Religion: The Worship of Death

Religion serves many perverse and deranged societal and governmental constructs, and right at the very top of the list is the need of government to render as many citizen-slaves as possible, collectively suicidal. It is absolutely vital for every government on earth, to convince the vast majority of its citizens that death is not merely inevitable, not merely acceptable, but absolutely desirable. Death must be rendered alluring, enticing, paradisical, only then will the slaves agree to endure a lifetime of suffering, trauma, and injustice.
Every societally sponsored religion overtly promotes the insane delusion of not merely an afterlife, but an afterlife that will be better than your actual life. Every religion glorifies death, and it does so because your slavemasters understand that the implantation of the insane idea that you can enjoy an existence after you die, is a foundationally vital component of slavery, necessary to successfully terrorize you to accept a horrific and pointless existence in which you are relentlessly exploited and then disgarded as useless trash.
Nobody worships god. All who believe that god exists, are worshippers of death.  Belief in god is expressed via suicidal ideation, the belief that your experience of your own existence will be overtly improved, by the personal experience of dying. No matter how stridently the god addict may claim to value and love life, he is in Truth worshipping death, and all who worship death are actively suicidal.
Go to a thousand mental health professionals, and not one of them will agree that humans who worship god are worshipping death, and are actively suicidal, but that is exactly what they are doing, and exactly what they are. The deranged concept that religious belief and expression constitutes some form of “freedom”, is one of the premier methods by which leaders of government terrorize all of their empowered agents, such as licensed psychiatrists and psychologists, to legitimize and validate belief in god as being perfectly acceptable and a desirable state of mind, when the simple, but Forbidden Truth is that all of humanity has been rendered collectively suicidal, by the mind virus of religion.
There can be no greater form of terrorism than telling anyone, child or adult, of any age, that god exists. It is the most supreme irony, that you diseased hypocrites selectively demonize those who kill others in the name of religion, even as you demand the right to worship death via your own belief in god, be it on a personal or on a societal level, and as you overtly give yourselves and your fellow citizen-slaves permission and encouragement to terrorize every helpless and vulnerable child to become addicted to an insane delusion which will render him suicidal and a worshipper of his own death.
Those who murder others in the name of god, deserve our thanks and our gratitude, for pointing out and illustrating the universal promotion of death inherent in all religions, and should serve as inspirational figures to motivate all of humanity to abandon and reject all religions, and decree all religious belief to be the most horrific and damaging of all known mental illnesses.
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  1. It is beyond imagination that god freaks don’t know that they are collectively suicidal and are, indeed, anticipating and awaiting their death

    1. You can never see the world as it is, unless and until you first see Yourself exactly as you are, and understand, within the embrace of Forbidden Truth, exactly why you are as you are. This is one of the greatest of failures of the genetically and environmentally destroyed human being.

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