Salman Abedi, 23rd Murder Victim of the Ariana Grande Concert Bombing

His name is Salman Abedi, he is a tortured child-victim of 21st century human society and government, and he is the murder victim who sought and claimed vengeance, and expressed Forbidden Truth, when he chose to sacrifice his own existence in order to try to blow to pieces as many fellow human-borns as he could, at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, on Monday May 22nd, 2017.
Salman was a child, 20 years ago and 2 days ago. He did not ask to be born into, enslaved by, brainwashed and propagandized by, the hopelessly deranged society and government of the 21st century. He was not born muslim, the insanity and the evil of religion was maliciously imposed upon his helpless and supremely vulnerable child mind. He died two days ago, a murder victim of universal child abuse.
Those who practice christianity, and those who allow christianity to exist as murderer of Truth for all children and adults, are just as guilty of murdering Salman, as any muslim.
Your society and government chooses to demonize Salman as evil, judging his actions unforgivable and unjustifiable. You do this to cover up the Forbidden Truths:
a) To impose the insanity of religion upon the helpless and vulnerable mind of a child, is evil and unforgivable.
b) To commit universal child abuse as public policy mandate of every society and government, is evil and unforgivable.
c) To enslave every child and adult to the mind caves of ignorance and stupidity and falsehood, via citizenship and allegiance to the genocidal structures of patriotism, nationalism, and government, is evil and unforgivable.
d) To morally judge a tortured child you are guilty of having created, while refusing to see and know, understand and judge, yourselves and your own direct role in destroying the potential of every single child on earth to thrive within the glory of Truth, is evil and unforgivable..
And so much more.
Thank you Salman, for standing up and revealing Truth.
salman abedi78


The True face of 21st century media propaganda and brainwashing: The greatest victim of all demonized and denied his victimhood status, to cover up the genocidal evil and universal child abuse and destruction of 21st century society and government.

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  1. There are many tactical paths to maximizing mass murder kill count, that have not been successfully realized by seekers of personal or ideological/political vengeance. Timothy was creative and innovative, his clear goal was to maximize fatalities, and he successfully designed and structured his attack to achieve this goal.
    Two of the methodologies extremely underutilized by aspiring mass murderers, that immediately come to mind, are poison and arson. Properly planned and executed, these methodologies can easily afford for hundreds of fatalities, yet they have never been popular with either the tradition lone wolf Self-inspired mass murderer, or the “terrorist” class of mass murderer.

  2. SEER, I know most god-fearing christians are reveling in the delight that it wasn’t a christian worshipper who committed the bombing; but rather, a muslim believer,which will allow the delusional christian to feel somehow that their beliefs are more superior, and only muslims commits these acts. In addition, christians may encourage muslims to abandon their beliefs and become christians, and christians can point fingers at the muslims as possible terrorists. With that being said, muslims are in the spotlight, and the American and British govt will use them as distractions for their created-tortured victims to unleash their rage and fury on.

    1. christian god freaks actively celebrate murders and other violence carried out by muslim god freaks, because it allows them to reinforce their deranged delusion that their religion is “good” and right, that they will be rewarded by their imaginary god creature for worshipping him.
      Every regime promotes one religion over all others, this is just as True for the fundamentalist christian regime of amerikkka, as it is for any fundamentalist muslim regime. The war between different religions reflects the foreign war all governments wage against a demonized “outside” enemy, in order to cloak from all conscious awareness of their citizen-slaves, the Forbidden Truth that their own government is their greatest enemy, oppressor, victimizer, and destroyer.
      Your insights of Forbidden Truth are, as usual, excellent. 🙂

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