Religion,Terrorist Violence of the State

All violence carried out in the name of religion, is directly sponsored and inspired by the State, by govenment. government is the sponsor of religion, and uses religion as a direct terrorist weapon to compel behavioral and ideological obedience. The lie of god existing is a terrorist weapon a million times more destructive than any automatic rifle or rocket propelled grenade launcher could ever be.
All organized religions are exactly the same, and are used by government to achieve the same goals. Whoever supports the right of christianity to exist, supports the right of christian-based governments to demonize islam and to purposefully solicit external attack for domestic propaganda purposes, which are rooted in the use of terrorism by western governments to coerce patriotism and devotion to christian ideology, which exists as nothing more than the specific forms and methodologies of citizen-slave oppression, enslavement, and victimization, that the western regime seeks to promote.
The war between christianity and islam, is in Truth the war which western regimes wage against their own citizen-slaves, the invisible war that the broken and brainwashed slaves of western regimes can never recognize and identify as such. Organized religion is a pure weapon of government, deployed internally. France uses christianity to terrorize its citizen-slaves, just as muslim regimes and aspiring nation-states use islam to terrorize their citizen-slaves.
Here you see the western media using an act of vengeance directly provoked by a western regime, to foment the demonization of an artificially created, external enemy, so that all western citizen-slaves may remain blind to the Truth of their real enemy, their real oppressor, and their actual terrorizer: Their own government:
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  1. You’re correct, SEER…Christianity and Islam are similar, in that both are used by govts to terrorize its slaves into obedience and used against them as weapons of mass destruction. However, Christians are under the assumption that their religion benevolent, whilst, Islam is malevolent. On the other hand, Muslims think otherwise. Isn’t sad that both sects are unaware that they are being duped by nonsense?

    1. Humans worship god because they are too broken, Self-hating, and externally destroyed by their victimization at the hands of society and government, to worship themselves. Every organized religion is deployed as a weapon of government. As such, the government which imposes itself upon the individual, must be understood as the greatest enemy, by the individual.
      In Truth, government is more interested in addicting citizen-slaves to the insane god myth, much more so than any specific version of the insane god myth. This is because the destruction of the god of Self, is supremely important. No human who is addicted to the insane god myth, is capable of properly recognizing and worshipping Himself. This is the primary goal and great victory of the slave state.

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