Staying Ahead of the Censors

I just had to update the direct links to the 22 minute uncensored ISIS immolation video of Muath al-Kaseasbeh, because the original link was censored and removed from the internet. How is that for the freedom that you perverse hypocrites claim to so value and fight to defend? With no shame, the breaking news content of the most important and popular news story of the day is deliberately censored by western media and western governments, who are enaging in a war against ISIS based upon the idea that freedom must be protected and defended. But these same regimes are denying you the freedom to simply view a video on the internet, and of course completely refusing to show it on any television station!
So, in Truth you are desperately trying to preserve censorship and thought and image control, by supporting a war against ISIS. You are spitting in the face of freedom, and honoring your slavemasters for withholding Truth from you. Shame on you all, for supporting a war against fellow torture victims, instead of recognizing your True mandate to declare war upon censorship and the regimes which sponsor it!
I updated the direct links to My existing two blog posts so you can once again correctly view this video, and the perverse censorship of the west now gives Me a perfect reason to make this third blog post, providing a working link yet again. Being a thoughtful creature, I will also advise the impatient that the actual burning alive of Muath starts at the 17:55 minute mark of the video:
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