Social media is the epicenter of government censorship

The more social a media platform is, the more likely it will be censored. This is an important Forbidden Truth for the 21st century class of citizen-slaves to understand. A website is quite unsocial, and even a potentially interactive blogging platform such as wordpress, is far less social than facebook and twitter. The capacity of a Superior to reach out to an audience via dynamic, real-time messages of Truth, threatens the universal matrix of illusion that sustains government. For this reason, usa regime overtly coerced twitter, facebook, youtube, as well as other highly social medias, to delete all of the uncensored beheading videos of James Foley, Steven Sotloff, and David Haines.
Perhaps WordPress will delete this blog, because I posted links to the three uncensored beheading videos, but the odds are much greater that facebook would delete My account if I did the exact same thing on their platform. And they may well do so anyway, because I posted a LINK to My WordPress post, on facebook.
government is determined to overtly control social media, and to use it as a propagandizing weapon, exactly as it has successfully done with television. Television broadcasts are directly censored, via both the FCC and the fact that every television network is controlled by a wealthy citizen-slave who is extricably tied into the societal matrix. The internet is censored on a second level platform, meaning that it is more difficult to prevent Truth from being stated, so there is more emphasis on extinguishing it by suspending and deleting individual accounts, if and when they become too popular, and if/when the message being delivered is deemed to pose a significant threat to a developing goal or agenda of a government.
usa regime has a strong interest in not allowing millions of tortured, homicidally enraged young people to become enthralled with the prospect of being able to cut the heads off members of their own society. Allowing uncensored beheading videos to be openly and widely viewed by amerikkkan and british citizen-slaves WOULD increase support for ISIS, and inspire more slaves to reject the amerikkkan way of life and try to join up with ISIS. This, in and of itself, is NOT the primary fear of these western regimes. Rather, the fear is that the general public as a whole might come to realize these “traitors” are correct and right on target, in successfully recognizing their own regime as their greatest oppressor, enemy, and terrorizer.
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  1. Glad to see you’re revealing Truth again. This post was great. The internet and social media’s are only “free and uncensored” when material government wouldn’t want out there is “under the radar” so to speak. Once things are on the surface and people know about it government will immediately step into action. Tor and the deep web are a great example of this. It was a bastion of freedom from censorship, government, money, market control until the masses became aware. Government is all over it now, and the potential for for the alternate currencies it offered went right out the window.
    I won’t get my hopes up to much about your blog staying up but I think there’s a certain theory in play here. WordPress is less social meaning that people would be going out of their way to find the content offered in it to much more of a degree than twitter. Some random twat coming across the videos like the one who reported you on twitter is much less likely to come across the videos on here especially since your blog is so new. At some point these videos will also become “old news” and government and admins would be less likely to bluntly step in, but of course they’ll probably be some other video that will get you banned.
    Man that was so much easier than 140 character texts blocks. Great start to the blog though and best of luck with it.

    1. Congratulations on being the very first commentator in the universe, to My newest platform of Forbidden Truth revelation.
      You are free to say and do whatever you wish, as long as what you are saying or doing has no significant impact upon any of the existing diseased slave structures of society and government. This is the blatantly obvious lie and illusion, that the sheeple who enjoy pretending they are free still manage to ignore and dismiss.
      Money is an integral weapon of all governments, and nothing which directly threatens the stranglehold of universal slavery that money imposes, is allowed to stand. That said, we must be careful to always maintain awareness that alternative currency sources, such as the bitcoin, do not represent Truth-based emancipation from the monetary currency system. In the distant future, it is possible governments will allow alternative forms of currency to become widely used, as integrated within the existing paper currency system. Such an integration will not provide any of the valid benefits of a Barter and Trade economy, and will only serve to appease brainwashed slaves via yet another useless illusion of reform.
      I never have any hopes with regard to human behavior and conduct, and I have nothing invested in this blog remaining online. I am always, only communing with Myself. You cannot harm Me, by destroying the Truths I reveal, because all Truth resides within Me, and My mind is externally untouchable.
      If you do some research on twitter, you will find that the ceo of twitter tweeted a warning that he would suspend users who tweeted links to these beheading videos, a short time after twitter enacted a new “term of service” banning the posting of pictures of “dead people”. See this URL:
      usa regime admits it terrorized and coerced twitter, facebook, and youtube to suspend accounts of anyone who posted links to the beheding videos. Open admission of censorship, directly by the government, and nobody cares, the slaves cheer as they are preventing from seeing and hearing the last, dying words of their fellow slaves, even as their government uses these beheadings to propagandize support for genocide.
      And, in an interesting detail, Liveleak, based in the UK, HAS removed the uncensored James Foley beheading video, after promising it would NOT do so, only that it would not allow future posting of westerners being beheaded. This occurred after the third beheading, of the british citizen-slave. Clear and obvious terrorization by western regimes, usa and uk, upon their own medias. I spent two hours searching online yesterday, before I could find a new link, on Vimeo, to make My very first post with direct links to all three uncensored beheadings.
      Yes, a 1 million word limit suits Me much better than a 140 character limit. The only thing I miss from twitter is the breaking news tweets. I used to enjoy having CNN on in the background for hours, but in recent years it has gotten too irritating to My Superior sensibilities.
      Thanks for the good wishes!
      The Seer of Forbidden Truth

      1. Feels good to be first. I figured lgrace would have beat me to it.
        “That said, we must be careful to always maintain awareness that alternative currency sources, such as the bitcoin, do not represent Truth-based emancipation from the monetary currency system. In the distant future, it is possible governments will allow alternative forms of currency to become widely used, as integrated within the existing paper currency system. ”
        Totally agree, but almost anything is great when you escape from the suffocating federal reserve system. That being said it has always been ripe for exploitation from government and other authoritarian system(like investment firms). One day alternative currencies may be allowed but it will not happen until entrenched business groups realize that they can make money from it, and I reckon it will be even worse than the current system.
        Thanks for the link it made for an interesting read. The tagline made me chuckle “Social media companies are seeking to maintain free speech while banning terrorist content.” The average american must be stupider than I thought to look at that and think it makes sense.
        ” I used to enjoy having CNN on in the background for hours, but in recent years it has gotten too irritating to My Superior sensibilities. ”
        Tell me about it. I used to enjoy watching CNN and other cable news to laugh at it, but now it’s just annoying and kinda irritating. I’ll never not enjoying looking at Erin Burnett tho

        1. Technically, lgrace did beat you, but the replies were not made within this WordPress platform, so technically they don’t count as direct replies. So you still win.
          I understand your position regarding the federal reserve system, but a great defect of humanity is in agreeing to settle for the lesser of two (or more) evils. And very often this lesser evil, in time, grows to become just as great an evil. Monetary currency is a tool of universal human enslavement, and subverting one “system” within which the government controls how money is weaponized, does not and will not impact the Truth that as long as monetary currency and government exist, both remain potent, universally lethal weapons and will be used to extract a lifetime of slavery, and impose an eternity of nothingness, upon every human.
          Alternative currency systems must be rejected NOW. They must not be allowed to be presented or perceived as viable alternatives to the centralized federal reserve system. To do so represents yet another horrific error by the sheeple, on par with the african blacks rejoicing in their “emancipation” by usa regime, and amerikkkan women celebrating the “freedom” of being allowed to vote.
          The average amerikkkan is supremely stupid, and totally blind to all Truth. The True terrorist, of course, is the government structure which creates an enemy, then uses the actions of its created enemy to terrorize its own citizen-slaves into patriotic allegiance and obedience, and to agree to commit mass murder under cloak of nationalistic defense.
          As strength of mind increases, and for Me the maximization of MindPower is always reaching new heights, tolerance for the social stream of news media indoctrination and reality manipulation, diminishes.
          Erin was one of the few major media figures who directly interacted with Me on twitter, but this was just before her CNN show premiered, and she was trying very hard to get viewers. She even visited My Manifesto web site, but only very briefly, before fleeing… She’s cute, and I like Brooke Baldwin a lot too. But My favorite newsbabe is Savannah Guthrie. This photo is what vaulted her into first place. Live on air, standing on a towel, her painful high heeled sandals discarded by her side, and only the cameraman knew her secret, or so she THOUGHT:

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