Propaganda, Censorship, and ISIS

Seekers of Truth must never rest upon realized facts. Every realized fact must be constantly expanded, to maintain personal victory in the war each of us must fight against our enemies. Our existence has always been and will always be suffocated by the shroud of universal illusion that is the matrix of human society and government. Our obligation to Self must be to recognize the matrix, dissect the matrix, destroy the matrix, and continue destroying the matrix, understanding that we will not succeed in destroying it, because our acts of destruction are personal, and do not pierce, cannot pierce, the hive mind.
Two days ago, on the 4th of july 2015, ISIS released another propaganda video, which was of course censored by the amerikkkan and western media and government. I visited 30 different western media links, all of which described the video, but none of which provided the uncensored video to visitors, or even a secondary link to allow visitors to view what was being described. Here you see censorship in action, but does your mind possess the clarity of focus, the capacity to decipher Forbidden Truth, to reach a top-level understanding of the functional nature of censorship?
Let Me begin with a direct link to this censored video, the Palmyra, Syria amphitheater mass handgun murder:
I am pleased and proud to post this propaganda video by ISIS, just as I did the ISIS beheading of westerners videos several months ago, because we should all seize every opportunity to subvert the power of the government which claims slave ownership over us. But my main purpose in posting this particular censored video, at this point in time, is to broaden the scope of articulated Forbidden Truths on the issue of censorship itself.
Censorship and propaganda are two sides of the same coin, inextricably linked. Censorship is propaganda, and propaganda is censorship. The withholding of Truth by government, always runs concurrent with the dissemination of lies, by government. In the july 4th media articles concerning the Palmyra, Syria amphitheater mass murder and newly released ISIS video, the western media specifically referred to the video as constituting propaganda.  This is the excuse that western media would give, for refusing to allow western citizen-slaves to simply view what is being described.
The Forbidden Truth is this: It is an act of propaganda for the west to label ISIS videos as propaganda. In doing so, the western media conceals and denies the Truth that amerikkka and the west engages in an endless propaganda campaign against amerikkkan citizen-slaves, far more comprehensive, sophisticated, and unrelenting in nature, than ISIS could ever dream of carrying out.
Let us understand that in decreeing other governments to engage in propaganda, the overt intent of amerikkka and the west is not merely to demonize these other regimes, but to cloak the fact and the reality of its own malicious propaganda campaign.
All censorship is always selective. Every government chooses what to censor, if to censor, and when to censor, based upon a political strategy of attracting and retaining followers, increasing patriotism and nationalism, and controlling/directing popular opinion of citizen-slaves, in a way that allows the regime to pursue predetermined policy paths.
For example, all of the ISIS beheading of westerners videos, released by ISIS several months ago, were censored by western media and government, specifically because they demonstrated the weakness and impotence of the west, and specifically because the west did not wish to engage in a full-fledged ground war at that point in time. In the future, should the politically motivated policy paths of the amerikkkan regime change, this exact same type of beheading video might well be shown to citizen-slaves by the western media, and if no new graphic beheading videos are released by isis, the regime may well resurrect the exact same old beheading videos that it refused to show to its citizen-slaves months, or even years, earlier.
What is propaganda?? Very simply, it is the successful dissemination of lies by an organized political entity, most commonly referred to as a “government”. Successful simply means that the lies are accepted as Truths, or simply not recognized as lies, a subtle yet important distinction. Every government owns and controls its media, this is a simple and universal fact. Ownership has nothing to do with money or title, it speaks to overt command and control. Every government commands and controls its media, and it makes no difference how this command and control is imposed.
So, ISIS released a propaganda video on the 4th of july, 2015. But amerikkka released 50,000+ propaganda videos on this very day. Yes, 50,000+! Because every single usa and western media news report which decreed, “Today we celebrate our liberty and freedom…” was an absolute propaganda video. Every news report which showed westerners marching in a 4th of july parade, or frolicking on the beach, or watching fireworks displays, or visiting the grave of a dead soldier, or in any way expressing patriotic allegiance for and with the government of amerikkka, or in any way declaring their perception of being free and enjoying the benefits of personal liberty and autonomy, was and is an absolute propaganda video, produced by the amerikkkan regime and marketed to amerikkkan citizen-slaves, as well as an attempt to recruit and entice slaves of other regimes to buy into the absurd and malicious lie of freedom and liberty and justice existing within citizenship or residency in amerikkka.
Every single one of these 50,000+ videos released to the public by the amerikkkan regime on july 4, 2015, constituted a malicious propaganda video, exactly on par with the one ISIS Palmyra amphitheater propaganda video released on this same date. So, the amerikkkan regime is guilty of imposing, literally and factually, thousands of times more propaganda upon its citizen-slaves and the world, this day and every day, than ISIS could ever even dream of trying to impose upon its citizen-slaves and the world.
To all who are sane, contemplate the perverse hypocrisy of a regime censoring the propaganda of other regimes, demonizing them for creating and disseminating propaganda, while at the very same time, this regime creates and imposes 50,000+ times greater propaganda, upon its own citizen-slaves.
This is the nature of the propaganda war being waged by every regime against its own citizen-slaves. The promise of liberty. freedom, independence, and autonomy that the united states of amerikkka makes to its citizen-slaves, is the worst, the most malevolent, the most immensely relentless, and the most successful propaganda war that has been, is being, and will be waged, each and every day of the 18th, 19th, 20th, and now 21st centuries.
I urge you brainwashed haters of Truth to watch the above ISIS propaganda video over and over and over, until you come to the absolute realization of Forbidden Truth that the amerikkkan regime is propagandizing to every citizen-slave and to the entire world, on a scale thousands of times more immense, more brutal, and more harmful than ISIS is doing, or can do.
Successfully censoring the propaganda of other regimes, is the first, vital step required to enable a regime to successfully propagandize its own citizen-slaves, and all of humanity as a whole. Amerikkka has earned a gold medal in achieving this feat.
All text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I was curious how you came up with the number 50,000, is it just an educated guess or is that actually about how many ‘patriotic’ propaganda pieces came out on saturday?

    1. An educated guess, but in Truth, an undercount. There are approximately 4,000 individual television broadcast stations in the usa, over 15,000 broadcasting radio stations, about 1,300 daily print newspapers. Each and every one of these news sources delivered multiple 4th of july propaganda pieces. So, estimating 2.5 per source, we reach well over 50,000, not even counting online news media.

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