Tactical Philosophy, Lesson #1

Every existence is an eternal war. Such is the reality that humanity has constructed for itself and for all of its created victims. Therefore, embracing this Forbidden Truth, we must, at every moment, maximize our tactical awareness so as to make decisions, at all times, which exalt Self and Truth, defending against the eternal war being waged against each of us.
Philosophy and operational tactics must be melded as one, blended together to achieve an understanding of mind which directly translates to tactical decisions and to chosen tactical actions. The Superior approaches his existence via the harmonious melding of brilliant philosophical Truths and the amoral ideology of Self-exaltation via tactical decisions maximized to preserve Self, at all costs.
The right to personal vengeance is a sacred right, but it is no more important than the obligation to proactively seek to protect Self from the justified vengeance of others, even as you fully embrace the right of all victims to seek personal vengeance.
The following quote expresses this duality of mind, of understanding, of choice, and of action, with enigmatic clarity and accuracy:

“If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.”–Niccolo Machiavelli

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  1. There’s hardly a week that goes by where humans haven’t sought revenge for their torment and suffering. Children are always caught in the midst of it. It’s obvious that they are unconsciously aware of what they are doing and dismiss it as something else, like stress. Well, I know why. These tortured created victims are so filled with rage that they have to release it and can’t hold it in any longer. The rage outlets that society provides for them become useless after a while and loses it affect. Similar to that of a drug addict, where they have to increase their drug intake to get the same high as they did when they first used drugs. When that fails, they gravitate to a more potent drug to acquire that high and satisfy their urges. These rage outlets are only temporary fixes for the problems that humanity face, and in the long-run, humans realize that and how absurd life really is.
    Society doesn’t understand why these tortured victims are snapping; they tend to blame it on the victims and their actions, instead of the accumulation of their victimization. What do humans do when tragedy hits?they pray to their god in hopes that it won’t happen again, and life will get better. Nothing ever changes and these same problems continue to reoccur. Not surprising, humans are clueless and don’t understand why their fellow humans are going crazy. They know deep down that these crazy humans are reflections of them and they can’t stand that side of themselves being shown to them. These people are silently telling you, “look, we have some serious problems and something isn’t right with humanity” But, no, humans ignore them and overlook the forbidden truths as it flops in their laps. Life should not be a burden and no one should suffer. It’s really unnecessary, and humans should detest it.

    1. Well said. You have a good understanding and embrace of many of the more complex and difficult to accept Forbidden Truths. Congratulations on possessing and developing a courageous and Superior mind, capable of recognizing, understanding, and accepting Forbidden Truths as they are.

  2. Life is meaningless considering the illusions of achievement, money, wealth, education and status that defines humanity. It makes no sense to engage in the total nonsense of achieving these things, because when one dies they wouldn’t have achieved anything. All it does is causes additional stress and increased rage in humans. Don’t they see how absurd it is, and that it causes more harm than good? Life is nothing more than competition and frustration and pits humans against each other, where one wants what the other has. The “haves and the have nots”. The so-called rich and the poor. Both are equally victims, but the latter doesn’t know that

    1. To embrace the Forbidden Truths of every existence being utterly and absolutely pointless and meaningless, and the reasons why, requires a level of courage, insight, rationality, and sanity, which the typical human being is utterly incapable of achieving. The competitions and relentless comparisons against each other which humans engage in, represent just one of hundreds of different artificialized reality perceptions built up and fetishized by humanity as a whole, and these artificialized reality perceptions very specifically serve an intended goal of cloaking and extinguishing from conscious awareness, this exact Forbidden Truth, and many others.
      Humanity dwells behind and within a wall of delusions which it has chosen to build and to maintain. There is no greater or more accurate illustration of pure cowardice, than this factual reality.

  3. I agree, SEER. Life is not easy and never gets better no matter how humans are convinced that there is sunshine at the end of the rainbow. This is “Madhouse” indeed, and humans are running around like chickens with their heads chopped off. Humanity is CRAZY! Life is an ongoing battle, and everyone puts up a fight just to exist

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