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Honoring DeWayne Craddock, Honors Truth, Reality, and Self

Two days ago, May 31st, 2019, tortured victim-creation of amerikkkan society and government, DeWayne Craddock decided to try to shatter The Matrix of Universal Illusion by harvesting humans. He shot 16 at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center, a government building in Virginia Beach, USA,  where he had been serving as a labor slave, successfully killing 12, then engaged arriving pigs in a firefight before being shot dead by them.

Outlaw mass murder is one of the most lyrical, reflectively beautiful of all acts that any human-born citizen-slave is capable of carrying out within the prison of planet earth in the 21st century. This is a Forbidden Truth fact, incontrovertible, that must be known and understood by all who seek to become top-level Superiors.

Each of us is a victim and a Martyr. Each of us was destroyed as a child and continues to be destroyed on a daily basis, by human-designed organizational structures such as the family unit, government, money, and religion. Each of us is under imminent, ongoing, daily attack. Each of us is being shot dead at point-blank range, without warning, all of the time. And yet we are expected to deny these Truths. It is demanded of us that we co-operate with our destroyers, that we play along to this illusion of existence.

All acts of outlaw mass murder defy this demand. They are expressions of both Truth and True Reality, that achieve a purity of consciousness that we should all strive for. Nothing I write, no verbal dissertation or analysis of the human condition, can attain the level of reflective purity that is expressed and revealed via the act of outlaw mass murder, in and of itself. 

Martyr DeWayne apparently left us no lengthy manifesto or texts of Truth. But none are needed. The act speaks for itself, his chosen actions uncloak the Forbidden Truths of the universal human condition, to supreme and ultimate clarity. Whether or not you can see, thanks to DeWayne’s gift of a torch that cuts through the permanent fog of a world founded and sustained upon the universal destruction of all, that is your own personal failure, or in very rare instances, your own personal triumph of mind. 

For well over 40 years, since I was a small child, I have mind-melded with outlaw mass murder, the acts and the actors, as I have sought to destroy what is guilty of destroying Me. It was James Oliver Huberty, back in 1984, who fully fledged My mind wings, when he shattered the then-current amerikkkan lone gunman mass murder record harvest, by killing 21 at a McDonald’s restaurant in San Ysidro, California. But even years before, My child-mind identified outlaw mass murder as a guiding pathway to emancipation of consciousness, to identifying primary and rooted Forbidden Truths. 

The amerikkkan pioneers of this mind art include Andrew Kehoe, Howard Unruh, and Charles Whitman, among many others. As humanity continues to devolve to near-term species extinction, outlaw mass murder will become more popular and frequent. We already see this increase just within the past 20 years. Those of us who chronicle the human condition must never forget the pioneers. To see and to grasp the Forbidden Truths, be it consciously or subconsciously, is always a struggle, for all human-borns. We grow our minds by feasting upon the reflections of others, the tiny handful who find the capacity to express Forbidden Truth to the universe, each in their own uniquely beautiful way.

DeWayne Craddock was born into your diseased, death-worshipping, universal slavery for all society, as a helpless child. Amerikkkan society, they say it is the “best” in the world, chose to inflict universal child abuse upon him, to cage his mind and his body, to decree him first a child-slave, then a citizen-slave, As every amerikkkan, DeWayne was subjected to relentless brainwashing, indoctrination to perverse and genocidal social structures, propagandized to obey, to serve, to worship, to demean Himself in every way. He was ordered to celebrate life, even as he was forced to worship death. 

It is government that convinces you citizen-slaves that you exist, a lie, a perverse illusion, even as it compels you to die. “Death is okay, as long as you live a good life.” 

There is no good life. There is no life. Only the illusion of life. And two days ago, DeWayne tried to tell you humans the Truth. He gave away his illusion of an existence, in the name of Truth. And of course his lesson is lost upon you brainwashed sheeple. He died in vain. But we all die in vain. With this essay, I reveal to the world that I know and I understand the beauty and the brilliance of all expressions of Forbidden Truth. But I write in vain. All efforts to ignite Forbidden Truth upon the collective human mindscape are futile, useless, doomed to failure.

My success, is knowing that I fail to change the world, and celebrating this failure, as proof that I am right about everything. A supreme triumph of the Self-universe that is Me.

Thank You, DeWayne, for adding to the collective body of Forbidden Truth. Thank You, DeWayne, for trying to teach the world a lesson it is incapable of learning, thereby proving that you did the right thing.

Each of you is directly guilty of destroying this singular individual, DeWayne Craddock. It is your world that mandates universal destruction and annihilation for all. DeWayne just tried to show you what you are, as proven by what you choose to do.

DeWayne Craddock, amerikkkan torture victim and Martyr

Torture Victim and Martyr DeWayne Craddock, 1995 and 1996 high school yearbook photos.



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The Social Organization of Violence: A Forbidden Truth Definitional and Operational Dissection

Seer quote 63
What is violence? How is violence deployed by society and government to control, oppress, enslave, and destroy every human-born life form? What is the proper, sane, and legitimate context within which all violence must be judged and understood? This Mind Bomb Forbidden Truth essay answers all of these profoundly important questions, and more.
There is nothing actually new here, I have already perfectly and beautifully articulated all of these Truths in My Main Manifesto and other essays. But I like to repackage Truth sometimes, express it in a new, equally if not more brilliant way. So, enjoy this new detonation, allow my shrapnel the grace of penetrating your mind and your consciousness, violently, of course.
Violence: /ˈvī(ə)ləns/ noun: A) The ritualized and organized direction of universal human trauma, hate, and rage, by an existing society, culture, and government, towards specific actions that provide emotional catharsis without threatening or undermining any existing social and governmental structures. B) Organized psychological, ideological, and emotional attacks by society and government against individual human beings and against the collective mass of humanity, intended to render human beings weak, passive, submissive, fearful, and eager to embrace promoted social illusions and delusions of peace and safety. C) The initiation of a cycle of harm, physical and/or psychological, against an individual by an organized social system, intended to compel retaliatory response based upon experienced trauma.
Criminality: /kriməˈnalədē/ noun: A) The reflective response actions of individual human beings to the trauma and harm they have been subjected to, as victims of the organized social violence of society and government. B) Specific acts, sometimes violent in nature, that society and government seeks to control, regulate, and limit, but never to fully eliminate, carried out by individuals in defiance and rejection of socially promoted, organized violence. C) Individual acts judged and decreed to be immoral and evil and harmful by nation-states and societies, for the specific purpose of cloaking and concealing from all human consciousness, the immorality, malice, and evil inherent within the organized social violence legitimized, promoted, and committed by all societies and governments.
Okay, now, if you successfully integrate these definitional Truths to your mindscape, you can begin to try to break free of the universal illusions and delusions of violence, crime, and justice, that hopelessly enslave and control the minds of the Unwashed Masses.
The organized violence of the nation-state is expressed via abortion, the death penalty, war, classism, spanking, bullying, parenthood, marriage, sexual intercourse, anal sex, sports, euthanasia, employment, suicide, cutting, drug and alcohol use, and hundreds of other ways, but most primarily, via Universal Child Abuse, the systemic destruction and annihilation of the personal potential of all children, as public policy mandate.
The organization of violence is universally practiced, by all societies and governments. It functions as daily attack, directly against and upon every individual, every day, from the moment of biological conception.
Organized violence is the means by which every existing generation of destroyed ex-children, successfully maintains the universal delusion, in simple terms, that everything is okay. That life does not consist of the dead and destroyed ritualistically and pathologically killing and destroying everything that is not yet completely destroyed, under cloak of complete denial and invisibility as to what is being done, and why.
To realize the Forbidden Truth, we must abandon the very concept of criminal violence. Criminals are not violent, the actions they carry out, while capable of causing isolated harm to individuals, occur as reflective response to the only real form of violence, organized, maintained, carried out in an organized way by every society and government.
Criminal acts are the medical, psychological side-effects of the individually experienced trauma that is the organized violence of society and government.
The nation-state demonizes individuals for carrying out outlaw “violence”, in order to maintain the universal illusion and deception the nation-state is not guilty of initiating, sponsoring, and carrying out organized violence against everyone. At the same time, it promotes, enables, and ensures such outlaw “violence”, and the ongoing threat of it, always continues to exist as functional reality. This allows not merely for the deception to be maintained, but for the nation-state to position itself as protector and defender of individual safety from harm and violence, even as it carries out genocidal, universal harm and violence against everyone.
Violence must be understood as being 99% psychological, and 1% physical. Organized social violence is the culling of all individual potential of mind, not of body. The threat of bodily violence is deployed in order to carry out the actuality, the reality of mind murder: The elimination of personal potential to thrive within Truth.
And so here we are, February 23, 2018, and in amerikkka the media and the Unwashed Masses, 350 million brain-dead citizen-slaves, are debating how to prevent “violence”, in response to the courageous reflection of personal trauma by a tortured child named Nikolas Cruz, at a Florida high school a week ago.
Instead of thanking and honoring Nikolas for exposing the universal violence of society and government, you are demonizing and condemning him, for showing and for telling you the Truth. Idiots! Why do you want to prevent future school massacres? Let’s say you are completely successful, let’s say you ban all guns and never again does anyone get killed inside of a school.
What you have just accomplished is to increase and strengthen the organized social violence of society and government. Everyone will be even more victimized by violence, everyone, every child and every adult, than is the case right now.
Dynamic child suicide and Self-harm will skyrocket, Sex, war, sports, all will become more popular. The less criminal “violence” that occurs, the more organized violence, the only real form of violence, will occur. But of course you do not care about that, brainwashed sheeple. You are only interested in maintaining the universal trance that everything is okay, so you can destroy your own tortured victim-creations in the name of justice, morality, and safety.
hate you humans for what you are, as proven by what you choose to do!
Every school massacre should be welcomed, every criminal act should be applauded as a courageous expression of Truth, a brand new opportunity for enlightenment.
You want to stop school massacres?? There is only one way, only one valid way. To even try any other way, is an act of violence committed against Truth. The way to stop school massacres is to end the organized violence of society and government. End it all. End it all, so no child ever develops the reflective need for catharsis that motivates all criminality.
You say that is impossible?? It is impossible only because humanity as a species is hopelessly broken. So face up to this Forbidden Truth, at least, you pathetic fools! Stop the insanity of illusion that banning an inanimate object, or any other reflective response to criminality, can ever even positively impact, much less prevent, violence.
Inside every elementary, high school, and college in the world, today and tomorrow and every day, tortured child-slaves think about and want to kill. Of course they do, they are being killed there, right now, every day, via the organized social violence of mind murder.
So, your victory as a species, in 2018, is to successfully terrorize, ego-destroy, and mind-murder most of your child-slaves, that you commit universal, organized social violence against, to not carry out the school massacres that they dream about, fantasize about, need to carry out as reflective catharsis to what you are doing to them, by choice, as public policy mandates.
That is your victory, and there you sit, not debating how to stop and end violence, you can’t even consider within sanity what violence is, but instead debating how to stop your children from showing you the Truth of what you have done to them.
You are pathetic, murderers of Truth and of all children, and so I stand and I speak in this essay, not to you, but to every outlaw, and I say: Thank you for standing up, thank you for speaking Truth to the brain-dead and to the mind-murdered, thank you for reflecting back at humanity, the Truth of the genocidal violence it is guilty of inflicting upon us all.
Thank you.

violence 67All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

18 Y.O.Child-slave Beheads Mom, Gives Head to Police, in NC

Sorry folks, no uncensored video footage to be found of this beheading, so you’ll have to rely on your imaginative mind to conjure up the visuals.
How do we know 18 year old Oliver Mauricio Funez Machado was/is “tortured”? The same way we know he is a victim and a creation of 21st century human society. Every child born in the 21st centry is a torture victim of unspeakable trauma. The Sacred Family Unit makes it so. Helpless newborn children, blindly and arbitrarily enslaved to their biological creators and their chosen sexual partners, no attempt made to determine their competency to nurture a supremely vulnerable mind to maturity.
The society overtly encouraging every adult to breed, to become a slaveowner, and to transfer the sum total of their rage, hate, terror, frustration, as a tortured former child, directly onto the child they are declared owner of, to use every child as a toxic receptacle, a Poison Container for their own emotional and psychological torment.
What if a kidnapped african slave in 1840 amerikkka had beheaded his slavemaster? Back then, he would be demonized evil and insane. Today, in some circles, he would be hailed as a heroic freedom fighter. But for the child-slave, nothing ever changes, because child slavery within the family unit is MORE honored, more respected, more fervently supported today, in the 21st century, than ever before.
Read the below news articles, understand their horrific prejudice against slave Oliver. He must be INSANE for beheading his mom, insane and evil. So what about YOU creatures, who enslaved him as a helpless newborn to evil and insane adults, accurate reflections and creations of your evil and insane society, and INSTRUCTED them to do WHATEVER they wanted to slave Oliver.
Read the articles, as they paint Oliver’s mom and dad as victims of a horrific tragedy. Oliver did something terrible…he EXPOSED the Sacred Family Unit for the perverse sham it is.
Oliver did something terrible: He DARED to show you humans the Forbidden Truth of what was done to him. He dared to stand up and seek revenge, not against ants or puppies or his fellow children, but against his actual, direct destroyers. He dared to defy societal doctrine and decree, that children turn against themselves, hate and harm and destroy themselves.
Oliver stood up and beheaded his mom, then carried the severed head out of the house to greet the pigs he had summoned via a 911 call he made himself. Now, the PIGS are traumatized because he forced them to view the severed head of his mom, according to one of the articles.
And so Oliver will be demonized and punished, locked up in a cage, further victimized, for exposing the Truth, nothing more, nothing less, the Truth of what was done to him, the Truth of what motherhood and fatherhood in the 21st century does to EVERY child.
Why couldn’t he have just raped girls his own age, like all other normal boys do?
Why oh why couldn’t Oliver have just used drugs and alcohol to numb the horrific pain of being a tortured child-slave, like all the other normal children do?
Why oh why couldn’t Oliver have just joined the military to try to gain the opportunity to legally murder fellow human beings for emotional catharsis, like all the normal children do?
Why oh why couldn’t Oliver have just become a self-cutter, opening his own veins in honor of the Self-hate instilled within him by society, or addicted to the Insane God Myth, worshipping his own upcoming death, or a psychological sadist obsessed with obtaining money so he can feel advantaged over the poor, or a pathological inhaler of toxic smoke and nicotine, destroying his body day by day, just like all the other normal children???
Why did he have to beheads his mom, expose the Sacred Family Unit for what it is?? Unacceptable! Now he must be externally demonized, punished, destroyed, so the Truth is destroyed with him.
I know it means nothing, it changes nothing, but I see you Oliver. Thank you for standing, and reflecting the Truth. I see what you are, and I know you deserve nothing but honor, respect, compassion, and to be treated in every way, as the supreme victim you are.
And to you humans: Look at Oliver. Look at his face. Look at what you did to a helpless newborn child, in the span of just 18 short years. Look at your unforgivable crime, carried out against EVERY child on earth in real-time, right now, yesterday, today, tomorrow. Look at the children you claim to possess as slaves within your family unit, and look at the children living in your building, on your block, in your neighborhood, town, city, state, country, planet.
You drive them all to hate and to destroy themselves, to covet death as you do, to lose all of the innocence and ambition and potential to thrive within love of Self and of Truth, that exists within them as newborns.
You are the monsters. Oliver, the 18 year old boy who greets the police with a butcher knife in one hand and the decapitated head of his mom in the other hand, is simply a mirror, trying to show you humans what you are, as proven by what you do, yesterday, today, tomorrow, every day.
Stay strong, Oliver!

oliver funez

Oliver Funes Machado, tortured child-martyr of the perverse 21st century social construct of motherhood.

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Dylann Storm Roof: Martyred for Revealing Truth

The diseased and genocidal nation-state of amerikkka was founded, built upon for the past 240 years , and is sustained today, by the twin ideological and behavioral perversions of religion and racism. Racism inspired the outlaw invaders of what you now call north amerikkka, to commit genocide upon the native inhabitants. Racism inspired the kidnapping of millions for slave labor usage, by these same outlaw invaders. And today, racism inspires the amerikkkan caste system of universal inequality and the terrorist importation of millions of labor slaves under the name of immigration.
Religion, more specifically delusional belief in the absurd christian version of the insane god myth, gripped the broken brains of the outlaw invaders who carried out this genocide 240 years ago, and ever since then, these insane humans have imposed the insanity of religion upon every single child of every generation, creating a terrorism-based, religiously fundamentalist dictatorship.
On June 17, 2015, one of amerikkka’s tortured children, Dylann  Storm Roof, opened fire inside of a church in charleston, south carolina, as the deranged sheeple inside were wasting their time praying to their imagined god creature. He shot ten of them, successfully harvesting nine. They were all “black”. Dylann is “white”, according to the racist judgment of this racist society.
Just a few hours ago, the judicial system of amerikkka decreed Dylann guilty of a lot of different things, and ordered he be brutally and punitively punished:
But of course the Truth is, Dylann is guilty of only ONE thing: Showing YOU what YOU are: Deranged and genocidal hypocrites. Dylann’s only crime is exposing the Forbidden Truth of the universal racism and the terrorism of religion as both were and are imposed upon every child in amerikkka.
Thank you Dylann, for standing up for Self, and exposing Truth.
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Justice: Achieved Only Via the Prevention of Injustice

There are “only” a few hundred foundational level Forbidden Truths. If you fully grasp & unconditionally embrace the concrete validity, the philosophical & ideological untouchability of these Truths, you are on your way to becoming a Seer of Forbidden Truth.

In My writings you find Me repeatedly focused on these few hundred Truths, articulating them over & over, in different ways, using different examples & illustrations. In doing so, Truth and Self are sanctified by Me, as they must be.

So we come to justice. How can it be achieved if it is turned on its head, forever upside down? You diseased creatures worship at the temple of injustice, and call it justice. The Truth, to be screamed from every prison, every mental institution, every mansion, every gravesite waiting to be purchased: The ONLY way to achieve justice, is to PREVENT injustice from occurring. Every punishment of an individual is an injustice, the harming of a created victim, justifying all harm, all victimization.
For illustrative purposes, I will be using the case of Andre Jackson. Andre is the 27 year old homeless ex-marine who fatally stabbed an 11 year old boy on a public street, in a completely random & unprovoked attack, approximately 3 weeks ago in Houston, Texas. You can read about the incident here:
For the purpose of this justice quest, we will assume victim-Martyr Andre did exactly what he is accused of, and admits to it, leaving no doubt as to his actual actions.
So, the quest for justice begins: First, Andre has proven by his actions that he is a VICTIM of horrific harm and injustice. Therefore, any attempt to punish him, in any manner, would constitute additional victimization of an existing victim, by the VERY structures, human society & government, guilty of his initial & lifelong victimization. Thus: Injustice, defined.
We have established, within the sanity of Truth, that any attempt to punish Andre Jackson for fatally stabbing an 11 year old boy to death in a random and unprovoked attack on a public street, would constitute an unforgivable act of supreme injustice.
But we still NEED to attain justice, don’t we?? Yes, of course. Justice for Andre, the victim. We CANNOT try to attain justice for the boy Andre stabbed to death, because he is already DEAD, you insane hypocrites! But for victim and Martyr Andre, yes, we can and we must try.
We begin by fully and openly acknowledging Andre as pure and absolute victim, who must never be punished, traumatized, or harmed in any way. Nobody can be allowed to try to punish him, because he is a victim of harm, and to punish him would constitute an act of unforgivable injustice.
Next, we begin to try to mitigate Andre’s past and present harm and victimization. Immediately we provide him with a private & secure 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom residence within a gated community, completely his, as an owner, for the remainder of his lifetime.
Immediately we provide victim-Martyr Andre with a guaranteed lifetime stipend of money, to ensure he is fully capable of meeting all of his primary & secondary material needs. In 2016 amerikkkan dollars, and this assumes the 3 bed/2 bath residence is given to Andre as a free and clear ownership token of societal atonement, the amount should be approximately $1,500.00 per month.
Within this private, gated community must exist all of the best perks of the existing society: Supermarkets fully stocked with gourmet foods, beautiful and large parks, medical centers staffed by the best physicians and most state of the art medical equipment, enormous libraries with every publication in the world readily available, etc…
Only within such an ideally realized, private community, could one, singular restriction be applied: The right of outsiders, if they so choose, to avoid entering the community, and all children to be prevented from entering the community.
But we are still FAR from justice!
The next step is far more important than the initial, material goods step. It is directly personal, social atonement. Every living adult who played an administrative role during Andre’s childhood, must be brought to the feet of Andre, and compelled to beg him for forgiveness. His mother, father, uncles, aunts, grandparents, babysitters, school teachers, coaches.
All of them must be compelled to go to Andre, on their knees, and apologize, beg forgiveness for the harm, the abuse, the victimization they are guilty of inflicting upon Andre, as a child. These encounters must be private, and Andre must be free to HARM these abusers, up to and including direct murder, if he so chooses.
Are we attaining justice?? What about justice for the mommies and teachers and babysitters? Is it justice for them to be physically hurt or killed by Andre, when they themselves are past & present victims of abuse and trauma and injustice?? No, we are NOT attaining justice, because justice is the proactive prevention of injustice.
It is a Forbidden Truth insight that allowing Andre to kill his parents, teachers, babysitters, does NOT provide justice. So why allow it to occur??? Because allowing him to kill these people exalts Forbidden Truth: That ALL injustice must be PREVENTED from occurring. A society that CHOOSES not to even TRY to proactively prevent all injustice, as is the reality for ALL existing 2016 societies and governments, must either reform, or be destroyed.
Which brings us to the final step of our flawed, but still Superior, quest for Justice for Andre.
All of the directly empowered societal agents who sponsored Andre’s victimization, must be brought to his feet, to apologize and beg his forgiveness. The mayor of Houston, the governor of Texas, his Marine Corps recruiter. His Marine Corps drill sergeant. The commanding officer of the Marine Corps. AND the supreme leader of the government itself, the president of amerikkka.
All of these individuals must be compelled to crawl on their knees to Andre, preferably naked, totally helpless, at HIS mercy, and beg him for forgiveness.
Do you see the Forbidden Truth now? Do you understand what justice is, and that my solution is the ONLY solution to the problem of injustice?
No, my solution does not deliver justice for Andre. It is too late for him, and for Me, and for you. My solution merely ends the CONTINUATION, the closed-circle hamster wheel of existing injustice, and the infliction of additional injustice. It fails to retroactively erase the injustice Andre is a victim of.
It fails. But it is still THE solution. It honors Truth, as it honors Andre, as it honors all victims. It lays the framework for doing what MUST be done:
The elimination of the judicial system. The termination of all judicial punishment. The eradication of reform schools and prisons and all harming of victims.
The dawn of Truth-based judgment: Society judging itself guilty. Society accepting the responsibility it bears, for the welfare of every child. The proactive attainment of justice for all.
And if you refuse? Die! At Andre’s hands. Or someone else’s. Anyone else’s. Everyone else’s. Because we are ALL victims. And we all deserve the justice we can never attain, because of YOUR choice to murder justice, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and until humanity extincts itself.
We are all, Andre.

andre jackson 9

amerikkkan torture victim and Martyr Andre Timothy Jackson Jr., at his judicial arraignment on June 4, 2016.

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Violence: The Generous Sharing of Personal Pain

Definitions are the holy grail to all Truth quests. Nothing can be recognized for what it is, unless it is accurately defined. Definitions must be like laser beams, definitions must illuminate, they must open a wormhole which simultaneously exposes the perverse hypocrisy of the hive mind, and counters this diseased darkness with a direct exposure of Forbidden Truth.
And so we have the title of this essay. In seven simple and clear words, a massive universe of toxic illusion is wiped clean, so that all who seek Truth may see clearly. I could write 100,000 word essays dissecting the root causes of violence… Oh wait, I have written 100,000 word essays dissecting the root causes of violence:
100,000 words, or just 7 words? Can two expressions of Truth be of equal value, given such a wide gulf of expression?? The answer is yes, and the reason is that laser beam definitional accuracy is being delivered in both instances. My original 100,000+ word essay, published within My main Manifesto 12+ years ago, is uniquely invaluable in destroying the human hive mind matrix of brainwashing and illusion regarding crime and violence, dating back thousands of years, which has never been stronger and more popular than it is today.
But at the same time, to the seeker of Truth, seven words can and do deliver the same message. Violence. What is it?? The generous sharing of personal pain. Imagine how different the deranged human landscape would be, if this simple, clear, obvious, infinitely valuable definitional Truth were understood, accepted, embraced by all of humanity?!
“This is CNN Breaking News: A tortured ex-child unexpectedly delivered a generous sharing of his personal pain earlier today, opening fire inside of a kindergarten classroom, killing 22 5 and 6 year olds. By his actions, this victim of abuse, violence, and trauma, has taught us a valuable lesson on why we must redouble our efforts to end all child abuse. As we mourn the tragedy of reflective violence, let us all, as members of the human species, pause to honor the sacrifice made by this tortured ex-child, in pointing out to us our failure to protect him. Evil is not to blame, insanity is not to blame, guns are not to blame. We are to blame, and we must acknowledge what happened earlier today as the generous sharing of personal pain, by one of our created torture victims.”
Do you understand now, how crucial definitional accuracy is? When something is understood for what it is, a universe of illusion, hypocrisy, irrationality, demonization, insanity, is wiped out. The definition changes everything. The definition alters not the event itself, but the meaning of the event, the impact of the event upon an entire species, moving forward.
Only within the embrace of definitional Truth, can humanity evolve. As long as humanity is trapped within definitional delusion, it will continue to regress and to devolve to species extinction.
And no, I am under no illusion that you humans can ever or will ever accept the definitional Truth of what violence is. It makes no difference if I reveal this Truth via 100,000+ word essay, or a seven word blog title. Truth is dead to you creatures, forever dead.
I write this essay to concretely give life to the beauty of Truth, so that it sparkles more brightly within Me, in My eyes, in My mind. I write as I think, to honor the reflective beauty of violence, as expressed within Truth. I write to honor every victim, most especially those who generously share. Can you say ouch?? Come on, open wide and say it!!
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Compassion, Empathy, and Respect

I am filled with compassion, empathy, and respect…for Myself. For you creatures, not so much. I choose to selectively bestow compassion, empathy, and respect, towards specific individuals that I recognize as being the greatest victims of the highest degrees of injustice and victimization. I reserve my compassion, empathy, and respect, for individuals such as James Eagan Holmes and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I honor them for trying to show humanity what it is, more so than for trying to show humanity what they are. I honor them because you refuse to honor them. I honor them because you choose to deny them compassion, empathy, and respect, in the process increasing their victimization, increasing the injustice they have always been subjected to.
I do not deny you inferiors, your victimhood status. But I only have so much positive sentiment available, and I will always hoard most of it for Myself. The small amount I choose to distribute upon others, will go to those that you demonize, those that you choose to demonize. Your created victims, people like Dzhokhar and James, that you continue to persecute. I align with them, because you deny them their victimhood status. I align with them, because you choose to continue to harm them, instead of thanking them for showing you what you are, and being inspired to beg them for the forgiveness that you do not deserve.
Inside the cages you build for your torture victims, Truth flourishes. Individuals are destroyed, but Truth remains triumphant. You murder your children and you murder your adults. You murder physically, and you murder ideologically. You murder in order to conceal the Truth that you have always been murderers, that you murder everything you touch.
Your grand theatrical odes to justice and revenge, punishment and redemption, are pathetic and perverse charades. Your theaters are shrines to violence, yet you demonize a tortured child for showing you what you are. Your marathon races are testaments to the cowardice of a species devoted to fleeing from itself at every turn, yet you demonize a tortured child for showing you what you are. You fight for the freedom to lie to yourselves, and for the freedom to destroy yourselves, and in the process you destroy anyone who dares to show you what you are, as James and Dzhokhar and Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacy and Timothy McVeigh and Ted Bundy and Howard Unruh, and so many thousands of others, have tried to do.
We are only your reflection, we are only what you made us, we are only your created victims. And so when you blame and judge and demonize us, you prove that our actions were not merely just, but insufficient. Insufficient to right the universal scale of injustice that you have built, that you deploy against us.
So no, I will decline all compassion, empathy, and respect for the secondary victims that you ruthlessly exploit in order to feet better about yourselves. I will reserve all compassion, empathy, and respect for my fellow front-level victims, the individuals you dare to condemn to be murdered, locked inside cages, subjected to brain chemistry alteration, denied their victimhood status, denied the honor and gratitute that is owed to them.
You are going to destroy each of us, I cannot prevent this horrific tragedy and injustice. My only solace is in knowing, with absolute certainty, that in choosing to destroy us, you are ensuring your own destruction, individually and as a collective species.
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Universal Criminality of the State

All crimes are conceived by, committed by, and carried out by, government. The concept of individual human criminality as an existing functional “issue” or problem, is a false flag creation of government, intended to fully conceal the Forbidden Truth that all crimes and all criminality occur exclusively within the operational and ideological constructs of government.
To eliminate criminality, all governments must first be eliminated and eradicated. government is the foundational cause and the operational inspiration for all criminality. Let us briefly dissect the internal elements of this Forbidden Truth:
Death and murder are both sponsored by the state. It is government which decrees that all human beings must die, and it is government which overtly carries out the murder of all individuals. Within this understanding, we must go further than to merely declare individual acts of murder to be “copycats” of official government policy. No, the very inspirational concept of murder, blooms wirhin the individual human mind only as a response to the fact that the individual himself exists as a real-time murder victim of government, merely pretending to be alive as he waits to be murdered. Every human life is utterly worthless. This is not an individual conclusion or insight, but the official decree of the state, which demands and imposes murder upon each of us.
Theft and robbery are both sponsored and carried out as core operational and ideological mandates of the state. It is the state which robs us of our very existences. It is government which commits the theft of our most foundationally basic and precious instinctual capacity to experience freeedom and personal autonomy. It is government which robs us of our most precious possessions and commodities: Time and free will. It is the universal crimes of theft and robbery carried out by the state, which directly inspire the traumatic reflection of individual victims of this criminality, to steal money and to forco=ibly take from other individuals.
Rape and every other form of intimate violation of others as carried out by the individual, only occurs as traumatic response to the universally intimate assault by government of all individuals, maliciously stripped of their instinctual identity, molded as clay from birth, to lose all ego, all narcissism, all Self-love, all capacity to thrive within the glory of Self-isolation and to meet all emotional needs via the strength of a healthy, individual mind. We rape because we are victims of systemic and ritualistic rape. not merely of body, but of mind, brain, soul, and the greatest of all possible intimacies, the communion of a free and autonomous mind, with itself, held aloft within the unpolluted glory of Forbidden Truth.
Why do humans in cars run red lights? Why do they park their cars illegally? Why do they jaywalk in the middle of the block and walk against red lights at crosswalks? Why do they play con games upon each other? Because they exist as crime victims of the universal criminality of government, and this trauma, as all personally suffered trauma, must be reflected.
Why do humans take hostages and kidnap others?? Because they exist as imprisoned hostages of the state, hostages of body and of mind, hostages held since their biological conception. And all humans exist as kidnap victims, stolen from themselves, deprived of all capacity to develop and to exist within personal autonomy. Every child a kidnap victim of his parents, every wife a kidnap victim of her husband, every husband a kidnap victim of his wife. Every human being held for ransom by the state, via the very existence of money and forced labor.
So let us understand, there are no criminals. No individual human being ever does anything “wrong”, and every attempt by government to criminalize any act, or label any individual a criminal, is a malicious deception intentionally made by government, to conceal, deny, and cloak its universal criminality and the direct guilt and responsibility it bears for every action it falsely labels as a crime.
No individual is a criminal, and nothing an individual does is a crime. I bestow greatest honor and sympathy, along with positive personal identification, towards all individuals demonized via this unjust label, and subjected to further injustice via its application. It is with unwavering courage and pride that I name individuals such as Charles Manson, Timothy McVeigh, Theodore Bundy, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Mohammed Emwazi, and all others who are demonized by government as criminals, as blood-brothers and respected peers.
Everyone who is outed as a criminal by any government or society deserves to be openly decreed an absolute victim of the universal criminality of government and of the state, guilty of nothing, deserving of no punishment, harm, or negative judgment. All such individuals should be overtly honored and thanked, for exposing the criminality of the state, and for rising up from the herd, to identify themselves as created victims of government.
Anyone who seeks to put an end to crime, to end human criminality, must recognize government as the sponsor of all criminality, and in response, must embrace a personal obligation to reject the legitimacy of government and to become an anarchist, personally devoted to ending the existence of all governments. Those who reject this option, who choose to spend their imaginary lives as citizens and as subjects, bowing down to leaders, obeying laws, and respecting the legitimacy of any government structure, exist as direct sponsors of all criminality, guilty of causing all harm to occur, and as such, earning every harm that they suffer, at the hands of both the state, and the reflective rage justifiably expressed by their fellow victims of the state.
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Still More Forbidden Truths on Killing Others

This blog post is a follow-up to two previous blog posts in which I dissect the individual right to kill others. I strongly suggest that before you read this blog post, you either read or re-read both of My previous posts, because the Forbidden Truths expressed previously, lay the groundwork for the additional Forbidden Truths revealed here.
The first blog post is here:
And the second, following up on the first, is here:
Please note that all of My comments below will appear in bold and non-italicized text, while the emailed questions/comments which I am choosing to address, appear in light and italicized text. This is being done to ensure there is no confusion as to the brilliant insights of Truth which I am delivering.
The right to kill is validated by the motivation and need to kill. Any individual who feels compelled to kill, proves by the very compulsion that he has already been killed, on some level. He is a victim of murder, killing others is simply an honest, although usually misdirected, reflection of the murder he has Himself experienced, as victim.
“Sure, but being killed on one level is different from being killed totally and completely, no?”
The societal choice and decision to cause an individual to be murdered, on any level, bestows upon that individual the reflective and True Reality right to murder others, on any level. There must be no inhibition of action on a personal level, inspired by any external imposition of right, freedom, entitlement, or moral code, because all such rights, freedoms, entitlements, and morality codes are invalid and hypocritical. Society and government sponsors the absolute destruction of each and every one of us.
“I’d much rather have my spirit murdered, than to have my entirety eliminated.”
The issue is not what you want, the issue is personal entitlement to reflect, on the part of every created victim. Do not forget, humanity as a whole is collectively guilty of sponsoring the universal harm and murder which all children and adults are subjected to.
“And if they want to reflect their pain accurately, wouldn’t they kill someone on the same level they have been killed?”
All reflections of personal trauma are valid, and must be respected and honored. The only legitimste way to deny an individual the right to choose if, when, and how to reflectively harm others, is to proactively prevent him from experiencing the harm and personal trauma which inspires his desire and need to reflect the harm and personal trauma he has already experienced.
“And why does that individual being murdered deserve to be killed like that?”
If he exists as a member of society, as 99.999999999% of all humans do, he has no right to be externally protected from harm, because he is guilty of sponsoring the universal harm and destruction of all living things. If he has transcended his humanity and does notexist as a member of society, he will Himself proactively reject external protection from harm, in recognition that just as he himself possesses a True Reality right to harm others, as created victim, he must respect and honor the right of others to try to harm/destroy him.
“If someone came up to Me with intent to murder Me, I would not care one bit what they’ve been through, I would not allow them to terminate Me.”
Of course not. Neither would I. Nothing that I have said, in any way suggests the right of an individual to personally destroy any living thing which attempts to destroy him, is negated. Certainly not. The right of others to try to harm and destroy you, is a right to try. He has the True Reality right to try to harm/destroy you, and you have the True Reality right, far more than a right, an absolute obligation to Self, to try to deny, thwart, and repel his individual True Reality right to harm/destroy you. And of course if you happen to harm/destroy him while attempting to thwart his True Reality right to harm/destroy you, this is inherently justified on every level.
But, what you do not have the right to do, is to deploy society and government to try to protect you from being harmed/killed by individuals seeking to reflect their True Reality, in terms of authorizing their punitive punishment by the state, via arrest, police intervention, monetary fine, confinement inside a locked cage, etc… You have no such right because the state is guilty and responsible for their victimization, not to mention your past, present, and future victimization. You betray both Self and Truth if you authorize your greatest enemy and destroyer, to “protect” you from being harmed by a specific individual, even as this same structure is guilty not only of having harmed him, but of harming you as well, in the past, present, and future.
Do you understand? As a Superior, you must protect and defend Yourself from harm, at all costs. Even as an inferior, you absolutely possess this right and Self-obligation, unquestionably. But at the same time you have no right to deploy your victimizer and destroyer: government or any of its functional structures, to protect you from being harmed by any individual, or to impose any type of punishment upon any individual who might harm or kill you as part of his True Reality reflections.
“It wasn’t even the murder target that caused the person direct harm, it was the social structure. Shouldn’t murder then only be directed against those guilty, not victims of society just like the murderer?”
We are all victims of society and government. Police, soldiers, executioners, hunters, presidents, we are all victims. Choosing to align with your destroyer by becoming a pig or soldier or leader of a government, does not negate your victimhood status. Every victim of the organized injustice of society and government, possesses an unlimited True Reality right to reflect. Attempting to control and direct and judge which reflections might be morally or ethically more justified than other reflections, makes a mockery of the Forbidden Truth that we ourselves are victims of the absolute lack of all morality and ethics under which universal child abuse, universal victimization, and universal injustice as sponsored by society and government, occur.
As long as humanity as a whole chooses to sponsor universal injustice against all, human beings cannot attempt to individually judge the appropriateness of any reflective act of True Reality harm or killing. The only moral mandate humanity can claim, is to proactively prevent living things from being harmed, victimized, traumatized. You cannot go back, in hindsight, and attempt to censor, deny, or direct in any way, the right of those who are already victims of this universal injustice, to choose their targets and methods of achieving cathartic vengeance.
The following paragraph is My text from a previous blog post, necessary to leave here in order to provide context:
Because it is an accurate reflection. Because all personal trauma is uniquely experienced by every victim, and the victim who chooses to kill is outing himself as a murder victim, even if he possesses no capacity to consciously understand and agree to this Truth.
“Define accurate?”
He who has been victimized, and understands himself to be a victim, has the True Reality right to try to victimize others as he and he alone deems appropriate. He who has been abused, and understands himself to be a victim of abuse, has the True Reality right to try to abuse others. He who has been traumatized, and understands himself to be a victim of trauma, has the True Reality right to try to traumatize others. All these rights can carry no external restrictions, and they exist as rights, not as obligations. This is accurate reflection. It has no further regulation/restriction, such as who may be harmed, or how they may be harmed.
“And if personal trauma is uniquely experienced, what if even after family unit and government is abolished and peace is achieved, that people will find those conditions personally traumatic? Will murder still be justified even after the government and society become sane (if that’s even possible)? People will likely find a new standard for trauma, and the cycle might begin again.”
The right to reflect personal trauma cannot be negated. Mandatory Parental Competency Testing would prevent those who need to cathartically reflect their child abuse upon children, via parenting, from doing so. But the cathartic, True Reality abuse and killing of children and adults will still occur, and must always be respected and honored. This does not mean you cannot try to defend yourself on an individual level. It does mean that no type of punitive punishment or judicial/moral judgment can be rendered against individuals who harm or kill.
As I outline within My Manifesto, an absolutely benign form of movement limitation, in which individuals who have killed and harmed others are given unlimited access to violent material, a large and private residence, and absolutely no requirement to perform labor or otherwise “contribute” to society, might be useful in limiting and minimizing harm and murder, but such a system must be void of all punitive punishment, and can never be instituted unless and until government and society has terminated all proactive abuse, victimization, and forced trauma, not merely child abuse, but perversions such as forced labor as well.
Punitive punishment of individuals can never and will never be justified. Any such punishment would constitute the initiation of a cycle of abuse, victimization, and trauma, by society/government, regardless of any other reforms which may be instituted. The first wave of reform must include the total elimination of all organized societal punishment.
When you embrace all Forbidden Truth, you understand that murder is always, everywhere, surrounding each of us. How many murders are being committed every single day in your name, by your society and government, if you live as a citizen-slave? And even more primarily, each of us is being actively murdered in real-time, each day, every moment, by the proactive refusal of society and government to allow and to fund technological immortality research and development. We are all murder victims, and murder is being carried out on our behalf, to satiate our suppressed and denied homicidal rage, all of the time.
“Again, if society and government stop killing others and stop oppressing, will that make murder unjustifiable, given society’s newfound sanity?”
It will never be possible to ensure that 100% of the human population is protected from abuse, harm, trauma, and victimization. After all reforms which I outline have been instituted, the True Reality right of the tiny minority who are victims of abuse, harm, trauma, and victimization, to abuse, harm, and kill others, must be respected and honored. Honoring this right proves the evolution of the species, and in Truth, many of these victims would choose not to exercise their True Reality right, in conscious understanding that their society did not intentionally and deliberately sponsor their abuse, trauma, victimization.
Many would be inspired to find non-violent ways to cope with their justified rage and hate, ways that do not directly harm/kill others, and society would embrace an obligation to help them find and embrace such ways. Examples would be making available unlimited types of child pornography to those who desire it, and creating realistic virtual reality simulations of causing suffering and death to others, via use of computers, robots, mannequins, etc… But the absolute standard of no punitive punishment must always be maintained. The few who will harm/kill others must be openly honored as being great victims, worthy of pure mercy, great apology, and absolutely benign treatment on all levels.
The following two paragraphs are My text from My previous blog post, provided here to establish context:
No living thing has the right to live. This is a societal decree and mandate. My right to live is decreed invalid, by the public policy mandates of society and government. Yet this same society and government turns around and attempts to convince Me to adopt and embrace insane moral and ethical standards regarding respect for life, even as it rejects My very right to life?? No, hypocrisy does not stand in the world of Forbidden Truth.
If My life, both in terms of child abuse/trauma/victimization, and the actual, eternal termination of existence, is decreed worthless by the society that is murdering Me, that will murder Me, there is no way any society can even dream of trying to convince Me to respect and honor the lives of others.”
“I agree with what you are saying here, but could you please elaborate on the exact ways society decrees that nothing has the right to live?”
Society sponsors the universal death of all living things. Society refuses to pursue immortality research. Society has created the family unit structure in order to perpetuate and legitimize death. Society decrees the life of every newborn to be absolutely worthless, by enslaving him at random to his biological creators. Society chooses to proactively murder womb-trapped children. Society chooses to conduct war, the deliberate murder of strangers by strangers. There are 100 more specific examples, but I have already provided them in My texts.
The following paragraph is a repeat of My past blog post on this issue, provided for context:
Now, this being said and understood, killing others is not something that the Superior thinker should take lightly. It should not be emotion-based, nor should it occur as knee-jerk reaction, nor should it be undertaken in any way that betrays Truth or Self.
“If that is so, then what is to be said for folks who do kill as a knee-jerk reaction or out of emotion?”
That they are inferiors, in comparison to Superiors. But still far less inferior than those who merely harm and destroy themselves. And that their right to True Reality reflection is in no way impacted by their failure to achieve personal Superiority. Their victimhood status is the same as that of any Superior, and they must be treated as absolute victims, not as perpetrators of anything “wrong”, and as always, the only obligation that exists is upon society and government, to terminate the victimization of human beings.
Again, next paragraph is My quote from My previous blog post:
No. Injustice may not be externally measured, and neither may trauma. The suffering of every individual belongs to him. Or her. Only he, or she, may measure it, and only he may determine what constitutes accurate reflection of this trauma. Additionally, go back to My earlier revelation of Truth, and understand that each of us is being actively murdered, and that the destruction of the individual occurs on many levels other than physical death. Many victims of child abuse and other direct trauma, if they are courageous enough to face up to their own consciousness, absolutely “feel” that a part of them has been murdered. And the reason I place the word feel in quotations, is because it is not a “feeling”, part of them HAS been murdered.
“If injustice cannot be externally measured then how can we stop it?”
You engaged in the perverse act of attempting to judge the degree of injustice experienced by others, in decreeing: “Since death is the greatest injustice, the injustice of being murdered far outweighs the injustice of being traumatized, right?” Death is the greatest injustice I can be subjected to. This is My judgment, imposed upon Self. You prevent injustice by understanding that it can only exist as a Self-judgment. You prevent harm by defining harm as it is: “The experience of the individual, of being harmed”, not by attempting to judge what you might do to others, as potentially causing them harm. All experiences are internal. Within this Truth, and only within this Truth, can abuse, victimization, harm, suffering, trauma, and yes, “injustice”, be accurately defined.
“If injustice is for the individual to judge, then isn’t it logically true that those who claim that an injustice has never occurred to them are rightful and correct in their judgement, even as we see the harm being done to them?”
You cannot accurately judge your own victimhood status when you are born into and enslaved by a society that sponsors the universal victimization of all, and then uses lies, brainwashing, indoctrination, propaganda, and terrorization to compel individual allegiance to the very structure which is inflicting this universal victimization. It is the matrix of social illusion which guarantees the perpetuation of universal injustice, by destroying the capacity of all individuals to recognize themselves as victims of universal injustice.
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Legal Murder and Definitional Brainwashing

In My last blog post, “No Last Words From Peter Edward Kassig”:
I specifically referred to the ISIS murder of Peter as a “legal murder”, revealing the Forbidden Truth that Peter was legally murdered by ISIS. What exactly is legal murder, what constitutes and qualifies as a legal murder, and therefore should be referenced as such? This is a very worthwhile question to explore, worthy of an entire blog post in and of itself.
Legal murder is a term which must be understood and used by all seekers of Truth, in direct defiance of the hypocrisy inherent in any society or government of the 21st century labeling any act which takes a human life, as an act of “murder”. The term “murder” is a demonizing label, deployed by society and government to demonize specific acts by specific individuals. As such it is inherently invalid. The term “legal murder” does not exist within the 21st century dictionary vocabulary as sponsored by society and government, because to allow such a term to exist would threaten to expose the Forbidden Truth that every murder is an expression of the collective pathology of humanity as a species, not a moral, ethical, or in any way personal failure or “evil” of any individual.
When society and government label any individual a “murderer”, they do so in order to demonize him. But we must dig deeper to the Forbidden Truth question: Why does society and government desperately need to demonize individuals as “murderers”?? In order to successfully conceal from human consciousness the Truth that universal murder is a functional and operational obsession of all human beings, reflecting the trauma of universal child abuse as experienced by each and every one of “us”. I use the term “us” in quotes, because even though I have transcended My own humanity, I remain, of course, a created victim of universal child abuse.
All human beings are murderers on a genocidal scale. all human beings directly cause and sponsor the murders of millions, billions of living things, on a daily basis. Murder must be understood as any consciously chosen act which can be reasonably understood as having the consequence of causing the death of a living thing. Therefore, as example, stepping on a bug as you walk down a street is not an act of murder, but fishing is an act of murder. The Forbidden Truth that humanity as a species chooses to commit genocidal mass murder on a daily basis, as a direct result of the emotional pathologies inspired by universal child abuse, must be concealed. To admit to such a Truth would threaten to tear apart the matrix of illusion which is used by you broken creatures to maintain the living death you call life, which constitutes 21st century existence.
Is there a legitimate distinction between committing murder in order to avoid being murdered, as opposed to committing murder for emotional catharsis? The answer is Yes, but with an extremely important caveat: Exactly what constitutes an act of murder, undertaken to avoid being murdered, must be accurately and Truthfully defined. Lets look at fishing. The fisherman may claim he murders fish in order to eat them, and if he does not eat anything, he will die, therefore he is murdering fish in order to avoid being murdered. But if he can obtain nourishment, including meat harvested from animals murdered by others, yet chooses to fish, he is committing a legal murder for emotional catharsis, not as a way to avoid being murdered.
And even if he does not murder fish via fishing rod and hook or net, if he chooses to eat fish, he may be cathartically celebrating the mass murder of fish by others, carried out in his name, because he is consuming creatures murdered by others to satiate their homicidal rage, none of which is being consciously acknowledged, by either the fishermen or the eaters of fish.
Yes, in very specific and select circumstances, legal murder is carried out by an individual in order to directly avoid being personally murdered. But these situations are extremely rare. The vast majority of all legal murders are committed in order to exact personal, emotional catharsis: To destroy because you have been destroyed. A complete lack of conscious awareness of this Truth, does not alter or negate it in any way. And establishing an artificial level of detachment, such as not directly murdering the fish you eat, does not negate the fact that the eater may subconsciously relish and gain emotional catharsis from the murders being carried out on his behalf.
Let us understand the wide range of acts which constitute legal murder as sponsored and promoted by society and government. Hunting, fishing, abortion, war, the death penalty, euthanasia, death by old age, death by benign neglect, such as allowing starvation to occur, these are all overtly sponsored acts of legal murder, in the 21st century. How is death by old age a form of legal murder? Because technological immortality is now fully feasible, and being deliberately withheld by society and government, and death by old age is being actively deployed by society to convince “young” humans that they are not dying and becoming retroactively unborn with each passing moment of time.
Now, there are some minor variations within specific forms of legal murder, between one government and another. For example, some governments have a “death penalty” which they carry out as legal murder against demonized victims who dare to express their True Realities in defiance of the terrorism that is law. But other governments do not have such a “death penalty”. Yet they punish and victimize and ultimately murder everyone they hypocritically deem a “lawbreaker”, anyway. Therefore the distinction is ultimately, only cosmetic.
Some governments overtly authorize the legal murder of abortion, while others do not. But the governments which do not, still covertly legitimize and promote abortion, denying this Truth only to establish an illusion of morality and cultural superiority for their citizen-slaves to hypocritically embrace. Again, a variation that is only cosmetic: Creating an invalid distinction which cloaks the Truth that sadistic and homicidal rage of citizen-slaves is being validated and its expression encouraged in the same very specific ways, by the society itself.
Peter Edward Kassig is a victim of the legal murder that is war, as sponsored by the human structure of government. ISIS carries out legal murder via war, and amerikkka carries out legal murder via war. All other labels applied to this act of legal murder, are invalid. Amerikkka declares Peter Kassig’s murder an act of terrorism, while ISIS declares his legal murder an act of justice or nationalistic vengeance, but none of these descriptions are valid. All of these descriptions represent propaganda which conceals the Forbidden Truths of what legal murder is, and why it is deployed as a form of universal social control, by all governments.
Seekers of Truth must consciously understand the importance of recognizing every form of legal murder, for what it is: An act sponsored by government, intended to satiate the homicidal rage of all citizen-slaves, in safe and controlled ways which shield government from facing the direct wrath of the torture victims it has created and holds as hostages of body and mind.
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