Subconscious Psychological Desires Dictate The Fate of Humanity

What is desire? It is what the human thinks and believes himself to want and need.
What is the subconscious? It is the motivational force behind all collective choices humanity makes, individually and more importantly, at least in the context of this essay, collectively, minus all open, sentient awareness.
When you combine subconsciousness and desire, as it exists within a mentally deranged species, you get choices made that are impossible to justify, with utterly no insight to the need to justify them. You get what humanity is today: Hopelessly doomed, with no ability to recognize its reality to be so, much less to understand and know why it is so.
Let’s briefly dissect a few of the most universally pervasive subconscious desires of the human:
Hatred of self: The human believes he deserves to suffer, therefore he seeks out suffering, he insists upon creating and supporting a society within which he is subjected to relentless, ongoing victimization.
Suicidal ideation: The human wants to die, he desires death as the reward he is given for enduring an undesired, unfulfilling life. Death is a subconscious craving, and so he refuses to even try to defeat it. He pretends to be devoted to finding cures for diseases that are merely the symptoms of the actual disease of death. He does this to ensure he dies, to ensure that nothing will prevent him from attaining this desire.
Hatred of others: The human is subconsciously consumed by hatred of others. He desires them to suffer and to be harmed. He channels and directs this hatred in ways that allow him to deny this desire, to create Self-delusions of moral, legal, philosophical justification for the suffering he is in Truth directly responsible for causing others to endure.
Moral purity: The human desires to perceive himself as kind, caring, morally benevolent towards others, even as he is filled with sadistic desire to harm them, to both cause and witness their suffering. And so he engages in activities which allow him to maintain the delusion he is kind and caring, as he actually inflicts harm and pain.
To feel loved: One of the strongest of subconscious desires is to feel loved. Not to be loved, but merely to feel loved. This desire can only be satiated via external projection of deception: To get another living thing to act towards him in such a way that he can successfully lie to himself, convince himself, that the living thing loves him.
To be enslaved: Physically and mentally, the human subconsciously desires slavery and bondage. He desires to be ordered and commanded, he desires to have his choices limited and controlled. He desires to be forced to do things, compelled by others, individuals and structures, to serve their demands.
To project the illusion of a better future: Seeking a better future requires the abdication of a better NOW. It is the ultimate act of masochistic Self-hate, cloaked within subconscious desire.
Sacrificing now for the future, allows all the masochistic Self-hate to be consciously denied, it provides the perfect excuse: “I must suffer now, so things will be better later on…”
To destroy the world: Everywhere you see the manifestations of this universal subconscious desire. From the child who deliberately steps on an ant, to the wealthy homeowner who insists on placing his recyclables into the wrong garbage container, to those who support thermonuclear weapons and technology. Everyone wants to play a part, big or small, in helping to destroy worlds, the worlds of Self-universe, as demonstrated by the ant steppers, the natural universe, and the human universe as a whole.
These are just a few examples of how the subconscious desires of humanity have turned planet earth into a torture chamber for all living things. And yet nobody is addressing this issue. Of course not! How could they? If the issue were addressed, the collective subconscious would be uncloaked.
And here you see the devastating impact of Truth being dead to humanity. Truth is dead! Nothing ever needs to be seen or understood for what it is. All of existence is built upon a collective platform of mass delusion. Nothing needs to be acknowledged, uncloaked within the rational mind. Subconscious desire determine everything humanity does, every collective choice, but not only can the choices never be questioned within the light of Truth, but the very fact of subconscious desire being the foundational force behind it all, never needs to be perceived by anyone, individually or collectively.
You can only blame yourselves for this horrific predicament. The collective you, what you do as a reflection of what you are, reflecting what you cannot see, because you refuse to see it: The conscious dwelling in forever fear of the subconscious, the conscious seeing only what the subconscious will allow it to see.
I see you, humans. And what do I see? I see the mental derangement of a species too deranged to see itself as it is. I see the iron hand gripping your minds, compelling you to do as you do. I see within you, what you can never see within yourselves.
Perception is everything. You perceive to see yourselves, but you do not. And from this starting point, nothing you choose to do can ever be grounded within the light of Truth. Everything is in shadows, the desires of the universally broken mind determining every aspect of the present and future, within constant, universal mindlessness.
How can you know what you do, when you cannot know why you are doing what you do?
It is easy to blame psychologists and psychiatrists, to say it is their job to bring the subconscious to light. But how can they? They serve humanity, they are employed and deployed to create an illusion of legitimacy for the status quo, not to expose the universal charades upon which you base your deranged universe of reality perception.
Whoever attempts to expose the subconscious of humanity, to humanity, will be destroyed by humanity.
Because to Truthfully see yourselves as you are is to experience an unbearable psychological collapse. The consciously aware exposure of the Forbidden Truths of subconscious desire, as I have just briefly illuminated in this essay, is too much for the human mind, diseased and deformed genetically and environmentally, to bear.
Blinded by the light, what delicious irony, for the Superior, gazing sadistically with his Alien Eye. The sadism is more ideological than it is emotional, of course, as befits a Superior.
In the modern era of human existence, only one philosophical “movement” has attempted to try to peel back the cloak of human subconscious desire, in terms of how it has, is, and will shape all human choices, thereby determining the destiny of humanity. This philosophical movement is called “Psychohistory: The Science of Historical Motivation.”
The Psychohistory movement is fatally flawed. It does NOT expose or reveal the Forbidden Truths of human subconscious desire, as I have just done within this brilliant essay. It is the inferior attempt of an inferior species to gaze in upon itself, without having successfully rejected and transcended its humanity.
But still, it is the only branch of psychology or psychiatry to possess any degree of functional, Truth-based validity. Not because it successfully exposes Truth, but because it tries to. This is why almost none of you have ever even heard of Psychohistory. It is the hidden, bastard stepchild of the mental health industry, and for this reason it is worthy of our analysis and consideration, those of us who seek to reject and transcend our humanity, and to uncloak the actual Forbidden Truths of human existence.
You can start here:
I do not promote psychohistory. I promote the Superior dissection of psychohistorical theories and texts, within the light of Forbidden Truth as I have revealed it to be within My texts. Psychohistory is the failed attempt by broken humans to perform mind surgery upon themselves, they cannot see themselves as they are, because they remain mentally crippled, on a personal level, by the collective weight of the very past, the very history, that psychohistory attempts to expose.
So, to the advanced scholar of Forbidden Truth: Understand that there is value in contemplating psychohistorical theories and texts, to gain bridge insights to the Forbidden Truths of subconscious desire, as they have historically shaped human behavioral choices and the development of deranged structures such as universal child abuse, the universal slavery of government, the psychological terrorism and death worship that is religion, etc…
Some texts are here:
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