Surreality In Full Bloom On October 1, 2015

A tortured child, 26 years old, victim of universal child abuse, expresses to the world the Truth that he is a victim of universal child abuse. But nobody will say he is a victim of universal child abuse. Everyone demonizes him, the victim. Everyone says he is bad, evil, mentally ill. Everyone blames him, everyone blames inanimate objects, everyone blames the internet, everyone blames his online chat friends.
But nobody will say that he is a victim of child abuse. Nobody will say that they are to blame, that the president is to blame, that the government is to blame, that parenthood is to blame, that every adult who props up this diseased and doomed society, is to blame. A universal conspiracy that nobody has to conspire to carry out. And why not?? Because Truth is dead. Nobody wants Truth, nobody cares about Truth, nobody is capable of articulating Truth.
The right of every adult to destroy every child, must be protected and preserved. This is the hive mind at work today and tonight, at work in every journalist, every politician, every social commentator, every agent and every representative of the hive mind.
And yet the Truth is so clear, so obvious, so undeniable: A victim of child abuse expressed the Truth of his victimization today, at Umpqua Community College. A victim of child abuse. But nobody will acknowledge that he was and is and will always be a victim of child abuse.
The surreality of humanity, in full bloom, today.
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