Stalking, Then and Now

Once upon a time, I was a dedicated, daily stalker, out there in the real world, right amongst you humans, despite My hard-core misanthropy. I stalked females, or to be more specific, their sore, aching, deformed, feet.
On weekdays, particularly late afternoons and evenings, I went to busy train and bus stations, I went to downtown areas with large office buildings, I went to large shopping malls, and I used to go inside of multiple pharmacies, spending time by the foot care products aisle, or Dr. Scholl’s section, as I called it. Even post offices and banks, I would check if there was a long line of standing females I could join and watch from behind.
On weekends, I went to parades and walkathons, automobile shows and other trade conventions, and tourist gathering spots.
My hunt was for females suffering from foot pain, limping in high heels, easing agonized feet out of their shoes, applying a band-aid or corn pad to their feet, stoically trying to conceal their agony…

As a female foot pain stalker, I carried no camera or video recorder. My eyes were my camera, and my brain was my recorder. Every successful stalking incident, and I averaged 2-3 per day/night, was committed to my perfected memory, to result in multiple masturbatory climaxes, that very night as well as days, weeks, months, years, and decades into the future.
Of course the erotic appeal of each encounter varied, and I consciously categorized each to a different level of memory importance, so that the most erotic would remain absolutely crystal clear in memory, even decades later. Today, right now, is decades later, and I am so proud and pleased with Myself, that My memories of these incidents, 25-35 years later, are just as vivid and life-like and pleasure-producing, as the day they occurred.
These days, I no longer actively go out to female foot stalk. I only stalk opportunistically, when I am already, unfortunately, forced to go out amongst you humans, for other reasons.

Why have I stopped actively stalking females to satisfy my #FemaleFootPainFetish? Because my memory bank is rich & full. The many thousands of personally viewed direct encounters exist in perfect clarity within my Superior mind. I can recall and replay them all at my will, and cause them to excite Me sexually to a maximum degree: The full-fledged climax.
This is power of mind, this is the exaltation of Self, rooted within the lifelong, conscious development of a healthy brain, a brain freed of external constraints, a brain customized by its owner, to serve its owner.
Always I have been a misanthrope. But I had to compromise back then, to serve all of my True Reality needs. Thankfully, no longer, at least not in this regard.
What also delights Me is that, thanks to Youtube & the internet, and the True Reality of other #FemaleFootPainFetishists, I can now go along with them, on their stalks, from the comfort of my isolated fortress, as I add to my untouchable, fetishistic mindscape.

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