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Definitional Brainwashing & Perceptions of Change

Two of the perverse Golden Rules of the Matrix regarding change, are:
1: Change is good.
2: Change is constant and inevitable, “The only constant is change.”
Absolute bullshit! Lets dissect this horrific, universal deception. Regarding #1, Why would change be good?? Change can only be good if the current reality you are being forced to endure, is BAD. And of course it IS bad. Your perception of change as positive and necessary stems from the Forbidden Truth that at every singular moment in time, every individual human existence is utterly horrific.
If life were good, change would be bad, you idiots!
Which leads us to #2: Change is NOT constant, it is NOT inevitable, it is NOT even occurring at all. Here you see the full force impact of definitional brainwashing.
A caterpillar does not exist, comes into existence, does things,transforms into a butterfly, does different things, grows old, dies, ceases to exist. Did anything change? From no existence, to no existence.
According to the matrix of universal illusion, the caterpillar experienced great changes. No! Nothing changed. The cycle went from one source point, to an identical source point. The same applies, of course, to every human existence.
Change must be understood as an enduring, evolving, PERMANENT alteration of the Self-universe. Otherwise it is not actual change, but only an externally imposed illusion and delusion of change.
1000’s of useless and insignificant modifications to social shackles are celebrated as wondrous changes: The poor slave become wealthy, a huge change? No change! Same shackle.
All change illusions are not merely useless and unworthy of any advocacy, but actively and dynamically harmful and destructive. Because they render the pursuit and demand for Truth-based change, impossible. How can you demand and achieve True change, if you are successfully brainwashed to believe your current crop of change illusions constitute the achievement of change??
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Violence: The Generous Sharing of Personal Pain

Definitions are the holy grail to all Truth quests. Nothing can be recognized for what it is, unless it is accurately defined. Definitions must be like laser beams, definitions must illuminate, they must open a wormhole which simultaneously exposes the perverse hypocrisy of the hive mind, and counters this diseased darkness with a direct exposure of Forbidden Truth.
And so we have the title of this essay. In seven simple and clear words, a massive universe of toxic illusion is wiped clean, so that all who seek Truth may see clearly. I could write 100,000 word essays dissecting the root causes of violence… Oh wait, I have written 100,000 word essays dissecting the root causes of violence:
100,000 words, or just 7 words? Can two expressions of Truth be of equal value, given such a wide gulf of expression?? The answer is yes, and the reason is that laser beam definitional accuracy is being delivered in both instances. My original 100,000+ word essay, published within My main Manifesto 12+ years ago, is uniquely invaluable in destroying the human hive mind matrix of brainwashing and illusion regarding crime and violence, dating back thousands of years, which has never been stronger and more popular than it is today.
But at the same time, to the seeker of Truth, seven words can and do deliver the same message. Violence. What is it?? The generous sharing of personal pain. Imagine how different the deranged human landscape would be, if this simple, clear, obvious, infinitely valuable definitional Truth were understood, accepted, embraced by all of humanity?!
“This is CNN Breaking News: A tortured ex-child unexpectedly delivered a generous sharing of his personal pain earlier today, opening fire inside of a kindergarten classroom, killing 22 5 and 6 year olds. By his actions, this victim of abuse, violence, and trauma, has taught us a valuable lesson on why we must redouble our efforts to end all child abuse. As we mourn the tragedy of reflective violence, let us all, as members of the human species, pause to honor the sacrifice made by this tortured ex-child, in pointing out to us our failure to protect him. Evil is not to blame, insanity is not to blame, guns are not to blame. We are to blame, and we must acknowledge what happened earlier today as the generous sharing of personal pain, by one of our created torture victims.”
Do you understand now, how crucial definitional accuracy is? When something is understood for what it is, a universe of illusion, hypocrisy, irrationality, demonization, insanity, is wiped out. The definition changes everything. The definition alters not the event itself, but the meaning of the event, the impact of the event upon an entire species, moving forward.
Only within the embrace of definitional Truth, can humanity evolve. As long as humanity is trapped within definitional delusion, it will continue to regress and to devolve to species extinction.
And no, I am under no illusion that you humans can ever or will ever accept the definitional Truth of what violence is. It makes no difference if I reveal this Truth via 100,000+ word essay, or a seven word blog title. Truth is dead to you creatures, forever dead.
I write this essay to concretely give life to the beauty of Truth, so that it sparkles more brightly within Me, in My eyes, in My mind. I write as I think, to honor the reflective beauty of violence, as expressed within Truth. I write to honor every victim, most especially those who generously share. Can you say ouch?? Come on, open wide and say it!!
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Suicide: A Definitional Dissection

I have addressed the very important issue of Self-murder in previous essays and blog posts, but not from a directly and comprehensively definition-based perspective. This is an omission on My part, which ends now. Comprehensive and fully-formed definitional dissections are essential for the proper understanding and embrace of Forbidden Truth as a whole, and specific Forbidden Truths on specific issues. I would be pleased to consider additional, future essays which accurately dissect words, ideas, or human structures from a directly definitional perspective, so feel free to offer suggestions for any specific words, ideas, or structures that I have not already so dissected.
Okay, let us begin. Suicide is an act of Self-murder, and all Truth-seekers must proactively define it as such. The term Self-murder is fully accurate and valid, both in terms of description and in terms of functional consequence. Other phrases, such as Self-abortion, Retroactive unbirth through murder of Self, and Annihilation of Self-existence, are also valid. But to keep things simple in this essay, the valid, clear, and foundationally perfect phrase of Self-murder will be used.
The word suicide is unacceptable and must be overtly rejected as a betrayal of Truth, and a term of definitional brainwashing overtly deployed by society and government in order to promote and legitimize, on a primary level, the embrace of universal Self-murder by all child and adult citizen-slaves. With malice aforethought, extreme prejudice, and intent to destroy human capacity to recognize and embrace Truth, the artificial and invalid term of “suicide”, is deployed against us, to deceive and coerce us into embracing death and our own Self-murder, via the definitional creation of invalid and perversely hypocritical distinctions between different acts of Self-muder, in which the Self-murder is overtly denied and rejected, on a social, cultural, legal, and governmental level, for what it is.
In order for the term “suicide” to be allowed to exist, it must be completely and radically redefined within the following very specific definitional parameters: Suicide: A personal decision to inflict and/or allow others to inflict harm upon Self which endangers or compromises physical health and lifespan potential, and/or a personal agreement to accept physical death as promoted and imposed by human society and government, by any means, including all so-called “natural” causes.
This is not how any human society chooses to define the term suicide, or to allow it to be defined, and therefore the entire term must be overtly rejected and purged from all human consciousness, with a clear understanding that it has been and is being maliciously deployed against us in order to inspire the universal embrace of death, of Self-murder, by all.
Let us understand that human beings as a whole are collectively suicidal. This is a Forbidden Truth which is overtly rejected, denied, and concealed by all human societies and governments, very specifically utilizing the term “suicide” as definitional brainwashing. Society decrees that the individual who takes a handgun and shoots himself in the head, is committing suicide, but the individual who smokes cigarettes or joins the military or goes skydiving or who simply accepts his future, upcoming “natural” death in a passive way, is not committing suicide. This is absolute bullsh*t! Every human being who compromises his physical health, welfare, or lifespan potential in any way, and also every human being who simply accepts his upcoming death as being natural, necessary, unavoidable, and “a part of life”, is actively committing suicide, actively murdering Self, in exactly the same manner as he who shoots himself in the head or swallows 100 sleeping pills at once, or fashions a hangman’s noose and uses it to asphyxiate Himself.
All human deaths are intentional and deliberate, because human death is not unavoidable. Human death is fully avoidable in the 21st century, via technological immortality, and is being actively denied to each of us by society and government. In accepting this denial, we are committing suicide, which must be understood as making a proactive choice to die, by accepting our individual death. All who accept their own deaths, are in Truth causing their own deaths. All who accept death are choosing to die, choosing death over life, and it is this choice, irrespective of the useless and invalid distinctions between dynamic implementation versus passive sabotage and undermining of safety/health versus a mere brain-based ideological choice ro accept death, which must be completely understood as constituting the act of suicide accurately renamed within Forbidden Truth as the act of Self-murder.
All human beings who accept their own deaths are choosing to die. All human beings who choose to die are guilty of committing the greatest of all possible crimes and betrayals of personal obligation to Self. The act of Self-murder must be recognized as the only act of violence which deserves to be labeled as a “crime”, and every act of Self-murder must be recognized as an act of supreme violence directed against Self, impossible to justify on any level, even if the individual attempts to protect and preserve his health and safety, doing nothing more than passively accepting the fact that he will end up dying and dead at some point in the future.
Passive acceptance of future death, on an individual level, is the same as shooting Yourself in the head with a .44 magnum revolver, today. There is no ideological, philosophical, or functional difference, and the consequences are exactly the same. This has always been True, throughout all of human history, but right now, very specifically within the past 80 or so years, this Forbidden Truth has attained a level of importance not present at any other historical point in time, because scientific advances have been achieved which right now, render physical death unnecessary, preventable, and avoidable.
It is important to understand that the Forbidden Truth that technological immortality is now fully feasible, is being withheld from both the collective consciousness and the individual awareness of humanity as a whole, and of all individual human beings. Definitional brainwashing plays a primary role in this current, real-time genocide being carried out against each of us.
Suicide, the universal choice to murder Self, is colored by the false reality perception that physical death cannot be avoided. This false delusion plays a significant role in allowing the term of suicide to be defined in a philosophically deranged manner, where the vast majority of humans are able to and overtly choose to deny the Forbidden Truth that they are actively suicidal and actively committing suicide. This is why the human who shoots himself in the head with a .44 magnum revolver is decreed “guilty” of committing suicide, but the smoker, soldier, fireman, along with the “health nut” who insanely tries to “extend” his lifespan while passively accepting the fact that he will die at some point in the future, are all absolved and decreed free of all suicidal ideation, even though the Truth is that they are consumed by suicidal ideation, and in fact directly and dynamically committing suicide in the exact same manner as today’s .44 calber head shooter.
The Forbidden Truth that all of humanity is collectively suicidal, is very dangerous to the universal matrix of illusion. It is a Truth which threatens to expose many other Truths, ranging from the genetic birth defect status of the species as a whole, to the universal, state-sponsored abuse of all children, to the various ways societal and government leaders ruthlessly exploit this universal pathology of the human brain to cause each and every one of us to be retroactively unborn.
The very specific parameters of definitional brainwashing deployed by how the term “suicide” is defined by society, culture, and government, play a primary role in preventing the factual reality that humanity as a species is collectively suicidal, from permeating human consciousness to any level of sentient awareness.
In officially decreeing and labeling the man who shoots himself in the head with a .44 magnum revolver to have committed suicide, but absolutely denying this same label to the soldier, the junk food eater, the fireman, and every human who passively accepts his upcoming death, their absolute suicidal ideation and the fact that they are all committing suicide, is extinguished from all conscious awareness/perception, with the desired end result for society and government being, that the Forbidden Truth of humanity being collectively suicidal and guilty of choosing to murder Self, is not merely denied after thoughtful deliberation, but absolutely barred from ever being rationally and openly considered.
As I have repeatedly revealed, the only way that any problem can be addressed and resolved, is for it to be recognized, openly dissected, and solved within the valid borders of factual Truth. The fact that humanity as a species is collectively suicidal, is a problem for Me, because it is the foundational reason why I am being actively murdered via the denial of technological immortality research which would allow Me to avoid being murdered by society and government. All Superiors, all who love Self and value Truth, must recognize that they are being actively murdered in this exact fashion, because this is the factual Truth.
I do not care about any of you, even as I recognize your status of created victim. I care about Myself. On many levels, your collective suicidal ideation amuses and pleases Me. But in choosing to murder yourselves, you are also guilty of choosing to murder Me, and this in unacceptable. I provide the universe with uniquely brilliant and limitlessly valuable Forbidden Truth, such as this very essay and blog post, to honor Myself and the Truth, but also, in a manner I clearly understand to be doomed to fail, to save My own life, to avoid being retroactively unborn. because I am not as you are. I am Superior. I have transcended My humanity. I do not want to die. I am not suicidal, as all of you are, as each and every one of you, barring the one in 50 million exception, is.
You are all deranged. You are all choosing to die, choosing to commit suicide, and so broken that you cannot even imagine consciously facing up to this clear and obvious Forbidden Truth, much less recognizing why you are collectively suicidal and engaging in a proactive attempt to regain the existence which has been taken from you by your creator and your greatest enemy: Your society and government. I must add an additional great enemy: Your own pathetic brain. Your pathetic brain betrays you, as you betray it, keeping it in the shackles externally imposed upon it, throughout your childhood and adulthood, and wrapped ever more tightly each and every day of your ongoing, imagined existence.
I condemn you, humans, as murderers of Self, destroyers of your own brains, saboteurs of your own capacity to evolve and to be reborn, as I was, in the glorious light of Truth. And I condemn you to eternal nothingness, with glee and with the most profound understanding of what injustice is, because it is you, humans, who are condemning Me to an eternity of cosmic nothingness.
Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The Impotency of Words

I have devoted My imaginary existence towards the expression of Truth, and words are one of My primary weapons of attack, and yet their utter impotency has always been, and must always be, openly and fully acknowledged. Words are useless and impotent, because the dictionaries used by humanity to define words, and by proxy, all ideas, concepts, and potentialities, were created by hijackers of Truth, Truth-haters who recognized that to control words and language, is to control all reality perception of all humans, and by extension, to render words an impotent weapon in any engagement of a Superior mind, against the hordes of broken inferiors.
Words are impotent, and words will always be impotent, because Truth is dead. No matter how carefully, accurately, and thoroughly I define words in My essays within the boundaries of Forbidden Truth, these definitions are useless in terms of inspiring the broken masses to understand or accept the messages of Truth being expressed.
To the human, a fight for slavery is defined as a fight for freedom. To the human, a criminal is bad and a law-abiding citizen is good. To the human, education enriches a mind, when in Truth education destroys a mind. To the human, parents help children to thrive, when in Truth parents enslave, oppress, and destroy all potential of children to thrive. To the human, death is inevitable and the end of an existence, when in Truth, death is preventable and its experience causes you to be retroactively unborn and aborted as a fetus.
To the human, everything is upside down. Nothing can be recognized or understood as it actually is, because words do not express or reveal Truth and reality. Words conceal Truth, words create a universe of illusion, maliciously rooted in the universal brainwashing, indoctrination, and deceit inherent in every human social and governmental structure.
Everything that you fight to protect and defend, from religion, to the family unit, to marriage, to freedom, to democracy, to commerce, to education, to peace, to wealth, to tradition, everything, all of it, exists as an illusion of necessity, benefit, value. Cloaked inside everything you hold dear and precious, is the essence of what is destroying you, what dooms you. Everything you perceive as good and valuable, is in Truth bad and useless.
Your struggle is not to live, but to be killed. Your struggle is not to obtain freedom, but to always remain a slave. Your struggle is not to create a better future for your children, but to make sure no living thing ever experiences any future.
Every day the universal matrix of illusion suffocates all human potential, ensuring that all of us suffer and die. No expression of Truth can change this, not via action or via word, and this is because nothing is understood as it is. When nothing is understood as it is, all expressions of Truth are impotent in terms of inspiring social change. The impotency of words directly undermines Truth itself. He who controls definition of words, controls meaning of words, and he who controls meaning of words will always successfully manipulate the universal matrix of illusion.
All across planet earth in 2015, as universal social illusion, death is defined as life, slavery is defined as freedom, injustice is defined as justice, malice is defined as benevolence, benevolence is defined as malice, harm is defined as aid, victims are defined as predators. The list is endless, long enough to make George Orwell’s imaginary vision of the future a blissful nirvana by comparison.
Nothing can ever change until every human dictionary is obliterated, and new texts are written which exalt every word in the unyielding light of Forbidden Truth, with every social illusion, of religion, of government, of family, of tribe, or tradition, of labor, of money, of education, destroyed.
Throughout My texts I have strived to illuminate all words and concepts within the uniquely precious light of Truth. It is this illumination which renders My writings the most uniquely brilliant philosophical expressions of human reality, to have ever been created in human history. And yet the bottom line remains: words are impotent, words will always be impotent. I cannot rewrite your dictionaries. I cannot rewire your broken minds.
You, the humans, will continue to worship death as life, and to fight, sacrificing your very lives in the name of protecting freedom, when in Truth you are demanding your own ongoing slavery. You will continue to demand justice, as you fight for and ensure injustice for all. You will continue to commit ritualistic suicide, fighting for a future which has never existed, which can never exist, a future already defined by the graves and crematoriums already reserved in you names. You will continue to worship the concept of human potential, as you celebrate the actual, daily, ongoing destruction of all human potential, for yourselves, for all others, and for every child born or yet to be born.
And what of this essay?? Right here, in this essay, the Forbidden Truth is revealed. You are being told why Truth is invisible to you. You are being given the actual key to unlock all human potential. All you need do is reject the lies of the dictionary, to demand that every word be held up to the light of Truth, and held there, in place. But no, you cannot do this, you cannot conceive of doing this. All you can do is ignore and dismiss this essay as the ranting of a madman. And guess what? I am just sane enough to celebrate your conclusion, to recognize that your applied label upon Me, expresses exactly what you are, collectively, and it seals your fate as a species.
All above text Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.”

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”–George Orwell

“You invented the words, and you made a dictionary and you gave me the dictionary and you said, “These are what the words mean.” Well, this is what they mean to you, but to someone else, they have got a different dictionary.”–Charles Manson

“Every word is a prejudice.”–Friedrich Nietzsche


Mental Health, Definitions and Manifestations

How do you define mental health, when you exist as a mentally deranged species and are compelled and mandated to cover up this Forbidden Truth? Let us dissect the official definition given by The World Health Organization, which has positioned itself as: Begin quote: The directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends. In the 21st century, health is a shared responsibility, involving equitable access to essential care and collective defence against transnational threats. End quote.
Yes, The World Health Organization, empowered by the leaders of all slave-states, errr nations, is claiming authority to set the standard for every form of appropriate health care, including how mental health should be defined and “improved”, all across the world. Let us understand that this authority represents the carefully deliberated and considered demands of human societies and governments as a collective whole. The WHO is a shell organization, a mouthpiece created to grant legitimacy to the demands of nation-states and the social structures they seek to legitimize and develop.
And so here is the official, worldwide definition of what constitutes mental health, according to the World Health Organization:
Begin quote: “Updated August 2014. Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.” End quote.
Hows that for a kick in the head, folks?? Now, let us dissect this deranged definition, from the Forbidden Truth perspective. According to the WHO, you are mentally healthy if you “realize your own potential”. What does that mean?? It means nothing. The personal potential of every individual is determined by the limitations of his conscious mind, and as such it is inherently subjective. I can realize My personal potential to die, to murder others, to hate Myself, to love Myself, etc… It is a fully abstract concept which allows for any state of mind, from the healthiest to the most diseased, to be arbitrarily judged and defined as representing mental health.
The reason why this language is used, is specifically because it allows every nation-state to arbitrarily judge and determine what it deems to constitute mentally healthy behavior and ideology, absent any legitimate standard. Thus the priest realizes his full potential and is mentally healthy. The police officer, the soldier, the billionaire who hoards money as millions die of starvation, the president who punishes and murders and sponsors universal child abuse, all these humans are decreed mentally healthy under the propaganda decree that they are “realizing their own potential”, and this is the single greatest definer of what constitutes mental health.
So, let us continue. The WHO says you are mentally healthy if you “can cope with the normal stresses of life”. Seriously! Yes, cope with them! Accept that you deserve to be subjected to stress, accept that your experience of existence should be stressful, and find a way to “cope”. In Truth, what the World Health Organization is decreeing is that you are supposed to suffer. Life will be stressful, so find a way to cope, and you will be decreed mentally healthy. Understand: If you fight against the right of others, of society, to impose stress upon you, you will be judged mentally ill. You must accept stress, you must cope with stress, you must subordinate your sacred right to not be harmed and traumatized, to the right of government and society to inflict harm and trauma upon you.
Again, you see how the leaders of society and government define mental health in a specific way, to justify the mental derangements which society and government has created, promotes, sponsors, and imposes upon every human being. How do you cope with stress? Do you worship god? Do you spank your child-slaves? Do you bully and humiliate others? Do you hoard money? Do you cut yourself, are you a cutter? Do you alter your brain chemistry via alcohol, drugs? Do you pretend there is an afterlife?? Do you serially kill others? By its definition, the World Health Organization leaves it up to every government to decree whether or not your specific coping mechanism meets a standard of mental health.
And so every government and society is officially empowered to promote and impose mental illness and dysfunction, in whatever ways it chooses: Hey slave, are you feeling stressed? Go to church on sunday, they will brainwash you to feel better! Hey slave, feeling stressed? Hunting season is right around the corner. Soon you will be able to stalk and murder animals for emotional catharsis. You’ll feel better, enjoy your mental health! Hey slave, feeling stressed out? Go home, right there you have your very own Poison Container, soothe your rage and hate by terrorizing the child-slave, and enjoy better mental health! Do you understand how society and government promotes the deepest and most profound forms of mental illness, via definitional brainwashing as to what constitutes mental health??
Continuing with the official, worldwide definition of mental health, as given by the most powerful ruling medical organization in the world, the World Health Organization. You are mentally healthy if you “can work productively and fruitfully.” I’m not joking, slaves! This is the official and exact terminology, the exact words that are used to define mental health. The concept that being able to perform slave labor is an indicator of mental health, is insane, absurd, bizarre. It makes no logical sense. In Truth, refusal to work, refusal to be exploited and enslaved and forced to do what others tell you to do, is a far greater indicator of mental health. But here we are, with this specfic decree, from the WHO.
Why is the performance of slave labor specifically positioned as an indicator of mental health?? Because every human being on this planet is officially decreed to exist as owned slave, belonging as property, to a government. As owned slave, every individual is decreed to be in debt to the slave state. The slave state collects the debt it claims is owed by the slave, by forcing the slave to produce, to create, to perform slave labor, as a slave. Therefore, the individual who refuses to work is decreed mentally ill, so that society and government may try to terrorize, threaten, medicate, brainwash him, to agree to work. And here you see the WHO, mandating the embrace of personal slavery by the individual, as indicative of his mental health.
And finally, as if all these deranged and invalid definitions of mental health are not enough, the WHO concludes with the astonishing claim that you are mentally healthy if you “are able to make a contribution to your community”. Yes, there it is, in black and white. You must contribute to the community. You must serve the existing hive mind. You must give yourself away. “Hi community, its me, the seer of forbidden truth, please, i want to contribute something, please show me, please tell me how i can contribute. I exist to serve the community, make it stronger and better, so that it may harm me more easily, how can I help you to better destroy me, my dear community??”
F*****CK that! You’re okay, as long as you contribute to the community???? That is a mental health standard, to agree to integrate to the deranged society as it currently exists? How utterly insane. And of course here again, we see the terrorist force of government being used to compel obedience and allegiance among the citizen-slaves, under threat of being judged mentally ill. “Look at that guy, he just sits inside his house all day, he’s a real loner, he is not contributing to his community at all, he must be mentally ill…”
So there you have it, the definition of mental health, by a deranged society which manifests absolute mental insanity in all of its public policy mandates and ideological/behavioral structures, seeking to promote mental illness among all humans, by deliberately misdefining what constitutes mentally healthy states of mind and behaviors.
It is now time to stand up for Truth! Here are just a few of the valid definitions and descriptions and functional manifestations of genuine, valid, and Truth-based mental health. As you integrate the below definitions to your consciousness, I ask you to compare and contrast them to how society and government defines and describes mental health. The conclusion you will reach, if you are sane, is that society and government exists and functions within absolute and profound mental derangement, and overtly sets out to absolutely destroy the mental health of every single child and adult on the planet.

  • Mental health: To love and value Yourself limitlessly and unconditionally.
  • Mental health: To never deliberately or intentionally harm yourself in any way. To never smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or wear high-heeled shoes or compromise your physical health in any manner.
  • Mental health: To never deliberately or intentionally endanger Yourself in any way, absent absolute and immense reward. To never go skydiving or engage in unprotected sexual contact or join a military or become a firefighter, etc…
  • Mental health: To always place your own best interests and needs ahead of the interests or needs of all other individuals and social structures. To never agree to sacrifice your own best interests.
  • Mental health: To refuse to suffer ongoing harm and injustice, to refuse to accept any and all external efforts to compromise your experience of your own existence.
  • Mental health: To seek out and demand factual reality and Truth, at all costs, including the cost of peace of mind, with the conscious understanding that peace of mind obtained via the rejection of Truth and reality, is both functionally useless and overtly harmful to Self.
  • Mental health: The rejection of all mythology, lies, and deceit, no matter how popular they may be, and no matter how alluring the rewards of embracing the deception, are positioned by others to be.
  • Mental health: A state of mind achievable only via the overt prevention of all abuse, victimization, trauma, and terrorization of the individual. A state of mind which exists within most children at birth, and must be actively protected and nurtured via the prevention of all child abuse.
  • Mental health: A state of mind which instinctually craves and demands personal freedom and autonomy, and rejects all external efforts to dictate and control behaviors and life path choices.
  • Mental health: A lack of all emotional dependency upon others. The complete and absolute capacity of the individual to meet his own emotional needs, under all circumstances.
  • Mental health: The conscious understanding that preservation of Self as an individual is a sacred obligation, manifested via the conscious direction of rage and hate against any external entity, individual or structural, which in any way attempts to harm, endanger, or destroy you, as an individual.
  • Mental health: The maximization of personal ego, narcissism, and Self-confidence, so that the inherent value and irreplaceability of Self is always directly and naturally manifested in all life path decisions and behaviors.
  • Mental health: The capacity to unconditionally recognize, appreciate, and value the personal perfection of Self, absent any and all need or motivation to compare or contrast Self to any other human beings, living things, or external mandates/structures.
  • Mental health: The capacity to thrive within absolute isolation of body and mind, rooted within the understanding that the greatest and only legitimately valid form of companionship is that of your own brain.
  • Mental health: The functional capacity to subordinate all emotional responses to all external stimuli, to intellectual and brain-reasoned responses, rooted within the understanding that emotions within humans function on a genetically compromised level.

So here you have, let me count….15 different definitions of what constitutes mental health. Each of these definitions is absolutely valid and accurate, and of course if I had the time or inclination could be described and fleshed out in much greater detail. But the point is this: Here you have 15 different True, accurate, and absolutely valid definitions of what constitutes mental health, all of which completely and absolutely defy the definition of the WHO which I have dissected above,  as well as all mainstream psychological and psychiatric structures of 21st century humanity.
So, what have I proven here? I have proven not only that all of humanity is currently functioning within absolute mental derangement, and not only that society and government is the deliberate sponsor and promoter of mental illness, dysfunction, and derangement, two profoundly important Truths in and of themselves, but also that every claim by the mental health community to be engaged in an effort to reduce mental illness, and to treat mental illness, meaning to restore mental health, is an absolute lie and a pure deception.
By embracing absolutely invalid definitions of what constitutes mental health, and overtly rejecting absolutely valid definitions, such as I have outlined above, society and every one of its empowered mental health treatment agents, is directly sponsoring the dynamic and daily destruction of the mental health of all children, helping to further destroy the mental health of all individuals, and refusing to help restore the mental health of any individuals. Got it?
Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Emotionally Autonomous Isolationist Misanthrope

If I ever become famous, the media, in a deliberate effort to demonize Me and far more importantly, to discredit the Forbidden Truths which I articulate and embody, will decree Me to be a loner. Or perhaps an extreme loner, or maybe a lifelong loner. But you can be certain, the word “loner” will be prominently featured in every news media article.
Loner is a demonizing label applied by society and government to discredit all who reject the toxicity of emotional dependency and socialized enmeshment, which cripples humanity on an individual level, thereby dooming the entire species. It is My pleasure to proactively suffocate this specific form of definitional brainwashing as it may be appled to Me by My sworn enemy.
I am more than a loner, more than a lifelong adult virgin, more than an angry individual obsessed with revenge. I reject all outside labels. I define Myself within the glory of Truth, in everything I may do and say and represent. To any creature, human or otherwise, who may read or hear external descriptions of what I was or am, you are obligated, if you seek Truth, to reject all such external descriptions, and recognize Me via the portraits I paint of Myself, using the millions of words I have written, analyzed within the absolutely clarity of a life lived as outsider, outcast, and outlaw, a life lived to honor Self, Truth, and the glory of reflection, perfected.
I exist as emotionally autonomous, isolationist misanthrope. My emotional autonomy is a bedrock foundation behind all I choose to say and do. Emotional autonomy does not refer to any lack of emotion, or any inhibition of emotion. Emotional autonomy refers to freedom and to ownership. Emotional autonomy is what allows Me to own My mind, and to make every decision free of the prejudice of external imposition and manipulation of My True Reality. Within the slave state, I have maximized My experience of personal freedom, by breaking all shackles of emotional dependency and connectivity with all living things, most directly and primarily, with all human beings.
Emotional autonomy does not limit either the embrace or the expression of any emotion. Emotional autonomy allows Me, as a Superior creature, to successfully subordinate all emotions, on a specific and ongoing case-by-case basis, to rational and intellectualized judgment rooted within absolute fact, reality, and Truth. Emotional autonomy is a unique achievement of mind by the Superior individual, an achievement which the inferiors cannot even contemplate attempting to strive for, as they remain hopelessly trapped within their mind cages.
I am an isolationist. If you examine dictionary definitions of the term “isolationist” and isolationism, you will see that they consistently reference only a country, the foreign policy of a government. I fully reject and renounce this definitional limitation and prejudice, as I decree Myself an isolationist. Isolationism perfectly describes the individual choice to detach from all human contact, as a philosophical and ideological aid to maximizing positive experience of personal existence. The isolationist isolates for the very specific, foundational reason of understanding beyond all doubt, that rejecting all dependency-based human interactivity, is extremely important in achieving all that is positive and beneficial to Self.
The isolationist is not motivated by fear or bias, not motivated by a desire for comfort or a continuation of long-standing ritual or habit. The isolationist simply knows and embraces the fact that there is no other living thing worthy of experiencing a communion of mind with Him. He communes only with Himself. The isolationist embraces the Truth, rooted with the achievement of absolute emotional autonomy, that there is nothing to be gained via any form or aspect of human interaction that has a basis in personal or emotional bonding.
And finally, I am a misanthrope. There is no neutrality within My understanding of the True nature of humanity. I hate and despise humanity as a species, free of all bias, simply reflecting the factual reality of what humanity is, of what humanity is guilty of, of what humanity has done to Me personally, and does to every child, and to every adult, and to every living thing it is allowed to have contact with. I am a full-fledged misanthrope, incorporating absolute emotional autonomy and the Self-governance of mind as Truthfully defined via personal isolationism.
My misanthropy is proud and unwavering, a badge of honor I wear as created victim of the most inferior species of life to have ever infested planet earth. I am a misanthrope because I know exactly what humanity is, with the same clarity of mind as I know exactly what I am, and why I am what I am. You can define Me as a hater, but if you do so absent the context of My personal achievement of emotional autonomy, and ideological embrace of isolationism is a positive way of life, and the concrete fact that every last bit of My rage and hate is not merely justified, but necessary in order to accurately reflect both Truth and My True Reality, your definition is both inaccurate and exists as overt attack upon Me and upon Truth itself.
So, to all who seek Truth, if you should ever read an article or hear a report or access any type of information in which others attempt to describe Me, you should reject that description, and seek out the texts that I have personally written or otherwise created via audio or videotape, such as this essay, in which I define Myself within the Forbidden Truth of what I am, absent the biased attempts of others who serve as agents of society, of government, and of humanity, to demonize and discredit Truth, and to maintain the structures of universal human genocide which bear full guilt for My victimization.
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Definitional Brainwashing and Indoctrination

Every Word is a Prejudice----Friedrich Nietzsche

This topic is extremely important for anyone trying to break through the societal matrix of universal illusions and deceptions, to fully and clearly understand how their reality perception, on a daily and ongoing basis, are being absolutely warped on a governmental, societal/cultural, and directly personal one-on-one level, all three levels separate, distinct, and devastatingly harmful. Therefore, this post will be slightly longer and more intricately detailed, than most.
Let us begin with definitions of what definitional brainwashing is. Definitional brainwashing is the use of words, terms, sentences, and language to create false and invalid reality perceptions among human beings on a group and mass scale, in the process emotionally and intellectually indoctrinating the embrace of irrational, hypocritical, deranged, Self and externally harmful, ideologies and behaviors.
Definitional brainwashing is pervasive throughout all segments of human existence. It is used by governments, all governments, to control the reality perceptins of citizen-slaves and to inspire them, as a mass and mob, to accept both personal and external horrors that cause great harm, without allowing them to consciously become aware of how their reality perception has been externally, maliciously molded and manipulated.
Definitional brainwashing is used by societies to maintain illusion of legitimacy for deranged behavioral and ideological behaviors, concepts, traditions, and rituals, such as war, abortion, the death penalty, marriage, family units, etc.
Definitional brainwashing is used by individuals on a directly personal, one-on-one level, to maintain the matrix of universal illusion inspired by the governmental and societal/cultural structures of definitional brainwashing. Meaning, the pregnant woman utilizes definitional brainwashing to convince herself and specific other individuals, such as her sex partner or mother, that she is getting an “abortion”, instead of murdering a helpless, womb-trapped child.
It is important to analyze and understand how and why definitional brainwashing occurs within all three of these separate and distinct levels, because this allows you to understand how intricately woven into the very fabric of every human existence, definitional brainwashing is. Understanding what definitional brainwashing is, and how it works, does not translate to the individual being able to successfully identify all, or even most, of the specific ways his reality perceptions have been and continue to be warped by, definitional brainwashing.
The only way to successfully eliminate the impacts of definitional brainwashing, is to fully transcend your own humanity, and develop a 24/7/365 Alien Eye, in which you filter everything a society or government presents to you, within a fully detached perspective devoted to analytical Truth and reality, devoid of all emotion-based prejudice.
There are 100,000 or more different examples of overt definitional brainwashing, and every government and society creates and imposes specifically different versions, based upon variables in its own malicious agendas and the cultural milieu that it has built up among citizen-slaves for 100’s-1000’s of years. I cannot dissect more than a tiny percentage of these definitional brainwashings in this, or any other post.
Therefore it is vital that Truth-seekers understand the handful of dissected examples which follow, are merely the tip of the iceberg. Maybe ten, out of 100,000. Even if you fully understand and accept the validity of these ten, and that they constitute malicious definitional brainwashing, this does not translate to you being able to recognize and reject the 100,000 other definitional brainwashings that have been and continue to be maliciously imposed upon your minds and reality perceptions. The struggle to identify and reject all definitional brainwashing must be understood as constant, relentless, and never-ending. As long as government exists, as long as humans remain trapped within a matrix of external illusion, daily bombardments of definitional brainwashing will continue, and must be proactively repelled by seekers of Truth.
A final note before I provide the ten examples: The specific goal of definitional brainwashing must be understood as the intent to indoctrinate your mind. It must be perceived as a directly personal attack upon you, intended to destroy your capacity to recognize and embrace Truth. It must be understood as such, it cannot be minimized as something that governments and societies do on a mass scale, to alter the overall cultural environment. No, it is a directly personal attack, you are the one being targeted, you are the one being harmed and destroyed. Only within this Truth-based perspective, can you fully appreciate the horror of definitional brainwashing, and why it must be eradicated. The Truth-seeker should also realize, within sanity of rational reflection, that the eradication of all government structures must precede the elimination of definitional brainwashing.
Okay, here we go with My ten dissections of very specific words/phrases/ideas which constitute definitional brainwashing. Analyze these examples not simply for the specific message of malicious deception being delivered, but use the examples to broaden your mind to contemplate the entire matrix as it stands, so that the 100,000 other examples I will not be detailing here, are given the chance to become illuminated within your consciousness.

  • “Terrorist” versus “freedom fighter”, I begin with this dissection because it so beautifully illustrates how definitional brainwashing works, via a double-tier of imposed illusion. A double tier because in Truth, there are no terrorists, and there are no freedom fighters. “Terrorist” is a demonizing label applied by governments which terrorize their own citizens, upon specific individuals and groups decreed to exist outside of the spectrum of existing social acceptability. In naming someone a terrorist, a society and government cloaks the fact that it exists as terrorist structure, that it is actively terrorizing its own citizen-slaves on a daily and ongoing basis, in hundreds of different ways.

The term “terrorist” exists as definitional brainwashing, it obscures reality and Truth, using a word/term, and there is a very specific malicious motivation behind its deployment. As with most definitional brainwashing, the term originates via government, within malicious motivation,to be handed down and used on a societal/cultural level, and is also used by lone individuals to deceive themselves and each other, such as via a daily conversation, “Timothy McVeigh is a terrorist, I think he should be executed“. Remember the three different levels of definitional brainwashing that I disclosed earlier.
Now, within the construct of definitional brainwashing, most words/terms/language attacks upon Truth, contain an opposite word/term, which is equally invalid and carries the same malicious intent by government and society to indoctrinate ideology. For “terrorist”, this opposite term is “freedom fighter”. The term “freedom fighter” is just as invalid as terrorist, because freedom does not exist for any human in the 21st century. To fight for a government, to protect and defend a government against external attack or threat, is to conspire with your own slavemaster, to keep Yourself enslaved.
And so government indoctrinates you to the insanity that dangerous terrorists who threaten to harm you must be repelled, even as you remain willing victim to the only True form of terrorism, that which is committed against you by your own government, and that in direct opposition to terrorists, there are noble, moral, heroic “freedom fighters” who battle terrorism and are devoted to creating and protecting freedom. Even though the Truth is, freedom does not exist, freedom is not and has never been offered as opportunity for any human being, ever.
In creating the opposite to terrorist, the “freedom fighter”, via definitional brainwashing, government and society successfully legitimizes war itself, and its own direct undertaking of war, and the “foreign” terrorism that it chooses to sponsor, which allows for the creation of an imaginary enemy, the individually victimized citizen-slaves of other regimes who can then be officially labeled “terrorists”.
Do you understand the full and closed circle at play here? Do you understand how the definitional brainwashing of “terrorist”, allows for the definitional brainwashing of “freedom fighter, which in turn allows for the definitional brainwashing of the concept of an “enemy”, which in turn cloaks from Truth realization the fact that your government is your only True enemy, which in turn inspires you, on a directly personal level, to patriotic allegiance to the terrorists who are terrorizing you?? This is a prime example of the full and closed circle of definitional brainwashing, in full bloom.

  • Abortion. Here is an enigmatic example of definitional brainwashing. Society and government decrees abortion to be a very specific action, that can only be undertaken by specific individuals under specific circumstances, and as such, it exists separate and detached from various other acts it labels as “murder”. But this is, very simply and obviously, insane. Abortion is the murder of a child while it is trapped inside of a womb. The child is alive, and very specific actions are taken to terminate its existence, to murder it. Abortion is murder. Only definitional brainwashing allows you deranged hypocrites to deny this Truth.

Every explanation given by a government, society, or individual human being, as to why abortion should not be defined as murder, is functionally insane. The child cannot be murdered because it cannot survive on its own outside of the womb? That is insane. I cannot survive without oxygen, does this render Me unmurderable?? The child cannot be murdered because it is not a child, but a fetus? That is insane. Fetus is a term of definitional brainwashing utilized and created by government and society to justify and rationalize the murder of womb-trapped children. Of course the child trapped inside the womb is a child. What else is it? A pen? A piece of paper? An elephant??
The issue of whether or not acts of murder are justified, is fully legitimate and must be fully addressed, as I comprehensively do within My Manifesto. The creation by government and society of the invalid illusion that some forms of murder are acceptable, while others are not, is successfully achieved via definitional brainwashing, and the term “abortion” perfectly illustrates this Truth. By refusing to allow the Truth that abortion is murder to be consciously acknowledged, society and government avoids facing the issue of whether murder itself is justified. The term abortion decrees the act of murdering a womb-trapped child legal, that is what it does, all the while denying and concealing this Truth from the consciousness of all brainwashees.

  • The Death Penalty: Definitional brainwashing used to genocidally harm, once again. As abortion, the death penalty exists as one of the purest and most impossible to justify forms of murder: The proactive annihilation by a society and government, via murder, of its own created victim, the child it has destroyed via child abuse and trauma, and refuses to accept guilt and responsibility for having created. “We are not murdering him, we are imposing a death penalty as authorized by law. It is not muder because the law does not define it as murder.” This is the derangement of definitional brainwashing.

How do you define murder within Truth: The deliberate and intentional termination of the life and existence of a sentient creature. That is murder. Only definitional brainwashing allows you to deny and reject the Truth-based definition of what murder is, what it does, and how it is perversely applied by government and society to authorize, legitimize, legalize, and encourage the most impossible to rationally justify, acts and forms of murder.

  • Sports versus exercise. Let us shift gears somewhat radically here, because it is important to understand the massive scope and parameters of definitional brainwashing, how every reality perception is impacted. Consider sports and exercise. Society and government instructs you that playing sports is a form of exercise which facilitates good heath and physical fitness. But this is a pure and utter deception. Organized sports has absolutely nothing to do with physical fitness. Organized sports are highly dangerous, highly stressful, and actively harm both physical and mental health.

Some forms of individually chosen exercise, absent all organization structure, competitiveness, and the attack/enemy posture inherent in all sports, are beneficial to personal health. Only definitional brainwashing, has created the false illusion among humans that participating in organized sports is a way to obtain exercise and thereby achieve good health. As with all definitional brainwashing, there is specifically malicious intent on the part of government here, as the toxic ritual of organized sports serve numerous perverse goals of government, which will be detailed in a future essay.

  • Love. One of the most universally devastating deployments of definitional brainwashing relates to this one emotional state of mind: Love. Romantic love is pure illusion. Familial love is pure illusion. Every externalized form of love that you may hold valid, exists within your reality perception, solely as a result of definitional brainwashing. Love is something you feel for Yourself. Every newborn baby knows this. And then the baby is bombarded with malevolent attacks, intended to strip him of the capacity to love Self, to indoctrinate and coerce the baby to accept the lie that he can and must love others, and so he does, and it is the beginning of the end. As he is doomed, mankind is doomed.

How many humans on this planet consciously refuse to love any living thing besides themselves? How many??? They can still bestow affection, like, empathy, if their True Reality dictates/allows. Just not love. How many humans are able to resist this definitional brainwashing, to retain the sanity of mind they possessed as newborn babies, which inspired them then, to reserve love for Self? One in a million? One in fifty million??  Here you see the devastating impact of pervasive and relentless definitional brainwashing, when it is not recognized and understood as such.

  • Child. The word child, and all of its less formal knockoffs, “kid” “teenager” “toddler” “fetus”, all these words are used to definitionally brainwash, to promote abuse, victimization, slavery. The Forbidden Truth definition of “child” is: A subhuman piece of owned property, possessing no personal rights, to be molded by a family, a school, and a society as these ownership structures so choose and desire. But let us understand this definition is only possible via definitional brainwashing, where the equality of humanity is decreed null and void, between “adult” and “child”.

That is a child. It belongs to others. It has no autonomy of its own. It does not possess the rights of an adult. It is something to be used by others, something to be molded by others. You may beat a child, terrorize a child, enslave a child against his will. You may force a child to do many things, as you choose, because you are an adult, and it is a child. It is not fully human, it is never fully human until it reaches an age of legal adulthood. <This is the manner in which definitional brainwashing directly sponsors universal child abuse.

  • Zoo. Yes, zoo. Or, to go further into the depths of more recent definitional brainwashing, we have the “animal park”, and even the “wildlife sanctuary”. All three of these terms exist as overt definitional brainwashing. They are terms created by society and government to conceal and deny the Truth. What is a zoo/animal park/wildlife sanctuary? It is an animal prison. Animals, superior in nature and character to humans, are locked up against their will and against their natural instinct, locked up and prevented from leaving,for the sadistic amusement of humans, as well as other insane reasons such as extraction of money from human visitors.

And why do humans choose to visit zoos? So that they can pretend they are free, so they can observe the animals in their confinement, and use this imagery to deny the cages in which they are being forced to spend their imagined existence. “Lets go visit the zoo, it’ll be so much fun!” This is the consequence of definitional brainwashing. This is why you humans can say and believe this insanity, instead of facing the Truth: “Oh my goodness, look over there, it is an animal prison. Helpless animals, superior to us in every way, are being held hostage and prisoner against their will, right over there. Something must be done! We must liberate them!” No, this insight of Truth is impossible, thanks to definitional brainwashing.
Well, I am tired of writing this post. I was planning to provide 10 comprehensive illustrations of definitional brainwashing, but you will have to make do with these seven. Really, the number I provide makes no difference. There are 100,000 active and ongoing definitional brainwashings. You must learn to recognize them on your own. The purpose of this post is to make fully clear exactly what definitional brainwashing is, how and why it is imposed upon you each and every day on a universal scale, and just how devastating its impacts are. The rest is up to you, brainwashed and broken slaves.
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