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Is Happiness A Mental Illness?

I have already discussed in great detail the Forbidden Truth that depression is not a mental illness, and in fact a direct manifestation of healthy and appropriate brain function. But lets take this Truth to the next logical step:
Mental illness can be defined as a delusional state of mind that causes an individual to compromise his own well-being and potential to thrive. Objectively and factually, there are no valid reasons for any human to be happy. Everyone is dying, there is no future for anyone. Everyone is a victim of trauma, enslaved in many different ways, by many different toxic structures.
Further, the mental state of happiness actively causes behavioral and ideological dysfunction. It renders the individual oblivious to the True facts of his doomed, pointless, meaningless existence.
Happiness is an emotional delusion, and it prevents the individual from taking proactive steps which might result in mitigation of his current & ongoing horrific victimization.
Many of you humans would consider the notion of happiness being a mental illness, to be ludicrous. This is because you want to feel happy, and do not care whether you are are sealing your own casket, literally and figuratively, in embracing this delusional state of mind.
And of course your slavemasters, government and society, desperately want you to seek and embrace happiness, relentlessly brainwashing you to believe such a state of mind is normal, healthy, and appropriate. It is not!
In embracing happiness, you forfeit all capacity to rise up and destroy the structures guilty of causing happiness to be impossible to sincerely and Truthfully experience.
Watch the attached video, and listen to the song, with mind wide open to Forbidden Truth, and you might be able to realize just how brilliant My insight is. Look at the slaves, witness their irrational, delusional glee, right in the midst of their forced slave labor. Disgusting!
This song was one of the most popular songs in the entire world just 1-2 years ago. Countless millions mindlessly embraced this social brainwashing message, set to a catchy beat.
The most horrific line is “…clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth…” Gag! The masses blindly clap, happy sheeple herded to their slaughterhouses. And consider the word “feel”. Nobody cares how things actually ARE, you can still FEEL happy, and you must feel happy, because the hive mind demands it. And finally, the desecration of Truth, by the use of the word itself in this perverted context.
Let there be no doubt, in the 21st century human world, happiness is a mental illness. It destroys Truth, Self, and the personal potential to break free of the matrix of universal illusion.

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The Happiness Problem

“I just want to be happy”, so bleat the pathetic human sheeple. “I must find a way to make myself feel happy”, this is the defeated and perverse yearning of the emotionally crippled masses of slaves.
Happiness is one of the most deeply entrenched and rooted of all human ideological perversions of thought and of reality, and in this essay I will comprehensively dissect this topic. Let Me begin by stating that I have already discussed this issue at significant length in my past writings, and just recently in my brilliant essay promoting the seizure of personal pleasure concurrent with the rejection of all pursuit of happiness. I strongly urge all readers to read, or reread that essay now, as the Forbidden Truths I am discussing here will build upon and deepen the Truths I have already revealed right here:
Happiness is not something that should ever be sought or desired. Why not? Because happiness is an external and artificial construct, built as such, defined as such, marketed as such, and imposed as such, by human society and government. The greatest of all enemies of the individual, instructs the individual that he needs to feel happy, that he needs to acquire happiness, and he is then told, by his greatest enemy, what he needs to do, to think, to feel, to believe, in order to attain this happiness.
The goal of society and government is to addict every individual to the delusion, to the mentally dysfunctional concept, that he needs to feel happy. Once this addiction is established, society and government is then fully empowered to impose upon all individuals, propaganda, lies, enslaving structures, insane ideologies, and the like, all of which are marketed and promoted as ways to obtain feelings of personal happiness, which are of no valid or factual value to any individual.
Wanting to be happy, harms you. Wanting to be happy, destroys you. Because happiness, the emotional experience of happiness by an individual, has absolutely no foundation in objectivity. All individual experience of happiness is subjective, meaning it is not based upon valid facts, Truths, or criteria, but is inherently rooted in Self-delusion. Any human who wants to be happy, who allows himself to be addicted to the idea that happiness is good, necessary, and must be proactively sought and attained, partners with his greatest enemy in harming and destroying Himself.
The use of objectivity versus subjectivity as a weapon of ideological and definitional brainwashing and indocrination is worthy of an entirely new essay, but for now let us comprehensively dissect these two terms within the specifically narrow issue of personal happiness.
A sane species would never attempt to feel happy. Never! A sane species would demand that all objective criteria that are required in order for personal happiness to be naturally and instinctually experienced, be met. The very fact that a human being finds it necessary to try to feel happy, proves that the factual reasons for him to objectively experience happiness within his True Reality, do not exist.
Attempting to achieve personal happiness, absent the existence of valid, objective reasons for you to be happy, betrays both Self and Truth, and directly causes immeasurable harm, by causing the individual to embrace lies, delusions, false perceptions, both internally and externally inspired.
The sane creature must ask Himself: What are the reasons for Me to feel happy, given the factual reality of my existence? Are there any reasons for Me to feel happy, given the horrific reality of my past, my present, and my future?? What do I lose if I pretend to be happy, if I deceive Myself into believing that I am happy, even as no objective criteria for Me to experience happiness, exist or can be established?
Subjective judgments that are made outside of established boundaries of objective fact and reality, are inherently invalid. If no objective facts exist for a sane mind to experience happiness, no effort or attempt should be made by the individual to feel happy. Instead, the objective facts must be altered, by whatever means necessary, in order to render the achievement of personal happiness viable and rational.
Society and government provides you pathetic fools with thousands of different avenues to pursue and to achieve feelings of happiness. You are told that this is what you need to feel happy: A lot of money, fame, marriage, children to own as slaves via parenthood, consuming alcohol, winning a war, having tasty food to eat, to be loved by others, murdering animals via hunting, hope for a better future, etc… The list is endless. But the Forbidden Truth is that all such enticements are equally and inherently invalid, because the objective and factual reality is that your existence is pointless, meaningless, doomed, a real-time fantasy which will end in eternal nothingness and retroactive unbirth.
Every external attempt by society and government to encourage you to feel happy, or to convince you that you should feel happy, or to blame you for not feeling happy, should be understood and interpreted as a vicious and brutal attack upon and against you. An attack intended to destroy Truth, and in the process, to convince you to destroy Yourself. Because that is exactly what you are doing, when you agree to try to experience the emotion of happiness, based upon subjective judgment which has no basis in factual, objective reality and Truth.
Pleasure is not happiness, as I have already revealed in my previous essay. Pleasure is a proactive and temporary personal triumph of the mind and of consciousness, in which an individual nurtures and empowers Himself. The achievement of personal pleasure does not obscure or compromise reality and Truth. It is not externally dictated or inspired. It is internally motivated, achieved, then allowed to fade away to nothingness, so that it has no lasting consequences upon reality perception. This is the Superior path of mental health and personal empowerment. At no point, is pleasure allowed to intermingle with happiness, or to dilute/negate the objective reality that there is no valid reason for any of us to feel happy, ever.
As long as humans seek happiness, they will never be able to destroy the organized structures which render happiness impossible to objectively achieve. It is these organized structures which control how happiness is defined, and who brainwash and propagandize false and invalid illusions of happiness, as being real and valid.
The Superior understands and knows these Forbidden Truths:
1: There are no objective reasons for any human being in the 21st century to feel happy.
2: There is no value of any kind in feeling happy, if such feelings of happiness betray and subvert Truth and factual reality.
3: Objective criteria exist, under which the pursuit of happiness could be validly undertaken. Unless and until such objective criteria are met and becomew functionally real, happiness must not be sought or desired, because the subjective experience of happiness, absent such objective criteria being met, is simply and purely a useless delusion and a direct betrayal of Self.
4: The objective goal and demand of all Superiors must be to terminate the objective realities, such as physical death, slavery to government, universal victimization, and universal injustice, which render happiness impossible to objectively experience.
To all who are pathologically unhappy, to all who resolutely reject the maliciously ongoing extortion efforts of society and goverrnment to brainwash, bribe, entice, terrorize, ad trick them into feeling happy or attempting to try to feel happy, to all who embrace their unhappiness with pride and with mindfulness, knowing that happiness is a toxic lure dangled by their greatest enemy, I offer my congratulations. You are not defective, you are not mentally ill, you are not dysfunction. You are aware and awake. You are mentally healthy and consciously wise. Your orientation is to Truth and to reality, and I hope you are able to mindfully appreciate the positive value of your conscious rejection of happiness.
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The Forbidden Truths of Death, Fleshed Out

I have written several brilliant blog posts which address the Forbidden Truths of death, or to be more specific, the factual consequences of personally dying, and how humanity is both unable and unwilling to face up to both the consqequences, and how death must be defined and understood, in the wake of such Forbidden Truth consequences.
In response to this essay:
I received an interesting comment which allows for a bit of insightful enhancement as to the issue of individual physical death. Please note that all of my responses appear in non-italicized, bold print, and of course, as is always the case, I stringly recommend that you reread My original post before moving forward to this one.
“Only about 5% or less of human beings are able to grasp the finality of death, and even for most of those few who can appreciate death’s significance, it comes in short, unwelcome, frightening and crippling realisations.”
Your percentage is incorrect. It is far less than 5%. 00.00001% is a more accurate number. The finality of death must be understood as the factual reality of the void of eternal nothingness, directly experienced by the individual Self, as well as the retroactive unbirth of the individual Self, meaning that death directly causes the individual who has died to go back in time to the moment of his biological conception, which then fails to occur, meaning that the individual is never born, and nothing that happens after the human being fails to be born, actually happens. This factual reality must be consciously recognized and understood, at every level, by the individual, in order for him to “grasp the finality of death”, to use your words, which are not well-formulated. Giving death the attribute of finality, helps to foster the illusion that it can be understood as the conclusion of a life. Death is not the conclusion of a life. Death is the end of an ongoing illusion of existence, as externally promoted and as accepted by brainwashed inferiors. “You are alive”, declares human society, so that the Forbidden Truths of death may remain cloaked and invisible to you.
“They can’t cope with the reality of these realisations or integrate them into their conscious mind permanently, so the realisations always must be resolved on the spot, or else they will lead to a psychological crisis.”
Correct. And the very fact of this psychological crisis speaks to the genetic birth defect status of the human being. If the human brain is capable of recognizing the True consequences of death, the human brain should be able to either cope with the factual reality of these consequences, or be inspired to overcome such consequences via relentless effort. The fact that humanity has done neither, proves it exists as a genetically defective species.
“Usually, the resolution comes in the form of an attempt to turn death into a positive thing (“Life is short, so I better go out and LIVE so that I can die happy!”) or to somehow find meaning in it (“Without death there’s no reason to live at all”)”
All rationalizations directly betray and destroy factual Truth. There are no compromises of Truth, because to compromise Truth is to fully, utterly, and absolutely destroy Truth.
“Sometimes, if this is unsuccessful in lulling the human back to blissful ignorance, they will resort to a temporary psychological hibernation to “wait it out”, until they can simply forget what they saw, or at least not think about it. This coping mechanism is often accompanied by escapism and crutches such as alcohol and drug use, watching TV and films, listening to music, overeating, physical affection with a romantic partner, until the default mind state is restored.”
Correct. And both genetic brain defect and relentless external validation of the full spectrum of lies and illusions of what death is and the consequences of personally dying, come together to render this universal trance of Truth rejection, impossible for humans to consciously pierce and overcome.
“Despite how horrifying these “rude awakenings” are to the minority of people who experience them, their realisations are still incomplete and basic. If they were able to see the complete and terrifying reality of death with the level of perception possessed by you for example, it would result in catatonia, psychological breakdown or resigned, pre-emptive suicide. I believe this accounts for many cases of the conditions and behaviour just described.”
Correct. The vast majority of those locked away inside mental institutions are guilty of nothing more than being unable to cope with the horrific Truths that their own brains attempt to impose upon them, and equally unable to accept the matrix of universal illusion that their society attempts to impose upon them. With both paths being unacceptable, a psychological breakdown occurs, and this also accounts for a high percentage of dynamic suicides, although immense hatred of Self as promoted by society, still plays a higher primary role as specifically inspiring the act of dynamic Self-murder.

“Thank you for creating this brilliant and depressing post.”
You’re welcome. And I must add and emphasize that depression is a positive gateway to the recognition and embrace of all Truth.

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Depression: Truthfully & Accurately Defined

Depression: /dəˈpreSH(ə)n/ noun: A personally appropriate, natural, and mentally healthy reaction and response to the conscious or subconscious realization and understanding of factual reality, that one’s existence is pointless, meaningless, horrific, and a functional illusion, based upon the reality of upcoming personal death and the fact that such event will result in retroactive unbirth and the eternal loss of Self, all experiences, memories, and achievements comprising the illusion of real-time existence within the externally imposed matrix of day-to-day life.
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Personal Pleasure: Sacred Right and Self-Obligation

One of the greatest of all obligations that the Superior lover of Self must embrace, is to proactively create personal pleasure for Himself. Let us understand that there is a profound difference between happiness and pleasure, and let us also understand how and why I am specifically emphasizing the term proactive creation.
Happiness is a passive state of mind, and the mindset of happiness is ruthlessly promoted by society and government. To be happy is both stupid and insane, because in Truth there is nothing for any human to be happy about, there is no logical or sane reason for any human to be happy. Society and government deploys the fatally flawed concept of happiness as a numbing agent, an artificial and invalid state of reality perception, intended to cloak and render invisible the Forbidden Truths of every existence being pointless, mraningless, and doomed to retroactive unbirth.
No Superior should ever attempt to achieve personal happiness within the factual reality of 21st century existence. To do so actively endangers and compromises personal capacity to recognize and embrace Truth itself. Happiness must be understood as an external enticement specifically offered to you by others, for the purpose of negatively compromising your experience of your existence.
The differences between happiness and pleasure, are profound and immense. In a very real way, pleasure must be recognized as the antithesis of happiness. For the Superior, pleasure must always exist as an offensive pursuit. It must be both proactively sought and directly created by the individual, and this seeking and creation must be recognized as an attempt to not only meet a personal, sacred right, but also a direct effort to thwart all societal efforts to inspire personal happiness.
There is a very real contradiction between being happy and being depressed, an incompatibility. But there is absolutely no incompatibility between the proactive pursuit of pleasure, and the embrace of personal depression, rooted in the Forbidden Truth that life is profoundy and utterly depressing, and that depression is a normal, natural, and healthy state of mind, given this Truth.
Those of you who have read My writings should know that I stridently advocate for the embrace of personal depression. To not do so, betrays reality and Truth. But My advocacy for the proactive hunt for and creation of personal pleasure, is just as vehement. There is no contradiction, and no compromise of either reality perception or experience. Depression and the relentless, enthusiastic pursuit of and creation of personal pleasure must and do, for the Superior, exist within mutual compatibility.
You seek and obtain personal pleasure by embracing your own unique True Reality, and recognizing the achievement of personal pleasure as an absolute personal right and Self-obligation. Everyone born human possesses the capacity to achieve and attain personal pleasure, if his mind is strong and untouchable enough, and has been made so via courageous and sustained effort.
To achieve personal pleasure, you must come to realizations of what you desire, and you must absolutely embrace these realizations, rejecting all external efforts to judge, manipulate, or discredit either or both your desires, and the actual achievement of personal pleasure. The sexual orgasm is one absolutely valid way to achieve personal pleasure, but even more primarily, the Superior must perfect his ability to MindGasm, which must be accurately defined as the experience of explosive pleasure within the mind, absent sexual arousal or climax. This advanced level of consciousness can only be achieved via Superior and sustained effort to develop a limitlessly powerful and untouchable brain.
Personally, I can experience pleasure as much as I want, as often as I want, but only within absolute isolation. I must be alone. Contact with humans, or even just being in their presence, limits and reduces My capacity to achieve limitless pleasure. Such a limitation is normal and appropriate, and does not indicate any weakness. It is natural that undesired external circumstance can sometimes compromise our capacity, even as Superiors, to maximize personal pleasure.
Also, it is important to note that the pursuit and achievement of personal pleasure can be misused and overextended. Just because I can create personal pleasure for Myself at all times, when alone, does not mean I should or will do so. No! An obsession with experiencing pleasure at all times and at all costs is just as great a pathology as the relentless pursuit of happiness, and to embrace such an obsession would compromise and negatively impact many vital and Superior aspects of My True Reality, including the ongoing maintenance of My personal untouchability of mind, and My daily quest to reinforce and srengthen embrace of all Forbidden Truths.
I create and achieve personal pleasure on a daily basis, utilizing the power of My untouchable mind, rejecting all external attempts to limit, confine, or control these efforts, within Self-chosen limitations based upon the understanding that pleasure in and of itself does not reveal Truth, and ultimately, does not provide any benefit beyond improving the daily experience of existing as a doomed citizen-slave. I am entitled to the limited benefits provided by personal pleasure, and therefore I embrace and enjoy them, but not at the cost of sacrificing any aspect of the embrace of Truth, or the reflection of True Reality.
So, what gives Me personal pleasure? Death and destruction, rage and hate, the annihilation of human beings, and of humanity. And so I have spent decades perfecting the science of Conscious Dreaming. Now, I can and I do completely script, direct, and control the content of every dream, allowing Me to torture, murder, destroy any human being, any number of human beings, or all of humanity, at will, in whatever ways My brilliant brain is capable of imagining. This is a great source of nightly, and daily, personal pleasure.
Concurrent with My achievement of Conscious Dreaming, I have maximized My capacity to savor and experience awake fantasies as experienced reality. And so as I walk down the street or sit in a car or bus or engage in My slave labor activities, I can savor the overt murder and destruction of any human being I choose, in any way I choose. Making their heads explode from the inside out, is a favorite of mine.
The sexual climax is a source of personal pleasure for Me, and so I enthusiastically masturbate to climax, an average of 2.5 times during every 24 hour time period. I embrace the primary genesis of My sexual arousal, female foot pain and deformity, with limitless enthusiasm, spending dozens of hours every week searching for female foot pain imagery, writing female foot pan stories, concocting erotic female foot pain scenarios within My mind. Right now I am working on a 10,000+ female foot pain photo website, which will feature mini-stories to accompany each photo. This will be a totally private project, only for Me to savor, as most of these images remain under copyright.
I derive great pleasure from news events of violence and destruction, and great pleasure from fondling and discharging my weapons, and from communing with Myself, reveling in My own brilliance and Superiority. Even the writing of these blog posts provides Me with pleasure, because i am exalting My own unique perfection, as well as exposing how pathetic and hopeless humanity is.
And there are other activities which provide Me great pleasure, the details of which are not your business. What is important for all seekers of Truth and personal perfection to understand, is how I have and always will completely and fully embrace a limitless right to seek, claim, and achieve personal pleasure at My own will and demand. This is the Superior path.
So yes, I value and I pursue pleasure, and I encourage all other aspiring Superiors to do so. Your specific pleasure triggers and sources may vary greatly from mine, but this does not negate their value or validity. You were born with an instinctual capacity and need to achieve personal pleasure. Embrace this Truth, as you maximize your ego, your narcissism, and your love of Self, even as you steer clear of the societal traps of happiness, optimism, hope, and other invalid, externally imposed pathologies of mind.
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Why Nothing Matters

Life as a human being in the 21st century is absolutely pointless and utterly meaningless. This is a Forbidden Truth which I articulate at great length within My Manifesto, and have already done via a blog post. But it is worthwhile for the seeker of Truth, especially as we approach the artificial and invalid renewal of existence that inferiors choose to mark as the “new year”, to consciously focus upon the pointlessness and meaninglessness of every existence, from the perspective of understanding and integrating the answer of Why.
Why does nothing we may do, matter? Nothing we may do matters, because our existence is not merely temporary, but is a falsely perceived illusion. “I am alive”, so declares the individual, trying to convince himself, almost always successfully convincing himself. But it is not True. Existence requires conscious awareness, not merely in the now, but in the always. Nothing matters because on one level everything will be lost, and on another level, nothing will have occurred. And of course I am referring to the Fortbidden Truths of death.
“I can still change the world, even if I die”, this is the mantra of the societal brainwashee, blind to the Forbidden Truth that the only world that exists, is the world of perceptive reality that he himself, as a singularity, has created within and via his brain. If you do not exist, the world does not exist. This is a Forbidden Truth which must be successfully integrated to core consciousness. When and if you cease to exist, the world which you are now pretending to inhabit, ceases to exist. Nothing that you have done to change this world, and no change which has or may in the future occur, can survive your death, your cessation of existence.
There is nothing mystical or supernatural within any parameter of this Forbidden Truth. It is simply fact, it is concrete reality. The world cannot exist absent your perceptive experience of it existing. Nothing which occurs absent your perceptive experience, is real or valid. You fly a kite because you want to experience yourself flying a kite. If you die, that kite never flew, because your perceptive experience of the kite flying, is eternally lost, extinguished.
Whether or not you are capable of embracing this Forbidden Truth as it is philosophically rooted and grounded, will determine whether or not you can understand why your existence, at this moment, and up until you die, is absolutely pointless and meaningless, and that nothing you have done, want to do, or might do, before you die, matters. But embracing this Forbidden Truth is absolutely useless, if you simply use it as a springboard to mysticism, religiosity, and addiction to supernatural mythology. These springboards simply betray and reject the Forbidden Truth, by providing you with invalid and false delusion and illusion, which serves to delude you into thinking that purpose and meaning to your current existence can be reclaimed. It cannot!
He who embraces the Forbidden Truth that life is absolutely pointless and meaningless, and that nothing he may or may not do matters, is not suffering from “depression”, he is not mentally ill, he is not blind to the possibilities of the future. He is demonstrating absolute and Superior mental health and sanity. He is exhibiting the greatest of courage, within the most difficult of circumstances. He is facing the ultimate horror, as you insane hypocrites flee from it. He is proving himself to be the most worthy of all Truth emissaries, and what he is shining upon the universe is a ray of pure light, the light of enlightenment.
But how do you judge him, inferiors?? You judge him as dark and broken, sick and wrong and insane. Why?? Because that is what you are. Because it is you who are dark and broken, wrong and mentally ill and deranged, as you desperately cling to the absurd illusion that your existence can serve some grand future goal and objective which can reach fruition and thrive, after you cease to exist. How utterly deranged! You are pretending to be alive, so that you can pretend that your death will not serve to retroactively unbirth you. But that is exactly what it will do, and pretending otherwise, only renders the horrific reality, that much more horrific.
And yet the inferior, even if he attempts to reconcile himself to this horrific Truth, remains blind. “How does it help me to accept and embrace the truth that my existence is utterly pointless and meaningless, that nothing I can do, matters or makes any difference, that my very birth is destined to be taken away from me and eternally lost, how does it help me to integrate all of these horrors to my core consciousness???” This is his blind bleat. The fool! You fools! Don’t you see, haven’t you read My other brilliant blog posts?? Every problem has a solution, as long as the problem is faced within the parameters of Forbidden Truth.
The fact, the Truth, that every human existence as of this moment in time is absolutely pointless and meaningless, and that nothing any of us can do matters, is only the symptom of a problem. It is not the problem, itself. The problem is: mortality, the  physical death of the individual brain. This is the problem. If you solve the problem, eliminate the effect of the problem, you can avoid being retroactively unborn. If you do so, your existence can regain, within absolute Truth, the purpose and meaning that it does not have, that you are pretending to have, deluding yourself into believing it can have. You idiots! You are sacrificing the capacity to obtain something limitlessly precious, just so you can continue to pretend, via pure delusion, that you already possess this limitlessly precious thing. How can you be so stupid, how can you allow cowardice and Self-hate to rob you of the opportunity to claim as reality, that which you cling to as illusion?!
I speak of course, of technological immortality, birthright of all who are sane, the only personal achievement by which any future can exist. Technological immortality, what we must rise up as one, all 8 billion of us, and demand from society and government. Technological immortality, not a fantasy or science fiction, but something science is fully capable of making a functioning reality, within 5-10 years from today. Technological immortality, the defeat of death, the murder and dismemberment of all insane god mythologies. Technological immortality, what humanity would have achieved, via science, several hundred years ago already, were it not for the crippling shackles of child abuse, Self-hate, genetic brain deformity, cowardice, hatred and rejection of Truth, and the universal mindset of the slave, by which governments and leaders of society herd the masses as sheep, extinguishing all positive human potential.
So, as you idiots get ready to celebrate a “new” year, via an artificial calendar which bears no relationship to reality, and as you try to plan out your “futures”, oblivious to the Truth that you are already dead, have never existed, and are merely awaiting retroactive unbirth,I will not wish you a “happy new year”. I will not participate in the absurd farce which dooms each of us. I will not pretend to celebrate the suicidal ideation which inspires you to get drunk and high, spitting upon Truth and in the process carrying out genocide against Me and against all Superior life forms.
I will stand, as always, within and upon the glory of Truth. I will tell you that every existence is pointless and meaningless. I will tell you that nothing you have ever done or will ever do, matters. I will tell you that as you celebrate the future on new years day, you are in Truth tearing yourself apart, as a fetus. You are murdering yourself, as a fetus. And all of these horrors, you are perpetrating upon yourself. You are your own destroyers, and you deserve, you have earned, every horror that you deny.
For any aspiring Superiors who have not read the Forbidden Truths of death and technological immortality, I recommend this page of My Manifesto:
Or, for a briefer overview, these recent blog posts:
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The Parameters of Sanity, update

This is an update to The Parameters of Sanity blog post that I graced the universe with a few days ago. A comment from a reader: Quote: you make valid points regarding the mental heath of humans. Everyone on this planet are mentally insane and aren’t aware of it. Society singles out a few by using labels, like bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, sociopathy, etc., but overlook the overall insanities of humanity as a whole. Humanity in general, is not mentally healthy and are battling an ongoing psychological war inside their minds. End quote, inspired Me to reflect upon how every diagnosed mental “disorder” is in Truth a direct reflection of and response to, the existing mental derangements and pathologies of humanity as a species. Here is My brilliant reply to those comments:
if you dissect the “symptoms” of specific behavioral states which society labels as mental illness, you find that they directly reflect the functional mental derangements of society. For example:
Depression is a normal and natural response to the reality that every existence has been rendered horribly depressing by the functional structures established by human society and government.
Bipolar “disorder” is a reflection of the completely unnatural coercion and manipulation of emotional states by society and government, attempting to force humans to remain positive, optimistic, happy, and content, while imposing brutal trauma and rendering life pointless and meaningless for them.
Schizophrenia is an accurate manifestation of the consequences of society and government promoting imaginary and non-existent creatures such as god, as existing and real. IT is insane to decree an individual mentally ill for hearing imaginay voices and seeing imaginary things, when human social structures relentlessly and maliciously promote and impose the insanity of religion and supernatural phenomena upon every child and adult.
Autism is a direct reflection of the horrific trauma imposed upon children from the moment of their biological conception, causing them to withdraw into a detached universe of personal existence in which external attempts to impose further trauma are instinctually rejected.
Psychosis and psychopathology are natural and normal responses to severe trauma and victimization, reflecting the expression of justified rage, hate, and the perfectly valid right and need to harm, in response to having been and continuing to be, harmed.
It should be clearly understood that the only valid form of mental disorder, is mental retardation, meaning the organic failure of brain cells to maximize their intellectual potential, and even within the mentally retarded, you will find better levels of brain function, insofar as decision-making and Self-perception, than you will find among the non-retarded. So horrific is the degree of mental dysfunction within every aspect of normal society, that a strong majority of even the organically brain retarded, are able to function in healthier and saner ways, than the perfectly “normal” mainstream members of society.

Depressed, and Mentally Healthy

Mental health has nothing to do with feeling happy, and nothing to do with being able to integrate well to any existing social structure or environment. The only accurate way to define what constitutes good mental health, is: The personal capacity to recognize and embrace factual realities and Truths, to integrate factual realities and Truths within personal reality perception and understanding, and to make conscious behavioral choices based upon these realities and Truths, which do not directly result in overt Self-harm.
The human who attains happiness at the cost of lying to himself and rejecting Forbidden Truth, is mentally ill. The human who fits into any existing 21st century social structure as a normal, mainstream member, is mentally ill, because the society within which he fits well, is absolutely mentally deranged.
When you are trapped within and enslaved by a deranged social structure, it must be understood as an honor to be labeled as mentally ill by the society itself. Such a label must be understood as a perverse attempt by society to legitimize and deny its own mental derangments, by applying a false label of mental illness to those whose psychological orientation towards Truth, threatens to expose the universal derangements of the mainstream, promoted, and imposed social structure.
By every rational and logical measurement, every personal existence in the 21st century is horribly depressing. The facts and realities of pretending to be alive as you play out an imaginary existence which is doomed to end in retroactive unbirth, are supremely and undeniably depressing. Depresion is a natural and appropriate emotional response to the factual reality that life is horrifically depressing. For any society to label depression as a form of mental illness, exposes the society itself, its mandates and chosen orientations of doctrine, as mentally deranged. In decreeing the depressed individual as defective and suffering from mental illness, the collective pathology of humanity as a species, in creating and embracing an existence which is by structure horribly depressing, is denied.
The Forbidden Truth issue is not how to treat or cure or mask the signs of depression, but rather how to alter the factual realities of human existence, in ways which eradicate the causes of universal depression, including death, universal child abuse, lifelong slavery to external structures of malice, and the existing pointlessness and meaninglessness of life. Personal depression of individuals must be recognized as a precious indicator of what is wrong and diseased within society. Doing so would inspire those who are depressed, to consciously recognize there is nothing wrong with them, and everything wrong with the society guilty of and responsible for creating and imposing a horribly depressing universe of malicious and inferior structure of existence upon them.
The personal mandate of all Superiors who recognize and embrace the fact that they are depressed, as I do, is to unconditionally accept and embrace their depression as not merely valid, but reflectively necessary and vital for the achievement of good mental health. Concurrent with this embrace, must come the open acknowledgment that any and all emotional or intellectual urges to harm Self in response to feelings of depression, should be transformed, via strength and control of mind function, to rage and hate directed towards others, and towards all human social structures.
Let us never forget that harming others is always a sign of better mental health, than harming Yourself. And harming others does not mean you are harming Yourself, even if it results in you suffering harm via attack and punishment from others and from social structures.
It is not possible to achieve mental health perfection when you are born into, victimized by, and trapped within a mentally deranged social structure. But you can maximize your own potential for mental health, by rejecting the derangments of society. Two very effective ways of doing so, are to unconditionally embrace your depression of mind as indicative of good and appropriate mental function, and to always direct your intrinsically justified rage and hate outward, against others, while creating and enhancing unconditional love of Self.
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