Shameful CNN Coverage of AME church Massacre

It has now been about 16 hours since a lone gunman opened fire inside the Charleston Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church in South Carolina, successfully harvesting nine god worshipping addicts, before making a successful escape. Our newly minted mass murderer remains at large, and his specific identity is not yet being released by the media, even though Reuters news wire  is now specifically describing him as a “21 year old white male”. How can reuters know his exact age, if he has not been specifically identified? We see here yet another example of the news media, journalists who should have an absolute mandate to uncover and reveal Truth and facts, intentionally and deliberately concealing information from the public.
I am lucky enough to not have to perform slave labor today, and am therefore glued to CNN, which has established itself as the most influential and powerful news organization on earth, as of the early 21st century. In this blog post, one of several I will be making today on this specific event and the Forbidden Truths it reveals and expresses, I wish to emphatically condemn the utterly perverse and deranged nature of CNN’s news coverage of this church massacre.
Obviously, this is the #1 news story across all of amerikkka today. This church massacre provides a unique opportunity to the media and to all who consider themselves journalists, to tackle the issues of god addiction, the toxicity of religion, child abuse, victimization, and the like.
Instead, we have outrageous, perverse, impossible to justify, mentally deranged pandering by the media, to god addiction. CNN, supposedly an objective news reporting entity, is using this church massacre to both promote and legitimize religion. News anchors and reporters are literally decreeing, “All of us are praying for the victims of this terrible tragedy”. The unidentified harvester is being relentlessly demonized as an “evil monster”, instead of the clear and obvious victim of horrific abuse and injustice, that he is.
CNN is positioning this church massacre as an attack against “faith” and “religion”, and is proactively siding with faith and religion, betraying all Truth in the process. The Truth that no god creature exists, the Truth that religion is a toxic addiction of the mentally ill, mentally crippled, and the cowards who refuse to face up to the Forbidden Truths of physical death.
Religion and faith are being positioned as the actual victims, by CNN. This is done for the purpose of strengthening the insane god myth among all citizen-slaves throughout amerikkka. As always, the media puppetmasters are turning Truth upside down, as they serve their governmental overlords.
If humanity were sane, the immediate takeaway from last night’s Charleston South Carolina AME church massacre would be to openly and stridently question the existence of god, the impotence of god if he does exist, the uselessness of believing in or praying to god, and the universal harmfulness of religion as a social ritual, to be followed up by debate over whether religion itself should be decreed a mental illness, a form of child abuse, and new laws immediately proposed and instituted to protect all children from being subjected to this highly addictive and mental health destroying pathology of mind.
To those who wish to continue to follow this dynamic and breaking news event in real-time, but lack access to a television news station, I suggest this updating link:
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