Q & A with The Seer of Forbidden Truth

I receive many emails from humans, most of which are either trashed, or receive one of my pre-written Automated Form Letter replies, because they fail to meet the standards that I have established for those attempting to engage Me in direct contact, to be honored with a personal reply.
Some of these personal emails do contain questions that I deem to be valid, and am willing to answer, but because the email itself fails to meet my quality control standards, it receives no personal reply, and the valid question(s) go unanswered.
I have decided to take this opportunity to publicly answer a select few of these questions, as they enhance my True Reality, and in the process, Truth itself. The questions will appear in italics, and no credit in terms of name or other identification, will be given to those who posed the questions. The replies themselves, are the only acknowledged gifts the questioners will receive, undeserved as they most likely are.
“Why do you write your essays in blog format, instead of a website?”
Because blog posts disappear more readily, and I have no interest in providing humans with Truth. My interest is in expressing Truth to Myself, so I may personally revel in my own brilliance, while celebrating the rejection of all Truth by humanity. I find the blog format Superior, in achieving my objective.
“Why do you end your essays with “Copyright © 2014-2064″? First of all, it is no longer 2014, and secondly, you cannot set an arbitrary date for a copyright to expire.”
Firstly, the Forbidden Truths I reveal are timeless and valid until humanity extincts itself. The specific date or year when each essay is written, is meaningless. Secondly, I can do exactly as I choose, because I have never and will never respect the validity of any law enacted by human society or government, even when I choose to use a specific law to seize personal gain or benefit. I specify an end date to my copyright demand, because ceasing to exist voids all that a life form might create, rendering it non-existent, and, being sane, I have no interest in trying to protect what no longer exists. Thirdly, as to why I choose to copyright My writings, it is because I fully recognize my infinite brilliance, and the immeasurable value of every idea, concept, ideology, philosophy, and expression of Truth that I grace the universe with.
“Do you make posts to the internet using other names?”
Of course I do. None of my other identities will ever be known to any of you, unless and until I choose to openly reveal them, just as is the case with the varying identities I have used in my public activities dating back to 1989.
There are no other questions that I wish to answer at this time. If you have any questions, you may attempt to post them here as comments. If I deem your comment worthy of being posted, I will answer the question(s) contained within the comment. If I deem your comment unworthy of being posted, it will be trashed and never appear on this blog.
All text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I noticed there’s a person at the bottom of your LHC photo. Is there any purpose to that? It isn’t you is it? If it even is a person, I can barely make it out.

    1. Yes, there is. He came with the image. I left him there because he illustrates the proper status that the human being, and humanity as a whole, has earned for itself in the universe, as a tiny, impotent, crushed and unidentifiable speck of nothingness.

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