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The Truth of Free Speech in France

Western media would have you believe that france is a society which respects freedom and free expression. French citizen-slaves have spent the past week vehemently proclaiming their support for free speech, freedom of the press, and free expression of controversial and unpopular ideas. Absolute bullsh*t! Just yesterday, the government of france seized and locked up inside cages, citizens and residents who have done nothing more than attempt to exercise their free speech and free expression rights. Here is a profile of Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, just one of the victims of this perverse display of nationalistic hypocrisy:
Now, you brainwashed hypocrites, this is the video you need to watch, in order to understand the horror of freedom illusion under government. Here you will see a french journalist stridently defending the right of muslims and islam to be mocked and ridiculed, followed by the same journalist interviewing Dieudonné M’bala M’bala and viciously condemning him for daring to mock and ridicule jews and judaism. Why? Because the French government is under the control of jews:
There is no freedom of speech or freedom of the press or freedom of expression anywhere in the world, there never can be and there never will be, as long as government exists. The human being you see interviewed above, has been placed inside a cage by the french government yesterday, and this article tells you exactly why:
It is because of his attempt to exercise his free speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, rights and freedoms. Rights and freedoms which do not exist, which have never existed, for any citizen-slave anywhere on earth.
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Charlie Hebdo Message to the World

A few brief but brilliant Forbidden Truth takeaways from last week’s Charlie Hebdo massacre, reinforcing the perverse and pathetic hopelessness of the human condition:
The opportunity of humanity to face up to the horrific impact of religion itself, was, as it always is, rejected with no consideration. A sane species would thank the “terrorists” for demonstrating as living proof, in real-time, not merely their own personal victimization at the hands of organized religion, but the True pathology of religion itself, the unviability of this mass delusion, and proactively be inspired to a worldwide movement to demand the absolute eradication of religion.
Instead, the exact opposite has occurred, the insanity of humanity is proven yet again, over and over, as this deranged species clings ever more ferociously to the insane god myth, even as it is confronted with real-time proof that not only does god not exist, but religion destroys sanity itself. But of course, how can the insane face up to this Forbidden Truth? They cannot, for it would require them to recognize and acknowledge their own coillective and individual insanity.
The impact upon the universal illusion of personal freedom via western-style democracy has been just as horrific. The “right” to make fun of specific aspects of religious belief, is not merely useless, but it strengthens the universal matrix of propaganda, indoctrination, and censorship of all Truth. Leaders of society and government, including the pope himself, have exploited the Charlie Hebdo massacre to actually increase the degree of respect that religion itself holds, within human society, as beautifully illustrated by this papal speech:
And look at the new issue of Charlie Hebdo magazine, published today. What do you see on the front cover? An image of the prophet mohammad holding up a sign reading “JE SUIS CHARLIE” (“I am Charlie”) below the headline “TOUT EST PARDONNE” (“All is forgiven”). Here is the exact image:
How’s that for a kick in the head, folks? In response to proof that god does not exist and that religion is terrible, the actual victims and target of this proof, have chosen to create a million new copies of a magazine, to specifically promote the existence of god! How else can any sane thinker interprete a front page image of the imaginary ambassador and emissary of the religion of islam holding up a sign which says “I Am Charlie” and above his head the words “All Is Forgiven”?!
god and religion are being promoted by Charlie Hebdo magazine, and free speech is being destroyed, any capacity of the human to even seek to understand what constitutes free speech, is being destroyed, there can be no greater proof than the new cover of Charlie Hebdo magazine.
Every cartoonist and writer and journalist who contributed content to the new issue of Charlie Hebdo magazine is guilty of aligning himself with the victims of religion who carried out the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Each contributer is now a terrorist, imposing the terror of organized religion upon millions of victims, legitimizing and strengthening the insane god myth, without which this mass killing would not have occurred. This Forbidden Truth, like all others, is so glaringly obvious to any sane thinker, but completely invisible to the mentally deranged, Truthfuly defined as any human who believes god either does or might exist.
Why not a cover image of prophet mohammad shot dead, his corpse mutilated by bullets, and defaced with graffiti, the 5 dead cartoonists standing over his body and grinning, with the headline, “god is dead!” Oh no! Unacceptable, the Truth must be concealed and destroyed, long live religion, death to humanity!
Here you have the True headline, what Charlie Hebdo and every other mainstream news media publication is decreeing, and yes, Charlie Hebdo is a mainstream media publication, as it decrees to the world, by its chosen cover image:
Long Live Religion, Death to Humanity!
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Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, Victims and Martyrs in Death

CNN is reporting that Saïd and Chérif Kouachi have been murdered by the french government. At this time, with the media, society, and its brainwashed citizen-slaves celebrating the destruction of two tortured children and victim-creations, it is with personal pride and sadness that I openly and publicly recognize Saïd and Chérif  as martyrs of human society and government.
There is no victory to be achieved, for any of us. Humanity is doomed to extinction, and the specific ways in which it chooses to treat its created torture victims, prove this Truth. I take solace in the fact that humanity is doomed to extinction, it will destroy itself just as it chooses to destroy each and every one of its children. Saïd and Chérif were born with the capacity to recognize and seek Truth, and develop love of Self. It is 20th and 21st century society and government which is guilty of destroying their personal potential to thrive.
Recognizing Saïd and Chérif as two of the greatest victims of 20th and 21st century human society, and understanding that this same society will only demonize them even more in death, I take this opportunity to stand up for Truth and to recognize them both as victims and martyrs.
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Je Suis Grand! Je Suis Magnifique!

Right now, as I type these words, 90,000 terrorist agents of the terrorist regime of France, have successfully trapped two victims of terrorism, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, and are plotting to achieve their murder. The mighty State will win again, extinguishing the light of Truth via the True face, the only valid face, of terrorism: government. Saïd and Chérif Kouachi are creations and victims of the terrorist enterprise that is government. All of their actions reflect the Truth of their victimhood status, and prove them to be creations of the terrorism that they have been subjected to, at the hands of government and society.
The terrorist regime of France mobilized 90,000 terrorists to capture and murder two victims of terrorism, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, and this has been done by the state, in order to continue to successfully maintain the universal cloak of illusion that government protects citizen-slaves from terrorism, and to conceal the Forbidden Truth that every government terrorizes its own citizen-slaves, and that every act of reflective violence which the state labels as terrorism, is nothing more than the response of individuals to the terrorism of the state, which they have been subjected to and victimized by since their birth.
To all sane thinkers, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi must be recognized as having achieved a great, but tragically useless triumph. Their triumph is not in harvesting twelve human beings, this is a mere by-product of their triumph. Their True triumph is in exposing the absolute lie of freedom of the press and of free speech, within all western societies.
Of course those of us who are Superior thinkers have always known that there is no freedom of the press, no free speech, no Truth-based freedom of any kind, provided or allowed by any government. But the massacre at Charlie Hebdo provides a beautifully unique illustration of how western societies successfully brainwash their citizen-slaves to believe that they enjoy freedom of speech and freedom of the press, even as they maliciously and fully deny both of these freedoms to all of their citizen-slaves.
Freedom of the press? The press is free?? Than why has not one single mainstream western media organization even suggested for discussion, much less openly revealed as absolute fact, the Forbidden Truth that religion, a belief in the existence of god, directly caused the Charlie Hebdo massacre to occur, and that god does not exist, and that god is a terrorist weapon of government which must be eradicated from all human consciousnes? I will tell you why: Because there is no freedom of the press, because the press exist as propaganda agents for the terrorist structure that is government, and the press itself function as terrorist agents of the state, utlizing words and images and imposing deceitful doctrine for the specific purpose of terrorizing citizen-slaves.
Free speech? Citizen-slaves of western regimes enjoy free speech?? Absolute bulls*it! The western citizen-slave is free to say what he wants, as long as he censors himself, and as long as the terrorist state deems his words and writings to pose no functional danger to the terrorist state being able to continue to successfully terrorize its citizen-slaves. Freedom of speech?? I Myself, in this very blog post, am being forced to censor My own words, because I know, as does any sane thinker, that freedom of speech is a pure lie and illusion.
The conduct of all western regimes and western media, in direct response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, proves the utter contempt that western regimes have for free speech and for freedom of the press. The conduct of the western press in response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, proves the press and media to have absolutely no interest in either Truth-based freedom, or in exposing Truth via free and open expression and dialogue. The media chooses to align itself with state-sponsored terrorism, against the victims of terrorism, and against Truth itself.
And so Saïd and Chérif Kouachi are not martyrs of islam, or martys of allah. They are martyrs of government and of society, martyrs of western society just as much as martyrs of islamic society. They were born into western society, they were brainwashed and indoctrinated to believe in god, by western society. god is the terrorist weapon which was deployed against them. But this Truth is Forbidden, and so they are now demonized as individuals, “radical” islam is demonized, a group of tortured and destroyed children who are attempting to form a nation-state, al-Qaeda in Yemen, are being demonized to cloak the genocidal crimes of the west, in imposing religion upon the world, and positioning christianity as being at war with islam, in order to successfully terrorize their own citizen-slaves.
To Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, tortured and victimized creations of the terrorism of government, at this crucial hour, with your fate still to be determined, I wish you all the best, and only the best. I wish you life, eternal life in this world, the only world, the only existence you have ever and will ever know. I wish you enlightenment of mind, I wish you to find the strength of mind to recognize that god is a lie, while at the same time, the strength of mind to understand that what you did at Charlie Hebdo constitutes a noble attempt to lay some Truth upon the world, upon all of western consciousness.
Saïd and Chérif, you have not proven that god is great, because god does not exist. But I wish you could and would know, that you have proven Truth, you have proven the Truth that free speech and freedom of the press has never existed in the west, and is as dead today, as I type these words, as it has ever been.
Saïd and Chérif, I wish you the strength of mind, at this crucial moment in time, to choose life for Yourselves. Recognize Yourselves as the True god, to replace the false illusion of god which terrorists have implanted and imposed upon you. You are not terrorists, and you are not freedom fighters, but you can be agents of Truth. I know it is beyond your capabilities, you are broken humans, but still, I ask you to try to recognize and embrace Truth.
And, Saïd and Chérif, if you do recognize and embrace Truth, if this True miracle happens, you would do this: Strip naked, glory in your achievement and your True Reality, realize orgasms of body and mind, and walk out to the pigs, naked, hands up, and sexual organ at full arousal, so that if the pigs shoot you dead, you will be the greatest of Martyrs, in the eyes and minds of all who embrace Truth.
And, Said and Chérif, as the pigs close in on you, shouting and bloodthirsty and thanking god for your capture, smile at them and say only this: “Je Suis Grand! Je Suis Magnifique!” This would be so perfect, My fellow victims. Please, open your minds! Picture it, yourselves repeating to the pigs, over and over, “Je Suis Grand! Je Suis Magnifique!” With only six little words, you will successfully mock all of western society, with its deranged “Je Suis Charlie” bleeting of allegiance, and you will successfully mock god and religion, with its deranged Allāhu Akbar الله أكبر  propaganda message, and you will successfully demonstrate a love of Self to the world, but most importantly to Yourselves, that will keep you strong and render you untouchable, as you embrace both life and Truth. My best to you both.
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Killing and Dying, Mind Twists

Today’s Charlie Hebdo massacre inspires Me to deep contemplation of the subtle yet vital difference in the mind perceptions of those willing to kill but not die, those willing to kill and to risk dying, those willing to kill and eager to die, and those unwilling to kill, but willing/eager to die. Suicidal versus homicidal ideation is a most interesting psychological puzzle to dissect. I am not in the mood for a lengthy dissection via essay, instead I am choosing to do so via isolated personal contemplation.
But as bare-bones overview, you have four different and distinct states of mind, which will directly impact chosen behavioral paths. A great many factors, such as capacity to love Self, addiction to afterlife mythology, degree of intellectual and emotional rage and hate, and capacity to derive personal catharsis and pleasure while under the behavioral control of others, come into direct play, in shaping the degree of homicidal versus suicidal ideation of every individual.
The need to kill, as perceived by the individual, must be understood as emotionally and psychologically healthy, directly contrasting to any degree of overt desire to die, which must be understood as emotionally and psychologically unhealthy. Risking death must be understood as different from wanting to die. In Truth, we are at direct risk of dying each and every moment of our existence.
These are profoundly important issues relating to personal frame of mind and reality perception, subject to change over time and with alteration of personal circumstance. The Superior who seeks to understand Self and to always embrace and reflect both Truth and True Reality, is well-served via an ongoing dialogue with Self, concerning this specific issue.
I would recommend a song like this, for those needing a bit of inspiration to probe their own deepest mind recesses on killing and dying:

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Hate Religion, Hypocrites!

All who blame or hate three torture victims being demonized as terrorists, islam, or “radical” islam for the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, are perverse hypocrites and cowards who cannot face the Forbidden Truths of religion and the insane god myth. islam is the sparring partner of christianity, because every muslim regime is at war against its own citizen-slaves, and christianity is the sparring partner of islam, because every western regime is at war against its own citizen-slaves. Every human who criticizes any specific version of the insane god myth, or any specific individual brainwashed to believe in god, without overtly condemning, rejecting, and outing religion itself as the greatest cause of human harm, next to the existence of government itself, spits in the face of Truth.
Western media has established an absolute censorship blackout on the outing of religion as diseased and deranged human pathology. Where are the atheists, appropriately blaming the existence of organized religion for the Charlie Hebdo massacre? Where are the psychologists and psychiatrists, openly acknowledging religion itself to be the most harmful mental illness of the 21st century? Where are the scientists, banding together with the psychologists and psychiatrists to demand the open condemnation and worldwide eradication of religion?
The cowardice of humanity as a species is pathetic and perverse beyond all measure. Humans with education, humans with knowledge, humans in a position to stand up for Truth, and nobody will stand, nobody is allowed to stand. The universal terrorism of government remains invisible to all, impossible for anyone to publicly and openly decree. Victims of the terrorism that is religion, such as the three Charlie Hebdo gunmen, are demonized as being terrorists, while the Truth that they are nothing more than created victims of the terrorism of the state, the terrorism that is religion itself, is blacked out via censorship, from all public consciousness.
I hate religion because I love Truth, and because the relationship between government, society, and religion, is incestuous. No plot, no conspiracy by any group of individuals, can ever begin to try to match the worldwide conspiracy of leaders of government and society to deploy the insane god myth as terrorist weapon to achieve control and domination of all human beings, everywhere in the world.
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Does Satirizing Religion, Promote Religion?

Much is being said today, about Charlie Hebdo being a “satirical magazine which poked fun at religion.”  I’ve never seen, much less read, this magazine. I cannot speak directly to its content. But I can tell you this: Humans use humor to escape from and to deny Truth, not to find and embrace Truth. When a society satirizes a subject, it is not uncovering Truth, it is not seeking Truth. What it is trying to do is legitimize its own biased interpretation of reality, by poking fun at how others perceive their reality. No enlightenment of mind is achieved, via the embrace of satire.
Religion is commonly decreed to be a layered construct. By layered, I mean that some humans are perceived to be marginally addicted to the insane god myth, others are decreed to be moderately addicted to the insane god myth, and others are decreed to be heavily addicted to the insane god myth. For example, the three tortured children who carried out the Charlie Hebdo massacre are decreed heavily addicted to the insane god myth, and further demonized as radicals, fundamentalists, extremists, etc…
This is a social deception. Religion is extremism, you fools! The idea that a god creature exists, is bizarre and radical to the extreme. This Forbidden Truth is denied by the majority, via the “mocking” of specific religious beliefs which stray outside of what the majority group deems normal to them. Therefore, mocking the religious beliefs of others, via satire, in no way mocks religion itself, or serves to expose religion as the insane delusion it is.
Perhaps some of the cartoons in Charlie Hebdo directly attacked religion itself, exposing it as insane fraud. But I do not think so. From what I have seen, Charlie Hebdo mocked and ridiculed very specific religious customs or beliefs, and specific religions, while failing to attack the mind virus that is religion itself, as a whole. We must understand that this type of satire does not merely fail to emancipate humans from the insane god myth, but it achieves the exact opposite result: It strengthens and increases addiction to the insane god myth by the same artificial division deployed by governments, in decreeing themselves democratic as they mock and condemn socialism, communism, dictatorships, etc.., and via the artificial division that is religion itself.
There is no functional difference between any mainstream religion: christianity, islam, judaism, hinduism, buddhism, or any others. Every religion is the same: Insane addiction to a deranged ideology imposed via terrorism by governments in order to effect social obedience and convince citizen-slaves to accept and embrace their own deaths. This is how religion itself must be understood and defined.
A satirical magazine like Charlie Hebdo makes religion more popular, not less popular. It allows god addicts to delude themselves that they are hip and modern and in touch with reality, by ridiculing and mocking the so-called “extremist” beliefs of other humans, without having to reject the insanity of a god creature existing, for themselves. The uninsightful might conclude that Charlie Hebdo only made islam more popular, but this is not True. It legitimized every religion, it made every religion more popular, by refusing to stand up and decree all belief in god to be insane, inferior, and unacceptable.
Humor has never been an effective tool or way to illuminate Truth, and it never will be. To break free of the insane god myth requires sober reflection upon Self, not mindless mocking of others. I do not know if any of the humans harvested at Charlie Hebdo were genuine atheists, or saw their work as a way to empower the Truth of atheism, but  if this was their goal, they failed miserably, and their efforts were inferior and doomed from the very beginning, based upon their approach of satire.
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The Media: A Weapon of War

The editor-in-chief of Charlie Hebdo was not killed in today’s attack. His name is Gerard Biard and he declares, in part: Begin quote: “A newspaper is not a weapon of war.”  End quote. Really? Seriously?? Are you attempting satire, Mr. Biard?? My dear sir, this is not an appropriate time for satire, IMNSVHO.
Of course a newspaper is a weapon of war! Every news media entity serves a government, the owners and operators of every news media entity are themselves citizen-slaves of a government. War would not be possible in the 21st century, without the overt propagandization of citizen-slaves by the media. The inspiration to go to war can only be achieved by government deploying its media as a terrorist weapon against its own citizen-slaves, brainwashing them, convincing them via deceit and lies that a foreign enemy means them harm, while their own regime, their greatest enemy in Truth, intends to protect them from harm.
Right now, at this very moment, every amerikkkan news media source is being used to promote, encourage, and popularize the foreign wars that the amerikkkan government has chosen to engage in, and is contemplating initiating in the future. The very act that occurred today at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper/magazine, is being used by western media to promote the wars that the usa government desires to carry out.
So no, Mr. Biard, a newspaper most certainly and definately is a weapon of war, and the news media plays a direct and primary role in rendering war itself possible, more so in the 21st century, right now, than at any other time in the past. It is time for the news media to be held collectively accountable for directly sponsoring the insane war ritual. There can never be “freedom of the press” as long as governments exist and impose their will upon all journalists and all media entities.
Imagine if CNN were to denounce every act of military aggression by the amerikkkan government as immoral, illegal, and unacceptable. Imagine if CNN were to declare the amerikkkan regime guilty of war crimes for invading sovereign territories with weapons of mass destruction, which is exactly what the amerikkkan regime is doing. CNN does not “cover” war, CNN promotes and enables war. CNN, and of course I am referring to all of the amerikkkan media in this paragraph, exists as pure propaganda mouthpiece and cheerleader for every amerikkkan war. The warmongering of the amerikkan regime is only possible because it owns and completely controls its media, forcing them to legitimize genocidal foreign policy via brainwashing, indoctrination, and the True, cloaked face of terrorism: government terrorizing its own citizenry.
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My Site Stats Are Soaring, Wanna Know Why?

The site stats for The Forbidden Truth Blog are soaring today, almost 400 page views already, looks like My daily record of 823 might fall. And why? Is Forbidden Truth popular all of a sudden?? No, of course not! My site stats are soaring because tortured child-slaves all across the world are desperate to view other human beings suffering and dying, in as gory a manner as possible. These torture victims are watching TV, or surfing the web, and they are sexually and mentally climaxing to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and they feel very frustrated that the media is withholding the best part of the footage from them.
Well, here I come, the Lone Ranger to the rescue, promising uncensored footage of that french cop being harvested. And of course I keep My promises, always, all of them. And so the tortured ex-children flock to My site, desperate for the link. Well, enjoy. I wish it was more gory and graphic, but we take what we can get.
This is the Truth. This is why I might break My daily view record for this blog. Nobody cares about the profoundly unique and insightful Forbidden Truths I am revealing, It’s all about the gore, to orgasm and climax to the moment of physical death of another human being. Emotional catharsis, a lifetime of suppressed and misdirected rage and hate, being released and relieved. And who am I to deny fellow victims their catharsis, even as I judge them complicit in their own ongoing victimization and destruction? No, I am not a hypocrite, I am simply stronger and deeper than the others. emotional catharsis is not enough for Me, as it is to the humans. It must be draped upon the mantle of Truth.
And so I continue to be The Lone Ranger:

Please, My fellow victims, continue to feed. Its not much, but it is all I offer in the way of visual stimulation. If any of you seek enlightenment to the Forbidden Truth, it is right here, at this blog, only in words, not images:
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Irony, Lost On the Brainwashed Human

Is it not supremely ironic that the editor of Charlie Hebdo, Stéphane Charbonnier, and the other artists who were harvested today, chose to risk and endanger their very lives in order to defy censorship, and yet the response of the media to their deaths, is to impose censorship upon their audience?!? The irony is immense, and it speaks directly to the matrix of illusion which defines 21st century human existence. When nothing is Truthfully and accurately defined, and when nobody cares to stand up for Truth, nothing anyone says or does has any grounding in factual reality.
“They died because they opposed censorship, and we honor their lives by censoring both the physical imagery and the ideological Truths which illuminate at every level, why they were harvested”. This makes no logical sense, but it is the Forbidden Truth explanation for what has occurred, for the practice of censorship.
And consider, it is certain that inside the offices of Charlie Hebro there were video cameras and security cameras running, which recorded this massacre in great detail. And yet the media is not even trying to obtain this video footage, much less allow us to view it. In fact, if anyone at Charlie Hebro provides this content to the media, they face likely arrest and prosecution, for the “crime” of trying to show others exactly what happened, for fighting against censorship itself. Supreme irony!
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