Religion: Legitimizing Barbaric Child Abuse

Organized religion is the greatest of plagues, used for thousands of years by political and social leaders to legitimize the universal destruction of all human life and of all human potential. The power of the imaginary god as a functional weapon of limitless domestic terrorism, cannot be minimized. Because the very idea of a god creature existing, is impossible to consider without abandoning all rational thought processes, nothing promoted by religion or any religious leader can possess any standard of rational discourse or accurate perception.
Religion decrees that all rational thinking must be abandoned and rejected, because the very existence of religion within the conscious mind of an individual, can only occur after the actual abandonment of rational thought has already occured. Therefore, no idea, no concept, no ideology promoted by a religious structure, can ever be analyzed and understood withing rational, Truth-based deductive reasoning.
A few days ago, pope francis, the most influential and powerful religious leader on earth, openly promoted and legitimized the aggravated assault of all child/slaves by their slaveowners, in the process directly strenghtening the universal holocaust of familial child abuse which rages each and every day, and which destroys every human child:
Of course christianity, catholicism, islam, and every organized religion supports the terrorization of all children! Religion is the universal terrorization of all human beings, by government, utilizing the force of the god creature, an imaginary terrorist, dictates and determining all reality perception, so that all children may be destroyed, as all adults have already been destroyed.
The evil that pope francis stands for, representing the will of government itself, cannot be more starkly illuminated, to any sane thinker, than the facts of what pope francis openly promoted, and the universal silence of all secular leaders of government and society, to his words.
Let us understand and recognize the True face of terrorism: Billions of adults solicited to brutalize their children as a chosen public policy. Nothing done by any child in response to this social terrorism, can ever deserve to carry the label of terrorism. Those of us who are Truth-enlightened must not merely condemn religion, or condemn child abuse, or recognize spanking as a preeminent form of child abuse. No, what we must do is understand child abuse to be a ritual sponsored by every society and government, and carried out in each of our names, by the state. Within this understand, must come the courage to face up to the Truth that those who choose to live as citizen-slaves sponsor every horror, every injustice, every destruction of every existence being played out in real-time.
Because of the words of one man, representing the state, and empowered by billions of abused ex-children to serve as their moral and ideological leader, the vicious assault of children by their slaveowners has been annointed anew as the will of god, just as it has been consistently legitimized by the state for many thousands of years. My childhood torment, the torment of every human being on earth, is directly traced to the structures of government, religion, and the very concept of leadership.
This is why all who are sane must be unrepentant, hardest of hard core atheists and anarchists, and we must go even further, to out the very concept of leadership as fatally flawed on every level. Let no human being dare attempt to position himself as a leader! All who aspire to leadership must be recognized as guilty of destroying the only form of True freedom, the capacity of every individual to own his own mind, and via this process, to lead himself, and by leading Himself, breaking the shackles of mind control which allow the brutal abuse and victimization of children, the ultimate act of terrorism, to be successfully positioned by the state as a cultural and moral mandate of parenthood and child-rearing.
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  1. It’s interesting that most inferiors believe that their leaders had outstanding childhoods and came from ideal families where abuse was obsolete, ignorant of the fact that they are just as much a victim as anyone else. The masses look up to them, as though, they are someone to aspire to and that they can set examples for them to follow. Also, leaders obviously are ignorant of the fact that they are childhood abuse victims, so they are able to detach themselves from the current ongoing childabuse dilemma.

  2. In the past people had no choice but worship rocks today it is obvious religions are stories similar nursery rhymes and you’re allotted “freedom” not to join in. But people still hold on to it, insane!

    1. It’s mind-boggling that with all the intellect and technology that exists now, humans are still lagging behind and cannot seem to shake the god myth. They are still living in the dark ages. Nothing has changed at all. Only that they are letting technology surpass them

    2. The pathological human obsession with obtaining false comfort by denying Truth, instead of finding the courage to directly face up to every horrific situation confronting everyone born human, dooms the species. The core origin of the concept of religion and god, is personal terror of facing up to the horrific consequences of individual death. Yet to even acknowledge this Truth, threatens to undermine the house of cards upon which religion and god worship is built and sustained.
      With utter ruthlessness, leaders of government and society have built upon and positioned religion as so much more than a false comfort for the horror of death. Now, religion serves as the ultimate form of terrorism, deployed to compel behavioral and ideological allegiance and obediernce. Obey god or suffer his horrific wrath, so decrees government as it terrorizes all into embracing the horrors of universal suffering and injustice, under cloak and lie that to reject and refuse to accept these government sponsored horrors, would result in the god creature as terrorist, inflicting even greater horrors.
      And it works. Agree to suffer limitless actual horrors right now, each and every day of your existence, and you are spared from suffering imaginary horrors that a non-existent creature will carry out in the future, after you cease to exist! Who would accept such a deranged deal? Creatures who are functionally deranged, who despise themselves and for whom suffering itself is perceived as natural, appropriate, desired, and expected. It is all the human knows, all he has ever experienced, from birth.

      1. Yeah, humans accept their suffering and yet, they always complain about it. There is no reason for them to complain, instead they should honor it. Let’s face it: humans know deep down that they don’t like to suffer; it’s very debilitating and stressful, so why believe that it is normal?

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