Self-perception: Sabotaged by External Label

What are you? A mother? A daughter? A voter? A plumber? Wealthy? Poor? Male? Female? Young? Old?
Society and government impose thousands of different definitional labels upon every individual human, and every such label has the specific intent of controlling, limiting, and determining exactly how the individual perceives Himself. Every such label exists as a malevolent shackle upon the individual, and his pathetic inability to recognize the shackle as such, only renders the shackle that much more real and suffocating.
No externally imposed Self-defining label is valid. Are you not a man?? No! Because this societal label goes far beyond biological and physiological gender difference, it instructs, both overtly and covertly, what you are expected to do, the label is intended to maliciously manipulate your life path choices, in conjunction with your psychological, as well as ideological, perception of Yourself.
Every external label must be understood as a direct attack.
As A Superior, I overtly and consciously reject any and all external labels. As a Self-contained universe, I define Myself in every respect.
What am I? Victim. Martyr. Creation. Hater. Lover. Dead. Atheist. Anarchist. Misanthrope. Philosopher. Seeker and claimer of vengeance. Dissector of the human condition. Dying. Enraged.
All of My defining labels are Self-imposed, therefore they are Self-defined. No external definition can be applied. Your atheism has no bearing, no link, no connection, to My experience of being an atheist.
Inferiors who think they seek enlightenment might ask, why should I apply ANY labels to Myself, why not just pursue an absolutely free life path, by rejecting internal labeling, just as I reject external label imposition?
No! The Superior DOES define Himself. Refusing to apply Self-definition is just as harmful as embracing externally imposed Self-definition. It leaves you naked and vulnerable to external manipulation. It is the failed, inferior path.
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