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A Leaderless World, or: Universal Leadership for All

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The history of humanity is a chronicle of relentless and unmitigated failure. Personal and universal. Failure to thrive, failure to change, failure to make the right decisions, failure to see things as they are, the clearest and most obvious facts and Truths forever buried, for so many thousands of years, under so many layers of perverse illusion and delusion, that not only can they never be recognized and embraced, but they cannot even be fathomed, cannot even be considered.
In my last essay, I described how I have spent the past 4 weeks immersed in the re-reading of every single thing Truth-focused thing I have ever written down, dating back well over 30 years, and the glory manifested within Me, at the growth, breathe, and depth of My uniquely crafted Self-universe of untouchable perfection.
But there was also a more practical aspect to this exercise, an attempt to discover any serious omissions of, or limitations to, important and primary-level Forbidden Truths that deserve to be completely fleshed out in detail. I did discover a few such gaps, and over the next few months, slowly, you humans will be graced with brilliant essays that fill in all of these recently realized gaps. Make no mistake, I have already fully addressed all of these issues in public writings, but perhaps not to the extensive and comprehensive degree that is warranted.
We will begin with the issue of human leadership. This issue cuts right to the very core of the hopelessness of the human condition, and deserves to be fully understood at the deepest levels, by those who seek understanding of the Forbidden Truths.
Leadership is a mistake. Leadership, as it is now known and as it has existed from the very beginnings of human development, should not exist within the human experience. It was, from the very beginning, a profound error, manifesting as a result of both the universal genetic malformation of the human brain, and the environment of universal trauma, terror, and thirst for vengeance, that has always ruled the conscious and subconscious minds of all human beings.
Leadership is slavery. Period. To be led by any human being, in any way, is to be enslaved, shackled, controlled, body and mind. Leadership and freedom are 100% incompatible, at all times. To be led, is to be stripped of all personal capacity to establish or to experience freedom, as freedom is Truthfully defined within Forbidden Truth parameters, something I have fully done in other essays.
We are not talking here of any specifically limited forms of political, cultural, or ideological leadership. We are talking about each and every type and form of leadership. We are talking about leadership itself, a husband leading a family, a mother leading a child, a boss leading employees, an individual leading a movement for change or reform, etc… All of this is wrong. Leadership as concept and as structure, cripples all human potential to all legitimate progress, autonomy, and enlightenment. Leadership cannot be benign, because the very motivation to lead is a motivation to dominate, enslave, impose, oppress, cause harm and destroy personal freedom. Leadership is dependency on steroids, disguised as a new and shiny opportunity to make things different and better.
And so here we are, in 2018, and it is impossible for you humans to conceive of an existence absent all leadership. Not even anarchists and atheists can imagine a mindscape and landscape void of leaders. Anarchism and atheism and every other overt movement of rebellion, form within the cage of leadership demand, individuals seeking to capitalize upon the universal inability of humans to function absent leadership, by positioning themselves as replacement leaders. The actual ideas of no government, no god, no money, etc.., exist secondary to the new leadership cult that is attempting to be established.
Leadership is universally perceived as essential, only because every human-born, from birth, is systematically and ritualistically stripped of their own capacity to think and to function autonomously, as part of the process of breaking every child, destroying every child as every adult has already been destroyed, primary mandate of all civilized societies, cultures, and governments. The fact that the human brain is genetically malformed, predisposed to seek commands and demands and false reassurance from others that everything will be okay, and to obey others rather than to create an untouchable universe of freedom as a Self-universe, is what allows and ensures this universal embrace of the ideological and philosophical perversion that is leadership.
You pathetic inferiors will insist that without leadership, humanity will collapse into chaos, nothing can or will be done. Nobody will be able to function because nobody will know what to do. Everybody will just stand around until they die of starvation or disease, just waiting for the void of leadership to be filled by a…leader. And guess what? That is probably 100% True. And if so, let it be so! Because if humanity cannot function absent leadership, the fault is with humanity. Lack of functionality always trumps dysfunctionality. Start over, start from scratch, end the mistake that is leadership. Teach every child to be the leader of nothing more, and nothing less, than his own Self-realized, Self-universe, erected within the beauty and perfection of Truth. If you cannot do this, end the charade and embrace your own extinction as a species!
Ideas and movements do not need leaders, you fools! You can embrace and uplift and make real any idea, movement, product, or structural reality, absent all following of, obedience and allegiance to, individuals. You can do the same thing, seek the same goal, as a collective force, while maintaining absolute personal autonomy of mind, consciousness, and body. Truth, fact, and reality are the only legitimate leaders, something real and valid that deserves to be “followed”, absent all individual promotion, control and demand.
Can you envision a world of universal leadership for all?? A world where nobody is ever recognized or treated as a leader, because everyone is too busy acting as the leader of their own universe? That is the only world that can function within sanity, Truth, and progressive reform. Every mind leading itself, making every decision within the freedom, the autonomy, of recognizing no entity, no creature, nothing external to Self, can ever be entitled to lead them, can ever earn the title, of leader.
And what of the humans in such a world, who are incapable of leading themselves? Of course there will be some, inferiors who cannot be made whole enough to lead themselves. So be it. Let them live. But they must be caged, physically caged. They must be recognized and treated as what they are: Slaves and prisoners, a lower grade of life form, than the free leaders of Self. The distinction must be clear and absolute. Their personal failure must be illuminated for all to see and to know, so that the universal failure that is leadership, may always remain crystal clear and beyond all doubt.
Since the dawn of human existence, the structural and ideological mistake of leadership has been the single greatest primary force of human destruction, incompatible with Truth itself, much less the related concepts of freedom, autonomy, Self-love, rationality, choice, independence of mind, free and deliberate thought, and everything else that is positive and empowering. Of course it is so! And yet this clear, obvious, undeniable fact has been rendered invisible, impossible to perceive, know, accept. That is the reality of Now, August 6, 2018, as it has always been. The darkest shadow of universal illusion casts its toxic spell today.
Look at yourselves, look at the world! Leadership is the universal god of universal harm. Every terrorist group, you call them “nations”, has a leader. Every company, every family, every political and ideological and cultural movement, every team and every organization, has a leader. And you waste every moment of every breath you take within your imaginary existence, insanely debating how good or how bad your leaders are. Should you stay with them, or should you reject them? Should you choose a new leader, a different leader?? Who should it be?? WHO SHOULD IT BE??! We must be wise, we must choose the right leader, we must pick a good leader, everything depends upon it! This decision is so important, our fate and our future depend upon it! We must FIND a good leader, the right leader, the best leader, he or she will lead us to safety and salvation!
godda*n motherfuc*ing idiots! The Truth is so clear and obvious, you pathetic slaves of your own destroyed minds, the solution to the problem, but you are blind to it. Dead brains forever trapped within a cycle of illusion, caged and entranced by the leadership illusion, slaves pretending they can be free by choosing a good leader, a benevolent slavemaster who can make them think and believe and feel as though they are free.
I am not your leader, seekers of Forbidden Truth. I am the leader of My own universe. I follow the brilliance of My own brain. It is recognized and understood as the only entity that can ever deserve to be followed, the only leader I have ever and will ever recognize and accept. Whoever wants to follow Me, or even My brilliant brain, is a fool. Take My uniquely precious gifts and integrate them to your own Self-universe, instead of humiliating Yourself by falling prey and bowing down to the universal illusion of leadership.
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Freedom: Defined Within the Parameters of Forbidden Truth

Freedom, noun, \ˈfrē-dəm\:
a) The personal possession of limitless behavioral options, unfettered by any externally imposed perceptions of reality, moral or judicial dictates, coercive threats, or bribes.
b) The personal capacity to view every aspect of one’s own existence and place in the universe, absent all external impositions of behavior and ideology.
c) The right to be born into and to develop mental maturity within an environment void of all external contaminations of mind and of brain, as manifested by laws, moral dictates, social decree, behavioral and ideological doctrines, and cultural judgement and prejudice.
d) The personal possession of a limitlessly open mind, consistently inspired and Self-motivated on an instinctual level to consider every idea, option, possibility of thought, behavior, and change, and to demand the actual implementation of radical changes within every aspect of society, in order to independently determine what is best for Self.
e) The personally conscious embrace of the factual Truth that nothing can ever be allowed to supersede the value of the individual Self, to and from the individual Self.
f) The mind-integrated knowledge that whatever threatens to harm You, and whatever actually does harm You, and whatever threatens to destroy You, or does/will actually destroy You, serves as a direct and actual destroyer of your capacity to both attain and maintain personal freedom as accurately defined above, and must therefore be completely eradicated and eliminated from your experience of existence, in order for freedom to become personally attainable.
g) The mind capacity to recognize and reject all of the illusions, lies, and definitional brainwashings of what constitutes personal autonomy and independence of thought, behavior, and life path choice, that are currently imposed upon all human beings by every society and government in the 21st century.
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The Many Benefits of Having a Dead Soul

My soul is dead. What does this mean?
First, that I feel nothing emotionally, for others. I feel many things towards others, with great passion, but I do so intellectually, not emotionally.
Second, it means that I move Myself. Period. Nothing else moves Me. Nothing else can move Me. I choose to be moved, when I desire to be moved, and to the degree I desire to be moved.
Third, nothing and nobody can manipulate or influence My feelings for Myself. Nothing, ever. Neither positively or negatively. Although I do choose, sometimes, to use others in ways that exalt My already immense and untouchable ego.
Fourth, having a dead soul maximizes autonomy of Self. It makes absolute and eternal isolation, the greatest bliss. It ensures one is never lonely, never needy, never dependent upon any human in any way, ever. Emotionally speaking, of course.
My soul is dead because I consciously chose to allow and aid it to perish. It died between the age of 13-15.
Before My soul died, it was attacked, compromised, crippled, traumatized. This occurred throughout My childhood, from birth onward, every day. And of course My soul got weaker and sicker with the passage of time. but, and this is very important: I chose to allow it to completely die, between the ages of 13-15. It was a completely conscious, deliberate choice, and absolutely one of the smartest, best decisions I have ever made.
Now, if My soul had not been severely compromised and crippled, I most likely could not and would not have wanted it to die. But it was. And the more important point here is that most children have their souls severely compromised and crippled. But despite this fact, most do not choose to allow it to die. Most fight like hell to keep it alive. And this is a stupid choice.
It is stupid because it is Self-destructive. You humans go through your lives with crippled and compromised souls, and this is why you make so many deranged choices and mistakes.
The injured and compromised soul is your nemesis, it distorts everything that exists within your perceptive universe. It sucks you dry, it destroys your ego, cripples your autonomy, grounds your mind. It makes you small, human.
The dead soul is the opposite. With a dead soul, you can fly, you can soar, you can transcend all human boundaries. It is glorious!
But this does not mean everyone with a dead soul experiences these immense positives. Of course not! If you mourn your dead soul, if you perceive it as a crippling blow to Self, you cannot gain these positives. You must celebrate this death of a part of you. Celebrate it as the greatest of emancipations, understand how it frees you to soar. Only then, can you soar.
Most teenagers & young adults try to nourish and nurture their injured souls back to health. A terrible decision! They doom themselves to lifelong chaos of mind. Never can or will they own themselves. Always they will search for what they can never find.
It is not an easy thing, to allow your soul to die. It is in Truth an act of murder, you must affirmatively choose to murder your compromised soul. When I was publishing My print magazines 27 years ago, I specifically had patches custom-made with the phrase “Dead Soul Society”, to honor My own achievement of soul murder, and to exalt the importance and value of having a dead soul.
One cannot always succeed in allowing the soul to die, even if one sincerely desires it and goes to great effort to try to make it so. As one gets older, it becomes much harder to successfully murder your soul. It is easier during a brief period when the mind itself is making great leaps forward in cognitive and retrospective capacity. Age 11 or 12 is an excellent time to begin trying to murder your own soul, and 14-17 is a good age to actually achieve the feat.
I have thrived for decades with a murdered soul, and it has served Me so well. Listen humans: All of you have compromised souls.
And no matter what types of morality illusions, idealism delusions, or false faces you put on to try to impress yourselves and others, your traumatized souls hang upon you like dead weight, pulling you down, dragging you down, in everything you try to think, and to do.
The traumatized soul is the ultimate shackle, leading you down every dead end of thought, of perception, of possibility, of choice. You must feed it, even as it starves you.
I have tried to describe to you what it is like to have a dead soul, but of course you do not understand, you cannot understand. Your mortally wounded soul won’t allow you to understand.
Even if your soul is absolutely dead, which is a tiny minority of the human-born, it may still shackle and cripple you. To soar with a dead soul, requires you to consciously grasp and embrace the freedom and empowerment offered to you. Without such consciousness, the shackles all remain in place.
The universe is mine, thanks to my dead soul!
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The Three Foundations of all Freedom

As of this date, and throughout the entire history of human existence, the personal experience of freedom, as it is Truthfully defined, for all creatures born human, has been impossible and non-existent. No human being has ever enjoyed or experienced personal freedom, and no human being has ever been allowed to achieve an experience of existence which might have allowed for him to attain personal freedom.
The purpose of this essay is to define with absolute clarity and accuracy the necessary components of personal existence, required to render the attainment of personal freedom, possible. But, before we reach this point, it must be understood by the reader that because the three necessary components of personal existence required to attain personal freedom have not and cannot be achieved at this point in time, and have not existed at any point in the historical past, no human being has ever been free, no human being can ever become free while working within the confines of citizenship and membership within any human society, and all existing, current, and ongoing methodologies to obtain freedom, described, promoted, and decreed valid by any government and society, are in Truth invalid, inaccurate, and overtly malevolent, because they describe and promote personal slavery, the polar opposite of what they claim to describe and promote.
With this understood by all who are sane, the three foundational points upon which all personal experience of freedom must rest, can be revealed. They are:
1: The personal possession of absolute free will and personal autonomy of mind, absent all external imposition of propaganda, brainwashing, and false reality perception.
2: A personal desire to attain a freedom-based existence which rejects all freedom illusions which are promoted by society and government, and are functionally invalid.
3: The personal attainment of an existence which is safe and protected from external termination, meaning, the functional elimination of death from the future that the individual may reasonably expect to experience.
I will dissect all three of these foundational points of personal freedom below, but before I do so it must be perfectly clear that these three foundations of personal freedom must be achieved and must functionally exist concurrent to each other. Isolated from each other, they remain functionally useless in terms of achieving personal freedom. All three must be achieved as functional reality on a personal level, and be experienced together, in order for personal freedom to become personally attainable.
Foundation #1 requires absolute autonomy of mind and a free will which has not been externally compromised by social, cultural, and governmental imposition. No human child is allowed to maintain such an existence, and therefore no adult human being can possess this autonomy of mind or of free will. Rejecting and transcending your humanity, as a mature adult, as I have personally done, can only erase a limited portion of the damage imposed upon the individual mind, therefore the actual foundation remains compromised.
Foundation #2 is functionally linked to foundation #1. You cannot desire to be free, if you are a victim of the hijacking of your own mind, stripped of free will and personal autonomy. And you cannot attain personal freedom, if you do not desire it. As functional reality, it is impossible for any human to attain foundation #2, because no human being can attain foundation #1. You can pretend that you desire freedom, you can delude yourself into believing that you desire freedom, but this has nothing to do with actually wanting to be free, which remains a brain function impossibility, the result of foundation #1 being impossible to attain.
Foundation #3 is inherently dependent upon the first two foundations being fully achieved. Even if you were to attain personal immortality, this could not provide any form of Truth-based freedom, absent the successful attainment of foundations #1 and #2. At the same time, foundation #3 is absolutely required, even if the first two foundations were to be achieved, because no human being who reasonably expects to die in the future, can possess any type of Truth-based freedom in the real-time present.
The Forbidden Truths to draw from the above are as follows: I am not free, and I can never become free, despite being the Seer of Forbidden Truth and successfully transcending My humanity, because foundation #1 cannot be achieved by Me. It cannot be achieved, and there is no compromise to freedom. It is either absolute, or it does not exist. As a Superior, i can mitigate the consequences of not being free. This does not allow Me to obtain freedom, to become free, or to realize any perception of Truth-based freedom.
If I cannot attain freedom, you cannot attain freedom. None of you. Because I am a top-level Superior and My brain functionality exceeds your brain functionality. Therefore, it is ideologically insane for any of you to try to protect or preserve or obtain any form of freedom. What you could legitimately attempt to do, is to mitigate the negative consequences of not being free, and of it being impossible for you to attain freedom. Any such attempt is completely different from seeking to preserve, protect, or obtain freedom. All such efforts would be anti-social, anti-society, anti-government, in conscious recognition of why you can never achieve freedom, of the individuals and structures guilty of destroying your capacity to attain freedom.
All who struggle to obtain freedom, or to maintain freedom, or to increase their level of freedom, are collaborating with their greatest enemy, the enemy guilty of permanently destroying all capacity of all individuals to achieve freedom. As obligation to Self and to Truth, I embrace absolute hatred and condemnation for all individuals and structures which claim to offer Me freedom, to protect My freedom, or to provide any freedom opportunities. This is the only ideologically sane path, to anyone who embraces the Forbidden Truths I have outlined above. To fight for freedom, is to collaborate with the slavemasters and the slave-state which is guilty of rendering personal freedom an impossibility.
As a concluding remark, the question of whether a human being could, in theory, ever obtain personal freedom, is worthy of an answer. The answer is Yes, but only as conditional theory. All three foundational requirements would have to be met. Meaning:  1: From the moment of biological birth, throughout his existence up until the achievement of full mental maturity at age 35+, an individual would have to be fully protected and shielded from all external imposition of brainwashing, propaganda, and false reality perception, which would compromise the development of absolute autonomy of mind and free will.
2: Assuming the above were to occur, the individual would still need to genuinely desire to exist within absolute freedom, absent all external shackles of body and mind. There is no inherent progression from foundation #1 to foundation #2. The achievement of foundation #1 simply makes it functionally possible for foundation #2 to be achieved.
3: Even if both foundations #1 and #2 were to be fully realized, the functional experience of personal freedom would still remain absolutely impossible to achieve, unless and until technological immortality of mind and brain became not merely feasible, but the expected norm, the logically anticipated future reality for the individual who desires freedom and is capable of recognizing what freedom is, absent all invalid external imposition.
So, to all of you idiots who think you are free, or who want to be free, or who try to become free: Stop! You are not free, you will not be free, you cannot become free. You cannot and you will not. By believing you are or can or will, you are destroying all personal capacity to mitigate the negative consequences of having been maliciously stripped of the capacity to exist within the glory of personal freedom.
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The Forbidden Truths of Human Touch

"You will know the nature of the divine, when we join together, your cold hand in mine."

I read the above quote many years ago, as a young child. Where it comes from, I cannot say. A Google Search fails to return this sentence as a quotation from any source. But it remains a beautifully enigmatic expression of…the need for accurate interpretation of reality. You see, as soon as I read this sentence, as a child aged 7 or 8, I understood it to be an expression of menace, of homicidal intent, “Come to Me, join with Me, so that I may destroy you, murder you, leave you dead, lifeless, cold, eternally cold.”
Many years later, as an adult, upon replaying the sentence in My mind, it occurred to Me that most of the humans who might be confronted with this sentence, are more likely to perceive it as a call to romance, a hero or heroine offering a warm hand to someone they perceive to be cold and suffering. Here you see the dark shadow of mind imprints, the inferior association of personal reality to external illusions and constructs.
As a child, I never received a single benevolent touch from any living thing, human or animal. Never. Every physical contact was always menacing, traumatic, and harmful. A mother holding Me down as she inserted chemicals into My eyes. A father holding Me down as he inserted his sexual organ into My mouth. I am grateful that all of My physical contact was traumatic, because this prevented the societal lie and illusion of benevolent external touch, from ever taking root within My reality perception. How sad and pathetic it is for you who are torn between the factual Truths of human touch, and your romanticized memories of and cravings for what you falsely believe to be precious and valuable forms of human contact.
The Forbidden Truth: All human touch, which we must begin by defining as another human touching you, is motivated by malice, motivated by the need of another to extract from you, the obsession of the other, to induce false reality perception within Self, using your touch to accomplish harmful Self-delusion. “Touch me, so that I may feel cared for, so that I may be able to successfully lie to Myself, that you care about me. Touch me, so that I may be freed of the burden of knowing that I am all alone in the universe, so that I may be freed of the burden of establishing love of Self.” These are the unwashed masses of broken inferiors, using the touch of others to create toxic structures of illusion which haunt them for their entire existence.
Let us be perfectly clear: There is no such thing as benevolent or benign external touch from a human being. No such thing. There is honest touch, brute force and violence which makes no secret of its intent to harm. And there is dishonest touch, far more common, the vampire asking to be loved so that they may extract the illusion of love. The succubus with the innocent smile, offering empathic hugs or a warm squeeze of the hand, pretending to be interested in comforting you, but in Truth desperate to obtain comfort from you, false and useless and conditional and predatory.
Beware of all who offer human touch. Beware and shun them. Reject each and every one of their many thousands of predatory approaches. From the street hooker who flashes her panties, to the 60 year old homemaker who invites you to share your life story with her, to the handsome 30 year old male who stretches out his strong arm to you in a structured pretense of vulnerability. All humans are contagious, they carry mind viruses, they seek to infect you with their pathologies. It makes them feel better, to draw you into their toxic webs. Understand that their offers of touch to help you heal, are pure deceptions. They are trying to take from you, not to give to you. Every offer is an attack, no matter how gently it is presented, no matter how alluring the external facade of the presenter.
I am an adult virgin, and further, I have never engaged in any human touching rituals. No hugs or strokes, no squeezes or pats, none of this vampiric enmeshment, rooted within inferior incompetency, the inability to see Truth and to meet needs.
Who touches Me? A slave labor boss, he has been given this power over Me by your society, and I accept it. It helps to feed My homicidal rage. The barber, he performs a service, and in turn allows Me to envision his head exploding, with each touch. The dental hygienist, a female, graced by My gift of not biting off her fingers. The dentist, a male, to be murdered over and over the night before and after My dental appointment. The doctor, allowed to touch via the grace of My limitless and unconditional love of Self, and the body dependency imposed upon Me by your malicious society.
Let us understand the difference between professional and personal touch. Professional touch is solicited by Me, it serves My physical needs, it has no basis in emotional connectivity. And yet it still disgusts and makes Me shudder in revulsion. The barber could at least wear latex gloves, as the doctors and dentists do, no?? But its okay, I am strong, My mind is strong. Ordeals lead to later triumphs. I go to the barber once a month, an ordeal I could avoid. But no, I am not a coward, I face trauma, I allow Myself to be touched, but only within the supreme detachment of a godhead properly maintaining his untouchable universe.
Let us ask, is human touch beneficial to he who is touched? Is a legitimate gain being extracted by the touchee, from the toucher? Outside of professional service, a tumor being detected by a physician, a rotting tooth being mended by a dentist, a stray and rogue hair being trimmed by a barber, the answer is No. Just as nobody can ever love you, nobody can ever provide you with benevolent touch.
Do you need to be loved?? Of course! And so you love Yourself. Do you need to be touched?? Sure! Of course!! And that is why you possess hands and a mouth and lips and the capacity for physical sensation. Touch is a beautiful thing, and so you touch Yourself, obsessively and with the emotional depth and passion of the entire universe of Self. You touch and kiss and stroke and caress and lick and slurp upon Yourself. You use your hands to make love to every inch of your body, fingertip to toetip, and plenty of time is spent loving your pen*is and/or clitoris. You use your mouth to make love to every inch of your body that your mouth is physically capable of reaching. You use your tongue to make love to your lips and upper chin. Darn, why is it so short!?! I cannot reach My eyes or ears with My tongue, so unfair!
But the hands, the fingers, are fine substitutes. I lick My finger, then caress My eye, then imprint the wet fingertip upon My mind, an eternal memory, one of billions, repeated, refreshed, renewed each day. You use your foot to make love to your leg. You use one toe to stroke the other toe. You use one knee to stroke the other knee. You use one elbow to stroke your other elbow. And always you enhance every stroke by immortalizing it via vision, your own eyes, and memory, your own mind. Each day exists as an epic ode to Self. And all physical touch is understood to be mind-based. In every touch, a singularity, a uniquely perfect expression of love to the mind that is Me, is being delivered
Find a million people, and ask them how much time they spend being touched, and not even one of the million, will equal the amount of time I spend being touched. Because I am a toucher of Self, a narcissist, egoist, egotist, and lover of Self, obsessively touching Myself all of the time, in private and in public, in a million different ways. I touch Myself because I love Myself, and Self-touch is a beautiful expression of Self-love, diametrically opposite to the touching of others, or being touched by others, both betrayals of Self and Truth, perverse illusion and pretense of love, care, and affection. There is only one form of touch which expresses care, affection, and love, this is the individual who loves Himself, touching Himself.
How much time do I spend directly touching Myself with consciousness of love? If it is a slave labor day, 3-5 hours every 24 hour time period. If it is not a slave labor day, 6-15 hours every 24 hour time period. Do you understand this True glory, as it contrasts to you, the inferiors, seeking touch from others, waiting for them to pretend to care about you, so you can pretend to be cared for, even as you hate and sabotage yourselves and your own existences?? Do you understand the glory of a billion different ways to touch Yourself, each and every touch unique and uniquely perfect, a singular instant to ber immortalized within the mind, within your mind, by You??
Do you understand the glory of physical autonomy, of meeting every need, of bestowing upon yourself the limitless love of conscious mind and of physical body?? You are You, you belong to Yourself, you spend every conscious moment in sacred devotion to Yourself. This is love. This is the only valid form of love. This is the love every sane creature should aspire to. This is the love that nothing outside of Self can ever touch. You want to handcuff Me? Fine, pig. I can still make love to Myself. You want to cut off My arms? No problem. I still have lips to touch Myself with, and a tongue, and toes and knees and so much more.
My pity for you humans is superceded by supreme contempt. You betray yourselves and you betray every other living thing, when you seek to be touched by others. What a pathetic expression of emotional blindness, what a vivid demonstration of what it is like to be crippled, and to deny your own crippling, by taking advantage of other cripples.
The physical touch of others, absent professional services being rendered on your behalf, is always unnecessary and it is something to shun and to reject at all times. Any human who feels the need to be touched by others on a personal level, is an inferior who has failed to create the personal universe of limitless and untouchable love of Self, which is the foundation of Superiority and springboard to personal untouchability and the transcendation of your own humanity. Yes, I know this description covers 99.999999% of you. But this does not diminish the horror of your failure, or the depth of your inferiority. It speaks to the hopelessness of the human condition, to why humanity can never evolve beyond toxic dependency, it speaks to the universal hatred of Self which is the driving force behind the devolutionary death spiral of this entire species.
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The Absurdity of Majority Rule

Democracy, voting, and elections are all built upon the foundational premise of majority rule. This premise holds that whatever a majority of humans within any particular social construct indicate a desire for, they are entitled to obtain, and by proxy, to impose upon the minority against their will. Let us analyze this perversion of all aspects of freedom and personal autonomy, from the Forbidden Truth perspective.
To begin, the structure of majority rule is fundamentally biased. It assumes that whatever a majority of humans want, is either right, or better, or both right and better. But under what rationale can it be presumed that the conclusions of the majority are more valid, more accurate, or more beneficial to the universe, than the conclusions of the minority? None! There is no sane basis to think that the conclusions of the majority possess any greater validity than the conclusions of the minority. In Truth, as I will soon outline, the exact opposite is True.
Next, majority rule is an inherently unjust system. Why should the majority get to impose upon the minority? This spits in the face of all rational definitions of freedom, equality, and individual autonomy. The Forbidden Truth is that the single most basic foundational premise of the “free democracy” form of government: Majority rule, guarantees and demands that individuals be denied freedom, equality, and autonomy. From the very outset, the democracy guarantees that nothing it claims to provide to its slaves, can actually be provided.
Digging deeper, majority rule overtly promotes every imaginable form of social propaganda, indoctrination, and brainwashing, by turning reality into nothing more than a popularity contest. Whatever the existing social structure can convince the majority to embrace, can be automatically imposed by force of law, against the minority. This ensures absolute contempt for all Truth, and for every version of equality and justice.
Now, let me let you in on an open secret, that any sane mind already knows, which of course means that you creatures are blind to: The majority is always wrong! Always, the majority will be wrong. Always, the majority will make the stupid, inferior, insane, Self-destroying choice. Always! Why is the majority always wrong? Because the vast majority of all children are brutally tortured and destroyed of all capacity to love Self and to make rational, sane, life path decisions based upon Truth. Therefore the vast majority of all voters are now and will always be, destroyed ex-children incapable of making positive choices to improve their own existences.
Majority rule is an absolute stroke of tactical genius for government. Majority rule guarantees that a broken and destroyed, deranged and Self-hating majority of adults, brutally victimized ex-children, will control and dictate the shape of every future, of all futures, because every generation of children is so destroyed by every generation of adults. Therefore you have an unbreakable cycle that guarantees no positive evolution, no progress of any kind, no capacity to break free of any existing ideological and behavioral pathologies as desired and promoted by the existing governmental and social leadership structures.
Majority rule is the guarantee that nothing will change, the guarantee that nothing will get better, the guarantee that every mistake ever made by modern era humanity will be perpetually repeated, dressed up within useless illusions of cosmetic and superficial change which are guaranteed to change nothing substantive. Majority rule is why every generation of citizen-slaves feels free and deludes itself into believing that a better future is being forged, even as their slavery remains just as brutal as it has ever been, and their future just as hopelessly devoid of any possibility of even becoming real, much less better.
It is time to end all voting, to end all elections, and to destroy the toxic and impossible to redeem structure that is government. It is time to recognize voting and elections for what they are: Useless illusions of imaginary freedom that serve to guarantee an existence in lifelong shackles, followed by an eternity of cosmic nothingness.
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