Self-awareness and the Mutant Monkey Problem

In this recent essay, among many others, I articulate the Forbidden Truth that humanity came into existence as a birth defect species, a horribly flawed mutation of the monkey, which is itself one of the most genetically unhealthy of all species, on a brain functionality level:
So let Me now expand upon the Mutant Monkey problem, because how can the mutant monkey, which is you, each and every one of you, ever begin to try to overcome its genetic crippling, if it lacks the Self-awareness, the Self-insight, the conscious introspection, to realize and to know what it is, and why it is what it is, within the light of Truth??
No external Truths can ever be properly and fully recognized, analyzed, or integrated to personal consciousness, unless and until all foundational level internal, directly personal Truths, are first recognized, analyzed, and integrated to personal consciousness. This is the order that must be followed, by any human claiming to value and seek Truth.
A foundational level internal Truth, is that you, and everyone born human, are mentally defective on a genetic level. You ARE a birth defect. Your brain does not function properly, your brain is genetically defective. Therefore nothing it instructs you to think, to feel, to imagine, to perceive, can ever be trusted, can ever be taken at face value. This Forbidden Truth is profoundly important.
No external reality perceptions or factual, functional Truths can ever be properly analyzed and deciphered, unless they are directly, overtly, consciously filtered through & immersed within the internal reality of what you are: A mentally crippled, diseased, deformed monkey. This is consciousness, this is Self-awareness, this is the achievement of introspection, instead of the universal delusion of it.
What are you? Are you a pacifist? A vegetarian? A parent? A teacher? A student? A philosopher? A good person? A lover? A hater?
Every perception of Self is warped and invalid, formed within utter illusion and the blindness of knowing NOTHING, unless it is initially and continuously conceived of and built upon, the fully conscious knowledge and understanding that you are a mentally crippled monkey.
Only upon this foundational Truth, is it possible to begin to try to unlock any external Truths: You ARE THAT. If you achieve full consciousness and acceptance of this Truth, you can start asking Yourself: Why do I perceive Myself as being a parent? Why do I need to seek love from others? Why do I want to suffer and die? Why do I create monuments out of lies and delusions? And thousands of other profound questions directly related to reality perception and to gain an understanding of WHY humanity has built itself an insane asylum and chooses to dwell caged, within it.
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