mindfulness and creative freedom of expression is lost and destroyed, or at the very least severely compromised.
The Superior is always appreciative of the lyrical artistry inherent in dynamic and uniquely Self-chosen violence. A portrait of Truth is always painted by the actions of personal predators who are born human, quite different from other animal predators who are primarily motivated by hunger or natural instinct, or a combination of both.
If you carefully dissect and immerse Yourself in the known life path actions of infamous murderers, from Andrew Kehoe to Ted Bundy, Howard Unruh to Jeffrey Dahmer, Timothy McVeigh to Dylan Klebold, John Hinckley Jr. to Lee Harvey Oswald, Jim Jones to Charles Manson, the lyrical artistry of their personal expressions of True Reality, shine with a beauty, a depth, an intricacy, that no painting, no drawing, no writing, and no song, can ever achieve or attain.
All Self-inspired murderers are good at expressing themselves. Their act(s) of murder prove this. Therefore, logic dictates that the odds are high that Self-inspired murderers will be motivated to pursue other forms of artistic expression, painting, drawing, writing, etc… The inspiration to create is the inspiration to express, to form a new mindscape for Self, where none existed before, or to alter forever an existing mindscape. You know Yourself by the things that you do, within your mind as fantasy, and/or given external form via a deed, regardless of whether the deed directly impacts others.
If I write My autobiography, its existence within the universe of Me is exactly the same, if no other living thing ever sees it or even knows it exists, in comparison to billions of human beings or even Superior extraterrestrials, reading it millions of times over. There is no difference to Me, the creation is the same, inspired by Me, created by Me, created for Me, owned by Me, by my conscious awareness of it, and of what I have done.
Every fantasy is a work of art. Every Conscious Dream is a work of art. And every idea which challenges the existing matrix of universal illusion, is a work of art. And how are these things created? Via thought, the canvas of the mind, your unique mindscape. The artist is the art, and the art is not created via a pen or brush or guitar, the art is created by the thought, by every integrating and shifting thought of the individual mind.
Transcending your humanity and claiming ownership of a universe that you have proactively created, as I have done, is a premier work of art. And art is not for public or external consumption. Art is something you create in order to nurture Yourself and the Truths you recognize, as well as the True Realities which have been externally imposed and inflicted upon you.
Nothing I have done in My artistic journey has been motivated by any desire or attempt to impact others. All of My artistic achievements have been messages to Self, actions undertaken to honor, strengthen, glorify Myself. Why have I made a small portion of My artistic creations publicly available? Simply as a mild form of personal amusement and Self-stimulation. It is enjoyable to Me, to mock humanity, to show and to tell something that I am dissecting, why and how I am dissecting it. But affecting the consciousness of others is not My primary motivation, not even close. And such impact has never been necessary to Me.
For example, I only published 60% of the xerox zine content I created between 1989-1991. The remainder I chose to keep private. I only released to the outside world, approximately 20 hours of the more than 300 hours of Super-vhs camcorder video recordings I created. I have a 3000 word handwritten autobiography which I have never publicly released and never plan to. And I continue to add to private journals in which I write essays and poems which I do not publish online and have no plans to ever publish online. All that I create, is Self-directed and Self-motivated, to enhance My personal universe, not to impact others.
Addressing your comment more personally, you write that the embrace of some level of Forbidden Truth has dulled your inspiration to create, but sharpened your motivational impulse to destroy. The Truth is, as I have already articulated here, that to destroy is to create. The embrace of Forbidden Truth is itself a premier form of creation. You are creating a new universe of mind. You are destroying myths, delusions, illusions, beliefs, rationalizations, hypocrisy. Just as My written Manifesto exists as artistic creation to Me, the changes of mind you experience as a result of integrating My Manifesto to your consciousness and your True Reality, exist as artistic creation, for you.
The fact is, there is no “value”, external to Self-realization, Self-love, Self-worship, and Self-help, in anything that any of us have, can, or will do. The Forbidden Truths of death prove this factual reality. The Superior mind is motivated to create, solely to honor Self and Truth. It is within this path that artistic creativity must be understood, and can flourish. Every idea is a work of art, created by your brain. Every realization of Truth is a work of art, unique to you as an individual, nuanced and branched, like a tree. Are any two trees the same?? No. Every tree is unique, its branches positioned differently, its leaves positioned differently, and always changing, in subtle ways, in real-time.
Understand your own brain as a tree, alive and changing, reactive yet fully under your control and ownership. Every thought creates an altered mindscape, which you can and you do express in many different ways, internal and external to Self. The thought does not need to become a poem or a painting. The artistry is in the thought itself, and how it alters your brain, and therefore the universe, your universe.
I paint and I draw and I write the greatest masterpiece the universe has ever seen, each and every day. The masterpiece is My own brain, changing for the better, uniquely changing, becoming ever more magnificant with each stroke of the pen or brush. Every thought is a stroke, a new sentence, a new lyric roared out…. Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a CAAAAGE!!!!! Every thought changes and creates Me, as the artist becomes the art.
How am I inspired to externally create something like the Germanwings poem, or My unique zine collages or My camcorder videos?? By an overflow of personal pride and Self-love, an ego maximized and ready to burst. Inspiration is not something that a top-level Superior needs to work at creating within Himself. Rather, inspiration is always tugging at the mind, asking/demanding: Is today a good day to disturb the universe I so despise? Or, is today a good day to try to destroy the universe I so despise?? Everything I create is rooted with the open acknowledgent of My sacred right to destroy.
There is an additional aspect to art and artistic expression that must be comprehensively dissected. This is the very real issue of how and why humans and human society & government uses art and artistic expression to negate, reject, deny, distort, and destroy Truth. I will address this very important issue in My very next essay, but it should be understood as concurrent to the Truths I am revealing here in this essay. I only separate it for the purpose of reducing the length of this essay.
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To Destroy is to Create

Who will worship at the alter of destruction? Who is wise and courageous enough to understand that to destroy is to create?
Let it burn and let it collapse. Make it burn and make it collapse. Let the blood flow. Make the blood flow. Let us find the lightness of grace in the smoldering embers of what once was, but will not be again.
We destroy because have been destroyed. We destroy because destruction is the only way for one who has been destroyed, one who is a victim of destruction, to create. Every creation destroys. Everything the human touches, lays his eyes, his hands, his mind upon, he destroys.
Procreation no more creates a life, than abortion destroys a life.
What will you create today? A sand castle? A sculpture? A blog post? A mighty river of gushing and spurting blood? A recipe for world peace?
It does not matter, because whatever you create will be used to destroy. Whatever you create will be absorbed by the hive mind, whose mandate is to ensure universal destruction of all. Your creation will serve this mandate, in one way or another.
I rejoice in the destruction that I initiate, the destruction that I represent, the destruction that I inspire. Always I have created, in order to destroy. I destroy via thought and via deed and via word and via the collective entity of what I am. My destruction is that of the free agent, the Outcast, Outlaw, Outsider.
I am what I am because others have destroyed. They have destroyed in their Name, allowing Me to rise up within the light of Truth, claiming my Name. We who have always known ourselves to be destroyed, find the strength to create our own paths of destruction. To know Yourself is to know what it is to be a victim of destruction.
Religion does not destroy. Loving others does not destroy. The atomic bomb does not destroy. Child abuse does not destroy. These are simply methods by which those of us who have been destroyed, may be inspired to destroy others.
Every decision to destroy, is a decision to create. I am a creation of all that has been done to Me, a creation of every attack, of every humiliation, of every injustice, of every abuse, of every harm directed and imposed upon Me. As your creation, as your created victim of universal destruction for all, I destroy.
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The Beauty of Destruction

Destruction is one of the most gloriously multifaceted of personal achievements and triumphs. It empowers the human spirit on so many different levels, representing a dark and useless victory for all who recognize and embrace their victimhood status. I use the term “dark and useless” not in a negative light, but quite the contrary, to point out the blindness and hypocrisy of those who champion creation over destruction. The false light of creation represents the universal matrix of social illusion. The True darkness of destruction illuminates the hypocrisy of creation and those who are addicted to its useless siren song. Those who prejudicially decree destruction to be useless, and deem this a negative and a failure of the personal choice to destroy, show themselves to be oblivious to the foundational uselessness inherent in all individually chosen actions.
Let us briefly explore some of the triumphs of destruction, along with the many different levels and angles which make up this positive achievement. First and foremost, destruction is one of the most honest and courageous of personal reflections. Destruction is a mirror held up at the perfect angle, displaying Forbidden Truth. Each and every one of us is a victim of destruction, each and every one of us has been destroyed, is being destroyed in real-time, and will be destroyed in the future. When we unconditionally embrace our True Reality right to destroy, we honor the Truth of what has been and is being and will be done to us. In destroying, we avenge ourselves, and this alone, in and of itself, is a dark and useless victory.
Let us not denigrate uselessness. There are many things which society deems and decrees to be useless, because they represent a gateway to radical insights of Forbidden Truth which, if pursued to their ultimate embrace and realization, would lead to radical change which would render everything we do limitlessly useful, for the first and only time ever in human history. Instead of condemning specific actions as being useless, it is time to face up to the Forbidden Truth that everything humans choose to do is foundationally useless, and to understand the Forbidden Truths of why this is so.
\When we destroy, we spit in the face of those who champion creation. We point out their hypocrisy, and how the uselessness of creation is far more profoundly harmful than the uselessness of destruction. Creation represents deceit and Self-delusion. Destruction represents honesty and Self-realization.
One of the great beauties of destruction is that it can be experienced as an action, a memory, or a fantasy, equally and fully valid. The Superior understands that he can destroy the very same person or thing, over and over and over, a limitless number of times, and the degree of reflective pleasure, catharsis, and triumph experienced each and every time, need not be diminished.
Destruction sends a personally positive message to the universe, and the fact that this message is rejected and ignored by the masses, does not diminish its value or its validity. This message, directed towards humanity as a whole, is: Even as I exist and remain a victim of your efforts to destroy Me, I resist and reject My destruction. I fight back, by embracing My reflective right to destroy. “Look at what you have done to me!” This is the courageous demand of the proactive embracer of a personal right to destroy.
Destruction is the flip side of creation. Destruction mocks the universal human lie, the toxic and genocidally harmful illusion, that to create is a form of immortality. It is not! The uselessness of all creation is illuminated by the choice to destroy, and in the process, destruction proves its positive use, even as the destructive acts themselves reflect the universal uselessness of all human endeavors, made manifest by the species-wide worship of and addiction to death.
How else can we destroy? By refusing to create! The narrow-minded can only perceive destruction as an attack against what has already been created, and let us not diminish this or any other form of destruction. But let us use the power of our minds to integrate to conscious understanding that an equally powerful form of destruction, exists within the conscious decision not to create, to refuse to create. Refusal to create destroys what could be, what might have been, and it is just as valid a form of radical protest and personal catharsis. Our destruction is realized only by the fact that as a collective species, we have rejected our obligation to Self, to not create the structures being deployed against us, to destroy us. Every attack upon us, every weapon used against us, both literally and figuratively, exists only because of both an individual and a collective decision to create it and allow it to be used against us.
And finally, destruction must be understood as a demand, be it consciously realized or not, for immortality. The destroyer seeks to forever obliterate, in reflection of his own future obliteration. To destroy is to uncreate, to put something or someone back to a state of non-existence, the fate that the destroyer himself is unjustly doomed to suffer. Every act of destruction is a positive war cry: “Look at what is being done to Me, look at what you have doomed me to suffer! I will not be eternally extinguished, without at least eternally extinguishing others!”
Yes, it is fair to say the victory of destruction is dark and useless. But it is only useless because humanity has devolved to a hopeless state, a state of mind in which it cannot see itself as it is, or embrace Truth as it is. As Superiors, we find the greatest of uses in the embrace of acts of uselessness. We nurture ourselves in the glory of Truth, we are strengthened and made whole, super-glue style, by completing a reflective circle of horrific injustice. This is the glory and the triumph of all externally directed destruction.
I will champion all destruction for as long as I continue to exist, honoring the Forbidden Truth that I am and will always be, a victim of the destruction carried out against Me.
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You Don't Need Excuses to Kill

One of the great failures of the human is his pathological inability to positively embrace the absolute legitimacy of his rage and hate on a conscious level, concurrent with his personal entitlement to reflect this rage and hate outward, by harming, destroying, and killing others. So many humans kill and destroy with deliberate intent, but without a genuinely conscious awareness of why they choose to kill, rooted within personal entitlement.
Our need to harm others reflects the reality that we are victims of the harm of others. The choice to harm others is uniquely individual, but it is intrinsically valid. Humans betray themselves when they erect false constructs in order to establish an illusion of justification for their harmful actions. These false constructs distort the naturally reflective process, resulting in flawed expressions of rage and hate which often harm the expressor as much or more than his targets, and they set the stage for future regret, since false reality constructs are easily compromised and shattered, at least for the sane thinker who overtly seeks Truth.
Harming or killing in order to protect, defend, or legitimize an external structure, always constitutes a betrayal of Self. Examples of this type of Self-betrayal include becoming a police officer, becoming a military soldier, obeying the orders of an imagined god creature, or trying to defend religious or ideological beliefs under attack from others. All decisions to harm or kill others should be directly motivated by personally experienced trauma, and in order for this to occur, the trauma must be openly and consciously felt, understood, and embraced.
So many humans are too broken to face up to the reality of their personal trauma, and too Self-hating to embrace a right to avenge themselves. And so they sublimate their rage and hate, distorting its organic components, warping their reality perceptions to some grand or majestic story and illusion, and then act out their justified rage and hate while trapped within the distorted illusion of their artificial construct. This is very sad.
Rage and hate deserves to be honored and embraced  and understood as an integral core of your personal experience of victimization. You honor Yourself in achieving such a reality perception, and integrating it to core consciousness. Within this elevated state of understanding, you must find the courage to decide if, when, and how the dynamic expression of rage and hate via the harming of others for the achievement of personal catharsis, is most appropriate. Only inferiors seek external validation for their right to harm and destroy others. Superiors know and fully accept that this right is as intrinsically valid as their right to breathe and to live.
Your right to harm and kill others is intrinsic to your True Reality desire, need, and motivation to harm and kill others. If you lack this motivation and need, the right is negated. If you possess this motivation and need, the right is affirmed. Every external judgment or claim of right to impose any moral, ethical, ideological, philosophical, or judicial limitation or negation upon your right to harm and kill others, must be absolutely and completely rejected. It is these external judgments which destroy the capacity of the individual to accurately reflect his True Reality, in all of his chosen life path activites, including the important decision of if, when, and how, to harm and kill others.
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