Religion, Truthfully Defined

There are quite a few different ways to accurately and precisely describe and define what religion is. Unfortunately, none of the following valid definitions are accepted by any human society in the 21st century, and this is just one of many examples of why this species is hopelessly doomed, and a marvelous illustration of its devolutionary death spiral.
So, let us begin the list, and keep in mind that these are official definitions of religion. They are not opinions or perspectives or concepts, but factual reality, proven by the Forbidden Truths of what religion claims, and what it does to its deranged disciples. First, religion is a communicable disease. Religion is an infection of the mind that is easily and readily transferable from one human to another, either via deliberate intent to infect, such as via a sermon by any existing infectee, or simply via general exposure to others, spending time around humans who have been infected by this disease.
Secondly, religion is an addiction. Just like alcohol or metamphetamine or gambling, religion provides an artificial alteration to brain chemistry and function, which is highly addictive because it allows humans to feel better about themselves and their place in the universe, via the denial and rejection of Truth.
Thirdly, religion is a mind virus. A mind virus might sound a little like a communicable disease, but there are several specific distinctions worthy of note. Religion is a disease of the brain, a defect of cognitive perception. You become religious by being infected with this mind virus. Belief in god is always a mind virus, it makes no difference what the specific details of your religious excreta are, nor does it matter how passionate/fervent, or laid-back and casual you are towards your religious belief. Religion itself is a symptom of disease, and this disease is a mind virus.
Next, religion is a genetic failure of the human brain. The reason why religion is able to infest the human mind, is because the human mind is genetically defective, reflecting the Truth that humanity came to exist via a mutated birth defect creature who managed to reproduce and therefore pass down his genetically inferior brain to all who came after him. Your creator, diseased creature, is not god. Your creator is a mutant simian, born as a birth defect, who managed to survive long enough to have sex and reproduce his own mutation.
Next, religion is an environmental pathogen. Because planet earth is filled with infectees of religion, religion itself has come to permeate the day to day environment of human existence to such a degree, that there is universal, direct, and ongoing exposure for all humans, impossible to fully avoid. Top-level Superiors might be able to ward off all negative impact of the environmental pathogen of religion, but it still exists as such, and nobody can claim freedom from exposure to this pathogen. Immunity, yes, I can proudly claim, but not freedom from exposure.
Next, and certainly not least, religion is a terrorist weapon of all governments and societies. In terms of direct harmfulness, this definition really deserves to be at the top of the list, but you should understand that all of these defintions are equally valid. There is no hierarchy when it comes to Forbidden Truth definitions. This definition itself, should be enigmatic enough to allow anyone with an open and sane mind, who successfully grasps the validity of the previously listed defintions, to fully understand the genocidal harm that religion causes, as a directly weaponized terror agent of government and society.
Let us understand that every human government and society, throughout the modern era of human existence, has specifically deployed religion as a terrorist weapon. It is a deception to focus on clearly fundamentalist regimes such as usa, afghanistan, israel, and italy. There has never been a secular society of government on earth, there has never been a culture free from the direct imposition of religious excreta by leaders of either the official government, or the social fabric.
Religion is also a derangement of thought. This is very important to understand, because it informs those of us who have developed immunity to this virus, that everyone who remains infected is ideologically and emotionally deranged. You do not try to convince someone who is deranged, of anything. You do not argue with those who are deranged. You do not attempt to utilize logic in explaining to someone who is deranged, why he is deranged, because his derangement renders his capacity to formulate reality perceptions with logic and rationality, foundationally flawed.
And finally, religion is a mistake. But not a mistake like 2+2=5. Religion is one of the greatest of all mistakes ever made by the human. Religion is the darkest force ever to be brought to bear against the human mind as an organized, directed weapon. Religion is the force of universal slavery, universal Self-hate, and universal agreement to die. Religion must be recognized as the fetishization and organization of lies, lies which individually doom every human being, even the hardest of hard-core atheists, to the same collective fate to which it dooms the species as a whole.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I wish I could shake your hand. Religion and god has done nothing for humanity, if anything it has and continues to destroy them little by little and bit by bit. Children are the most vulnerable of them all. Religion encourages childabuse and the mistreatment of children, and humans have overlooked this forbidden truth and treat children as slaves and objects to be used and abused for their pleasure. To make matters worse, children testimonies are inferior to that of adult slaves. Inferiors always take the word of an adult over a child. It makes no sense, SEER

    1. You accurately express one of the great horrors of religion, how it has consistently destroyed all human potential for positive evolutionary progress of mind.
      Religion promotes every form of abuse, upon every living thing, by sanctifying death and decreeing that universal suffering and subjugation of personal will, desire, and need, will be rewarded by a non-existent creature after you die.
      To any rational thinker, religion must be recognized as the ultimate of errors, a mistake of the mind of cosmic proportion, the most insane, of human insanities.

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