Self-Love: Manifested by Me

Hello. I am a lover of Self. The purpose of this blog post is to dissect, on a very personal level, My current embrace of Self-Love as it manifests itself within Me. This blog post is directed towards an audience of one, it addresses Me, the only audience a fully bloomed lover of Self ever chooses to address.
How do I love Myself? Limitlessly, unconditionally, and with the full passion of a focused mind which cannot be externally deterred. Within My limitless and unconditional love of Self, I have fully realized and continue to consciously nurture on a daily basis, egotism, egoism, and narcissism. All three of these positive character traits are constantly glorified and strengthened, within the consciousness of understanding that they must be fully realized in order to successfully achieve and maintain love of Self.
My love of Self exists independent of what I am, of what I do, or of what others may say or do or think of Me, or of what I say, do, or think. The most glorious of all emotions, love, is what I hold within Myself, it cannot be accessed by any external source, such access is not now and will never be, permitted.
I do not love any other human being, any other living thing, or any inanimate object, with the conscious understanding that to do so would compromise the love of Self that I have created and that I consistently maintain. I do not direct any positive emotions of any kind upon any human beings, recognizing them as unworthy of such a personal extension of Self. I do direct positive emotions towards some other species of life, such as stray cats, in select circumstances that I maintain fully autonomous, intellectual control over. I do direct positive emotion towards the specific actions of others, only when such actions harmoniously intersect with My own independent True Reality, and only within the limits of full emotional control. I do direct positive emotion towards inanimate objects such as guns and female foot pain photos, recognizing and embracing a sacred right to nurture the obsessions that I have created within My Self-realized universe.
I Love Myself within a Self-contained fortress which cannot be externally penetrated. This fortress is strengthened on a daily basis, with every potential threat of breech, consciously acknowledged, analyzed, dissected, and destroyed. I love Myself within the fully realized Truth that no other living thing has ever been, is now, or can ever become capable of loving Me. I love Myself within the conscious understanding that I deserve limitless and unconditional love, and can only obtain what I deserve by bestowing limitless and unconditional love upon Myself.
My love of Self is overtly complimented by My hatred of others. I fully embrace not merely a personal right, but a Self-obligation, to hate others, and to direct negative emotions of every imaginable stripe, upon others. I fully understand that I am hated, on many different levels, both directly personal, and by massively impersonal social and governmental structures. I choose to embrace all hatred directed towards Me, and reflect it back against the external universe as a whole, with every fiber of My consciously realized strength of mind. My hatred is not narrow and discriminatory, but broad and all-encompassing, hurled with joyful glee at the external world, so that My internal universe always remains untouched, filled with the experience of Self-love.
I take time every day to physically express to Myself, the limitless and unconditional love I hold for Myself, understanding the cosmic tragedy and injustice of being forced to exist as a body, yet refusing, in the name of Self-love, to allow this injustice to negatively impact My full-spectrum experience of Self-love. Every day I commune with Myself via full-length mirror, allowing a mind-meld to occur in which the perfection of My body integrates to the perfection of My mind, creating a universe of perfection. I stare at Myself in the mirror, with the naked eyes of a naked mind that understands what is limitlessly precious, and what cannot be lost, absent physical death.
I lick Myself every single day, many, many times. Dozens of times minimum, often hundreds of times. Yes, lick. L-I-C-K. Not like, the word is lick. I lick Myself because it is a wonderful way to make manifest the link between body and mind, it is a perfect way to show and to reinforce love of Self. Licking the fingers, wrists, forearms, biceps, shoulders, and then smelling the skin, the unique scent of My body, altered via the application of saliva fluid, inhaled via nostril to be experienced as mind sensation. You should try it, inferiors.
I kiss Myself every single day, in so many different ways, each and every kiss unique in its perfection, reflecting the singularity of My mind and brain, each and every instant changing. No kiss can ever be experienced identically. Every kiss is infused by the power of My Self-directed mind, altering every instant so as to allow every kiss to be emotionally experienced in a unique way. I kiss My body, every single portion of My body, limited only by flexibility of limbs and shortness of lips. I recognize the tragedy of not being able to kiss My own eyelids, eyelashes, ears, sexual organ, nose, etc…, and therefore I respond by focusing extended lovemaking of mind, to those body parts My lips are unable to physically reach.
What I can reach with My lips, I kiss with pride and passion: Fingers, wrists, arms, thighs, knees calves, shoulders, hairs. My kisses are unreserved, the passion of an untouchable mind fully realizing and determined to express, love of Self. Never will I allow another human to kiss Me, or to in any manner indicate love towards Me. Such actions betray the foundational Forbidden Truths of what love is.
And finally, I masturbate. Oh yes I do. A lot. I masturbate to climax an average of 2.5 times during every 24 hour time period. This is My calculated average, going back numerous decades. And it does not include the many thousands of times I have masturbated to sexual arousal, but not climax. I have devoted great effort of mind to being able to achieve sexual climax at will of mind, limited only by physical exhaustion/depletion, recognizing the sexual climax as a premier way to express as manifest reality of body, the limitless and unconditional love I hold for Myself, as conscious mind.
Everything I have stated above is True and accurate. This is not a literary exercise, not a fictional construct. This is the reality of what I have successfully created and achieved as personal, daily experience of existence. Today, as every day, this has been My experience.
Are you jealous? Disgusted? Disbelieving? I don’t care. But I can tell you this, rooted within the conditional benevolence of knowing just how broken you creatures are: You should be jealous. You should be consumed by jealousy, and by rage. You should scream out the Truth: It is not fair that The Seer of Forbidden Truth experiences the glory of untouchable and unconditional Self-love, while I do not, and cannot. You should recognize and understand the cosmic tragedy of what has been done to you, of how you have been stripped of the capacity to meet your own needs, to give Yourself what no other living thing can ever give you: Self-love.
But you cannot do this. You cannot do this because you cannot face up to the Forbidden Truths of what was done to you, the Forbidden Truths of child abuse, or of what love itself actually is. You dwell within a matrix where illusions of love must be extracted from others. You suck the life out of others, by pretending to love them, in turn trying to force them to pretend to love you, so that you can imagine you are loved. But you are not loved. You are not loved, and you will never be loved, because you cannot love Yourself.
And once again, if humanity were sane, this blog post would be on the front page, printed in full, exactly as I have written it, of every newspaper in the entire world tomorrow morning. It would be hailed as the most revolutionary insight of Truth of the 21st century, a philosophy of mind that must be universally embraced, to transform completely every aspect of human existence.
But no, instead it will receive 3 or 4 Likes and then disappear to internet anonymity, as you diseased creatures wallow in the orgies of Self-hate and universal child abuse which doom you to near-term species extinction.
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