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Florida School Massacre: Nikolaus/Nikolas Cruz Harvests 17 in AR-15 Rifle Rampage

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We have a brand spanking new, and very impressive, school massacre to savor and to appreciate. A message and an expression of Truth, clearly visible to all who are sane, to all who are not trapped within The Matrix of Universal Illusion. Your children are talking to you, humans, even as you destroy them via Universal Child Abuse. Your children are trying to teach you, to open your eyes and your minds to Truth, but you, as always and forever, until your species extinction, are blind, deaf, and dumb to it all.
Every time, you feign shock and horror, blame guns and mental illness, demonize your own tortured creation, the child you destroyed, for daring to try to show you the Truth of what you did to him, and what you do to every child.
Just 12 hours ago, your child, 19 year old Nikolaus Cruz, also named in the media and by pigs as Nikolas, stormed the Florida high school where he had been kept prisoner and subjected to mind destruction, armed with an AR-15 assault rifle.
Martyr Nikolaus opened fire on his former schoolmates and teachers, unleashing upon others a lifetime of trauma, victimization, harm, and destruction of personal potential, the SAME systemic and universal injustice and terror that every single human-born child on planet earth is being actively subjected to, right now, in real-time. Our Martyr shot at least 31, killing at least 17, an extremely impressive quest for revenge.
Revenge and vengeance, what else is there when justice is dead, when justice exists as pure fiction and illusion? There is nothing else that is real and pure and True, only revenge. You humans dwell within a universe of universal injustice for all, and you prove this each and every day, by what you choose to do, and what you choose to not do.
I honor Martyr Nikolaus, and am so glad that he resisted the efforts of amerikkkan society to brainwash him to harm and to murder Himself. After claiming his vengeance, Nikolaus fled the scene, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, as bloodthirsty pigs, official representatives and protectors of the institutionalized terrorism that is government, desperately hunted him down, determined to destroy him, not for what he did, but for what he represents and tried to expose: The Forbidden Truths of what you are, all of you, as proven by what you do to your helpless and supremely vulnerable children.
You will completely destroy Martyr Nikolaus, just as you destroy every child, and yourselves. But at least yesterday, Nikolaus refused to give you that satisfaction. He surrendered, a message of Truth delivered. Now, we can only hope he can and will savor his True Reality, love and honor Himself in every possible way, as he is persecuted and demonized.
Those of you who do not understand why I consistently and unfailingly honor outlaw violence and all who perpetrate it, do not understand Truth. Those of you who might be inclined to agree with some of My brilliant philosophical insights of Forbidden Truth, even as you reject essays such as this one, for being cruel and promoting harm, are diseased and perverse hypocrites of the highest order.
In all Truth, and only within Truth, there is always beauty, honor, infinite value, and the perfection of reflection. All of the cruelty and all of the harm you idiots may perceive to exist with Nikolaus, and within Me, and within all members of the tiny minority who stand up and demand revenge, actually exists within you, all of you, who refuse to see and to know yourselves for what you are.
Again and again and again, we show you what you are. We prove to you what you are. We grace you with the sacred gift of Truth, giving you the opportunity to learn and to change. We sacrifice our very lives, in the name of education. Not your LIE and delusion of what education is, the terror-based imposition of propaganda, doctrine, and an encyclopedia of “facts” intended to suffocate and snuff out the minds of all children.
No, we offer you the chance, the rare opportunity, to learn the Forbidden Truth that everything you are doing and have always done, for thousands of years, is WRONG. And every single time, you refuse, you dig your own grave instead of opening your coffin so that light may shine in.
My love is for Truth and Self, and so I give 19 year old Nikolaus Cruz all of the credit and honor and gratitude that exists within my Self-universe. As you recoil in horror, from yourselves and from all Truth, I come forward with open arms and loving mind, a destroyed child who knows exactly what he is, and why.
Thank you Nikolaus, for standing up and honoring the Truth, by expressing it, in your own way, in a way that is even more pure and direct, than My way has been. Now is the time for you to look back at Yourself, with love. To look back on the history you represent as a Self-universe, the history of yesterday and of every day, every day that shaped and molded you to become not a mass murderer, not a school shooter, not a mentally ill predator, not a gun lover, none of these labels fit.
What you are is an emissary of Truth, a singular and infinitely rare point of light in a dark world, a light that will be snuffed out, as all Truth always is.
Burn brightly, Nikolaus!
You eat meat with your teeth and you kill things that are better than you are, and in the same respect you say how bad and even killers that your children are. You make your children what they are.“—-Martyr Charles Manson
These children that come at you with knives, they are your children. You taught them. I didn’t teach them. I just tried to help them stand up.“—-Martyr Charles Manson
You see, you can send me to the penitentiary, it’s not a big thing. I’ve been there all my life anyway. What about your children? These are just a few, there is many, many more coming right at you.“—-Martyr Charles Manson
The music speaks to you every day, but you are too deaf, dumb, and blind to even listen to the music. You are too deaf, dumb, and blind to stop what you are doing.”—-Martyr Charles Manson.
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Deconstructing Philosophy

Every philosophical concept will be perceived as valid or invalid, by degrees, by You, based upon the sum total of every other philosophical concept that has already been perceived by You. Thus we have inherent prejudice and discrimination of mind, within philosophical input, based upon lack of complete information.
Attempting to maintain a limitlessly open mind, insofar as a Truth quest is concerned, demands that every philosophical concept be given equal weight of internal consideration. But this is not possible because every internal mind is hopelessly corrupted by the sum total of what was imposed against it prior to attainment of mental maturity, the brainwashing and indoctrination committed as crime against the mind of every child.
Philosophy claims capacity to set your mind free, but this is a lie. Philosophical reflection has no inherent mandate to even try to uncover and reveal factual Truth.
Individual philosophers may themselves be seekers of Truth, but the vast majority are not. The vast majority are simply looking for ways to intellectually and ideologically rationalize to themselves why humanity is as it is, and thinks and does as it thinks and does.
The typical philosopher, as do all humans who fail to reject, renounce, and successfully transcend their humanity, lacks the Alien Eye. He is an insider, quite often disaffected and personally detached from some aspects of social and governmental decree and doctrine, but his insider status can, does, and will limit his capacity to deploy philosophical analysis for the specific purpose and successful end result, of uncovering and exposing primary-level Forbidden Truths.
Of course some philosophers are more successful and accurate than others, in exposing the nature of the human condition. But at the same time, every widely known philosopher is dead wrong regarding many of his philosophical insights.
Why do I state every “known” philosopher is dead wrong about many of his philosophical insights?? Because the term “philosopher” is an externally imposed title, insofar as public recognition is concerned. I can call Myself a philosopher, in Truth the most brilliant “known” philosopher of the 21st century, but if My brilliant philosophical insights of Forbidden Truth become widely disseminated and begin to pose a threat to The Matrix, and society and government responds by openly decreeing Me to be an insane madman, humanity as a collective whole will know and judge Me an insane madman, instead of as a philosopher.
Instead of studying and learning philosophy in order to understand and know the philosophies created by others, you should study and learn philosophy in order to teach Yourself how to be a more independently brilliant thinker, able to and motivationally inspired to absolute detachment of your own Self-universe of mind, from every existing human conception.
Studying philosophy, in itself, leads to nothing more than a better understanding of the different types of rationalizations humans have developed, to cope with and to justify the reality of the existing human condition. If you are able to selectively judge some philosophical concepts as being more valid than others, and if your judgment is accurate, you may be nudged forward in the general direction of Truth realization.
But Truth itself will not be exposed or illuminated directly, by any known philosopher or philosophy. The hard work, should you choose to affirmatively seek and demand Truth via a personal Truth Quest, remains solely with you.
You must dissect every philosophical concept with a completely detached alien eye, first to figure out which philosophical concepts are dead wrong, so they can be eliminated from your mind evolution process, and second, how the few philosophical concepts that do expose some Truth, must be modified and enhanced by you in order to directly lead to your personal attainment of primary-level Truth realization within personal consciousness of mind.
In My Main Manifesto I name Friedrich Nietzsche and Charles Manson as the two most insightful known philosophers of the 20th century. But of course nobody but a tiny handful of Superiors know Charles Manson as a philosopher, because society and government refuses to bestow this title upon him. And few appreciated Friedrich as a brilliant philosopher while he was alive, because society and government deliberately, maliciously, diminished and negated his insights of Truth, by using media control to diminish and negate him.
And let Me be perfectly clear, both Charles and Friedrich were and are wrong, in many of their philosophical insights. Blind faith allegiance to their texts will result in your failure to become an absolutely top-level Superior. Some of their philosophical insights can be extremely useful in helping you to recognize and embrace Forbidden Truth, but others are not.
So, now we come to the profoundly important issue of how we, as individuals, must approach philosophy as a target of our own mind focus, so pay attention: Memorizing quotes made by philosophers, is not important. Learning which philosophers said which things, is not important. Learning about all the different philosophies and comparing/contrasting them to each other, is of very minimal value.
The objective goal of learning and studying philosophy must be to become a philosopher. Personally and directly. But not just any philosopher: The most brilliant philosopher in the history of human existence.
You must become a philosopher so strong, so brilliant, that you confidently attack and successfully dismantle the philosophies of all other philosophers. Decipher their delusions and illusions, recognize their failures of mind, their false and invalid conclusions, their failures as insiders, as you develop and perfect your Alien Eye of detachment, vital to all Truth Quests.
You must not become a fan of any philosophy, you must always be a critic. Of course you will find more Truth embedded within the philosophies of some known philosophers, than others. But you must still independently analyze every philosophical concept they directly state or imply, knowing that they are dead wrong in some philosophical projections, and your own Truth Quest will be severely compromised, if not completely destroyed, unless you are able to completely and accurately separate their valid insights and ideologies, from their own failures of mind.
Do not use philosophy to expand your conscious awareness of what others can and do think, or how they think. Use philosophy to inspire Yourself to think better, with more clarity, brilliance, detached, analytically independent insight, than any and every other human who has ever been able to pretend to exist, including those who have managed to attain the title of philosopher, be it on a widely known level, or not.
Because no human-born can match the brilliance of My mind. I subjugate Myself to nobody, I humble Myself to nobody. Whatever degree of mind clarity “they” might possess, I possess more of it, I possess the potential to exceed their level of thought, of reality perception. And My goal is the most noble and grand: The uncompromising quest to decipher, recognize, know, and consciously embrace all Truth, every Truth, absent all shadows and distortions.
Nietzsche and Manson still had their mind caves. I blow up every mind cave, seeking to shine in the light of mind perfection.
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Towards a Forbidden Truth Understanding of Philosophy

As a platform for mind exploration, philosophy is dangerous, because it purports to seek to uncover an understanding of why things are the way they are.
Philosophers have always been ostracized, marginalized, mocked, and silenced by every society and government, in all sorts of different ways. Never has this been more True, than today. There are no famous 21st century philosophers. No child can even begin to imagine a future in which he thrives as a philosopher. It is not ALLOWED.
Dissection of the human condition has been sterilized and neutered in the 21st century, to a far greater degree than any other century of the modern era. The job of the philosopher has been kidnapped and hijacked by the politicians, the god freaks, the psychiatrists and psychologists, the leaders of the matrix of society and government, and those on the matrix payroll, thus compelled to tote the party line.
Philosophy itself has never been allowed to expose Truth.
Always it has consisted of insiders, trapped within the Matrix of Universal Illusion, trying to figure out how to escape, for themselves and/or for their audience. Never those who HAVE successfully broken free and possess a genuine Alien Eye of detachment. For this reason, throughout all of human history, philosophers have failed to expose primary level Forbidden Truth.
The only valid dissector of the human condition is the absolute outsider, possessing the Alien Eye, who has already successfully broken free of the matrix, before he begins to try to reveal philosophical insights of Truth. As I am, and have, and do.
The philosophers of the 21st century are indentured servants to the matrix. They preach the illusions and lies of progress, change, evolution, hope, the future. They are paid to placate, obligated to legitimize the status quo.
The caged mind can never gain a True understanding of concepts such as freedom or Truth, much less articulate them to others.
Neither intelligence, nor education, nor articulation skills can ever make a valid philosopher. The philosopher must be, first and foremost, an outlaw and an outcast of his own choice and making. He must be an outsider looking in with intellect-based hatred, scorn, pity, and emotional detachment from his subject.
I am, among many other things, a brilliant philosopher. And that is why I will never be recognized as a philosopher. The matrix hands out titles: Judge, president, psychologist, journalist, and yes, philosopher, to those it owns and controls. Those who agree to serve the hive mind, instead of serving Truth.
Seekers of Truth should know and understand that throughout the 20th and 21st century, the only valid philosophers have always been outlaws and outcasts, never afforded the title, their brilliant insights of Forbidden Truth hidden away, deemed the ravings of a madman, and Charles Manson, philosopher extraordinaire, is a perfect example of this.
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Outlaw Violence: A Forbidden Truth Understanding

A sane species would thank, honor, and beg forgiveness from, all of its outlaws. Every mass murderer, serial killer, assassin, rapist, would be overtly recognized as not merely a victim, but a direct emissary of Forbidden Truth, a teacher and a philosopher delivering a profoundly important lesson, via action and deed.
A sane species would recognize on every level of consciousness, that punishing any criminal would be the ultimate act of injustice, a public policy choice validating and proving all past, present, and future acts of outlaw violence to be justified at every level: Moral, ethical, reflective, revenge-based, Truthful.
All societal punishment of individuals must end. Unless and until this occurs, outlaw violence is and will remain the sacred right of every individual, a reflective choice worthy of honor, respect, appreciation, and if their True Reality so dictates, direct emulation, by all victims, by all who are human-born.
Outlaw violence both expresses and honors Truth.
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Cage Lock and the Matrix of Freedom Illusion

Seekers of Forbidden Truth must understand that no human social structure comes into existence by accident, or by any natural process. Every human social structure exists as deliberate artificialization of reality, and has an overt purpose of concealing Truth, of rendering actual, factual Truth invisible and impossible for the masses of human slaves to recognize, comprehend, or to place within a valid context relating to their envisioned existence.
In this essay I will be dissecting just one of the thousands of different artificial social constructs, and revealing the primary role it plays within the social matrix of universal slavery, a context which you humans are completely blind to and ignorant of. It is important, as you attempt to integrate the specific Forbidden Truths of imprisonment which I am revealing here, for all seekers of Truth to recognize that this is just one of thousands of different social constructs which are deliberately designed to achieve deception of intent, to brainwash and delude all citizen-slaves into believing that they serve specific primary functions, when in Truth they serve a very different primary function, which is concealed via deliberate brainwashing and propaganda, from the conscious awareness of the human masses.
Jail, prison, and involuntary commitment to and confinement at hospitals due to adjudicated mental disease or defect, these three organized social structures exist as socially sponsored and imposed cage locks, and for the remainder of this essay they will be referred to as physical confinement cage locks. There is no legitimate difference between these three forms of cage lock, and it is not appropriate to use any of the societal terms associated with these three forms of cage lock. The terms themselves serve to obscure and destroy Forbidden Truth. The prisons of education, family, employment, citizenship, and death, among many others, are rendered impossible to perceive, by the social imposition of the term “prison”, to describe the actual event of physical confinement cage lock.
Cage lock serves many different malicious goals and mandates of human society and government. None of these very real goals and motivations may be dismissed or ignored or trivialized, and it is not My intent to do so within this essay. My goal is to illuminate the #1 motivational intent and organized goal of the social structure of cage lock, the intent and goal which is masked, obscured, denied, and rendered invisible, by the intentional projection and dissemination by society and government, of other, secondary and tertiary goals and motivations.
Let us begin with the clear understanding that all cage lock is unjust and serves no legitimate or valid purpose. Therefore, all of the socially positioned reasons, explanations, and justifications for why cage lock is necessary and/or appropriate, exist as absolute lies and pure deception. Cage lock is always inappropriate and impossible to justify on any level, because it attempts to further harm individuals who are already victims of harm. Cage lock exists as a moral judgment that individual victims of harm deserve to be further harmed, carried out by the very structure, human society and government, which is guilty of and responsible for initiating and legitimizing the cycle of harm, the imposition of injustice itself.
Physical confinement cage lock can be Truthfully defined as: “The organized imposition of injustice and harm by human society and government upon specific individuals, for the purpose of covering up and denying the universal , deliberate, intentional imposition of injustice and harm by human society and government upon all children, upon all individuals of all ages, on a perpetual basis, for the malicious purpose of establishing an illegitimate code of morality and justice which has no basis in sanity, rationality, or functional Truth.”
So now, let us return to the main point of this essay, which is not to delegitimize all forms of social punishment, which I have already done in other essays. This text focuses on the primary mandate concealment of all human social structures, there are thousands of such structures, and cage lock is simply being used as a singular example.
So, what are the deceptively positioned, claimed primary mandates of the social structure of physical confinement cage lock?
1: To punish those who fail to conform to the terror-based demands of personal behavior imposed by society and government.
2: To allow victims of universal injustice and harm to believe that justice can be served by harming others.
3: To terrorize obedience from citizen-slaves via an overt threat of being punished via physical confinement cage lock.
4: To protect valued citizen-slaves from being harmed by unvalued cage lock slaves.
There are many other claimed mandates for the existence of cage lock, and these mandates exist to varying degrees of transparent openness, meaning society and government chooses to allow mainstream conscious awareness of these mandates, to differing degrees, as it finds them to be helpful in maintaining the universal matrix. For example, among the four articulated motivations above, #4, the claimed need to protect those who are not cage locked from being harmed by those who are cage locked, is most openly expressed as a primary reason why cage lock must continue and is absolutely appropriate and legitimate. #2, on the other hand, is only expressed via a layer of deception, the actual harm being committed via cage lock, disguised and concealed as a noble deliverance of justice.
But only above and beyond all of these claimed motivations and mandates, will we find the primary reason why the physical confinement cage lock has been developed and integrated as a vital aspect of every human society and government. It is this primary reason that society and government will never admit, will never allow to rise up to open public consciousness. And here it is:
The primary purpose and goal of the social structure of physical confinement cage lock is to obscure the universal slavery, the universal imprisonment, which is brutally and directly inflicted and imposed by human society and government upon every human child and adult, of every age, of every economic and social background, everywhere in the world, always, at all times.
The matrix is the prison, you idiots! Your minds are locked up in cages, so that you may never understand or be able to define, what freedom is. The womb is a prison, the crib is a prison, the stroller is a prison, the family unit is a prison, mom is the most brutal of prison wardens, dad is the most sadistic of prison wardens, the school is a prison, the teacher is a prison guard, the principal is warden of the prison, money is a prison, religion is a prison, employment is a prison, marriage is a prison, parenthood is a prison, your automobile is a prison, the airplane is a prison, the vacation is a prison, the skateboard is a prison, interactive sex is a prison, emotional connectivity is a prison, mortality is a prison. And the list goes on, blind and brainless fools!
Your existence within the social matrix consists of nothing more than an endless series of jails, prisons, institutions for the insane, an endless series of cages which must be made invisible to you, so that you willingly step into the cage, which you have been successfully brainwashed to perceive as a form of or gateway to, freedom. But it is not, it is pure slavery, it is the cage lock of the mind, the cage lock you cannot perceive or recognize.
Why can you not perceive or recognize these cages for what they are?? There are many different reasons, which I have comprehensively articulated in many of My writings. But on a primary level of consciousness, let us understand that the physical confinement cage lock, the jail, prison, mental institution, exists for the specific purpose of rendering invisible, the universality of every existence as that of perpetual prisoner.
“Look at them, they are physically locked up inside cages for doing bad things. They are not free, they are captive slaves. Now, look at yourselves. You are free, because you obey. Obedience is good. In obedience you do good things and you are therefore rewarded with the gift of freedom. You are not locked up inside of a jail, a prison, or a mental institution. You are free to do as you wish, as long as you obey. Here it is, just for you, the gift of freedom illusion.”–Human society and government to all citizen-slaves.
Do you understand now? Only by holding out the example and illustration of physical confinement cage lock as a prison, is society and government able to maintain the deception and illusion of freedom to you, as it inflicts the horror of a universal and endless series of prisons upon each of you, from biological conception all the way until you lose the ability to pretend to be alive, at the moment of your death.
I am proud to reveal that I have been forcibly incarcerated in both prison and mental institution, and the time I spent in both places, stands out as the time when I felt most free. Not because I was free, but because the mind cages of universal slavery which constitute your illusions of freedom, were most strikingly made clear to Me, on a directly personal level.
Of course physical movement cage lock does not constitute freedom. Of course not! But the freedom withheld by the cage lock is nothing, it is a minor inconvenience, when directly contrasted with the cage lock of the broken-minded citizen-slave who believes himself to be free, as he mindlessly transitions within an endless series of cages, prisons, and cells, lacking all conscious awareness of his plight, as a result of existing as a drone trapped within the universal matrix of social illusion.

“We’re all our own prisons, we are each all our own wardens and we do our own time. Prison’s in your mind. Can’t you see I’m free?”–Charles Manson

“My peace is in the desert or in the jail cell, and had I not seen the sunshine in the desert I would be satisfied with the jail cell much more over your society, much more over your reality, and much more over your confusion, and much more over your world, and your word games that you play.”–Charles Manson

“I have always been in your cell.”–Charles Manson

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The Impotency of Words

I have devoted My imaginary existence towards the expression of Truth, and words are one of My primary weapons of attack, and yet their utter impotency has always been, and must always be, openly and fully acknowledged. Words are useless and impotent, because the dictionaries used by humanity to define words, and by proxy, all ideas, concepts, and potentialities, were created by hijackers of Truth, Truth-haters who recognized that to control words and language, is to control all reality perception of all humans, and by extension, to render words an impotent weapon in any engagement of a Superior mind, against the hordes of broken inferiors.
Words are impotent, and words will always be impotent, because Truth is dead. No matter how carefully, accurately, and thoroughly I define words in My essays within the boundaries of Forbidden Truth, these definitions are useless in terms of inspiring the broken masses to understand or accept the messages of Truth being expressed.
To the human, a fight for slavery is defined as a fight for freedom. To the human, a criminal is bad and a law-abiding citizen is good. To the human, education enriches a mind, when in Truth education destroys a mind. To the human, parents help children to thrive, when in Truth parents enslave, oppress, and destroy all potential of children to thrive. To the human, death is inevitable and the end of an existence, when in Truth, death is preventable and its experience causes you to be retroactively unborn and aborted as a fetus.
To the human, everything is upside down. Nothing can be recognized or understood as it actually is, because words do not express or reveal Truth and reality. Words conceal Truth, words create a universe of illusion, maliciously rooted in the universal brainwashing, indoctrination, and deceit inherent in every human social and governmental structure.
Everything that you fight to protect and defend, from religion, to the family unit, to marriage, to freedom, to democracy, to commerce, to education, to peace, to wealth, to tradition, everything, all of it, exists as an illusion of necessity, benefit, value. Cloaked inside everything you hold dear and precious, is the essence of what is destroying you, what dooms you. Everything you perceive as good and valuable, is in Truth bad and useless.
Your struggle is not to live, but to be killed. Your struggle is not to obtain freedom, but to always remain a slave. Your struggle is not to create a better future for your children, but to make sure no living thing ever experiences any future.
Every day the universal matrix of illusion suffocates all human potential, ensuring that all of us suffer and die. No expression of Truth can change this, not via action or via word, and this is because nothing is understood as it is. When nothing is understood as it is, all expressions of Truth are impotent in terms of inspiring social change. The impotency of words directly undermines Truth itself. He who controls definition of words, controls meaning of words, and he who controls meaning of words will always successfully manipulate the universal matrix of illusion.
All across planet earth in 2015, as universal social illusion, death is defined as life, slavery is defined as freedom, injustice is defined as justice, malice is defined as benevolence, benevolence is defined as malice, harm is defined as aid, victims are defined as predators. The list is endless, long enough to make George Orwell’s imaginary vision of the future a blissful nirvana by comparison.
Nothing can ever change until every human dictionary is obliterated, and new texts are written which exalt every word in the unyielding light of Forbidden Truth, with every social illusion, of religion, of government, of family, of tribe, or tradition, of labor, of money, of education, destroyed.
Throughout My texts I have strived to illuminate all words and concepts within the uniquely precious light of Truth. It is this illumination which renders My writings the most uniquely brilliant philosophical expressions of human reality, to have ever been created in human history. And yet the bottom line remains: words are impotent, words will always be impotent. I cannot rewrite your dictionaries. I cannot rewire your broken minds.
You, the humans, will continue to worship death as life, and to fight, sacrificing your very lives in the name of protecting freedom, when in Truth you are demanding your own ongoing slavery. You will continue to demand justice, as you fight for and ensure injustice for all. You will continue to commit ritualistic suicide, fighting for a future which has never existed, which can never exist, a future already defined by the graves and crematoriums already reserved in you names. You will continue to worship the concept of human potential, as you celebrate the actual, daily, ongoing destruction of all human potential, for yourselves, for all others, and for every child born or yet to be born.
And what of this essay?? Right here, in this essay, the Forbidden Truth is revealed. You are being told why Truth is invisible to you. You are being given the actual key to unlock all human potential. All you need do is reject the lies of the dictionary, to demand that every word be held up to the light of Truth, and held there, in place. But no, you cannot do this, you cannot conceive of doing this. All you can do is ignore and dismiss this essay as the ranting of a madman. And guess what? I am just sane enough to celebrate your conclusion, to recognize that your applied label upon Me, expresses exactly what you are, collectively, and it seals your fate as a species.
All above text Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.”

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”–George Orwell

“You invented the words, and you made a dictionary and you gave me the dictionary and you said, “These are what the words mean.” Well, this is what they mean to you, but to someone else, they have got a different dictionary.”–Charles Manson

“Every word is a prejudice.”–Friedrich Nietzsche


Universal Criminality of the State

All crimes are conceived by, committed by, and carried out by, government. The concept of individual human criminality as an existing functional “issue” or problem, is a false flag creation of government, intended to fully conceal the Forbidden Truth that all crimes and all criminality occur exclusively within the operational and ideological constructs of government.
To eliminate criminality, all governments must first be eliminated and eradicated. government is the foundational cause and the operational inspiration for all criminality. Let us briefly dissect the internal elements of this Forbidden Truth:
Death and murder are both sponsored by the state. It is government which decrees that all human beings must die, and it is government which overtly carries out the murder of all individuals. Within this understanding, we must go further than to merely declare individual acts of murder to be “copycats” of official government policy. No, the very inspirational concept of murder, blooms wirhin the individual human mind only as a response to the fact that the individual himself exists as a real-time murder victim of government, merely pretending to be alive as he waits to be murdered. Every human life is utterly worthless. This is not an individual conclusion or insight, but the official decree of the state, which demands and imposes murder upon each of us.
Theft and robbery are both sponsored and carried out as core operational and ideological mandates of the state. It is the state which robs us of our very existences. It is government which commits the theft of our most foundationally basic and precious instinctual capacity to experience freeedom and personal autonomy. It is government which robs us of our most precious possessions and commodities: Time and free will. It is the universal crimes of theft and robbery carried out by the state, which directly inspire the traumatic reflection of individual victims of this criminality, to steal money and to forco=ibly take from other individuals.
Rape and every other form of intimate violation of others as carried out by the individual, only occurs as traumatic response to the universally intimate assault by government of all individuals, maliciously stripped of their instinctual identity, molded as clay from birth, to lose all ego, all narcissism, all Self-love, all capacity to thrive within the glory of Self-isolation and to meet all emotional needs via the strength of a healthy, individual mind. We rape because we are victims of systemic and ritualistic rape. not merely of body, but of mind, brain, soul, and the greatest of all possible intimacies, the communion of a free and autonomous mind, with itself, held aloft within the unpolluted glory of Forbidden Truth.
Why do humans in cars run red lights? Why do they park their cars illegally? Why do they jaywalk in the middle of the block and walk against red lights at crosswalks? Why do they play con games upon each other? Because they exist as crime victims of the universal criminality of government, and this trauma, as all personally suffered trauma, must be reflected.
Why do humans take hostages and kidnap others?? Because they exist as imprisoned hostages of the state, hostages of body and of mind, hostages held since their biological conception. And all humans exist as kidnap victims, stolen from themselves, deprived of all capacity to develop and to exist within personal autonomy. Every child a kidnap victim of his parents, every wife a kidnap victim of her husband, every husband a kidnap victim of his wife. Every human being held for ransom by the state, via the very existence of money and forced labor.
So let us understand, there are no criminals. No individual human being ever does anything “wrong”, and every attempt by government to criminalize any act, or label any individual a criminal, is a malicious deception intentionally made by government, to conceal, deny, and cloak its universal criminality and the direct guilt and responsibility it bears for every action it falsely labels as a crime.
No individual is a criminal, and nothing an individual does is a crime. I bestow greatest honor and sympathy, along with positive personal identification, towards all individuals demonized via this unjust label, and subjected to further injustice via its application. It is with unwavering courage and pride that I name individuals such as Charles Manson, Timothy McVeigh, Theodore Bundy, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Mohammed Emwazi, and all others who are demonized by government as criminals, as blood-brothers and respected peers.
Everyone who is outed as a criminal by any government or society deserves to be openly decreed an absolute victim of the universal criminality of government and of the state, guilty of nothing, deserving of no punishment, harm, or negative judgment. All such individuals should be overtly honored and thanked, for exposing the criminality of the state, and for rising up from the herd, to identify themselves as created victims of government.
Anyone who seeks to put an end to crime, to end human criminality, must recognize government as the sponsor of all criminality, and in response, must embrace a personal obligation to reject the legitimacy of government and to become an anarchist, personally devoted to ending the existence of all governments. Those who reject this option, who choose to spend their imaginary lives as citizens and as subjects, bowing down to leaders, obeying laws, and respecting the legitimacy of any government structure, exist as direct sponsors of all criminality, guilty of causing all harm to occur, and as such, earning every harm that they suffer, at the hands of both the state, and the reflective rage justifiably expressed by their fellow victims of the state.
Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The Punishment & Discipline of Children

Ask a million humans, broken and destroyed humans, victims of child abuse, if there is a valid difference between punishment and discipline, and 99.9999% will answer Yes, and an equal majority will declare that both are absolutely necessary and fully justified, under specific circumstances. They are wrong, dead wrong, on both counts. Let us begin with a clear understanding that discipline and punishment are exactly the same thing, as defined within all rational understanding and Forbidden Truth.
To punish and to discipline, is to inflict coercive and terrorizing trauma upon an individual, for the purpose of trying to force him to alter his behavior or his ideology, and by proxy, to terrorize other humans, bystanders and observers, into not embracing or participating in specific behaviors or ideologies, from a collective position of societal and governmental authorization and encouragement. The only reason punishment and discipline are not criminal offenses, is because they have the backing of society and government, which function as cloaked criminal enterprises. In terms of injustice, trauma, and suffering inflicted, all punishment and all discpline is the same, and always impossible to rationally justify.
In this essay I wish to specifically and only address the issue of punishing and disciplining children, but in order to do so with accuracy, it must be understood that no adult can ever be worthy of punishment or discipline, either. Punishment and discipline, as Truthfully defined, exist as universal offenses against the most basic of human rights and freedoms, and punishment and discipline are intrinsically and inherently unjust, immoral, and wrong, regardless of the age of the victim, and regardless of any “reasons” given by those who inflict punishment/discipline, or the hypocritical and invalid rationalizations of society and government, authorizing the commission of these injustices. Discipline and punishment are harmful, they constitute acts of terrorism, authorized by the state, and carried out on both a private and public level by individuals who have already been victimized by this atrocity.
Society and government decree that all children must be properly disciplined, and all children must be punished for doing wrong or harmful things. This deranged perspective is fully rooted in the universal use of children as Poison Containers for and by parents and other adults, and it is equally rooted in the conscious choice of society and government to terrorize all children into blind obedience to the state and to adults, designed to create a broken citizen-slave who will spend his entire imaginary lifetime in a state of personal terror, obeying others at every level, obeying the laws, edicts, decrees of society, governmet, and its empowered agents, as well as subjugating personal will to bosses, to spouses, to sexual partners, etc…
The Forbidden Truth is, no child should ever be disciplined or punished for any reason. All punishment and discipline of children constitutes deliberate, overt, and impossible to justify child abuse, and all punishment/discipline destroys the capacity of all children to develop a reality perception grounded in personal freedom and individual rights and emotional/intellectual autonomy. All punishment and discipline of children constitute, first and foremost, not an attack upon the capacity of the child to act is specific ways, but an attack upon the capacity of the child to think within personal freedom and autonomy.
There is nothing any child can do, which would legitimize his discipline/punishment. Nothing! There are only three reasons any child in the world, of any age, will ever do anything “wrong”: Children do “wrong” things either because they do not know better, or because they lack impulse control, or because “wrong” things have been done to them. I will dissect all three of these reasons right now, but first we must define, in this specific context, exactly what the word “wrong” means. The only valid definition of wrong which applies here is as follows: An action or ideology that directly results in the risk of experiencing personal harm or death. Nothing else that a child may do, including the direct harming of others, should be considered “wrong”, as all such externally harmful actions reflect personal harm suffered.
So, the first reason a child might do something wrong, is because he does not know any better. Examples of this would be running out into traffic, or holding his hand over a burning stove flame. There are only two legitimate ways to address this problem, and both are void of all punishment and discipline. The first way is to verbally explain to the child the exact and specific negative consequences that could result from such behavior. If the child has actually endangered his existence, explain to him, verbally, the exact and full consequences of death, explain to him how terrible it is to die. Do NOT lie or withhold any facts, Truth does not terrorize, To tell a child the Truth never constitutes abuse or terrorization, even if it is possible the child may feel terrorized by the Truth. Truth enlightens, no matter how undesirable it is. Tell the child the Forbidden Truths of death, as they are.
If the actions of the child caused a significant risk of physical injury or body destruction, do exactly the same thing. Verbally explain to the child, in graphic detail, the exact potential consequences of his actions, in terms of suffering pain, losing a finger or arm or leg, etc… Be very graphic, if the child has experienced pain in the past, remind him of that pain, warn him he may experience similar or worse pain, if he continues his “wrong” behavior. Ask him to imagine only having one hand or one arm or being blind, if his “wrong” behavior carried a genuine risk of suffering such a loss. Always be honest, Truthful, and graphic, this is not discipline, it is not punishment, and it is not abuse. It is helping a child to make proper and sane decisions, based upon Self-love and personal benefit.
Now, it is absolutely correct that due to physical age and mental maturity, some children cannot fully understand, process, or remember, graphic and clear verbal explanations of potential consequence for doing the “wrong” thing. In all such circumstances, even if the child is only 12 months old, a full verbal explanation must be given, exactly as outlined above. And if the child is unable to express an understanding of what he has been told, the only recourse is for every adult and human society/government, to accept the responsibility of preventing the child from having access to the potentially harmful activity. The child must be prevented from being able to access the street, preventing from being able to reach an open flame, etc… Adults must absolutely assume this responsibility, and never resort to any type of discipline/punishment as an alternative, or if they fail to meet this proactive responsibility. Any such failure is their fault, not the fault of the child.
Sometimes, a child will be able to fully understand the negative consequences of a possible action, but due to mental immaturity as well as the genetic brain function defects of his species, will lack the impulse control necessary to refrain from continuing to commit the same dangerous action. The only recourse for adults, society, and government, in these situations, is to continue to verbally articulate the dangers involved, and to offer the child rewards, things the child desires, for refraining from engaging in such actions.
It must be understood that throughout this essay, I am referencing only actions in which the child is actually endangering his life or health, because nothing else a child may do, can be considered “wrong”. There is no thought or belief or behavior that deserves to be considered wrong, unless it is overtly Self-harmful.
So finally, we come to the greatest of all problems: Children engaging in potentially Self-harmful behavior, because bad, wrong, and harmful things have been done to them. This expresses the personal trauma of a victim, and of course it can never be addressed via any additional victimization or terrorization, which is exactly what all discipline and punishment is. The first step to addressing this problem is to eliminate all child abuse. Yes, I know you diseased creatures can never do this, will never try to do this, but it is the first, necessary step. Your failure to eradicate all child abuse from the human experience of existence, is why 99.99999% of all children aged 12 and older, and the same percentage of adults, overtly hate, harm, and destroy themselves.
The second step is to go to the child and apologize, beg the child for forgiveness on behalf of yourself and on behalf of all of humanity, and within this process, directly explain to the child exactly why he is motivated to harm and endanger himself. Tell him the Truth, tell him that it is your fault, and the fault of every adult, and the fault of humanity, human society and government, as a whole. Tell him he is a victim, tell him he should try to love himself and reject his humanity, even if you yourself cannot even imagine doing either.
And now, the third step, the most important step, and let Me preface by saying that this third step is universally applicable to all three reasons children do “wrong”, Self-harmful things. This third step is what I define as an appeal to emotional empathy, and it is beautifully described by Seer Charles Manson, in this direct quote: 
“In the desert I got to looking at the coyotes, and I got to be close around with the dogs and the snakes, and the wild rabbits, goats, and mules. They’d roam around the desert in small packs, and in herds that sometimes were only maybe a couple of burros, four or five in a pack, and they were afraid of man. You could tell he’d been around and cracked sticks on them, and beat on them whenever he could, and they were afraid of anyone going close to them. But I could do it. I’d approach them and I would sit down, and with all the strength I had I’d begin to cry out loud so that they could hear me. Just weeping and sobbing, and pretty soon one of the mules would come sort of close, then closer, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Then when he was right in front of me, pretty soon he’d reach over, he’d rub his nose against me, nudging me as if trying to understand. Very slowly, hardly making any motion at all, I’d touch him and before long he understood that I could love him and he’d be willing to do whatever he could for me, because he had it in his mind that I did love him and meant him no harm, and we were the same. Some of us went around the desert for weeks trying to get as close as we could to all the animals, to try to learn from them how to live out there, how they did it, and to be part of them.”–Charles Manson.
Here is what you must do for your children, if you want to establish a claim to care about them, and to wish for them to thrive. No matter their age or state of maturity, if they do something Self-harming, or Self-endangering, and you care: Go to them, look at them, break down, and weep! Weep with uncontrolled passion. Weep for your own destroyed past, present, and future. Weep for what has been done and for what is being done to every child, everywhere in the world, every minute of every day, via the universal destruction of universal child abuse.
Do not speak to the child, do not offer any type of verbal explanation for your actions. Do not ask anything of the child. Simply go to the child, fall to your knees or curl up on the floor in a fetal position, and weep. Weep sincere and genuine tears, hysterical tears, and do not stop. There is no time limit. Weep, and wait. See what happens. Even if the child has been victimized by significant trauma, there is a good chance your genuine and sincere emotional breakdown will inspire him to approach you, to ask you what is wrong, and to try to offer comfort. Wait until this happens, and then tell him the Truth. Tell him why you are weeping, tell him it is your fault that he is trying to harm or endanger himself. Beg him for forgiveness, through your tears, as you mourn not only his victimization, but your own as well.
Accept his comfort, if he offers it, and embrace your own victimhood status . Tell the child how much you have suffered, tell him how terrible it is to be a child. Tell hm you know, because you were a child, and you exist now as a destroyed ex-child. Tell him just how perverse and pathetic the world is. Tell him he is right, and the world is wrong, and try to inspire him to love Himself, to pursue a path of egoism, egotism, narcissism, and Self-love.
In all of My research into child abuse, I have never come across any text which promotes this most elemental, cathartic, and effective form of positive emotional connectivity. Just go to the child and weep. Weep, and wait, and tell the Truth. Only Charles Manson, destroyed and tortured ex-child, articulates this brilliant, breakthrough method of addressing child abuse. No psychologist or psychologist or behavioral scientist has ever or will ever even mention, much less promote, this therapeutic breakthrough. Why not?? Because the Forbidden Truths of universal child abuse can never and must never be openly acknowledged, and because you, as a species, want and need every child to not only suffer, but become a completely destroyed adult.
And yes, a few children will simply stand by and smirk as you weep uncontrollably, never asking why, never offering any comfort. These are the children you have already completely destroyed, as a society, and to them you should simply say: “You are our created victim, and you have the right to harm others. Instead of harming Yourself, if your True Reality so dictates, please accept and embrace your proactive right and entitlement to harm others. ” This is the right thing to do, this is what you owe to the children you have destroyed.
Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

An Open Letter to All Extraterrestrials

Hello. This is an Open Letter to all extraterrestrial creatures, residing or existing anywhere in the known and unknown universe, and any other realms or states of matter that may exist beyond what is currently known by Me, in scientific terms, to constitute the universe. If you are not an extraterrestrial creature, if you are human and identify as such, kindly refrain from reading this Open Letter, as it does not directly concern you, unless you aspire to become a Superior and to transcend your humanity, and are interested in being extracted and permanently removed from this diseased, devolving, and dying planet, posthaste.
This Open Letter is being written and will be publicly unleashed to the cosmos, on January 6, 2014, according to the artificial and invalid calendar imposed upon the reality perceptions of all humans by their enslaving overlords, their fellow humans. But I wish to make it perfectly clear that the Truths I am expressing here, have no expiration date. I desire this message to reach every sentient extraterrestrial, immediately. But no matter when this message is received by sentient extraterrestrials, be it today, tomorrow, in a decade, or centuries from now, the sentiments I am expressing and the Truths I am revealing, remain equally valid.
Before I begin to directly address you, My dear extraterrestrials, I wish to deliver a short but very important message to any and all extraterrestrial/human hybrid creatures who may currently or in the future come to exist on planet earth. The extraterrestrial/human hybrid is accurately defined as a creature possessing both extraterrestrial and human DNA, or some aspect of personal molecular structure of extraterrestrial origin. The most likely explanation for such a hybrid creature, would be an extraterrestrial arriving on planet earth and feeling compelled, for some reason, to either directly mate with, or otherwise insert some of his alien DNA onto the molecular structure of, an ordinary human.
To any extraterrestrial/human hybrids who read this words: Time is short, now is the most appropriate time for you to make every possible effort to contact your fully extraterrestrial kin, and deliver this message of Forbidden Truth you are now reading, to them. If it is impossible for you to contact your extraterrestrial kin, in the spirit of Self-love and Self-preservation, I ask that you undertake the greatest possible efforts to minimize your humanity and to maximize your extraterrestrial traits, tendencies, and powers.
As you hopefully realize, humanity is a doomed species, and they will take this planet down, with them. Reject your human traits. Reject your humanity, embrace your hopefully Superior alien traits and powers, and find a way to leave this planet before it is murdered by humanity in the process of extincting itself. And please, take Me with you.
And now I begin My direct message to the fully extraterrestrial: I will not say that I come in peace. Such a cliche, and as you know what humans are, you would know these words to be a deception. I do not come in peace. I come to you in pieces. I come to you a destroyed and shattered ex-human being. But I have transcended My humanity. Not merely rejected it, but actually transcended it. I was born a fully human child. It is certain that My biological creators possessed not a trace of extraterrestrial DNA, they were oh so very human, so absolutely and completely human. And so they tortured and destroyed Me, as all humans do to all of their child-slaves, but their brutality and contempt for My existence exceeded even the horrific human normal levels, which is why I am so positive of their absolute humanity.
And so I was destroyed, shattered into a million fragements by the age of 8, but I rebuilt Myself, I glued and nailed and knitted and drilled Myself back together, not to regain My humanity, but to reject My humanity, to become more than human, to forever abandon and reject My humanity. Even as I was being shattered, by the age of 6, I had already made the fully conscious decision to try to overcome My humanity, and between the ages of 6 and 40, I fully and completely realized this feat.
Make no mistake, My dear extraterrestrials, overcoming your species origin is not easy. It took Me decades of daily work, but never did I relapse, and I wish to make it perfectly clear that all these years I spent working on achieving 100% transcendation of My humanity, I was actually existing as fully non-human, in all of My chosen life path actions and ideologies. I am an adult virgin. Never have I fornicated with a human, and never will I. Never have I formed a personal relationship with any human. Never have I fallen prey to the insanities of religion, citizenship, family, or any other human pathology. Since the age of 6, I have steadfastly rejected every aspect of human existence, doing only what was required to preserve My physical well-being, as I am sure you would have done, if faced with the unique challenge of transcending your own species origin.
Years ago, I drafted, wrote, signed, framed, and hung over My bed, a document titled Declaration of Species Transcendence and Emancipation. I invite you to read this document, it is here:
This document exists as lifelong affirmation, past, present, and future, of My rejection and repudiation of My humanity, beginning at age 6, continuing to this present day, and continuing into the future for as long as My brain function remains intact.
My dear extraterrestrials, I write this Open Letter to you for two reasons. The first reason is to seek safe passage from you, to leave planet earth and to be rescued from the diseased, devolving, and doomed species within which I was birthed. And the second reason is to ask you, in the name of natural justice, to put an end to the reign of terror that humanity has undertaken, devastating an entire planet and so many innocent and Superior species of life. But let Me begin by articulating My first request.
You must understand this: I did not ask to be born a member of the human species. It was not My choice. The species does not deserve to exist, the species has forfeited its right to exist, many times over. I know this, and you know this. And I am still biologically human. But I have transcended My origins. Since the age of 6, I have known and understood exactly what the human is, and I have devoted My entire existence to not being that. My transcendence of My humanity crosses every boundary, of behavior, ideology, emotion, intellect, and life path choice. I have transcended My humanity not in words, but in deeds, in every choice I have ever made in every aspect of My existence, since the age of 6.
What I desire is to be allowed to leave this planet, and to never again have to be visually assaulted by the sight of a human being. Never again to be forced to listen to a human being making sounds with his vocal cords. Never again to have the purity of My brain desecrated via forced interaction with a human. Never again! This is My only direct request: Take Me away from this horror, this horror I have been forced to endure since the moment of My birth. I do not belong here, and I hope you will agree with this sentiment, upon examining this document, My other writings and activities, and the sum total of how I have chosen to spend My existence, trapped within this horrific physical shroud and prison.
I do not care if you wish to imprison Me inside a cage, gawk at Me as a freak, or control My movements via any type of restraint. That is okay. There is no cage you can possess, that can ever come close to matching the trauma of having spent My existence thus far, trapped within the prison of being a human on planet earth. I do not care if you wish to study Me, or treat Me as a pet. I do not even care if you wish to remove My limbs, or paralyze Me, or render Me blind, or deaf. None of these harms can equal the harm caused in allowing Me to remain here on earth.
But I do have one very important request: Grant Me technological immortality. Unlike the humans, I understand and embrace the Forbidden Truth that I exist as a brain. I am a brain. That is all that I am, and it is why I do not care if you paralyze Me or cut off My limbs or blind Me. What I ask is: Preserve My brain, allow it to function intact, for all of eternity. Clone and duplicate My brain, if you wish. But do not alter its functional parameters. Please honor the singularity of Me, by recognizing My brain as uniquely precious, defining Me and all that I have ever been and will ever be.
And why does My brain deserve immortality? Because it reflects the unique perfection that is Me. Because I used to be human, I was born human, and yet here i stand before you, having transcended My humanity. My dear extraterrestrials: Whatever advanced powers you may have achieved, look at Me, look at My origins, look at the obstacles I have overcome, and recognize My Superiority, recognize that among humans, I deserve to be exalted as The One. I deserve technological immortality, because I, unique among humans, have come to understand and recognize and embrace the Forbidden Truth that I exist as the universe itself, and to allow My brain to rot away to nothingness, is to destroy the universe itself.
Give My brain life, eternally. Honor the singularity of a creature, born human, who has transcended. Allow Me to know that the universe will not be allowed to cease to exist. That is all I ask. Perhaps you consider My request extreme, a burden upon you? What have I ever done for you, to justify your effort in this regard? Well, I have told you the Truth about humanity, and I will tell you more Truth, in this very letter, just keep reading.  But quite likely you already know these Truths, you see humanity clearly, for what it is. And so this gift means little to you.
I can only say this: You must be Superior to the human, as a species. And if you are Superior, you will recognize Me to be Superior, in comparison to the humans. I am beyond what I should be. Far beyond. My brain is useful, valuable, precious, different. As you honor yourselves, you should recognize a brain which deserves to be honored. Honor the universe, honor Truth and reality, by granting this brain, My brain, technological immortality.
My dear extraterrestrials, it is possible that by the time you receive this message, I will have suffered the unspeakable tragedy of having been retroactively unbirthed by the experience of suffering brain death and cellular decay. If I do not respond to your efforts to contact Me, I ask that you please scan and examine all known cryogenic preservation facilities, for any evidence of my cellular signature. Should you locate My cryogenically preserved brain and body, I ask that you remove it from this planet. It does not belong here.
And of course, if you possess the technology to do so, I ask that you reanimate My brain, bring Me back to life, restore the universe of Me. And if you do not possess this technology, take Me anyway, remove My brain, body, or even only My bone skeleton, take My remains to a better place, and know that any place, is better than planet earth. Keep My remains, and whenever you develop the technology to reanimate or recreate a brain from DNA signatures, bring Me back, allow the universe to be born again!
And now we move on to the second reason for this letter, and please do not mistake this request for pure altruism, but in the name of natural justice, I must ask you to put an end to the reign of terror that humanity has undertaken and carried out over the past 50,000+ years, devastating and destroying an entire planet, hundreds of other species, and an invaluable amount of natural resources. Yes, My dear extraterrestrials, I am asking you to please extinct humanity. To be certain, humanity is in its death throes of devolution, and it will extinct itself soon, given time. But “soon” is a relative term, and there are several vital reasons why your proactive efforts to cause extinction to occur right now, are highly desired and necessary.
I do not pretend to be able to guess the standard by which you would judge a species worthy of becoming extinct. But as a former human, who has lived among this species and both been directly victimized by it, and having witnessed the universal havoc it chooses to wreak upon every child, every living thing, and the natural environment, I stand before you as living proof that humanity has forfeited its right to exist as a species. Humanity is a plague species. It does not merely spread disease, it is a disease. Humanity destroys everything it manages to touch. It destroys its children, it destroys its adults, it destroys every species it comes into contact with, and it destroys every natural and healthy resource it is given access to.
Do not accept My word. Study the history of humanity and you will see all this is True, beyond all shadow of doubt. Count the number of species humanity is directly guilty of causing the complete extinction of. Look at how every human child is destroyed, and only one in a billion is able to recover as I have done, and this recovery is only possible via overcoming your own genetic species origin. Look at every generation of adult humans, collectively suicidal, choosing to die. How many other species do you know, My dear extraterrestrials, who function as a collectively suicidal body?? And also look at what humanity has done to planet earth, rendering the air toxic with its poisons, rendering the water hopelessly polluted, murdered billions of trees, a species of life which sustains all other life, and now stands ready to extinct every other form of life via the deliberate detonation of nuclear bombs that it collectively chose, as a species, to create!
I ask you, My dear extraterrestrials, to proactively extinct humanity as soon as possible. It is the right thing to do, by any moral standard of any sane species. Perhaps you can achieve this extinction in a way that allows other animals to survive? They would appreciate that, as would I. The human reign of terror must end. Humanity must be understood as a disease, everything it touches, it destroys. The only way to achieve the justice of nature, is to eradicate this disease.
And of course I ask that before you extinct humanity, that you remove Me from the planet, and that you understand that I have transcended My humanity and do not deserve to be destroyed. I speak only for Myself, but if you scour the planet you may find a tiny handful like Me, who have so brilliantly illuminated the human condition, as to deserve technological immortality as well. The only individual I feel compelled to mention by name, is Seer Charles Manson. Time is short. He is already of advanced age, and physically weak, and has endured a lifetime of undeserved torment at the hands of humanity, and for what it is worth, his legacy of Truth has played a direct role in helping Me to transcend My humanity. So grant him the universe he deserves, by bestowing technological immortality upon him, as well.
My dear extraterrestrials, perhaps you embrace a specific code of conduct, a set of morals or behavioral dictates which prevent you from directly interfering in the fate of other planets and other species?? I can understand that, but I must directly challenge this moral code, within the glory of Truth. Please consider: Humanity is a plague species, destroying everything it touches, and humanity is determined to spread its plague into outer space. Already, humanity has invaded sovereign moons and planets, and I can guarantee you that humanity will not stop until it becomes extinct.
The goal of humanity in all outer space activity is not “exploration”. The goal is to seize and conquer territory, in order to pollute and destroy it, and the goal is to make contact with extraterrestrial life forms, in order to demonize them, engage them in war, and achieve either their enslavement or their total destruction. The very choice and decision by humanity to invade outer space, when it is already guilty of limitless genocide against children, adults, animals, and the environment, cannot be rationally judged as anything less than an act of war, a declaration of war, against any and every extraterrestrial life form.
And so I ask you, My dear extraterrestrials, to nip humanity in the bud, to extinct this species right now, before it is able to make First Contact, before it is able to develop the offensive technology to destroy you, or any other extraterrestrial species. You are in grave danger from the human species. No matter how inferior their technology is, they must not be underestimated. A species that is collectively suicidal and takes pride in its acts of genocide, is supremely dangerous to the entire cosmos.
Every genetically healthy and sane species has the right to Self-protection and Self-preservation. Heed My partially altruistic message and understand: Proactively attacking and extincting humanity meets every moral and ideological code and standard of Self-defense. Humanity has invaded outer space with absolutely hostile intent, posing a direct and imminent threat to Superior species of life, like you, My dear extraterrestrials. Humanity will treat you the same as it has treated and is treating human children and every animal, as worthless creatures to be harmed, enslaved, and destroyed. A proactive extinction of humanity is the only logical and appropriate course of action.
Thank you for your consideration of these matters, and stay safe out there. At the very least, if you are not able to make an immediate decision on these vital matters, I strongly urge, for the safety of the cosmos, that planet earth, in the unlikely event this has not already been done, be declared a plague zone, and completely encircled by a universal marker of danger and threat, so that no extraterrestrials accidently stray into this danger zone.
Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

A Few of My Favorite Rage and Hate Quotes

As blood and oxygen nurture and sustain the human brain and body, rage and hate nurture and strengthen the mind, the psyche, the consciousness, and the True Reality of all torture victims who have embraced Forbidden Truth and realized the full potential of Self to thrive within the glory of internalized love and the externalized projection of all darkness.
Let us hate with pride and with joy, within the open acknowledgment that we were created and raised as targets of hate, and that the greatest hate of all is that of indifference, manifested via the societal institution of parenthood. In decreeing us to be sons and daughters, society decreed us to be worthless pieces of owned property, deserving of no protection, no refuge, no safe haven. Let us now seek to openly match and exceed the purity of hate that was directed and imposed against us.
Let us recognize the rage that thrives within our deepest cores, as the most elemental of birthrights. To attempt to deny its legitimacy, is to reject the sacredness of Truth itself. Let us find the courage to commune with ourselves free of all external distortions, so that we may properly define ourselves as torture victims, and integrate every injustice ever inflicted upon us, to the understanding that externalized rage is the only healthy, sane, and appropriate response.
Let us make lovers of rage and of hate. Let us bring together these two mutually compatible states of mind, so that they always feed upon and glorify each other, and in the process, both Truth and Self.
I present the following quotes in the spirit of sincerely wishing the absolute worst upon all humans and upon the human species itself:
“With blood and rage of crimson red, Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead, Together with our hellish hate, We’ll burn you all–That is your fate!”–Atrocitus
“In my mind’s eye my thoughts light fires in your cities. Each night as you sleep I destroy the world.”–Charles Manson
“Let your dissent fuel you, your anger inspire you, your rage convey you, and your fury strike a chilling fear onto the spines of your enemies.”–Evan Meekins
“He piled upon the whale’s white hump the sum of all the general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down; and then, as if his chest had been a mortar, he burst his hot heart’s shell upon it.”–Herman Melville
“I am sorry for only two things. These two things are I am sorry that I have mistreated some few animals in my life-time and I am sorry that I am unable to murder the whole damned human race. I wish the entire human race had one neck and I had my hands around it!”–Carl Panzram
“I need not look beyond this room to see all the liars, haters, the killers, the crooks, the paranoid cowards—truly trematodes of the earth, each one in his own legal profession. You maggots make me sick—hypocrites one and all. And no one knows that better than those who kill for policy, clandestinely or openly, as do the governments of the world, which kill in the name of god and country or for whatever reason they deem appropriate. I am beyond your experience. I am beyond good and evil, legions of the night—night breed—repeat not the errors of the Night Stalker and show no mercy. I will be avenged.”–Richard Ramirez
“Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.“–Dylan Thomas
“In my dream, the world had suffered a terrible disaster. A black haze shut out the sun, and the darkness was alive with the moans and screams of wounded people. Suddenly, a small light glowed. A candle flickered into life, symbol of hope for millions. A single tiny candle, shining in the ugly dark. I laughed and blew it out.”–The Joker
“Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
And someone will say what is lost can never be saved
Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a CAGE!”–Billy Corgan
“We must learn how to explode! Any disease is healthier than the one provoked by a hoarded rage.” “Sometimes I wish I were a cannibal – less for the pleasure of eating someone than for the pleasure of vomiting him.”–Emil Cioran
“I am going to put death in all their food and watch them die.” “I was thinking, I could turn him into a fly and drop him into a spider’s web and watch him tangled and helpless and struggling, shut into the body of a dying buzzing fly; I could wish him dead until he died. I could fasten him to a tree and keep him there until he grew into the trunk and bark grew over his mouth. if he was under the ground I could walk over him stamping my feet.”–Shirley Jackson
“I think I’ll dismember the world and then I’ll dance in the wreckage.”–Neil Gaiman
“Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”–J. Robert Oppenheimer
“In my eyes,
Blood drops look like roses on white lace
They won’t wash away
In my mind they’re roses on white lace
Straight from the heart
Blood drops look like roses on white lace
Crimson and sweet, stained on the sheet
Roses on white lace, pretty in red, dripping and wet
Roses on white lace, spilled on the walls, dark in the hall.”–Alice Cooper
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