Robert O'Neill: Created Victim and Assassin

Robert O’Neill is a state-sponsored assassin and paid hitman for the organized crime syndicate which goes by the name The United States of America. Robert O’Neill embodies and personifies the worst traits of the brainwashed and broken citizen-slave who agrees to serve and defend his greatest enemy, the society which is guilty of his creation.
Military service exists as inherent betrayal of Self and of Truth, and is specifically promoted as an opportunity to commit legal murder, and be rewarded and praised for being a successful serial killer, mass murder, and/or assassin.
Read the below news article with a Truth-seeking mind, and you may begin to understand the homicidal bloodlust implanted within the minds of citizens by the societies and governments guilty and responsible for their brutal victimization. guilty and responsible for causing them to be emotionally and intellectually obsessed with murdering fellow humans, fellow victims.
Osama bin-Laden was a created victim of government and society, who deserved to be treated as an absolute victim. Instead, he was murdered as an act of regime strengthening by the amerikkkan government, in its efforts to maintain and develop new war partners so that the homicidally enraged population of current and future traumatized amerikkkan citizen slaves and victims will embrace the terrorism cloaked as patriotism which defines the amerikkkan social matrix.
And so here is an amerikkkan media outlet, just one among many thousands, honoring a tortured child turned government hitman and assassin, as a beloved hero and role model, even though the Truth is, his assassination of Osama bin-Laden can and will do nothing more, and nothing less, than ensure the ongoing genocide of all human beings on earth by governments, and directly contribute to the near-term extinction of humanity itself as a species.
This propaganda hit piece describes Eric as a professional soldier, without revealing the defining characteristics of a professional soldier So let Me tell you the Truth of what constitutes a professional soldier: A destroyed ex-child, homicidally enraged and personally obsessed with harming others, brainwashed and indoctrinated by a government, usually the very same government guilty of sponsoring his childhood destruction, to misdirect his justified rage and hate by acting as financially and emotionally rewarded legal murderer,
So go ahead, look at that smiling face. Look at Eric, and you will know not evil, but the consequences of being a created victim of the evil that is government.
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