Still More Forbidden Truths on Killing Others

This blog post is a follow-up to two previous blog posts in which I dissect the individual right to kill others. I strongly suggest that before you read this blog post, you either read or re-read both of My previous posts, because the Forbidden Truths expressed previously, lay the groundwork for the additional Forbidden Truths revealed here.
The first blog post is here:
And the second, following up on the first, is here:
Please note that all of My comments below will appear in bold and non-italicized text, while the emailed questions/comments which I am choosing to address, appear in light and italicized text. This is being done to ensure there is no confusion as to the brilliant insights of Truth which I am delivering.
The right to kill is validated by the motivation and need to kill. Any individual who feels compelled to kill, proves by the very compulsion that he has already been killed, on some level. He is a victim of murder, killing others is simply an honest, although usually misdirected, reflection of the murder he has Himself experienced, as victim.
“Sure, but being killed on one level is different from being killed totally and completely, no?”
The societal choice and decision to cause an individual to be murdered, on any level, bestows upon that individual the reflective and True Reality right to murder others, on any level. There must be no inhibition of action on a personal level, inspired by any external imposition of right, freedom, entitlement, or moral code, because all such rights, freedoms, entitlements, and morality codes are invalid and hypocritical. Society and government sponsors the absolute destruction of each and every one of us.
“I’d much rather have my spirit murdered, than to have my entirety eliminated.”
The issue is not what you want, the issue is personal entitlement to reflect, on the part of every created victim. Do not forget, humanity as a whole is collectively guilty of sponsoring the universal harm and murder which all children and adults are subjected to.
“And if they want to reflect their pain accurately, wouldn’t they kill someone on the same level they have been killed?”
All reflections of personal trauma are valid, and must be respected and honored. The only legitimste way to deny an individual the right to choose if, when, and how to reflectively harm others, is to proactively prevent him from experiencing the harm and personal trauma which inspires his desire and need to reflect the harm and personal trauma he has already experienced.
“And why does that individual being murdered deserve to be killed like that?”
If he exists as a member of society, as 99.999999999% of all humans do, he has no right to be externally protected from harm, because he is guilty of sponsoring the universal harm and destruction of all living things. If he has transcended his humanity and does notexist as a member of society, he will Himself proactively reject external protection from harm, in recognition that just as he himself possesses a True Reality right to harm others, as created victim, he must respect and honor the right of others to try to harm/destroy him.
“If someone came up to Me with intent to murder Me, I would not care one bit what they’ve been through, I would not allow them to terminate Me.”
Of course not. Neither would I. Nothing that I have said, in any way suggests the right of an individual to personally destroy any living thing which attempts to destroy him, is negated. Certainly not. The right of others to try to harm and destroy you, is a right to try. He has the True Reality right to try to harm/destroy you, and you have the True Reality right, far more than a right, an absolute obligation to Self, to try to deny, thwart, and repel his individual True Reality right to harm/destroy you. And of course if you happen to harm/destroy him while attempting to thwart his True Reality right to harm/destroy you, this is inherently justified on every level.
But, what you do not have the right to do, is to deploy society and government to try to protect you from being harmed/killed by individuals seeking to reflect their True Reality, in terms of authorizing their punitive punishment by the state, via arrest, police intervention, monetary fine, confinement inside a locked cage, etc… You have no such right because the state is guilty and responsible for their victimization, not to mention your past, present, and future victimization. You betray both Self and Truth if you authorize your greatest enemy and destroyer, to “protect” you from being harmed by a specific individual, even as this same structure is guilty not only of having harmed him, but of harming you as well, in the past, present, and future.
Do you understand? As a Superior, you must protect and defend Yourself from harm, at all costs. Even as an inferior, you absolutely possess this right and Self-obligation, unquestionably. But at the same time you have no right to deploy your victimizer and destroyer: government or any of its functional structures, to protect you from being harmed by any individual, or to impose any type of punishment upon any individual who might harm or kill you as part of his True Reality reflections.
“It wasn’t even the murder target that caused the person direct harm, it was the social structure. Shouldn’t murder then only be directed against those guilty, not victims of society just like the murderer?”
We are all victims of society and government. Police, soldiers, executioners, hunters, presidents, we are all victims. Choosing to align with your destroyer by becoming a pig or soldier or leader of a government, does not negate your victimhood status. Every victim of the organized injustice of society and government, possesses an unlimited True Reality right to reflect. Attempting to control and direct and judge which reflections might be morally or ethically more justified than other reflections, makes a mockery of the Forbidden Truth that we ourselves are victims of the absolute lack of all morality and ethics under which universal child abuse, universal victimization, and universal injustice as sponsored by society and government, occur.
As long as humanity as a whole chooses to sponsor universal injustice against all, human beings cannot attempt to individually judge the appropriateness of any reflective act of True Reality harm or killing. The only moral mandate humanity can claim, is to proactively prevent living things from being harmed, victimized, traumatized. You cannot go back, in hindsight, and attempt to censor, deny, or direct in any way, the right of those who are already victims of this universal injustice, to choose their targets and methods of achieving cathartic vengeance.
The following paragraph is My text from a previous blog post, necessary to leave here in order to provide context:
Because it is an accurate reflection. Because all personal trauma is uniquely experienced by every victim, and the victim who chooses to kill is outing himself as a murder victim, even if he possesses no capacity to consciously understand and agree to this Truth.
“Define accurate?”
He who has been victimized, and understands himself to be a victim, has the True Reality right to try to victimize others as he and he alone deems appropriate. He who has been abused, and understands himself to be a victim of abuse, has the True Reality right to try to abuse others. He who has been traumatized, and understands himself to be a victim of trauma, has the True Reality right to try to traumatize others. All these rights can carry no external restrictions, and they exist as rights, not as obligations. This is accurate reflection. It has no further regulation/restriction, such as who may be harmed, or how they may be harmed.
“And if personal trauma is uniquely experienced, what if even after family unit and government is abolished and peace is achieved, that people will find those conditions personally traumatic? Will murder still be justified even after the government and society become sane (if that’s even possible)? People will likely find a new standard for trauma, and the cycle might begin again.”
The right to reflect personal trauma cannot be negated. Mandatory Parental Competency Testing would prevent those who need to cathartically reflect their child abuse upon children, via parenting, from doing so. But the cathartic, True Reality abuse and killing of children and adults will still occur, and must always be respected and honored. This does not mean you cannot try to defend yourself on an individual level. It does mean that no type of punitive punishment or judicial/moral judgment can be rendered against individuals who harm or kill.
As I outline within My Manifesto, an absolutely benign form of movement limitation, in which individuals who have killed and harmed others are given unlimited access to violent material, a large and private residence, and absolutely no requirement to perform labor or otherwise “contribute” to society, might be useful in limiting and minimizing harm and murder, but such a system must be void of all punitive punishment, and can never be instituted unless and until government and society has terminated all proactive abuse, victimization, and forced trauma, not merely child abuse, but perversions such as forced labor as well.
Punitive punishment of individuals can never and will never be justified. Any such punishment would constitute the initiation of a cycle of abuse, victimization, and trauma, by society/government, regardless of any other reforms which may be instituted. The first wave of reform must include the total elimination of all organized societal punishment.
When you embrace all Forbidden Truth, you understand that murder is always, everywhere, surrounding each of us. How many murders are being committed every single day in your name, by your society and government, if you live as a citizen-slave? And even more primarily, each of us is being actively murdered in real-time, each day, every moment, by the proactive refusal of society and government to allow and to fund technological immortality research and development. We are all murder victims, and murder is being carried out on our behalf, to satiate our suppressed and denied homicidal rage, all of the time.
“Again, if society and government stop killing others and stop oppressing, will that make murder unjustifiable, given society’s newfound sanity?”
It will never be possible to ensure that 100% of the human population is protected from abuse, harm, trauma, and victimization. After all reforms which I outline have been instituted, the True Reality right of the tiny minority who are victims of abuse, harm, trauma, and victimization, to abuse, harm, and kill others, must be respected and honored. Honoring this right proves the evolution of the species, and in Truth, many of these victims would choose not to exercise their True Reality right, in conscious understanding that their society did not intentionally and deliberately sponsor their abuse, trauma, victimization.
Many would be inspired to find non-violent ways to cope with their justified rage and hate, ways that do not directly harm/kill others, and society would embrace an obligation to help them find and embrace such ways. Examples would be making available unlimited types of child pornography to those who desire it, and creating realistic virtual reality simulations of causing suffering and death to others, via use of computers, robots, mannequins, etc… But the absolute standard of no punitive punishment must always be maintained. The few who will harm/kill others must be openly honored as being great victims, worthy of pure mercy, great apology, and absolutely benign treatment on all levels.
The following two paragraphs are My text from My previous blog post, provided here to establish context:
No living thing has the right to live. This is a societal decree and mandate. My right to live is decreed invalid, by the public policy mandates of society and government. Yet this same society and government turns around and attempts to convince Me to adopt and embrace insane moral and ethical standards regarding respect for life, even as it rejects My very right to life?? No, hypocrisy does not stand in the world of Forbidden Truth.
If My life, both in terms of child abuse/trauma/victimization, and the actual, eternal termination of existence, is decreed worthless by the society that is murdering Me, that will murder Me, there is no way any society can even dream of trying to convince Me to respect and honor the lives of others.”
“I agree with what you are saying here, but could you please elaborate on the exact ways society decrees that nothing has the right to live?”
Society sponsors the universal death of all living things. Society refuses to pursue immortality research. Society has created the family unit structure in order to perpetuate and legitimize death. Society decrees the life of every newborn to be absolutely worthless, by enslaving him at random to his biological creators. Society chooses to proactively murder womb-trapped children. Society chooses to conduct war, the deliberate murder of strangers by strangers. There are 100 more specific examples, but I have already provided them in My texts.
The following paragraph is a repeat of My past blog post on this issue, provided for context:
Now, this being said and understood, killing others is not something that the Superior thinker should take lightly. It should not be emotion-based, nor should it occur as knee-jerk reaction, nor should it be undertaken in any way that betrays Truth or Self.
“If that is so, then what is to be said for folks who do kill as a knee-jerk reaction or out of emotion?”
That they are inferiors, in comparison to Superiors. But still far less inferior than those who merely harm and destroy themselves. And that their right to True Reality reflection is in no way impacted by their failure to achieve personal Superiority. Their victimhood status is the same as that of any Superior, and they must be treated as absolute victims, not as perpetrators of anything “wrong”, and as always, the only obligation that exists is upon society and government, to terminate the victimization of human beings.
Again, next paragraph is My quote from My previous blog post:
No. Injustice may not be externally measured, and neither may trauma. The suffering of every individual belongs to him. Or her. Only he, or she, may measure it, and only he may determine what constitutes accurate reflection of this trauma. Additionally, go back to My earlier revelation of Truth, and understand that each of us is being actively murdered, and that the destruction of the individual occurs on many levels other than physical death. Many victims of child abuse and other direct trauma, if they are courageous enough to face up to their own consciousness, absolutely “feel” that a part of them has been murdered. And the reason I place the word feel in quotations, is because it is not a “feeling”, part of them HAS been murdered.
“If injustice cannot be externally measured then how can we stop it?”
You engaged in the perverse act of attempting to judge the degree of injustice experienced by others, in decreeing: “Since death is the greatest injustice, the injustice of being murdered far outweighs the injustice of being traumatized, right?” Death is the greatest injustice I can be subjected to. This is My judgment, imposed upon Self. You prevent injustice by understanding that it can only exist as a Self-judgment. You prevent harm by defining harm as it is: “The experience of the individual, of being harmed”, not by attempting to judge what you might do to others, as potentially causing them harm. All experiences are internal. Within this Truth, and only within this Truth, can abuse, victimization, harm, suffering, trauma, and yes, “injustice”, be accurately defined.
“If injustice is for the individual to judge, then isn’t it logically true that those who claim that an injustice has never occurred to them are rightful and correct in their judgement, even as we see the harm being done to them?”
You cannot accurately judge your own victimhood status when you are born into and enslaved by a society that sponsors the universal victimization of all, and then uses lies, brainwashing, indoctrination, propaganda, and terrorization to compel individual allegiance to the very structure which is inflicting this universal victimization. It is the matrix of social illusion which guarantees the perpetuation of universal injustice, by destroying the capacity of all individuals to recognize themselves as victims of universal injustice.
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