Rinse and Repeat

Eat, masturbate, destroy the world, dream the same dreams, fantasize the same fantasies, and repeat. Over and over and over, a trillion times, for all of cosmic eternity. Can you envision Yourself immortal, repeating the exact same things over and over and over, for all of eternity, over and over and over with no end, and revelling in this repetition as the ultimate bliss? Or are you one of the Normals, a pathetic and broken inferior, pathologically seeking out “change” throughout your existence, as you remain trapped within the illusion that things are changing.
Change is one of the great lies and illusions of the human mind. You think you are changing yourself and your experience of reality, by going from one place to another, establishing different relationships with other living things, breeding, choosing new leaders, seeking an education and altering the form of your slave labor activity, etc… But the Forbidden Truth is you are remaining frozen and fixed in the exact same position. The superficial alteration of what you do, in no way changes the reality of what you are.
Society and government traps you within rigid constructs, and within these constructs, instructs you that you have the right and capacity and obligation to Self, to change your reality perception, by changing what you do, your physical environment. But in Truth nothing actually changes, because you remain trapped within the borders of a rigid construct.
True change requires a revolution of the mind, breaking free of all externally imposed constructs. The reason why humans desperately seek change throughout their existence, is because nothing they do actually results in any Truth-based change. Change is marketed as necessary in order to find the holy grail, in order to attain your “goals of existence, and so you waste your entire lives trying to attain these goals via change, but nothing inside your mind actually changes within Truth, and so you change nothing, you are a fish swimming inside of a fish tank, you go from one wall to another wall, only instead of a four-sided cage, you are trapped within a 1000-sided cage, that you cannot see, not with your eyes or with your brain.
The Superior knows what provides him with pleasure. The Superior knows what he wants and needs. The Superior creates for himself what he wants and needs, and having done so, he rejects all external enticement to “change”. He recognizes change as one of the weapons of illusion deployed by society and government against him. Do you remember 7 years ago, amerikkkan citizen-slaves, when obama implanted the indoctrinational mantra into your broken brains, that “change has come to amerikkka!”

And here you are, seven years later, and nothing has changed, and nothing can ever change, and nothing will ever change, because you exist and will always exist, as broken and destroyed slaves.
The Superior rejects and renounces all illusions of change, in favor of the glory of endless repetition. He wants an eternity of repetition, for what he has created as his own personal nirvana, within his own Self-created universe. I need only technological immortality, this is My demand, because I have already defined and seized the changes I need to eternally thrive as a brain and mind. Give Me food to eat, or smells to savor. Give Me memories to hold forever, give Me fantasies to create, or to relive. Give Me dreams to script out, or the same dream to replay over and over via the power of My mind. Give Me one or more of any of the blisses I have already created for Myself, and let them endlessly repeat.
I do not need change, My existence is not that of a kaleidoscope. I will not spend eternity staring at an object which is pretending to change, just as I will not pretend to change. I have already changed, by breaking free of the containment walls of your mind cages. I have changed what needed to be changed, achieving the nirvana and bliss that you creatures only pretend to seek, that you creatures can never obtain because you are searching inside of the cage that you dwell within.
I welcome the fixed parameters of eternity that I have chosen for Myself. I will not become bored, not tomorrow and not a billion years from today, because I am the owner and creator of My mind, and I choose what I feel. I am ready for immortality, but you creatures are not, and you will never be, and this is My great tragedy. I will lose everything, because you are too blind and stupid and cowardly and Self-hating to wake up and create an untouchable universe of Self-glory, inside of yourselves.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

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