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The End of Belief

What do you believe, and what do you believe in??
It does not make any difference what answers you provide, you will be wrong and you will prove yourself to be an inferior creature possessing a damaged, deformed, and dysfunctional brain. There is only one correct answer to this question, and here it is:
I have no beliefs, and I believe in nothing, because I understand and know the philosophical concept and the psychological embrace of belief itself to be a fundamental and profound error of reason, consciousness, and the vital clarity necessarily inherent within all True Quests. I recognize belief, in and of itself, as being dangerous, harmful, inherently unnecessary, and in direct conflict with all efforts to pierce and dismantle The Matrix of Universal Illusion. I categorically reject the structure of belief itself, because it can be and is only being used, to conceal, distort, discourage, compromise, and destroy all efforts of mankind to dwell within Truth.
Humans, pathetic humans of planet earth, it is time to end the scourge of belief! It is time to stop believing…in anything! It is time to recognize and to understand that belief is a mind shackle of the highest order. It is time to out belief as paralyzer of all personal and collective human potential to thrive within the lights of reality, fact, knowledge, and Truth!
Henceforth, nothing is to be believed. The psychological construct of belief must be evaporated to nothingness, left to wilt and disintegrate as a fundamental mistake of the genetically birth defective human brain. Henceforth, things will either be known, or they will be not known. There will be facts and realities, standing across unknown mysteries. Proof will be defined accurately. Science will be honored for what it proves, and for what it disproves.
Never will there be any shame to admit a lack of knowledge. Never will the mind poison of belief be allowed to infiltrate and contaminate any issue. Never again!
All believers will be diagnosed mentally ill. Belief will be recognized as a dysfunction of the brain, a cowardly, delusional, failure of mind order. Never again will the relative possibility of any belief being valid, be allowed to darken the consciousness of the universe. Belief as a mind structure is itself invalid, so how can any singular belief emanating from such a diseased structure, be allowed to exist, to contaminate the sacredness of our Truth Quest?!
Who will stand with Me, who will heft the mighty sword, and mercilessly bring it down, to decapitate the mind virus that is belief?!
It is time to stop associating belief to religion, it is time to broaden our minds to an understanding of the limitless devastation wrought by the chasm of consciousness within which belief dwells.
“I believe she loves me.” No! You cannot believe that, you cannot believe anything, pathetic human. “I believe things will be okay.” No! “I believe in myself.” No!
There are no positive beliefs, there are no empowering beliefs, because to believe is to wage war against reality, Truth, and your own Self-universe. Self-love is not belief. Confidence is not belief. Ego is not belief. Determination is not belief. All of these positives can be embraced and can thrive, absent all belief.
Belief is a mistake, it is a dysfunction of the human brain. It cannot be selectively redeemed. It must be purged from human consciousness, as a failed structure, a house of cards that is always collapsed, before it can ever even be erected.
In the names of Truth and Self, in honor of what is real and solid, the contaminated mind wasteland of belief must be condemned and burned to ashes.
It is March 30, 2018, and a species stands paralyzed, billions of life forms entranced and chained to something that is wrong, stupid, destructive, tearing them, and the Forbidden Truths, to pieces, from every angle.
And still they believe, they believe in belief.
belief 7

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Boredom: Top-level Symptom of Human Brain Inferiority

For the purpose of this Forbidden Truth dissection, we shall define boredom as: “An emotional or psychological state experienced when an individual is left without anything in particular to do, is not interested in his or her surroundings, or feels that a day or period is dull or tedious.”
Boredom is at an epidemic level among humans. The vast majority of humans feel bored on a regular basis, and must “struggle” to overcome their boredom. In Truth, most never do. They may find something that interests and stimulates them for awhile, but then the boredom returns, in hours, days, weeks, months. In Truth, such humans are always bored, the temporary escapes from boredom they make, are nothing but a departure from their status quo.
As an adult, I have never experienced boredom. Never. As a young child, I experienced a few very brief and momentary episodes of boredom, but immediately recognized, on a fully conscious level, that My brain was malfunctioning, and fixed Myself.
Human, do you have a brain?? Does it have an “On” and an “Off” switch? Well, if you perceive such a switch to exist, keep your damn brain always in the “On” position. If you do not perceive such a switch to exist, then embrace a sacred obligation to Self, to always make sure you keep your brain on. Don’t let it turn off, fool!
Am I oversimplifying the issue of boredom? As a Superior, possessing a Superior brain, the answer is No. How can I be bored?? I possess a brain, infinitely powerful, it can create anything I want, anything I can conceive of. My brain can take Me anywhere I want to go, anywhere! At My will. Any place, any realm, any desired sensation, emotion, experience.
Within constructed dreams, I have mastered Conscious Dreaming. As created fantasies, I can experience anything I want, anything I can conceive of. And I can conceive of everything. If I can’t conceive of it today, I will tomorrow, or next century, or a trillion years from now. Unless I am murdered first, by your society and government.
As experienced reality, I am the owner of an infinite universe I have created and grown. It grows every moment of My existence, it expands at My will and command, it goes where I want it to go.
So how can I be bored? How can I suffer from boredom? Will I allow My brain to go Off, to switch itself off? Of course not! Why would I? Why should I? I am sane. I make sane choices. I keep My brain powered up, turned on. And before it can even begin to imagine shutting itself off, I nail the godda*n button to the On position. Because I am the owner of My brain. I own it, I created it, I control it, I use it to keep My Self-universe powered up and twinkling brightly.
You can blindfold Me and put Me inside of a 6 foot by 6 foot cage and leave Me all alone, no human voices or contact, no television, no radio, no computer, dead silence and pitch blackness for days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, and more, and I will never get bored.
I will simply command My mind to create for Me, whatever stimulation I desire, whatever interests Me, whatever I need to thrive, to experience pleasure, and revenge, and sexual climaxes, and MindGasms. And it will work. Because I control My brain, My brain does not control Me. It dictates nothing to Me.
It does not matter how much time passes. If My brain remains functionally healthy, as it is now, as it has been for decades, I will not become bored. Every day that passes inside of that pitch black and soundless 6 + 6 foot box, My mind will grow, become stronger, find more and different things to fascinate and engross Me .
Think of it, you fools! Your brain possesses infinite capacity to create and to experience. Only you are responsible for neutering this capacity, because you are scared, because you are dumb, because you choose to be a slave, in so many different ways.
I’m bored“, you say. After you allow your brain to go to the Off position. More likely, it is always in the Off position, you just delude yourself into imagining it sometimes turns on, when you find something that interests or excites you.
Everything is interesting, everything is exciting, if you want it to be so. Whatever interests or excites You, can be implanted to the Self-mind so that it never fades, it grows and expands and makes itself permanently and forever your faithful companion.
Boredom is a choice, a choice made by inferior and broken minds, brains crippled and stunted and chained.
And boredom is your destroyer, it is not a mild and irritating handicap, it is one of the greatest obstacles to recognizing and embracing Truth. It leads you to hate and to betray Yourself. It is much worse than depression. Because the factual realities of every personal existence are absolutely depressing. But boring?? No way.
You should consciously and with Mind Wide Open recognize the experience of being bored, as a terrible and profound failure and dysfunction of your brain. Instead of trying to find something to do or think about to allow you to stop feeling bored, you should try to figure out how to forever purge boredom from the parameters of your mindscape. How to turn your brain ON, and always, automatically, forever, keep it turned on.
But of course all this is far beyond your capacities. You are afraid of not being bored. You don’t want your brain to turn on, to see what it wants to show you. You fear your own brain, because you are hostage to it, instead of creator and owner. The human way of coping with problems, passive slavery.
Inside of Yourself is an untouchable universe just waiting to be created. I created it, that is My triumph. You won’t even try, that is the tragedy of you, and the tragedy of humanity.
Have you become bored with this essay, already? Good. Move along, fools!
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Towards a Better Forbidden Truth Understanding of Mental Illness

I have directly addressed the issue of mental health/mental illness in several brilliant and comprehensively detailed essays, but every dissection of a major issue that I unleash upon humanity is slightly different. Every essay builds upon and enhances previous essays, deepening the scope of insight that a genuine seeker of Truth may be able to glean, via singular or cumulative exposure to one or more of the essays. Much more importantly, every essay I write enhances the beauty and perfection of My own Self-universe, and you guys should know how much pleasure I take from My own beauty and perfection… 🙂 So, here we go with a fresh and cutting-edge dissection:
Lets do this in the proper order.
1) What is individual mental illness?? It is a failure of individual brain functionality. It is the individual brain malfunctioning in terms of a) Accurate reality perception. b) Capacity to recognize and embrace facts and truths.
c) Inability to establish and maintain ownership and control of brain functions and perceptions via an independent self-universe. d) Failure of the individual brain to nurture and positively enhance the personal existence of the host universe. e) Compromised and failed capacity of an individual brain to function within natural instincts.
Important note: Individual mental illness has nothing to do with being able, or not being able, to conform to any behavioral or ideological standards as set or enforced by any society, culture, or government, at any point in time.
Which brings us to:
2) What is systemic and collective mental illness? It is the failure of humanity as a species, to have developed and to function within any reasonably defined standards of mental health. a) Failure of the species as a collective, to recognize and embrace the profound value of Truth, of facts, of the reality of their own situation, problems, potential, and solutions.
b) Failure of the species as a collective whole to make positive progress, to recognize and avoid mistakes, to rectify mistakes upon being confronted with their harmful results and consequences. c) The collective Self-hate and Self-murder ideation of the species as a whole, non-existent in any other known species of life on the planet. d) The collective inability of the species to think and to act with logic and rationality. e) The collective vulnerability of the species to addiction, to obsessive embrace of illusion, to obsession with fantasy and fiction, the emotion-based nature of how the human brain functions.
Okay, so now lets properly and sanely proceed to the next step:
Is mental illness “real”, and if it is real, is it internally or is it externally induced?
The answers: Of course mental illness is “real”. All human beings are mentally ill. Compared to any other species on this planet, all human beings are profoundly and severely mentally ill.
If you compare human brain function to that of any and every other species of life on this planet, the depth and scope of the universal mental illness of humanity collectively and individually, cannot be sanely denied or disputed.
If you compare human individuals to other individuals, the variable nature of mental illness is similarly impossible to deny. For example, I am much more sane, meaning less mentally ill, than almost all other humans. But I am still mentally ill. All humans are, because it is impossible to be born and to mature on this planet, dwelling among humans, and maintain or establish genuine mental health.
So, next question: We have established that mental illness is real, and humans are universally afflicted. But, is mental illness internally induced, or is it externally induced?good question, worthy of expert dissection:
The True answer is, mental illness is always externally induced.
Hmmm, but have I not stated in previous essays that the human brain is genetically malformed and diseased, that humanity came into existence as a brain-based birth defect?? Yes. And have I not stated in this very essay that humanity suffers from systemic and collective mental illness? Does this not suggest that mental illness is internally induced?? Yes.
But here I am, telling you that all mental illness is externally, environmentally induced. How can this be??
Pay attention here, my dissection is about to cut right to the heart of the issue:
The biological and genetic defectiveness of the human brain is absolutely real, and it does render the entire species mentally defective on an organic level. But this defectiveness is used as an excuse and as a methodology of establishing an illusion of mental health within every modern era human society.
Human society, culture, and government establishes artificial and invalid definitional and functional standards of mental health, of what constitutes mental health, and then imposes these invalid standards upon humanity as a whole.
This can only be done by creating false and invalid forms of mental illness, naming and identifying specific symptoms and behaviors as being indicative and demonstrative of mental illness. For example, the “schizophrenic” who hears voices and sees imaginary creatures, the “psychotic” who lashes out violently for no valid reason, the “depressive” who can find no happiness or hope in life, the “attention deficit disordered” child who cannot focus strongly enough on what he is ordered to focus upon, the “autistic” child who refuses to accept and engage in toxic emotional enmeshment with others, the PTSD victim who is traumatized by having experienced…trauma, never mind that all humans are subjected to severe and ongoing trauma, etc…
These and all other specifically defined mental illnesses, are invalid. They are not mental illnesses, they are symptoms and manifestations of the collective and systemic mental illness of humanity as a species. They are externally induced, via the mental trauma, daily, ongoing, and relentless, inflicted upon every child and every adult, by human society, culture, and government, meaning by other humans.
Everyone is mentally ill, and so everyone collectively feeds the mental illness of everyone else. But this is a Forbidden Truth! It cannot and it will not be consciously acknowledged by humanity. This Forbidden Truth must be covered up. The only effective way to cover it up, is to establish invalid categories of mental illness, to overtly segment a portion of the mentally ill, remember that in Truth everyone is mentally ill, as being mentally ill, and to impose specific criteria for each segmentation; Schizophrenic, bipolar, autistic, ADD, ADHD, psychotic, etc…
Via this segmentation, the collective delusion and illusion that humanity as a species is not collectively and systemically mentally ill, can be and IS successfully maintained.
The horror of it all is best realized when you consider that those who are labelled as and accused of being mentally ill, generally do accept and acknowledge that they are in fact mentally ill, while those who impose the label and make the accusation, are and remain in complete denial and oblivious to the fact that they are themselves mentally ill.
In allowing the mentally ill majority population to label and impose a diagnosis of mental illness upon the mentally ill minority population, the profoundly important and valuable Forbidden Truth of the universal and systemic mental illness of humanity as a whole, is murdered, destroyed, successfully covered up.
And, the mentally ill majority population proves itself more mentally ill than the minority it so labels, in several different ways. 1st, by being consciously oblivious to its own mental illness. And 2nd, by directly upholding and imposing structural and ideological derangements such as religion, punishment, freedom illusions, and universal child abuse upon humanity as a collective whole, thereby destroying the mental health of every individual human child and adult.
For this reason, we who seek and know Truth must define and understand mental illness to be externally imposed and induced upon all individuals. Yes, the human brain is genetically diseased and malformed. And yes, of course this plays an absolute role in rendering humanity mentally ill on a collective level. But every diagnosis of mental illness made by humanity against any individual, is invalid. It is a lie, an illusion, a deception, a cover-up of the Truth of the collective mental illness of the species.
Nobody is born with any mental illness as such illness is named, described, defined, by any human society, culture, or government. Nobody internally develops, on a physiological level, a mental illness as such illness is named described, defined. There are no schizophrenics or psychotics or autistics or bipolars or ADHDs, etc…
The variations of mental dysfunctionality among humans must not be segmented, they must not be allowed to have externally imposed names, diagnosis, and treatments.
Because who is treating the MOST SEVERELY mentally ill? Who is treating the ones RUNNING planet earth as an insane asylum? Who is treating the ones who get to label others as being mentally ill, when THEY are far more mentally ill, when they are preventing all of humanity from coming to the conscious realization of Forbidden Truth that Insane Asylum Earth is being run, controlled, directed, and systematically destroyed from within, by the insane inmates who imagine themselves sane?!
Do you see it now, humans? Do you see what has been hidden from you? Do you see humanity mentally ill?? And do you understand exactly how and why your mental illness was externally induced, even as you were born with a genetically and biologically defective brain??
I ask you to see and to know Yourself as you are, as you were made by the collective insanity of humanity. Stop pretending they are not mentally ill. Stop judging Yourself mentally ill just so you can deny the Truth of universal mental illness. Break the trance, break the cycle of universal illusion and delusion. See what your species has done, is doing, will do, to You, to everyone else, to every living thing, to the planet itself.
The insanity is everywhere. Nothing is as it should be. Because the most insane are dictating the fate of the less insane, and making them more insane, by labeling them as insane, but refusing to recognize and acknowledge that they are themselves not only insane, but more insane.
Got it? 🙂
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Evidentiary Proof of the Birth Defect Status of the Human Brain

The purpose of this essay is to articulate and disseminate all of the primary, evidentiary proof I have realized, that humanity as a species exists as a genetic and biological birth defect. Before I begin listing the evidence, there are two specific terms that must be clearly and properly defined and understood.
The first is “evidentiary proof”. There are many very important Forbidden Truths that cannot be proven “concretely”, for many different reasons. Meaning, beyond all shadow of all doubt. But they can be proven via a preponderance of overwhelming evidence and various facts, all brought together to demonstrate factual Truth to all sane, rational, and fair-minded brains capable of deductive reasoning absent the external bias and prejudice demanded by The Hive Mind of Universal Illusion.
The birth defect status of humanity is such a Truth. Evidentiary proof, as brilliantly presented by Me in this essay, must be recognized as being just as valid as concrete proof.
The second term requiring definitional dissection is: Birth defect. What is a birth defect? It is a malformation and deformation of a specific part of the body of a specific species, that deviates from the norm of the originating species in a significant way, and is present within the affected life form at the moment of birth For the purpose of this essay, My use of the term “birth defect” references very specifically a hereditary/genetic cause, and all of My comments also focus exclusively on a single body part: The human brain.
So, let us begin. The human being exists today as a result of a natural process. This process is called evolution. Evolution is valid and real, it is a way of describing how life forms biologically change over time, in both appearance and lifestyle/behaviors. The evolutionary process must not be discredited, it is an important Truth, directly undermining Matrix deceptions such as the Insane God Myth.
99+% of the time, the evolutionary process is very slow, it takes many centuries for very small changes to a species, to occur. In a few rare instances, the evolutionary process is very rapid, such as a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Most humans refer to this as “metamorphosis”, rather than evolution, but it is clearly an evolutionary process.
Because the evolutionary process is generally very slow, any rapid or major change in the structure of a specific body part, suggests the possibility of a birth defect having occurred, instead of evolutionary change. Here we have the first glimpse of Forbidden Truth: The human brain is significantly different in design and functionality from that of any other simian. The closest versions belong to the chimpanzee and Rhesus monkey, and the similarities are close enough to prove humans did evolve, at least in part, from a simian. But, was this process one of natural evolution, or of a singular birth defect of the brain?
The significant differences in human brain functionality from all other simians, suggests a birth defect caused a singular simian to divert from the norm, and this singular simian reproduced, passing along his defectiveness to his offspring, who passed it along to their offspring, and on and on, resulting in the formation of a new, different species, which now calls itself the “human being”.
It is very interesting to hypothesize the exact physiology of the two initial mated creatures who created this birth defect. It could have been two chimpanzees, or a chimpanzee mating with another simian, or a chimpanzee mating with a completely different species. It could even be, hold on to your hats here, a simian mating with an extraterrestrial life form. Certainly this is not beyond the realm of possibility, although no concrete evidence exists to lend specific credence to the possibility.
Let’s analyze the radical differences that exist between humans and all other species.
The human being, alone among all other species, has experienced a singularly unique, unmatched and catastrophic, failure to thrive.
Only the human being chooses to end his own existence, via both dynamic and long-term suicide.
Only the human being chooses to suffer and to inflict pain/harm upon himself.
Only the human being hides from reality, pathologically creating and dwelling within fictional illusions of the real world.
Only the human being tries to solve minor problems, while ignoring and pretending that other, much more major and important problems, don’t exist.
Only the human is a pathological addict to substances that are actively harmful to him.
Only the human negates his own Self-value, leaving it to others to control how he feels about Himself.
Only the human consciously chooses to harm and destroy the environment upon which he is dependent for survival.
Only the human directs negative perception of Self, upon himself.
Only the human insists upon continuing to do what has failed over and over in the past.
Only the human chooses slavery over freedom.
These are all profound dysfunctions of behavior and thought, directly originating within the brain. And they are all unmatched by any other creature. Simians DO demonstrate very mild versions of a few of these pathologies, proving the legitimacy of evolution, but at the same time demonstrating the vast gulf between their much more functional brains, and validating the birth defect origins of the human brain.
Insanity is a disease of the brain only afflicting humans, and it must be understood as everything the human decrees to be normal. The “normal” state of mind of the human brain, is that of absolute insanity. Again, only a genetic birth defect can explain this.
Some will point out My past writings on the impact of universal child abuse and the fact every human is a tortured victim-creation of external trauma.
This is absolutely correct, and external trauma plays a huge and primary role in the universal failure of humanity to thrive. But it does so in conjunction with the birth defect status of the human brain. The reason humans remain hopelessly trapped within an endless cycle of perpetual victimization and trauma, can be traced back to universal child abuse, which itself can be traced back to the birth defect status of the human brain.
Every other animal learns from its own mistakes, figures out how to do things better, learns by observing the mistakes of fellow species members. But not the human.
Look at human history objectively and factually, and you see how things have gotten progressively worse. How many humans 10,000 years ago chose to commit dynamic suicide? How many humans 10,000 years ago chose to murder other animals purely for fun/sport? How many humans 10,000 years ago deliberately chose to destroy their own health?
Why are humans functioning on a more brain dysfunctional level today, than 10,000 years ago? Because all genetic birth defects are progressive in nature. They get worse over time, as they are passed down from generation to generation.
I challenge you to articulate even one primary-level human problem, that humanity has solved over the past 10,000 years. Just one, name it! Hunger? Pain? Poverty? Child abuse? Familial violence? Belief in mythologies and supernatural idols? Injustice? Death? Nothing has been solved, nothing! Everything wrong 10,000 years ago, is exactly the same today, only worse. Another beautiful evidentiary proof of the birth defect status of the human brain.
There are three primary levels of brain functionality: Instinct, emotion, and intellect. These three are separate and distinct from each other. Within the human brain, only the human brain, instinct is severely compromised. Natural instinct, for survival, well-being, for freedom, for autonomy.
Natural instinct is neutered within the human. At the same time, emotionalism is hyper-stimulated, ensuring irrational, impulsive, stupid decisions. Which brings us to intellect. Humans claim to be the smartest of all animals, by far. But they are not. They are infinitely stupid. They can’t even figure out what a problem is, much less even try to solve it!
All three primary levels of human brain function, instinct, emotion, and intellect, are absolutely crippled, on a species-wide scale. This is unprecedented among any species. It can only occur due to genetic, biological defectiveness of the brain itself.
The human brain, in all of its intellectual glory, can perceive certain realities, such as death, that many other species apparently cannot consciously perceive. But it cannot deal with these reality perceptions, it cannot cope with them. That is not normal.
A genetically healthy brain either perceives and deals with specific realities, or does not perceive, and therefore has no need to deal with, specific realities. But to perceive, but not be able to deal, is a dysfunction of brain design, a genetic defect.
Within this essay I have demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt, that the human brain is genetically and biologically defective. The hopelessness of the human situation is proven by the inability and refusal of humanity to consciously acknowledge this fact, so that it can try to take proactive steps to mitigate the impacts of this horrific medical problem, a problem for which humanity as a species is not to blame. Possessing a genetically defective brain was not a personal or a collective human choice, but every human alive today IS to blame, for refusing to face up to this Forbidden Truth.
There are numerous potential methods of mitigation, but that will have to wait for a future, brilliant Mind Bomb essay. For now, enjoy this boom!
mind 71All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The End of History, The Beginning of Freedom

How do we end history?
History is the collective weight of the past, every mistake humanity has ever made, every delusion it has embraced, everything wrong woven into the fabric of all conscious perception, shackling, chaining, imprisoning the limitless mind potential of every newborn baby. Every newborn baby from Day One, trapped within the Matrix of Universal Illusion, compelled to propel not Self forward, but history forward, magnifying it ever more, as mind genocide occurs.
Inferiors perceive history as constituting and revealing the gradual evolution of change. But it is the exact opposite! History compels the ongoing devolution of stagnation. History prevents all change from occurring. History is the barrier to change, it is the horrors of the past endlessly repeating, under the false illusion of change.
The only way to move forward, is to end history. But how can history be ended? To answer this question, you must break history down to a definitional level.
History is a distortion of reality perception of the present, caused by a distorted reality perception of the past. Integral to both perceptual distortions, is memory. Memory of your own personal past, as well as the distorted collective memories of the species as a whole, immortalized via mythological stories, fables woven into solid and immutable reality perceptions, their falsehood and invalidity impossible to perceive within factual Truth.
Human history and personal history must be recognized as being burdened by the same problem: Distortion and invalid perception, resulting in invalid conclusions. Just as importantly, history must be understood as a disease process of the mind, individually and collectively, being played out and perpetuated in real-time. Which simply means history is being created perpetually, within every moment of now, by every human being, everywhere. It is being fed and grown and strengthened, by every real-time moment.
Only by understanding history as more than a mistake, in fact as a real-time disease of the individual human mind, can Truth-based steps be taken to erase history. The only way to erase history, is to end history. Not to try to alter the nature of historical delusions, misperceptions, and mistakes, this is a perverse and pathetic betrayal of Truth, guaranteed to fail miserably.
And so we come back to the question of memory. What if memory is one of the genetic birth defect markers of humanity as a species? What if the human being is not supposed, within natural law, to be able to remember the past? What if all individual memory only lasted a few minutes, or hours, or a few days, instead of stretching out and being deformed and distorted, over longer time. What if memory could not be coveted by you humans, because it could not be experienced within the mindscape?
How would this change the human experience of existence?
The past must end! The question is, how do we end it?!history7All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Self-awareness and the Mutant Monkey Problem

In this recent essay, among many others, I articulate the Forbidden Truth that humanity came into existence as a birth defect species, a horribly flawed mutation of the monkey, which is itself one of the most genetically unhealthy of all species, on a brain functionality level:
So let Me now expand upon the Mutant Monkey problem, because how can the mutant monkey, which is you, each and every one of you, ever begin to try to overcome its genetic crippling, if it lacks the Self-awareness, the Self-insight, the conscious introspection, to realize and to know what it is, and why it is what it is, within the light of Truth??
No external Truths can ever be properly and fully recognized, analyzed, or integrated to personal consciousness, unless and until all foundational level internal, directly personal Truths, are first recognized, analyzed, and integrated to personal consciousness. This is the order that must be followed, by any human claiming to value and seek Truth.
A foundational level internal Truth, is that you, and everyone born human, are mentally defective on a genetic level. You ARE a birth defect. Your brain does not function properly, your brain is genetically defective. Therefore nothing it instructs you to think, to feel, to imagine, to perceive, can ever be trusted, can ever be taken at face value. This Forbidden Truth is profoundly important.
No external reality perceptions or factual, functional Truths can ever be properly analyzed and deciphered, unless they are directly, overtly, consciously filtered through & immersed within the internal reality of what you are: A mentally crippled, diseased, deformed monkey. This is consciousness, this is Self-awareness, this is the achievement of introspection, instead of the universal delusion of it.
What are you? Are you a pacifist? A vegetarian? A parent? A teacher? A student? A philosopher? A good person? A lover? A hater?
Every perception of Self is warped and invalid, formed within utter illusion and the blindness of knowing NOTHING, unless it is initially and continuously conceived of and built upon, the fully conscious knowledge and understanding that you are a mentally crippled monkey.
Only upon this foundational Truth, is it possible to begin to try to unlock any external Truths: You ARE THAT. If you achieve full consciousness and acceptance of this Truth, you can start asking Yourself: Why do I perceive Myself as being a parent? Why do I need to seek love from others? Why do I want to suffer and die? Why do I create monuments out of lies and delusions? And thousands of other profound questions directly related to reality perception and to gain an understanding of WHY humanity has built itself an insane asylum and chooses to dwell caged, within it.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Learning: The Superior Path of Mind Wide Open

Human beings do not learn. Human beings are incapable of learning. They mimic and they assume, they follow and they believe, they accept and they submit. They dream and they hope. But they do not learn. The brain of the human being is an empty vessel, passively waiting to be filled up.
Does a sponge learn, or does a sponge merely soak up whatever liquid it comes into contact with, lacking all autonomy, all selectivity?? The human brain is a defective sponge, mindlessly absorbing and deforming information that is imposed upon it. This is not learning, this has nothing to do with learning.
In this essay I will be dissecting some of the vital methodologies deployed by the actual or aspiring Superior, an individual who seeks to transcend and overcome his pathetic human status, to learn. And how must learning be defined?
Learning: The achievement of enlightenment of reality perception via the uncompromising pursuit and embrace of all Truth, pure and majestic, free and clear of the personal brain defects and weaknesses of desire, addiction, belief, hope, fear, external reward, external threat, external bribe, internal rationalization, and all brain functionality flaws, genetically caused and environmentally induced.
So, let us begin to understand and control how our brain functions, so that we may learn.

  • We learn by understanding that our brains are both genetically flawed, and under constant and malicious external attack. Therefore the first step to gaining the capacity to learn, is to develop and successfully implement an impenetrable dam which blocks the acceptance and the integration of all free-floating thoughts and ideas which will attempt to impose themselves upon our minds, via internal development and via external imposition.
  • We learn by rejecting all education, all external attempts to educate us, in recognition that the overt and absolute goal of all external education is to destroy our capacity to learn. We must understand education for what it is: A violent and genocidal attack upon and against our brains, initiated by the most perverse and malevolent of structures, a structure determined to impose false and invalid reality perception upon us, effectively eradicating our capacity to even define what learning is, much less achieving this reality within our brain function.
  • We learn by refusing to be taught. We learn by recognizing and fully integrating to core consciousness the fact that nobody who carries the title of teacher, and nobody who lacks the official title but still verbalizes and expresses a desire to teach us, can ever help us to learn. We must understand that every teacher has a functional mandate to destroy our capacity to learn, via the imposition of information, be it valid or not, within a specific context of mind control and limitation of our reality perception and our capacity to recognize and embrace limitless and unconditional Truth.

We must recognize all teachers as our enemies, representing an existing hive mind which demands conformity and compromise. To be taught results in your brain being nailed shut. To refuse to be taught is the only path to a Mind Wide Open.

  • We learn by suffering, only when we dissect with absolute understanding, who and what is guilty and responsible for causing us to suffer. We learn not by fleeing pain, but by determining its impositional source points, and the motivations of those who gain from our suffering.
  • We learn by watching others suffer, not with empathy or compassion, but with cold and detached mind inquiry. Their suffering, their agreement and their willingness to suffer, must teach us about their flaws of mind, and from understanding their flaws of mind, we must proactively wipe out any flaw which attempts to gain a foothold within our minds.
  • We learn by knowing that nothing is as it should be, that we are being forced to endure limitless injustice via universal imprisonment of mind potential within a house of cards built and maintained by our greatest enemy. We learn by understanding that a war against learning is being waged against us, directly, personally, individually, by the collective force of the state, of society, of humanity.
  • We learn by hating, rejecting, and destroying that which hates us, that which seeks to destroy us. Humanity as a species is not inclusive, it never has been, it never will be. Humanity as a species is exclusive. It welcomes those who agree to integrate to the hive mind, thereby abandoning their mind capacity to learn. It rejects all who demand the right to learn, to seek and to know and to glory in Truth. And therefore all paths to learning must be rooted in hatred, rejection, and destruction of humanity itself.
  • We learn by exalting Truth, fact, and reality, as we and we alone unearth and discover it, free of all external bias and internal compromise, as the most supreme of glories, the building blocks to personal godhood and omnipotence of the untouchable mind universe of Self. We learn by understanding that to discover Truth, to know factual reality as it is, requires us to reject the functioning human universe as it has been developed and as it exists, by our enemy, the enemy of Truth, the enemy of learning.
  • We learn by rejecting the validity of the most basic and foundational of human structures. We learn by understanding that 2+2 does not equal 4, because mathematics is a system designed to prop up universal economic oppression. We learn by understanding that a dictionary does not define words, but is deployed as a premier weapon to control, limit, and destroy how the human mind perceives functional reality. We learn by understanding that science does not empower individuals to master the physical laws of nature, but instead empowers our enemy to maintain its Dark Age of mind control.
  • We learn by establishing a foundational base of limitless and unconditional love of Self and of Truth, within our brain. All attempts to learn must be rooted within this base, otherwise they are doomed to fail.
  • We learn by knowing that whatever the majority thinks is True, cannot and will not be True, because the majority of humans are incapable of learning, and therefore cannot and will not come to recognize Truth within their ideological or behavioral practices.
  • We learn by choosing and valuing Truth over everything else. And we learn by knowing that humanity will never learn. This is the most important lesson that the seeker of Truth can learn.

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An Open Letter of Forbidden Truth to jimmy carter

Important note: While this Open Letter is addressed to jimmy carter, the profoundly valuable Forbidden Truths revealed within the text, seek safe haven within any and all sane and sentient brains capable of recognizing and appreciating them.
Hello jimmy,
Yesterday you learned that you are almost dead. A fatal disease which had already invaded your body, has now spread to your most valuable physical organ, the single physical organ which defines you as an individual: Your brain. And how did you respond to this news?? In the ways of a human, a pathetic human, a coward and a fool and a hater of Self and of Truth.
You gathered together hundreds of officially recognized propagandists, calling it a “news conference”, and you used your fame, your celebrity status, your past history of having become supreme leader of a genocidally evil government, to promote the insane god myth, to declare that death should not be feared or hated, to literally and actually promote the passive, meek, universal acceptance of personal death, concealing from all the fact, the Forbidden Truth, that to die is to have never been born, and to have never existed.
And of course your propaganda blitzkrieg was hailed by the propagandists as a shining example of personal courage, personal grace, superior mental attitude, and the benefits of optimism. You waxed poetic on your imagined achievements and accomplishments, pretending that you will leave the world a better place than when you entered it. And the propagandists lapped it all up, using your toxic words to implant and to blossom a new wave of death worship within the psyche of humanity as a species.
Here you can listen to your own words, as you lie to Yourself, as you lie to the world, as you continue the betrayal of Self and of Truth which characterizes the diseased brain functionality of all human beings:
Jimmy, it is unfortunate that I must viciously attack you at this point in time, as your illusion of being alive is almost extinguished, but the attack is something you have brought upon yourself, by the choices you have made, since childhood, dating back many decades. My attack upon you is personal of course, personal from the perspective of how you have harmed Me, and by connective effect, every creature who has suffered the misfortune of being born human. I attack you because you are guilty, as an individual, of the greatest of crimes against humanity.
Jimmy, you are a created victim of your society and of humanity as a species. Your victimhood status cannot be disputed. But you are also an inferior. You are a coward, a fool, a brainwashed drone. You are plugged into the hive mind of humanity, a hive mind where Truth has never existed, a hive mind where Truth cannot exist.
Jimmy, you think you suffer from a disease that your society has given the name of “cancer”. But you are fatally mistaken. The primary disease which afflicts you, which has afflicted you since childhood, is that of mental illness and pathological brain dysfunction manifested via the embrace of delusions and illusions. Belief in god is your fatal disease, not cancer.
Jimmy, you are guilty of the crime of genocide against humanity. You are not leaving this world a better place than you found it. As a political and societal leader of humanity, you have played a primary and integral role in ensuring not only your own eternal nothingness, but in validating and imposing universal death upon all. The horror of universal death, which you promote and have helped keep as manifest reality, marks you as as the greatest of criminals, a sponsor of harm, suffering, death, that few who have ever been born can claim title to. Ted Bundy, Genghis Khan, James Oliver Huberty, Osama bin-Laden, none of them can come close to approaching your level of achieved destruction and genocide.
Jimmy, you became the leader of the entire world in 1977, 38 years ago. In 1977 the scientific fields of computer technology, robotics, gene splicing, dna mapping, cloning, and cryogenic preservation, among many others, were exploding. As leader of the world, you were in a uniquely powerful position to challenge the hive mind, to courageously attack, condemn, and defy the toxic matrix of religion, god, Self-hate, universal child abuse, and universal human slavery, which defined all of human existence back then, as it does today.
But you failed, miserably. You chose to align yourself with the matrix, you chose to maintain and strengthen all of the malicious and diseased structures of your society. You chose to exalt death, to worship death, and in the process you have directly doomed trillions of creatures born human, including Yourself, to the horrific fate of being retroactively unborn and to have never existed.
Jimmy, cancer is not going to murder you within the next few months. You are your own murderer. It is you who are guilty of murdering Yourself. Because the fact is, if you had found the courage and the inspiration 38 years ago, as political and social leader of the humans on earth, to stand up for Truth, to embrace love of Self, and to declare all-out war against the toxic structures of religion, child abuse, Self-hate, and death worship, and to decree death as the greatest of human diseases, to decree death as the mortal enemy of humanity, to decree that the problem of death must be attacked and ended, so that each of us may be able to simply exist, technological immortality would be a functional reality as of today. So yes, you need to know that you are guilty of both genocide on an unprecedented scale, as well as the far greater crime of murdering Yourself.
We are your victims, jimmy carter. Human history is an illuminated chart of endless mistakes, occurring at endless points in time, repeated over and over and over. Every single second that passes by serves as historical record of the failure of humanity as a species. Jimmy, your pathetic and perverse choices, made 38 years ago, seal your fate, and the fate of humanity today. And today, and tomorrow, these same pathetic and perverse choices doom Me to the same horrific fate you are about to achieve as manifest reality.
And so I hate humanity, I hate humanity with full-throated, full-minded passion of mind, of soul, of essense of Self. I hate what humanity has always been, and I hate what humanity is today. Every moment that passes, the universe is darker. No light, no hope, because there is no Truth. Who dooms the universe?? Human beings. Leaders and followers, victims and predators, seamlessly blended. The matrix, indoctrinating all. The matrix, built by humans, maintained by humans, oblivious on a conscious level to the horror they are wreaking upon themselves.
So there you stand jimmy, at your press conference of Thursday August 20, 2015, maintaining your image, shining your halo, defending the past, defending god and religion, exalting death even as you pretend to continue your imaginary battle to postpone it. And the harm you caused yesterday far exceeds the harm you caused during your four years as leader of the most diseased and dysfunctional society on earth. Yesterday was when you propagandized death to a new generation of humans, inspiring millions to maintain their suicidal ideation, to reject life, in favor of death. Shame, eternal shame upon you!
I’m sorry jimmy, but you were never president of the united states. You never got married. You never sperm created children. You never helped anyone. You made no life better. Nothing has changed because of you. You were never alive. You never existed. Eternity is untouched by you. For a few more weeks, or maybe months, you can continue to pretend to be alive, continue to pretend that you exist. And you will never know the Truth. Never will you have to face up to the Truth, as I do, as a Superior who has transcended his humanity. You will never know the Truth because Truth is dead to you, because you are a coward, and because you are human, a representative specimen of your species.
I do not pity you. You have not earned the right to life, as I have, because you have never found the capacity within Yourself to face up to the Forbidden Truths of death.
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The Toxicity of External Validation

Human beings exist as functional failures on many different levels. In this essay of Forbidden Truth I will address the specific functional failure of lack of independence and autonomy of mind, of reasoning, and of behavioral and ideological choice. Freedom as it is Truthfully defined has never been and can never be experienced by any individual human being, or by any organized human collective, absent the absolute elimination of the brain function pathology of external validation, which I will comprehensively define below.
External validation: A dysfunction of mind and thought process featuring a psychological need to obtain and perceive agreement from other human beings, be it on a singular, group, or species-wide level, in order to affirmatively embrace a specific concept, behavior or ideological/philosophical perspective, as being legitimate, appropriate, valid, accurate, and/or True.
It is important to understand that the root origins of the human need for external validation absolutely relate to the human being existing as a biological birth defect, suffering from genetic brain function abnormality. But it is equally important to understand that genetics cannot be solely blamed, or used to excuse this functional failure. Society and government, with full malice aforethought, ruthlessly and relentlessly exploits this genetic brain weakness and pathology, engaging in a lifelong campaign against every individual human being, to render him a lemming, a sheep, and a drone, addicted to constantly seeking out external validation from other humans.
Let us understand that the differences between an individual seeking external validation from one other human being, or from an entire collective such as a religious group or political party, or even seeking external validation from all of humanity as a whole, are not significant. It is the need for external validation, in and of itself, which must be recognized as a horrific and crippling pathology. The specific source points in which this external validation is sought, do shed light upon the form and function of this pathology, but the enlightened seeker of Truth must analyze and understand that the actual problem is the human need for external validation, and not any specific individuals, groups, or structures which may attract or exploit to a high degree, such validation need/demand.
The newborn baby is trained to seek validation in others, to look for the approval of those who possess power and control over him: His legal slaveowners and other family unit members. The child is trained to seek validation from teachers, coaches, and from other children, expanding the toxicity of the stranglehold of the family unit. The teen-ager and the young adult is trained to seek validation from peers and from organized structures such as governments and religions, further extinguishing any last vestiges of independent brain function capacity.
Let us understand, the vast majority of all humans exist and function as mindless automatons. Nothing can be proactively embraced, no thought, no insight, no behavior, no ideology, before it is pathologically filtered through the toxic sieve of external validation. What do others think, what do others believe, what do others want, what do others do…. It is utterly perverse and pathetic, how you humans are helpless and impotent to carve a unique path through this world, and instead exist as mindless drones, following in the diseased footsteps of your broken and destroyed peers, rationalizing every deranged decision you make by the dysfunction of external validation.
The healthy and sane mind, knows that there are no other healthy and sane human minds out there. Or maybe there are 1 in 10 million, but what are the odds that you have found, isolated, and identified that one, out of the 9,999,999 others, you idiot!? The healthy and sane mind never seeks any external validation of any kind, from any human individual, group, or structure. The healthy and sane mind knows that whatever others embrace and practice and promote, is certain to represent stupidity, inferiority, betrayal of Self, Truth, and all that can ever be pure and noble and worthy of personal embrace.
We are all victims of the biological and institutionalized pathology of needingexternal validation. Only top-level Superiors such as Myself have totally broken free of this shackle, pursuing the condemnation of others, understanding that only in universal condemnation, can the individual discover the path of personal glory that is Forbidden Truth.

The Problem of Human Cognitive Perception

As all who read My brilliant essays should know by now, the human being exists as a fatally flawed birth defect, on a species-wide level, and the epicenter of this birth defect status is clearly and certainly the human brain and its utter lack of positive and valid functionality. In this essay I will be focusing my Forbidden Truth dissection on a very specific aspect of human brain functionality failure, that of Cognitive Perception.
For the purpose of this essay, let us begin with how humanity chooses to define both cognition and perception, individually as well as in combination. Human society defines cognition as the experience of learning, knowing, and understanding. While perception is defined as a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression. Both of these terms are then combined, to result in the supposedly valid and honored structure of cognitive perception.
The Forbidden Truth is that humans have never been able to properly apply a mental process of cognition, to accurately and validly understand their experience of existence, or the ongoing, underlying personal motivations and factual realities of their place in the universe, at any specific point in time, much less on a real-time, ongoing basis.
As to perception, this distinct process of brain functionality is even more fully and fatally flawed than that of cognition. Perception is the mindless worship of and addiction to, belief. Human perception is inherently mindless, because it involves the overt betrayal and rejection of reality and Truth, in favor of the creation of a fetish in favor of the unreality of belief. To go further, in a very real sense, humans use perception to justify the embrace of a belief system, for no legitimate reason, and to the effect of causing universal harm to all, and an abdication of all individual and collective potential.
Perceptions exist as individual brain defects, Every perception is always wrong and flawed, because the very process of acquiring perceptions is itself invalid, and should be recognized as invalid, and therefore automatically rejected as a viable brain functionality option. Humans approach and embrace individual perception as a belief, on steroids, absent all sentient awareness of this Truth.  They embrace defective brain functionality, building layers of false intellectual rationalization and a warped perspective of reality, into the very fabric of their individual and collective experience of existence.
The term “cognitive perception” maximizes the unreality of the unacknowledged belief system. It creates the functioning framework within which Truth itself is stripped of all importance, rendered both invisible and impossible to detect and distinguish from the universal matrix of human illusion. A sane species would fully recognize all of its brain functionality deficiencies and failures, taking active, open, cognizant steps to mitigate and alleviate the impacts all such failures and deficiencies.
Instead, humanity chooses to do the exact opposite, to worship belief, to apply perverse illusions of lofty ideal, to what is simply a diseased and invalid process of mind function. Belief should be utterly rejected and renounced as inherently and intrinsically wrong, a betrayal of Truth and of Self, and all of the fatally flawed constructs of human thought, such as cognition and perception, which are used to both cloak the form and function of belief as a brain process, and to justify personal belief by applying invalid legitimacy to it, deserve to be universally rejected.
Let me illustrate an excellent example of the fatally flawed nature of cognitive perception. It would be easy to fall back on the insane god myth as an illustration, but let us not go down this route. In a sense, to do so is to narrow the capacity of the inferior to appreciate his own pathologies of mind. Instead, I want to dissect the specific issue of time passage.
Humans choose to apply cognitive perception to their understanding, their personal experience, of the passage of time. Sometimes they perceive time as passing by in a slow manner. Other times they perceive time as passing by rapidly. Children sometimes perceive a single day as stretching on to a nearly endless length. As humans age, they often perceive time as speeding up, as passing by more rapidly. Someone diagnosed with a fatal illness may even perceive his entire existence as having passed by in an instant.
The Truth is, and this is very important for all Truth-seekers to accurately and comprehensively understand: Every individual perception of time passage is fatally flawed, because the passage of time should not be subjectively perceived, it should not be accepted or understood as a belief system. When humans give themselves permission to apply subjective judgment to concrete facts, all capacity to recognize Truth, and to function within its umbrella, is lost.
On the specific issue of time passage, the very embrace of cognitive permission as being valid, renders the actual reality, that the passage of time itself only exists as a false perception cloaking the Forbidden Truths of death, absolutely invisible and impossible for the average, typical, inferior human being to understand and embrace.
The passage of time is a lie, an artificial construct of the social matrix. You are given the gift of being allowed to uniquely perceive time passage by society and government, so that you may not, so that you must never, come to the conscious understanding that you are being deceived, that to die is for the fact, the reality, that you never existed and by proxy never experienced the passage of time, to be enlightened to conscious awareness.
Cognitive perception smothers all potential for conscious enlightenment of mind to reality and to Truth. Nothing is left real. in clarity of thought, because every illusion is granted legitimacy, and if society and government does not like a specific illusion, it is free to manipulate all reality perception in order to alter the popularity and/or the social acceptability, of the illusion, which exists as false and invalid cognitive perception, never recognized or understood as such.
The problem of cognitive perception is both external of, and internal to, individual brain functionality. Because humans cannot recognize cognitive perception as inherently invalid, with this invalidity specifically rooted in the dysfunctionality of their brains, society and government is free and able to ruthlessly and limitlessly exploit this flaw. The moment any human embraces perception as legitimate and valid, he extinguishes his own capacity to uncover and embrace Truth and reality, and he invites, as well as empowers, his greatest enemy to ruthlessly exploit his compromised individual brain on every level and on every issue.
The aspiring Superior must consciously embrace, at all times, the Forbidden Truth that his brain functionality is both genetically and environmentally compromised, from birth and on an ongoing, real-time basis. Perception must always be recognized for what it is, understood as a flawed and invalid symptom of brain dysfunction, and affirmatively, overtly, abandoned and rejected, within full consciousness and as part of an ongoing personal war to uncover and to maximize the recognition of fact, reality, and Truth.
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