Self-Love is the Only Love

The single greatest personal triumph of Self and mind that I have achieved during My existence, has been the creation of limitless and untouchable love of Self. Since the age of six I have consciously sought to create and maximize the personal experience of Self-love, instinctually and intellectually recognizing this emotional state, in pure and unconditional form, to be the most valuable of all achievements of mind
There are many different Forbidden Truths that must be understood regarding Self-love, and in future blog posts I will be addressing and dissecting many of them. But My time is extremely limited right now, so I will only be covering the very first necessary starting point: To achieve limitless, unconditional, and untouchable love of Self requires that you abandon and renounce all efforts to love others, and that you proactively embrace your True Reality right to hate others. This statement must be carefully read and understood, and so I will dissect it in this blog entry.
Love is a positive emotion when appropriately directed, as is hatred, affection, empathy, and virtually all other emotions. The only emotional state that is, in and of itself, negative, is Self-hatred. Love, when appropriately directed, is the most positive of all emotions, and as such, the only appropriate direction of love is towards Self. There is no logical reason to direct love, the most positive of emotions, towards other living things. Love should always and only be Self-directed, so that it’s value is maximized and appropriately experienced.
Trying to love other living things is overtly harmful to you, because it compromises your capacity to properly nurture, expand, and maximize love of Self. If your True Reality so dictates, there is nothing inherently wrong or harmful in directing affection, empathy, or other, lesser versions of the emotion of love, towards others. But a conscious distinction must be made between love and these other emotions, and you must not attempt to love others.
Within this understanding, we must proactively embrace our absolute right to hate others, as our True Reality dictates, and to perceive all such hate as an overtly positive emotion. Why? Because it IS overtly positive. If we embrace our right to hate, and in response feel hatred, and direct this hatred upon others, our capacity to develop, sustain, and maximize love of Self, is gloriously enhanced. The important nuance to understand is that we must not try to convince ourselves to hate others. We must not adopt the mindset that we are obligated to hate others. Hatred of others must be proactively embraced as an absolute right, but not as an obligation we impose upon ourselves, or allow others to impose upon us.
Also integral to undertaking a successful journey to achieve limitless and unconditional Self-love, is to understand how and why Self-love is condemned, demonized, and ridiculed by society and by all cultures. Self-love directly threatens all aspects of the social matrix within which every human being is brainwashed, indoctrinated, and terrorized into agreeing to suffer, be harmed, and be oppressed. All societies and governments understand that the capacity and motivation of all individuals to achieve and embrace Self-love, must be brutally crushed. This is achieved first by misdefining what love is, and second, by brutally demonizing those who are not deterred by this misdefinition, and who continue to seek to achieve Truth-based Self-love.
Love is the newborn baby refusing to accept any attempt to harm him, lashing out as best he can, in the only way he can, against any irritation imposed upon him. Love is the newborn baby instinctually choosing not to suffer, even if it means every other living thing will be made to suffer horribly. Love is the natural instinct to personal omnipotence, consciously embraced. Love is the centering of the universe itself within the body and mind of Self, and then subordinating this captured universe to the specific will of what benefits Self.
To achieve limitless and unconditional Self-love is remarkably difficult. The earlier in life you begin the quest, the better chance you have of ultimately realizing this feat. The vast majority of adult humans cannot ever achieve such an emotional state, no matter how hard they may try, because they have been rendered hopelessly broken. This is one of the greatest tragedies of the human condition, and despite humanity being a genetically defective species, it is the overtly malevolent external environment, maliciously imposed upon every child from their moment of biological conception, which plays a far greater role in rendering Self-love a phantom illusion that humans cannot even find the strength to overtly seek and demand, much less to manifest as experienced reality.
To access many other Forbidden Truths on the nature and definitional parameters of love, you should read My Manifesto of Forbidden Truth essay on love, located here:
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  1. Beautiful! This is a very inspiring post and it makes perfect sense to love only oneself and no one else. Unfortunately, on this planet (the insane asylum) we are conditioned and taught to love others and neglect loving ourselves and that has negative effects on the ego. I guess, what I am trying to say is that when we focus on loving others, we are actually hating ourselves and that can create emotional rage. As a result of it, people resort to suicide because they feel worthless and hate themselves because they have invested in loving others and not themselves. Inferiors don’t understand why people commit suicide and do things to harm themselves–Your post goes into gory detail in explaining why. You know, I don’t feel sorry for humanity’s decline anymore. They are bringing it on themselves because they are to stubborn to accept the forbidden truths. By the way, you are a MAGNIFICENT WRITER!

    1. Getting the citizen-slave to waste his time and effort in bestowing love upon others, has the direct result of destroying the capacity of the individual to create, nurture, sustain, and comprehend the unique value, of limitless and unconditional Self-love. Further, the target of external love is also directly victimized by the very effort, since it can and usually does inspire him to abandon any effort to nurture and sustain love of Self, in favor of the much more maliciously enticing illusion of reciprocal love, which is of course nothing more than toxic, vampiric enmeshment.
      Self-love, ego, and narcissism must all be recognized as interlinked, and as a trio, constituting the most precious building blocks to a healthy and sane mind, that we must consciously nurture to their maximum strength. It is impossible to have too much Self-love, or to be too egotistical or narcissistic. All three of these mind strengths are inherently and limitlessly positive, and the direct and ongoing efforts by society and government to coerce collective humanity into rejecting and limiting their embrace, constitutes genocidal attack against each of us.
      You cannot love others without compromising and negatively impacting love of Self. This is a vital Forbidden Truth to understand, and it applies to all living things, including animals and plants. If your True Reality allows, there is nothing wrong with allowing positive emotion to be felt towards other living things, especially of the non-human variety. But at all times, a conscious distinction between love and all other positive emotions must be maintained. You love Yourself, and it is not possible to justify or rationalize within Truth, any attempt to love any other living thing.
      Your comments are insightfully accurate and demonstrate capacity to recognize and understand Forbidden Truth, and the Truly horrific impact of the ritualized misdirection of love, as solicited by society and government, and as embraced by the unwashed masses of inferiors.
      Thank you for the compliment, but I am not a writer. Writing is something I do, not something I am. I am a brain, a mind. I am a thinker. I am an Outsider, an Outcast, an Outlaw, an alien who has destroyed every cage he has ever been placed within. I say things, and I do things, and I write things, as a mirror, accurately reflecting what I am. Why am I not a writer? Because the writer perceives Himself as a writer, and this is a great limitation of mind. We who have transcended our humanity are not what we do. Our consciousness of our heightened location within the universe of mind, does not allow us to accept the societal dictate that you are what you do.

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