Reality Versus Perception

You do not work for a company or a boss, you sacrifice your freedom to a slavemaster.
You do not pray to a god, you commit suicide at the request of human leaders.
You do not create a family, you suffocate your personal identity so that others may pretend to develop theirs.
You do not make the world a better place, you ensure thet nobody can or will ever make the world a better place.
You do not evolve, you devolve.
You do not solve problems, you celebrate and rejoice in the harm they cause to others.
You do not desire to thrive, you gain solace in the subconscious understanding that nobody will ever thrive, because of the functioning social structures you build and maintain.
You do not love others, you conceal your contempt for Self by pretending to love them.
You do not make mistakes and experience failures, you are a mistake and you are a failure.
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  1. Interestingly, humans always tout that nobody is perfect. What a cover-up for concealing their genetic defects

    1. Correct. And consider how humans absolutely and readily embrace the fact and reality of isolated and “rare” birth defects, both physical and mental, in themselves and in all other creatures, such as babies born without arms, or suffering from brain function “retardation”, but at the same time, humanity decrees the clear and obvious Truth that their species is itself genetically defective on a universal scale, to be absurd, preposterous, impossible to even intelligently and rationally debate/consider. Here you see the perverse hypocrisy of the human brain, unable to put 2+2 together, to fit the obvious pieces of the puzzle together.
      And of course the irony is immense: Humanity cannot recognize or accept itself as a genetic birth defect, specifically because it is a genetic birth defect. The organic brain function defect, combined with the ruthless brainwashings and indoctrinations of the social matrix, prevents the capacity of the brain to come to conscious awareness of the actual, functional origins and parameters of its genetic defectiveness.

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