Protect the Dictatorship, Keep the Dictatorship Safe!

Great news, folks! Many thousands of heavily armed terrorists will be hard at work in Washington, DC on January 20th, to make sure there is a seamless transition of power from dictator barack obama, to dictator donald Trump. There is a threat, oh my goodness, a terrible threat, from dangerous anarchists:
The government is in danger, it must be protected! Fear not, terrorists armed with state of the art weaponry will protect the government, ensuring it remains safe, so that it may continue to terrorize, enslave, victimize, and murder every citizen.
Those crazy and evil anarchists want to disrupt the governing process! How dare they try to interfere in the structure of universal slavery for all, as voted for, as chosen, by you, the citizen-slaves.
Calm down, slaves. Your overlords want you to know they will stay safe, and destroy anyone who dares try to challenge their sacred right to enslave & terrorize you.
That’s why they instructed their media puppetmasters to write and disseminate the above Reuters news release. Gotta scare, or is that terrorize…those scary anarchists into staying away. Or at least to peaceably gather together and waste their time getting high on marijuana, as they fight for the newest and latest freedom illusion the dictatorship has decided to promote.
government and media working together, the hallmark of a healthy and thriving dictatorship.
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