Religion Is Terrorism

You pathetic humans spend your time debating whether or not a specific religion promotes or legitimizes terrorism. How blind can you be! Every organized religion exists as a direct instrument of terrorism, and every promoter of the insane god myth exists as a terrorist.
Religion is terrorism. The purpose of religion is to terrorize and to terrify, to deploy the most horrific threats of violence and torment, to compel obedience, servitude, and agreement to endure horrific suffering, injustice, and death.
god, the insane myth of an omnipotent and malevolent creature watching, judging, and punishing, is the terrorist. Religion, promoting the existence of god, is the weapon used to terrorize. And everyone who teaches religion, promotes religion, imposes religion upon the consciousness of others, are the terrorist masterminds, successfully inflicting universal harm upon all.
Every religion demands the worship of death, demands that death be recognized as the grand prize to be rewarded for those who agree to let themselves be brutally terrorized. Every religion demands suffering. Every religion demands slavery of mind and of will and of consciousness. Every religion holds every god addict hostage.
To believe in god is to terrorized at every level of being. To promote belief in god is to terrorize others. No religion can ever be benign or moderate or beneficial. Religion is the height of radical extremism: The sacrifice of the eternal and singular glory of Self, in agreement to suffer and to die, for the  insane and absurd lie that an omnipotent terrorist will reward you for agreeing to commit this ultimate betrayal of Self and of Truth, after you cease to exist for all of cosmic eternity.
Religion positions god as the ultimate of terrorist masterminds: Agree to obey, suffer, and die, or god the terrorist mastermind will exact horrific vengeance upon you and cast you into the greatest torment you can ever imagine.
The worship of god is the worship of terrorism, as promoted and mandated by the governments of the world. government knows that it can always get away with imposing any torment it wishes upon you slaves, as long as you are held hostage by the even greater terrorist threat wielded against and upon you by the insane god myth.
You can murder a million demonized victims upon whom you have pinned the label of terrorist, from Timothy McVeigh to Mohamed Atta to  Osama bin-Laden, but you will remain doomed to an imaginary existence of continuously terrorizing others, and being terrorized by others, and embracing in fetishistic fervor a desire and a need to be terrorized, for as long as you continue to cling to the insane god myth.
Terrorism feels good. It feels right. It feels needed. Because it is needed. You have been terrorized for your entire existence. It is all you know. To terrorize others, and to be terrorized by others. This is the human way, the human path. It is, and it must be this way because you were terrorized as a child, terrorized since birth. Terrorism is your safety blanket, it is your pacifier.
You fight not to feel terrorized, even as you fight to protect your right and your freedom to terrorize others, and to terrorize yourselves, and to inspire others to terrorize you. The circle is complete, and religion is the foundation upon which you have built your pyramids, your statues, your idols, to suffering and death, for yourselves and for everyone else.
Look!!!! Up there, up in the sky!!! Is it a Hellfire missile?? Is it a cleverly constructed suicide vest?? Is it a u-haul truck disguising a massive fertilizer bomb?? No! It’s just your imagination, creating god, the ultimate terrorist, just so you can always enjoy that very special feeling of being terrorized.
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  1. You, know, SEER–I’ve had many useless conversations with “god addicts”, and they always insist that I prove that god doesn’t exist; and I say, no, it is not my job to prove that god doesn’t exist; it is your job to prove that he does–and not based on biblical texts, either. Biblical texts are the only references that they can use to prove that god exist, and biblical texts were written by delusional people, so is it credible? I don’t think it is fair that a god would impose such erroneous, unprovable facts on others who can’t attest to it for themselves. We are told to believe second hand information that we didn’t witness. It’s insufficient at best and is the bane for humanity’s downfall

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