Serial Murder: The Mirror Never Lies

Each of us is being murdered on a daily basis, in hundreds of different ways, dynamically and slowly, overtly and covertly, of body, of mind, of instinct and of potential. Every single day we are suffocated and strangled and stabbed and shot and drowned and buried in shallow and deep graves.
My respect and admiration for serial murderers goes far beyond the minute specifics of their chosen deeds of cathartic vengeance. It speaks to their courage and insight, very often not even consciously acknowledged or understood by them, of the reflective perfection of the serial murder process itself.
Those who embrace Forbidden Truth philosophy understand that there can be and there is no good or bad, no morality or immortality, when you exist as created, trapped slave within a matrix void of all benevolence and morality. Within this void, there is only accurate and inaccurate reflection. The military soldier inaccurately reflects his justified rage and hate, as does the abortion doctor, and even the animal hunter. It is the serial killer who accurately reflects his justified rage and hate, not with absolutely precise perfection, but within a scope of instinctual enlightenment which the vast majority of other murderers lack.
Each of us is being systematically murdered, from the day of our birth until the day we cease to exist for all of cosmic eternity. We do not die, we are being murdered. This understanding of Truth is profoundly important. Human beings, which collectively prop up the social structure guilty of our universal victimization and of our serial murder, are collectively guilty of both, even as they exist as created, broken torture victims. The select few individuals who serially murder as outsiders and outlaws, defying the laws which serve to terrorize all others to obedience, deserve our unconditional respect and admiration.
Does serial killing “solve” anything? No, of course not. But that is not a valid measurement of its legitimacy. The problems that humanity has chosen to create for itself, cannot be solved by humanity. It is too broken a species. Nothing can be legitimately measured by whether or not it solves any existing problem, because humanity exists as a Self-created series of endless problems, which it makes no Truth-based effort to even acknowledge, much less solve. It is this collective failure of the human species as a whole, which renders the outlaw serial killer a valid focus of singular respect.
At the bottom of this post I am providing a link to an article in today’s media, which purports to analyze why the average and typical human is fascinated by outlaw serial murder. It is important to understand that I am posting this article not because it provides useful or valid insights of Truth, but because it does the exact opposite: It props up the lies and illusions that serial murder is an abhorrent aberration, that its fascination to the general public is rooted within curiosity and an attempt to understand. This is totally incorrect.
The fascination of the general public with outlaw serial murder reflects the reality that on a deeply suppressed, subconscious level, each and every one of us knows, on instinctual and philosophical levels, that we ourselves have not merely a right, but a reflective obligation to ourselves, to commit serial murder, in reflection of the serial murder being committed actively and as reality, against each one of us, every single day.
Compounding this Truth, is the horrific reality that each of us is actively allowing ourselves to be serially murdered, constituting serial Self-suicide. We are literally murdering ourselves on a daily basis, in allowing ourselves to be murdered by the societies and governments which cage and enslave us.
The outlaw serial murderer understands, on some level, that humanity has rendered all life, worthless. Humanity has decreed his life to be worthless. Humanity has chosen to murder him on a daily basis. And so he stands up, he looks at Himself in the mirror, and with varying degrees of conscious recognition, he reflects. The mirror never lies, and that is why you will never see Me utter a single word of negative judgment towards any seeker of personal vengeance.
The only problem of the serial murderer is that he is such a rare bird, the one in a million who stands up and looks into the mirror seeking and finding Truth. The great irony is that human problems might actually become solvable if each of us embraced his own inner outlaw serial murderer. But no, serial Self-suicide is the chosen path of the masses of cowards. Millions of serial murderers of Self, for every one courageous outlaw serial murderer of others.
And so you destroy yourselves and each other, legally and with pride, on a collective level, as you demonize, condemn, and destroy the few who dare to show you the Truth of what you are. Your cowardice is shameful beyond all measure. And it is with absolute pride that I lavish respect and honor upon the outlaw serial killer, as I spit venom in the same breath upon the judgers and the punishers who betray themselves and all Truth.
You read articles like this, which pretend to offer you explanations of the appeal of the outlaw serial murderer, and you rationalize away your own homicidal rage, burying it deeper and deeper, denying its reflective perfection. You warp your own minds to choose serial suicide over serial murder, on a directly personal level, even as you never even acknowledge this Truth to Yourselves.
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  1. Inferiors don’t understand why there are serial killers. It’s really simple due to the fact, as you mention, how we all are murdered from the day of our birth until our deaths. Life is no easy feat considering what humans are subjected to on a daily basis: child abuse, slavery, ego attacks, and ongoing systematic abuse at the hands of our society. It’s only a matter of time when people will rebel in some form or fashion; and punishing them isn’t going to solve the problem because it is what causes it in the first place

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