Roots: New Definitional Brainwashing for 2016

I almost NEVER watch any fictional television these days, unless I know in advance it is likely to contain Female Foot Pain scenes or imagery. But I do occasionally watch national news networks, to feed My limitless rage and hate upon their fictionalized manipulation of reality and Truth.
For the past month or so, amerikkkan television networks have relentlessly promoted a new fictional series. The title of it is “Roots”, it is a remake of a famous tv series of years ago, purporting to tell the “epic saga” of a kidnapped african slave named Kunta Kinte as he fights for “freedom”.
As I clicked through channels on my remote control this evening, I was startled to find this perverse new creation of deception and social terrorization, airing simultaneously on at least THREE DIFFERENT networks: Lifetime Channel, The History Channel, and Arts & Entertainment Channel.
This NEVER happens! Why would 3 different networks split their own viewership by airing the exact same content, at the same time???
So, after seeing 3 different amerikkkan television networks were airing the perverse new, 2016 social propaganda series, “Roots”, simultaneously tonight, I did a little research and found out all THREE networks, History Channel, Lifetime Channel, and Arts and Entertainment Channel, are OWNED by the SAME company, “A&E Networks”, which actually owns more than FIFTY different television channels, all across the WORLD:
The actual owners are Hearst Corporation & The Walt Disney Company. A “private” company? No. A company OWNED, CONTROLLED, DIRECTED, by the hive mind of society & government.
So now we can understand why “Roots” airs simultaneously on 3 different networks: To keep CAPTIVE, yes, a clever play on words, as large a chunk of the amerikkkan audience as possible, to this social propaganda, the insane LIE of what slavery WAS, and what slavery IS. So you can be brainwashed to believe you are free in amerikkka today, you 310 million Kunta Kinte’s!
This “story” of human slavery is so much more than a complete lie, it is the perfect way to enhance and strengthen the matrix of universal illusion insofar as it deploys definitional brainwashing on the mind wormhole issue of freedom.
How can you fight for freedom if you believe you are already free?? How can you fight for freedom when you are brainwashed to believe that slavery ended decades and centuries ago, thanks to an epic struggle undertaken by kidnapped africans?
No, it is YOU who are KIDNAPPED! It is YOU who are being held hostage. It is YOU with the chains and choke collars around your necks. YOU, you 310 million amerikkkans playing out the lie of your existence in 2016. You who own houses and cars and companies and have families and bank accounts and the freedom to vote on who your next pre-chosen, pre-vetted slavemaster will be.
Roots is the perfect propaganda hit piece for 2016. “Look slave, you are free! Look at Kunta Kinte and see the IMAGINARY difference to your 2016 death and slavery contract. Look, and believe you are not an owned slave.”
But you are, slave!
mind bondage
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