Spaying and Neutering: The Murder of Natural Instinct

Watch the video below, it shows a Superior life form, a Superior species, enslaved and imprisoned by humans for their amusement and use as Poison Containers, being subjected to genital and mind mutilation by humans, diseased and deranged, who love to impose their deformed perceptions of what is right and good and normal, upon children, animals, every sentient life form they are beneath.
The spaying and neutering of animals by humans is a crime and an attack upon natural instinct. Humans support and undertake this barbarism because their own natural instinct is crippled and deformed, a reflection of the birth defect status of their brains, as well as the lifelong external caging, terrorization, suppression, and neutering of their own natural instinct by society and government.
Sex is so much more than mating and breeding. Sexual arousal is a MindPower you pathetic humans cannot even begin to understand, yet you rationalize destroying it in Superior species?! You monsters!
Adult humans destroy the potential of other life forms to thrive, in reflection of their own destruction. The ideological decision by modern era humanity that robbing animals of their genitals, destroying their capacity to attain and achieve sexual pleasure and climax, is a moral and benevolent act, perfectly illustrates and demonstrates the mental deformation of the species as a whole, a species for whom Truth, natural instinct, rationality, and deductive reasoning skills are all hopelessly crippled and deformed.
The worthlessness of every individually autonomous human life, is affirmed by the worthlessness humanity chooses to decree and impose upon every individually autonomous animal life. Reflective justice requires every human being have his genitalia removed, with an end result of species extinction.
Look at the video, before and after. A Superior life form, vibrant and mind-alive, mutilated and left mind-damaged by the collective malice and dysfunctionality of the human brain.
The entire concept of pet possession and animal ownership is perverse and absurd, as I have comprehensively articulated in past essays. Only a species hopelessly trapped within universal slavery, and profoundly brain damaged within organic and external trauma levels, could find ways to justify and rationalize caging the bodies and minds of animals via “domestication” and ownership.
The crimes against nature of spaying and neutering, are merely an extension of the universal contempt for nature, for freedom as it must be Truthfully defined, and for all individual life, inherent within the human experience of existence as a defective and brain damaged species, reflecting outward the need to destroy other species of life, for psychological catharsis.

All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Take a look at this website.
    This website promotes the responsible care of intact, vasectomized, ovary sparing spayed (OSS), and tubal ligated cats. It raises awareness for the potential health and behavioral risks, effects, and complications of spaying and neutering, especially when done early (before sexual maturity or at 6 mos) or when done on a kitten. This group also discusses cultural attitudes around the world toward and ethics surrounding the spaying and neutering cats as well as TVR (Trap Vasectomize Return) and TVHR (Trap Vasectomize Hysterectomize* Return) instead of TNR (Trap Neuter Return) on community cats where sterilization is needed.
    Hormonally Intact and Responsible: Cats:
    * Also called ovary sparing spay (OSS)

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